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The Best Snowboards 2016-2017

This year's best snowboards, tried and tested by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: See our list of the Best Snowboards for 2018/2019 here

Buying a new snowboard can sometimes feel like a headache, especially when there’s so much to choose from. It’s hard enough for the experienced mountain man, but for the beginner it can be a minefield. Fortunately, our list of the Best Snowboards for 2016/17 is here to help, with plenty on show for every standard of rider.

“From the entry-level to the expert, and from the park to the pow, all bases are covered here”

If you don’t know the first thing about what you’re looking for, we’ve identified what kind of rider will get on with each deck. Further info can be gathered at our Snowboard Workshop, which is packed with useful buying guides including the following:

How To Choose A Snowboard
How To Choose A Snowboard, Boots & Bindings Combo
Snowboard Shapes Explained
– Do You Need A Wide Snowboard?

Once you’ve narrowed down your requirements, the fun can begin. What lies before you is over 100 decks from the world’s leading brands, catering for every rider style. Our Test Team got their hands on just about all of them, and their plain-spoken verdicts are there to help you figure out what’s what. Short of actually taking them for a spin yourself, you’d be hard-pushed to find more useful info.

From the entry-level to the expert, and from the park to the pow, all bases are covered here. Get stuck in, and before you know it you’ll have your brand spanking new stick for the 2016/17 season.

Scroll down to view all snowboards, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

Amplid | Arbor | BataleonBurton | CAPiTA | DC | Dinosaurs Will Die | Douk | Drake | Endeavor | Elan | Flow | Gnu | Head | Jones | K2 | Korua | Lib Tech | Never Summer | Nitro | Ride | Rome | Roxy | Salomon | SIMS | Slash | Technine | Völkl | WEST | YES

All photographs by Sami Tuoriniemi – click any image to enlarge

 Production: Tom Copsey / Andrew Duthie / Tobias Grünwald / Sam Oetiker / Sami Tuoriniemi

Amplid Stereo Snowboard 2016-2017

As with any decent Stereo sound system, Amplid’s snowboard of the same moniker is a well-balanced beast.

Taking elements usually found in freestyle-specific rides, this true twin hybrid camber whip is reinforced with carbon, but retains a flexible waist for control and smooth turning. This one’s instantly at home wherever you take it.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Amplid Stereo here


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Arbor Element Snowboard 2016-2017

This all-mountain directional twin carries all the aspects of a rocker profile up a level, mellowing out the profile towards the tip and tail to give you more effective edge for making turns.

From fresh snow to rail lines, it’s ready and able – and of course it also features Arbor’s signature wood finish.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Arbor Element here


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Arbor Sin Nombre Snowboard 2016-2017

A camber whip that’s been customised to make for a smoother ride, this directional twin is a fresh look at how a classic profile should work in this day and age.

Pop and carveability are backed by combo sidecuts to give extra grip, while bevelled edges have been put in place to take out some twitchiness. It’s all packed up in Arbor’s unmistakeable styling and a modern take on shape.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Arbor Sin Nombre here


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Bataleon ETA Snowboard 2016-2017

Whether you’re a long standing Evil Twin fan looking for a new twist, or a newcomer to Bataleon’s line, the ETA offers a step up for the demanding customer.

Asymmetrical not only in its sidecuts as well as base profile, this has been fully tweaked to offer the best handling wherever you choose to rip it.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Bataleon ETA here


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Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard 2016-2017

A classic if there ever was one, the Evil Twin is often the entry point for riders keen to try Bataleon’s signature Triple Base Technology.

Ready for all-mountain riding with a freestyle focus, the base is lifted towards the edges to stop any hang-ups before they start. Meanwhile an overall camber profile provides power and pop. If you don’t already know the deal, don’t worry – it’s never too late to start.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Bataleon Evil Twin here


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Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard 2016-2017

If you’re looking for an all mountain ripper that’s soft enough for park minishred too, Bataleon’s Fun.Kink might well be to your liking.

With the usual comination of camber and 3BT paired up with directional elements, it’s as well suited to deep days as it is for flexy fun freestyle – a quiver killer with a forgiving feel.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Bataleon Fun.Kink here


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Bataleon Global Warmer Snowboard 2016-2017

The Bataleon Global Warmer has risen right to the top of the food chain in recent years, capitalising on the demand for a performance park board with a premium build.

Carbon around the inserts offers edge-to-edge stability without compromising the fun mellow flex, and a less pronounced camber profile pairs with a speedy hard-wearing base to give you plenty of boost off jumps.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Bataleon Global Warmer here


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Bataleon Magic Carpet Snowboard 2016-2017

Aladdin would have been pretty screwed without the help of his tasseled friend – and, while you may not be trying to save any Disney princesses out on the mountain, that’s no reason to deny yourself the same luxury.

Bataleon’s poppy freestyling powder fiend returns for year two with an additional size for larger riders, and the same short, floaty design.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Bataleon Magic Carpet here


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Bataleon The One E.S. Snowboard 2016-2017

With the Bataleon Whitegold range departing this winter, there’s room for new high-end whips in the lineup – and The One is one of two ‘Elite Series’ boards that are more than able to fill the gap.

It’s built for freeriding, with a super lightweight construction and Bataleon’s fastest base. Our testers found this held a line perfectly in all conditions, and makes turning at high velocity a dream.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Bataleon The One E.S. here


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Burton Antler Snowboard 2016-2017

If you’re after something premium, the Burton Antler is a top choice.

It’s an all-terrain weapon kitted out with the B’s best tech, but hasn’t gone overboard in the agression stakes. You don’t need to be a lion-tamer to get a handle on this one, although only a philestine would fail to appreciate its quality.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Antler here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Clash Snowboard 2016-2017

The Clash’s star shows no sign of dimming; it remains one of the finest entry-level boards out there.

We’ve spoken to seasoned shredders who’ve had as much fun on this as decks at twice the price – and for those still finding their feet, it’s a dream.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Burton Clash here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Custom Snowboard 2016-2017

The original, and many would say still the best. The long-serving Custom has spawned a whole range in Burton’s line – not to mention several imitators.

If you want the control of camber in a high-quality all-terrain vehicle, look no further.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Custom here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard 2016-2017

By applying a combo profile to their flagship steed, Burton have created a mellower ride that will suit those for whom the camber version is a bit of a handful.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Custom Flying V here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Custom Twin Snowboard 2016-2017

More into freestyle? This is the Custom you want.

An asymmetric design means that it turns brilliantly, and you’ll have no bother getting good edge purchase as you wind up for a spin.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Custom Twin here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Custom X Snowboard 2016-2017

A step up from the regular Custom, the Custom X refines the tech and stiffens the ride for an insanely reactive shredding experience.

If mini-shred doesn’t do anything for you but a fresh groomer leaves you salivating, here’s the weapon for you.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Custom X here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Custom X Flying V Snowboard 2016-2017

New for 2016/17, the Custom X Flying V offers yet another spin on Burton’s most famous deck.

With X’ed-up design combined with a mellower profile, this offers all the lightweight performance you could ask for with less risk of a high-speed edge catch.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Custom X Flying V here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Deja Vu Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

This one is a true all-rounder at a price that leaves you with plenty to put towards a specialty stick.

Freestyle is definitely on the table thanks to the true twin shape, and the profile can handle a razz everywhere from the backcountry to the rail line.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Burton Deja Vu here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Easy Livin Snowboard 2016-2017

We could ramble on about how this is a true twin camber weapon, and describe all the tech to you in minute detail – but at the end of the day you might just end up dazed and confused.

In fact we’re guessing by the fact that you stopped to read this that you’re already at least a little bit sold – and why wouldn’t you be? It’s only Danny Davis’ Led Zeppelin-themed Burton Easy Livin.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Easy Livin here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Feelgood Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Available in either camber or Flying V versions, the Feelgood is built for tricks. It’s the stick Kelly Clark uses to boost 1080s out of the pipe.

It’s got carbon running through it like letters through a stick of Blackpool rock, making it lightweight and responsive at all times.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Feelgood here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard 2016-2017

This is a bona-fide freeride favourite, but as the name suggests you’re doing a disservice to yourself if you don’t get this airborne too.

You won’t see many double corks going down on this, but for those who enjoy dropping cliffs or boosting off windlips, the Flight Attendant is a joy.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Burton Flight Attendant here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Modified Fish Snowboard 2016-2017

It may appear that Burton have taken most of the fish out of the Fish with this Modified version, but underneath it all this is still actually a very similar beast.

A directional whip for deep snow, our testers also found this fun to throw about around the resort, with more chops for aggressive riding than you might expect from the profile.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Modified Fish here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Process Snowboard 2016-2017

You know what you’re getting with the Burton Process, but that’s absolutely nothing to shy away from – Mark McMorris‘ board of choice is a freestyle weapon without the price tag, and it more than deserves its reputation.

Park-focused riders who want a board that delivers from the word go will enjoy having this under their feet, lap after lap.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Burton Process here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Process Off-Axis Snowboard 2016-2017

This takes all of the Process’ freestyle performance and gives it an asymmetrical twist – as well as a pretty swish graphic makeover.

Which one you prefer is up to you, but with asym boards on the ride we won’t be surprised if this one day surpasses its more conventional namesake.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Process Off-Axis here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Ripcord Snowboard 2016-2017

The most wallet-friendly option in Burton’s line-up this year, the Ripcord is built to help you get smooth turning down and build a solid snowboarding foundation.

It’s got a slight directional taper so it works best for regular riding, but there’s still plenty of room for progression into switch riding and buttering once you’ve got the basics down.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Ripcord here


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Trick Pony Snowboard 2016-2017

Sometimes the changes in a board’s design from year to year are hard to spot, but for the Trick Pony it’s staring you in the face.

Each end has been reshaped, and the profile overhauled. It’s still the ideal weapon for backcountry freestyle though, and is perhaps better than ever in 2016/17.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Burton Trick Pony here


Buy direct from Burton

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CAPiTA Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard 2016-2017

The DOA has been given a few upgrades as part of a subtle but effective overhaul, with CAPiTA making full use of their new Willy Wonka-esque factory in Austria.

One thing that’s not changed is the graphic, which fits in nicely with past DOAs and looks better than ever thanks to the new printing process.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 CAPiTA Defenders Of Awesome here


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CAPiTA Kazu Kokubo Pro Snowboard 2016-2017

CAPiTA’s first Kazu pro model was always going to be something special, and this all-terrain freestyler certainly fits that bill.

It’s built to turn the whole mountain into a giant park, just like the man himself does. A dream for riders seeking shorter-sized powder guns, this mid-stiff ride is packing some pretty serious tech too.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 CAPiTA Kazu Kokubo Pro here


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CAPiTA Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard 2016-2017

Scott Stevens needs little introduction – and unsurprisingly, the tech trick warrior’s annual pro model often attracts a fair bit of attention too.

A flat-based true twin at its heart, it’s reinforced with cork that takes the impacts as you pull your best Sleepy impression.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 CAPiTA Scott Stevens Pro here


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CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Women’s Snowboard 016-2017

Thanks to its low price and mellow rockered profile, we can’t recommend the CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasyhighly enough to entry-level female riders that have the park in their sights.

It’s more butterable than a crumpet, and just the thing for taking on your first rails and boxes. It floats pretty well in the pow too.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy here


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CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Snowboard 2016-2017

No excuses for accidentally picking up the wrong board with this in your quiver! The CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Wolf is unmistakably a deep snow specialist with an outline (and cutout) to suit.

That being said, this year CAPiTA have added a traditional sidecut for groomer commuting to get to your spots.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 CAPiTA Spring Break Powder here


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CAPiTA Ultrafear Snowboard 2016-2017

Built for those focusing their energies in parks and urban spots the world over, the CAPiTA Ultrafear is a flat-profiled true twin that’s begging to be thrown at all sorts of features.

Backed by a speedy, durable base, it’s ideal for short run-ins to gnar ledges, with the tech in place to handle harsh landings too.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 CAPiTA Ultrafear here


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DC Ply Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Here’s another highly affordable stick for women who want something fun. The Ply can do a bit of everything, but where it really comes alive is the park.

This has the potential to introduce more female riders than ever to the joys of freestyle – and there’s also a men’s version available.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 DC Ply here


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DC Supernatant Snowboard 2016-2017

The graphic may feature a machete, but the Supernatant is more of a Swiss Army knife.

Longtime DC rider Devun Walsh designed this for his personal playground that is the BC backcountry. Whether it’s powder or park laps that you like, the Supernatant has your back.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 DC Supernatant here


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Dinosaurs Will Die Geeves Snowboard 2016-2017

When a rider joins the DWD team, chances are they’ll get their own pro model. This scribbly weapon of choice is Andrew Geeves‘ freestyle design.

If you’re a big guy like Geeves, this board was designed just for you. Low-rise camber and a true twin shape make it an ideal freestyle board, and the price is right.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Dinosaurs Will Die Geeves here


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Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick Snowboard 2016-2017

A freestyle whip hiding in a uber directional looking outline, the DWD Wizard Stick is back for its third winter. It’s an unconventional fun ripper from park to piste, with powder days well within reach too.

Camber underfoot and rocker at each end give you enough power here for heavier hits, and even with a softer flex it’ll handle a fair bit of speed too.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick here


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Douk ASBO Snowboard 2016-2017

Douk might be the UK’s only snowboard manufacturers, but their manufacturing process is appreciated the world over.

The ASBO is their park-friendly true twin, which is sturdy enough to handle high-end freestyle. It’s strengthened with carbon in the tip and tail for added pop, and the profile delivers camber power alongside flat sections at the nose and tail for pressing.

It’s available in a wide variety of sizes, but if there’s something else you had in mind then a quick phone call to the guys at Douk is all it’ll take.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Douk Asbo here


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Douk Slick Snowboard 2016-2017

The Slick is another one to take to the park, albeit with a slightly different focus.

It’s softer than the ASBO and has aflat profile, so it’s more of a jobstick than a booter-and-pipe tamer. THe sintered base means it’ll scream around the mountain, and the 100% poplar core will take an absolute hammering.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Douk Slick here


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Drake Charm Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

A modern classic in terms of entry level designs, the Drake Charm is a women’s board with a continuous rocker profile – raising the contact points and minimising edge catching all over the mountain as you learn your first turns.

The poplar core and extruded base are also popular go-tos for boards that are made to take a bit of beating, and be easy to repair if you do happen to gouge the base – fitting for any freestylers thinking of heading to the park as soon as possible.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Drake Charm here


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Drake Team Snowboard 2016-2017

Drake’s Team is a blunted classic camber board, reinforced with a single carbon strip running tip to tail for added pop and response.

With all the makings of a speedy all-mountain/freestyle weapon, it combines Drake’s fastest base, Premium Aspen wood core and a hybrid triax/biax glass with a low-swing weight shape. It’s also got pre-blunted edges, which will make it more than capable if you’re looking to clear gaps and throw spins off every obstacle in your way.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Drake Team here


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Endeavor KTV Snowboard 2016-2017

If you’ve ever taken out the Endeavor Color and fancy stepping up a grade slightly, the KTV is what to aim for.

This true twin has enough tech to make it much more versatile than you might expect, and the flat profile is backed by carbon and Kevlar with dampening for bigger hits, higher speeds and added response.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Endeavor KTV here


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Elan El Grande Snowboard 2016-2017

Built with larger riders in mind, Elan’s El Grande is a traditional camber charger with a lot of surface area to work with, so you shouldn’t have a problem even if your feet are on the large side.

With a poplar and beech core that’s reinforced by carbon beams in the tip and tail across the board, there’s plenty of torsional strength to further help you initiate turns. Thanks to its powerful profile, aggressive riders should be able to get plenty of air out of this too.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Elan El Grande here


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Elan Inverse Snowboard 2016-2017

Another Elan camber weapon, but with a different emphasis this time. The Elan Inverse is here for freestylers demanding ultra-lightweight construction, and a traditional snappy feel for pipe and park riding.

With dampening in the nose and tail, Elan’s fastest base, and carbon around the inserts to absorb big landings, everything about this board has been crafted to boost your tricks up to the next level.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Elan Inverse here


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Flow Bella Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Although ‘Bella’ is usually associated with appearance, Flow’s Bella snowboard is a ladies’ ride that has a whole lot under the hood too.

With lashings of urethane (either side of the inserts, along the edges, in the base) a single carbon strip down the centre for added response or a combination ‘Pop-Cam’ profile, you’ll find plenty in terms of tech. It all adds up to a poppy mid-flexing true twin whip that’s ideal for progressive freestyle riding.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Flow Bella here


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Flow Darwin Snowboard 2016-2017

Snowboard shape and tech evolution is constant and often confusing. Borrowing equally from past, present and futuristic shapes has meant a whole host of different combinations – but there’s little doubt what Flow’s Darwin is designed for.

Boasting a huge nose and a short staggered swallowtail, Flow have stiffened up the ‘Pop-lite’ tech core with double carbon stringers, and given the Darwin their fastest graphite base to optimise this for deep snow charging.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Flow Darwin here


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Flow Verve Snowboard 2016-2017

EZ-Rock may sound a bit like a middle-of-the-road radio station, but it’s actually shorthand for the kind of hybrid profile used on the Flow Verve snowboard: camber under foot, flat zones at the contact points and mellow rocker in between the inserts.

For the Verve, it’s paired up with true twin shape, urethane, and poplar construction, with a single carbon stringer to make a reasonably priced all-mountain ripper that has a bit of something for everyone.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Flow Verve here


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Gnu Eco Choice Snowboard 2016-2017

The guys at the Mervin factory always aim to minimise the impact their wares have on the environment, but this really takes the cake.

The Gnu Eco Choice takes all the good stuff from their Rider’s Choice, and ups the green ante. This one’s had some design input from one Nicolas Müller, while the women’s version meets the approval of Jamie Anderson.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Gnu Eco Choice here


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Gnu Finsanity Snowboard 2016-2017

Finsanity by name, Finsanity by nature. This year’s Gnu throwback turned more than a few heads in testing with its removable powder fins that hark back to Mike Olsen’s 1984 designs.

Packing all the usual Mervin tech, this is of course a fair bit more versatile than its roots suggest, with Magne-traction, a hybrid profile and much more.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Gnu Finsanity here


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Gnu Klassy Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Kaitlyn Farrington may be out of the competitive circuit, but her redirected snowboarding career has meant a refocused design for the Gnu Klassy – now seamlessly morphing into a directional all-terrain ride.

Just as at home on speedy groomers as in powder, this more directional incarnation is a surfy chameleon that’ll step up wherever you point it.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Gnu Klassy here


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Gnu Ladies Choice Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Jamie Anderson’s Gnu Ladies Choice is a bit of a weapon to say the least. Of course it’s just the thing for big park feature riding, but if you’ve got the energy to play along then it could also be a great companion for all sorts of riding.

Combo profiling meets a stiffer flex and Magne-traction for confident, controlled moves, and a speedy base provides plenty of sending power.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Gnu Ladies Choice here


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Gnu Müllair Snowboard 2016-2017

He cast his eye over the Eco Choice (above), but it’s in the Müllair that Nicolas Müller has really poured himself into.

With a slight taper and mostly-camber profile, it’s just asking to be thrown around in the pow. Hell-for-leather chargers should probably avoid this; it’s all about finding nice, flowing lines with plenty of hits and drops.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Gnu Müllair here


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Head Architect Snowboard 2016-2017

If park’s your main focus but you’re partial to ripping the rest of the mountain too, then Head’s Architect contains the foundations of a solid future.

Entry-level pricing is made moot by basalt stringers, a hybrid profile and an all round beefier feel that’ll handle big hits without backing down on pop and control in the park.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Head Architect here


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Head Pilot Snowboard 2016-2017

This speed stick also stood up to our tester’s needs on powder days. The Head Pilot features suitably aerospace tech with graphene reinforcements and honeycomb sections in the construction.

Light, powerful, and able to lend itself to all sorts of terrain, those for whom speed is their raison d’etre should scope this one out pronto.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Head Pilot here


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Head The Day Snowboard 2016-2017

Like the idea of stepping up to a directional powder gun, but don’t want to be overpowered in terms of flex? Head’s The Day has the build to hit the points you’re looking for.

Lightweight construction with bamboo helps to keep things snappy, and also means this can easily be split down the middle to make your own splitboard.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Head The Day here


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Jones Flagship Snowboard 2016-2017

Jeremy Jones has been cultivating the Flagship with care year on year.

This year’s edition comes with ‘Spoon’ shaping, linseed fibre topsheet, basalt stringers and more. Point it at whatever terrain lies ahead, knowing that it’ll always be up to the task.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Jones Flagship here


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Jones Hovercraft Snowboard 2016-2017

You couldn’t make a board called the Hovercraft that sank at the first sight of snowy depths. Make no mistake: this thing lives up to its name.

Upgraded with ‘Spoon’ tech for a more natural edge-to-edge motion, the camber elements will help this hold as you seek out untrodden paths. For manoeuvrability in nipple-deep conditions, this has the edge over many competitors.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Jones Hovercraft here


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K2 CarveAir Snowboard 2016-2017

The unmistakeable K2 CarveAir is back for its second year, and beyond its short, directional shape, there’s a lot to be admired here.

It’s perfect for adapting to whatever part of the mountain is put in front of you. While it might be on the stiffer end of the spectrum, this poppy piste-carving beast is a far cry from being too serious.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 K2 CarveAir here


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K2 Eighty Seven Snowboard 2016-2017

Here’s another from K2’s ‘Enjoyer’ series, and we’ll lap these up for as long as they’re prepared to make them.

This one can also be ridden a little shorter than normal, but where it differs from the likes of the CarveAir is in its more ‘surfy’ feel. If you prefer mellow tree-runs to hard carves, this will fit the bill.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 K2 Eighty Seven here


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K2 Party Platter Snowboard 2016-2017

A new addition for 2016/17, this updates the swallowtailed Cool Bean board with something more suitable for freestyle.

It’s another shorty, so will be more at home off the small stuff you find at the side of the piste than the park. It turns on a five-pence piece too, so nipping in and out of the trees is a must.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 K2 Party Platter here


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K2 Standard Snowboard 2016-2017

Entry-level pricing doesn’t mean rental-board credentials with K2’s Standard. This one boasts a flat midsection with rocker tips, and a directional outline that’ll make turn initiation dead easy.

Equally important is K2’s ‘Hybritech’ construction, which helps keep the weight of your setup down. Whether you’re after a first board or just a cheaper whip to thrash around, the Standard will help raise your game.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 K2 Standard here


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K2 Subculture Snowboard 2016-2017

Perfect for all-mountain slayers on a budget, K2’s Subculture is at its best when spinning and popping off everything in sight, but can also stand to be rinsed at high speeds.

Directional twin and ‘Lifted’ flat/rocker profile attributes are bolstered by a carbon ‘Ollie Bar’ to offer a mid-stiff ride that’s surprisingly versatile.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 K2 Subculture here


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K2 Wildheart Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Here’s another fine entry into the short-board category, and this one is female-specific.

The volume shift – trading length for width – makes this incredibly nimble – and with its freeride design, you can afford to really open this up both on and off the piste.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 K2 Wildheart here


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K2 World Wide Weapon Snowboard 2016-2017

The World Wide Weapon continues to impress all sorts of riders year in, year out.

This flat-profiled freestyler has garnered hefty acclaim throughout its lifespan, and has managed to continue along the same lines with this winter’s version. It offers an ideal middle ground in terms of flex and feel, one that lends itself to riding well beyond the reaches of the park.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 K2 World Wide Weapon here


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Korua Stealth Snowboard 2016-2017

The shape’s the key with the Korua line up, and the Stealth has got one hell of a unique outline.

This one is made to dominate the mountain with wide, smooth lines. You’re going to want to find a clear opening ahead of you and point this thing at it, whether that’s on piste or in powder. It’s just the thing for high-speed carving, and has a small enough tail for full blown roosters too.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Korua Stealth here


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Lib Tech Coho Snowboard 2016-2017

The Coho may only come in a 146, but that’s no reason to despair – Lib’s take on a short, wide powder ripper will happily carry riders who’d never normally be looking at something that small.

If you’re all about cutting quick turns in trees with no risk of sinking, here’s one that’s due a closer look.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Lib Tech Coho here


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Lib Tech Mayhem Round Nose Fish Snowboard 2016-2017

Made in collaboration with Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos, this surf-inspired ride retains more pop than you might expect, and also holds up to a healthy dose of piste riding too.

It’s a purely directional whip, but if you’re after a manoeuvrable sink-free ride however deep the snow gets, this has all the required features and more.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Lib Tech Mayhem Round Nose Fish here


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Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard 2016-2017

Celebrating its ten year anniversary this winter, the Lib Tech Skate Banana has become nothing short of iconic in the last decade – and now comes dressed up in its original graphic.

Made for fun, this catch-free twin has been used to press and butter snow and metal alike. You can take it into the pow too, where it’ll be sure to turn plenty of heads.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Lib Tech Skate Banana here


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Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard 2016-2017

Big-booted riders after epic lines need not worry with the Lib Tech Skunk Ape – this thing was designed with both in mind.

With a width that’ll eliminate toe/heel drag for riders who normally struggle, this mid stiff all-rounder is liberally packed with top features, and is available in sizes up to 170cm ‘Ultra-Wide’.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Lib Tech Skunk Ape here


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Lib Tech Travis Rice Gold Member Snowboard 2016-2017

Travis Rice’s take on a directional twin gets plenty of air time in this winter’s The Fourth Phase film release – and if all terrain speedy riding is your thing, air time is exactly what this whip offers.

Made for big hits in the backcountry with a directional outline that rides like a twin – the Firepower version is a super lightweight premium edition for riders who won’t accept anything less.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Lib Tech Travis Rice Gold Member here


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Lib Tech World’s Greenest Snowboard 2016-2017

How much more green could a snowboard be? Scott E Whitlake pushes the boundaries this year by injecting green pigment into every element possible.

Of course the name extends well beyond appearance, with extra special care taken to make this board eco friendly without impacting its powerful freestyle features.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Lib Tech World’s Greenest Snowboard here


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Never Summer Proto Type 2 Snowboard 2016-2017

A Never Summer favourite gets a new pair of shoes this year as they launch the Proto Type 2, building on its existing all mountain credentials with an asymmetric sidecut and a slightly stiffer feel.

By all accounts this evolution is a positive however, with our Proto-loyal tester finding it definitely passes muster.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Never Summer Proto Type 2 here


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Never Summer Twenty Five Snowboard 2016-2017

There are worse ways to celebrate hitting your quarter-century milestone.

The guys at Never Summer went back to the drawing board and designed a brand new freeride whip from the ground up. There’s heaps of carbon in play here, which works together with the fairly agressive profile to deliver a stiff, responsive ride.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Never Summer Twenty Five here


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Nitro Cinema Snowboard 2016-2017

If you’re aiming to get your snowboarding on a big screen someday, you’ve either got to do something really stupid or really impressive. As the latter is usually less painful, we recommend looking out for a ride that helps to make progression easy.

Enter the Nitro Cinema, packing affordable tech in a ‘Gullwing Rocker’ profile that gives you the best of both worlds in terms of profiling. This one is soft enough to throw about, but not lacking a punch when you need it.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Nitro Cinema here


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Nitro Magnum Snowboard 2016-2017

Another entry for riders with big feet, Nitro have designed the Magnum to ride as much like a regular size board as possible.

Featuring a camber profile and a directional shape, it’s built for speed and pop without losing a playful forgiving touch. It also features a light poplar core that keeps swing weight down whilst giving it plenty of snap.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Nitro Magnum here


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Nitro Mountain Snowboard 2016-2017

Bryan Fox and Austin Smith‘s concept quiver board enters the main Nitro line this year as a directional powder ripper that’ll stand up to good ol’ freestyling in deep terrain, and even a little more switch action than some of its relatives.

Beech stringers and camber between the feet give you plenty of pop to air off cliffs, while there’s easily enough surface area in the rocker sections at each end to keep you afloat.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Nitro Mountain here


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Ride Agenda Snowboard 2016-2017

Another snowboard coming in with a very reasonable price, the Ride Agenda features a ‘Twin Rocker’ profile with a long flat central section, then early rise rocker in the tip and tail.

Paired up with a soft flex, and urethane damping this should make it a treat for easy learning whether you’re looking to take it to the park, groomers or even to start looking at deeper snow. Thanks to the flat sections, riders who’ve found full rocker a little too unresponsive shouldn’t have the same issue here either.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Ride Agenda here


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Ride Berzerker Snowboard 2016-2017

Jake Blauvelt’s Berzerker might souns like it could rip you limb from limb, but if you want something that’s got your back at all times, it certainly fits the bill.

As an all-mountain ride with powerful features (and a soft side), this had our testers properly impressed – smooth and easy riding on the mountain with freestyle chops to boot.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Ride Berzerker here


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Ride Machete Snowboard 2016-2017

The Ride Machete is another staple that shows no signs of decline, coming back with many familiar features and a sleek new finish.

Flat in profile but boosted up in pop by carbon rods and dampened with urethane for a smooth ride, it’s a true twin that’s ready for all sorts of days on the mountain.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Ride Machete here


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Ride Timeless Snowboard 2016-2017

The Timeless is back, and has seemingly lost none of the old magic that made its original iteration such a hit.

This is for people who don’t shy away from a bit of speed. As long as you can handle it, the sintered base and stiff flex will have you feeling the G’s right from the off.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Ride Timeless here


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Ride War Pig Snowboard 2016-2017

Ride play the short and stubby game well, but with a bit less of a deep-snow focus than some similar designs. The War Pig was born from a need for boards that work whether the conditions play ball or not.

That being said, the directional shape and upturned nose and tail are going to thrive after heavy snowfall too.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Ride War Pig here


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Rome Blur Snowboard 2016-2017

A proper freeride board for proper freeriders, the Blur will get you up to the sound barrier as quickly as just about anything out there.

There’s no point keeping it at ground level though; get it in the air and it’ll feel like it’s just hanging there, while impact plates under your feet handle getting back down to earth.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Rome Blur here


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Rome Buckshot Snowboard 2016-2017

A new contender enters the Rome lineup, and it’s a full blown park whip from the minds of Toni Kerkelä and Ozzy Henning.

Their collaborative effort is pressable but poppy, with features for impact absorption and all sorts of strategic core additives to give the right response without stiffening up the ride too much.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Rome Buckshot here


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Rome Mod Snowboard 2016-2017

Stale Sandbech’s weapon of choice is well known for being as much of a powerhouse as the man himself.

Mega pop is delivered to both ends of this true twin by a strong camber profile, as well as various carbon and ‘Zylon’ reinforcements. Riders of a mellow snowboarding mindset need not apply.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Rome Mod here


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Rome Mountain Division Snowboard 2016-2017

There’s no middle ground for the Mountain Division. Rome have fully committed the core of this ride to directional charging, setting the camber back underneath your back foot.

Th eMountain Division is reinforced with Zylon and Carbon rods for mega pop, and is further teched-out with rubberised sections to stop fatigue and absorb big impacts.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Rome Mountain Division here


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Rome Winterland Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

The Winterland is a new one for 2016/17, designed to appeal to the serious freeriders out there.

It’s got a setback camber profile, and carbon additives make it stiff enough to charge on without losing any nuance. Even if it hasn’t snowed in a while, this can tear things up in all conditions.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Rome Winterland here


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Roxy Banana Smoothie Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

A funseeker if ever there were one, the Banana Smoothie will turn the whole mountain into a playground.

Its all-terrain chops won’t go un-noticed, but don’t be too conventional with this. It’s a true twin, mid-flexing stick that demands spontaneity. Get loose, get rad.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Roxy Banana Smoothie here


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Roxy Sugar Banana Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

The Roxy Sugar is a female-specific board for riders on a budget.

Rockered between the feet and with flat sections running out from the inserts, it features tried-and-tested Banana tech to help you engage your edges when you need them without carrying as much hang-up risk on flats.

Forgiving, predictable, and made with an eco-friendly ethos, it’s hard to go wrong with this.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Roxy Sugar Banana here


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Roxy XOXO Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

If you’re worried that boards with top tech and pro-rider design input are out of your price range, think again.

The Roxy XOXO has an asymmetric freestyle build that will serve the improving rider well, and has Torah Bright‘s seal of approval.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Roxy XOXO here


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Salomon Assassin Snowboard 2016-2017

The Assassin can do a bit of everything, but its strengths like firmly in freestyle. Think of it as a park board that’s also one of the best for exploring the whole mountain.

How did Salomon achieve this? Simple: they took the best elements of their high-end park and freeride boards, and blended them together in the Assassin.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Salomon Assassin here


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Salomon Craft Snowboard 2016-2017

No stranger to the knocks and big hitters dished out by Nils Mindnich, the Salomon Craft is a versatile little bugger with a tempting price tag.

Under Nils’ guidance it’s used to cut a clean take off for everything from cheese wedges to handrails, with the added benefit of Royal Rubber Pads under foot to help take out the impact of landings too.

Rock Out Camber combines pop and response with float and forgiveness to help put all available riding options at your doorstep.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Salomon Craft here


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Salomon Gypsy Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

A consistent ladies’ favourite, the Salomon Gypsy continues to prove a popular option for demanding freestyle riders.

Championed by riders like Desiree Melancon, and with tech that’ll work well even beyond the park, it’d almost be foolish not to put this on your shortlist if you’re into expanding your trickbook.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Salomon Gypsy here


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Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard 2016-2017

Another Salomon with the Mindnich brothers backing it, the Huck Knife is a pure park weapon with classic camber through the centre of the board, and ‘Slingshot’ carbon adding to the snap factor as you come flying off jumps.

Unashamedly more powerful than your usual jib noodles, it’s made for control and response, with enough playfulness to let you make quick adjustments but not so much that you’ll find yourself skidding out at the key moments.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Salomon Huck Knife here


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Salomon Rumble Fish Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Salomon are boasting a whole lot in a neat package for the women’s quiver-killing Rumble Fish. Not only does it carry the credentials for all sorts of riding, but each element seems to have been made to help limit damage to the planet.

Royal Cork Rails provide dampening so this doesn’t actually ‘rumble’ under your feet, while a sustainable superlight paulownia wood core gives plenty of snap to the hybrid Rock Out Camber profile. Mid flex, true twin, ready to roll.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Salomon Rumble Fish here


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Salomon Sickstick Snowboard 2016-2017

Here’s one for powder-chasing eco warriors; the Salomon Sick Stick is a directional whip that you can ride a little shorter than some traditional deep-snow guns.

Its guilt free, natural ingredient construction is as functional as it is environmentally friendly. If you’re worried about being left wanting on the rest of the mountain, don’t; the hybrid camber profile is happy on all sorts of terrain.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Salomon Sickstick here


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Salomon Ultimate Ride Snowboard 2016-2017

Bode Merrill’s Ultimate Ride is an absolute beast of an addition to the lineup this year, filling the boots of the already-imposing presence of the Man’s Board.

Loaded up with ‘Quad Camber’ profiling, its true twin feel in a directional outline is as poppy and powerful as they com. Be prepared to hold on tight!

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Salomon Ultimate Ride here


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Salomon Villain Snowboard 2016-2017

More hero than Villain in many eyes – Louif Paradis’ freestyle favourite is a park whip that’s packing a bit more punch.

Pre-tuned for grip on hardpack and catch free rails, its speedy sintered base and triax glass open this up for rails and features of all sizes – and with camber between the feet, it’s not half bad on the open mountain either.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Salomon Villain here


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SIMS Blade Snowboard 2016-2017

Inspired by late 80s shapes and with a graphic to match, the SIMS Blade bridges the gap.On paper it’s their specialist freeride whip, but it doesn’t shy away from side hits, groomer carving or switch riding at all.

If you like the backcountry but don’t want to be caught short if mother nature doesn’t provide, this could be a great one to look into.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 SIMS Blade here


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SIMS Dealer’s Choice Snowboard 2016-2017

A freestyle whip masquerading under an all-mountain outline – whichever side of the Sims Dealers Choice you choose to pander to, you won’t be disappointed.

True twin in flex, with camber for pop and rocker either end – the outline screams powder days while the features are friendly for all sorts of park fun – take it to both if you can.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 SIMS Dealer’s Choice here


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Slash Spectrum Snowboard 2016-2017

Fans of flat freestyle boards should pay particular attention to the Slash Spectrum, a mid-flexing true twin that won’t limit you to the confines of pre-shaped kickers and rails.

If you want to let loose your tricks over the whole mountain, or even on the streets, this could be the ride to get you there.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Slash Spectrum here


[monetizer101 search=’slash spectrum’]

Technine Notorious Snowboard 2016-2017

There’s a tip of the cap to ‘The Best That Ever Did It’ on the new Notorious board, a typically bling offering from Technine.

This is packing more tech than your usual jibstick, reinforced with carbon and kevlar to help it pop off hit after hit – just like Biggie himself.

Check out full details of the 2016-2017 Technine Notorious here


[monetizer101 search=’technine notorious’]

Völkl Alright Snowboard 2016-2017

You certainly will feel ‘Alright’ if you get a go on this; its oversized nose and tail mean that you’ll float without any difficulty in powder, but it feels a lot more like a regular-sized board when on piste.

This means you can turn it and launch it just like a standard stick, and when Mother Nature’s been good to you it can open up a while new world of backcountry freestyle.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Völkl Alright here


[monetizer101 search=’volkl alright’]

Völkl Pace Snowboard 2016-2017

Pace by name, pace by nature – this pow-gun style Völkl excelled both in deep snow and for aggressive piste carving with our testers, if anything leaning slightly towards the latter.

Poppy and speedy however deep the snow, if following fall lines is your bag then the graphite base on this will be a blessing.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Völkl Pace here


[monetizer101 search=’volkl pace’]

Völkl XBreed Snowboard 2016-2017

This monochrome menace is the XBreed, a serious board that wouldn’t be out of place flying over the biggest booters in park-land.

Its stiffness delivers stability as well as mega pop, and the whole thing’s been built with premium materials that keep the weight down to a minimum.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 Völkl XBreed here


[monetizer101 search=’volkl xbreed’]

WEST Captain Achab Snowboard 2016-2017

If the short-board craze isn’t for you, why not go fully the other way and try the WEST Captain Achab?

This is a big, beautiful board that offers insane float in the pow, yet is actually a lot more nimble than it looks when you get it on firmer trails. You can chuck this around with reckless abandon one minute, then blast smooth lines through the steep-and-deep the next.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 WEST Captain Achab here


[monetizer101 search=’west achab’]

WEST La Hache Snowboard 2016-2017

WEST’s flagship ride is one of the main reasons why the small Swiss brand has gained so much traction of late.

Sitting on the stiffer end of the all-rounder spectrum, this powerful turner is backed by two carbon strips for pop and response.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 WEST La Hache here


[monetizer101 search=’west hache’]

YES 420 Powderhull Snowboard 2016-2017

As if the 420 didn’t float well enough, the guys at YES have given in a 3D-concave base that takes it to the next level.

Physics is your ally on the 420 Powderhull, keeping your nose up even in armpit-deep conditions. Sinking simply isn’t a concern.

Check out our full review of the 2016-2017 YES 420 Powderhull here


[monetizer101 search=’yes 420 powderhull’]

YES Basic Snowboard 2016-2017

Find a rider with a bad word to say about the YES Basic and we’ll be impressed. This thing consistently converts experienced riders and relative newcomers alike.

‘Underbite’ edges and an ever-friendly price tag add to the appeal of this understated ripper.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 YES Basic here


[monetizer101 search=’yes basic’]

YES Greats Snowboard 2016-2017

YES go back to their roots for the graphics of this year’s Greats, the Uninc tribute undeniably adding extra appeal to a year-on-year favourite.

This winter’s version of their asym freestyle twin comes with a stiffened heelside to give you added drive, and to better balance the feel between heel and toe edges.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 YES Greats here


[monetizer101 search=’yes greats’]

YES Hel Yes Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

The YES Hel Yes continues to set the standard in its field, raising the bar for female freeriders everywhere.

Built with a stiffer flex, this directional ride fuses fun into a responsive ride that happily carries out the wishes of Helen Schettini season after season. It takes some commanding but, with the right input, delivers in spades.

Selected for the Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 YES Hel Yes here


[monetizer101 search=’yes hel’]


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