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Best All-Mountain Snowboards For 2022-2023

Need a snowboard to ride park, piste, powder and everything in between? Here's a list of our favourite all mountain snowboards for this season

What is the best all-mountain snowboard? Is there even such a thing as one snowboard that can do it all? The debate goes on and remains snowboarding’s most contentious battleground (well, that and the whole Step-On thing). Many brands claim to have come up with the silver bullet, single snowboard solution that kills off the competition. You know the ones – the daily drivers, the all-rounders, the quiver killers, the one-stop-shops for park, piste and powder riding alike.

Don’t be too easily swayed, though, the easy answer isn’t always the truth. Colonel Sanders sold a hell of a lot of chicken, but I’m not sure anyone wants to know how he made it. All-mountain snowboards are virtually every brand’s best-seller, but it takes a little more scrutiny to pick out the best of the bunch. Every winter, the Whitelines crew round up our highlights, cut through the marketing jargon, and present our selection of the season’s best all-mountain snowboards.

“Many brands venture slightly off the fence, creating what you might call an all-mountain freestyle or all-mountain freeride snowboard”

In the list below, we’ve curated a selection of all the big hitters, hidden gems and complete curveballs that genuinely impressed us this season. But look, we get it. One man’s Michelangelo is another man’s Milli Vanilli. They won’t all be to your liking, and that’s fine. It’s a hell of a balancing act. Occasionally, some strike the treble twenty and split the stoke evenly between freestyle, freeride and piste. More often, brands venture slightly off the fence, creating what you might call an all-mountain freestyle or all-mountain freeride snowboard. These snowboards tend to have the edge when it comes to riding in the park over the backcountry, and vice versa.

No matter the conditions and no matter the terrain, an all-mountain snowboard can handle it all | PC: Ed Blomfield

What To Look For When Buying An All-Mountain Snowboard

Directional twins are often the shape of choice for all-mountain snowboards. For the most part, the board will feel and ride like a true twin and easily handle switch, but there will be some directional elements in its construction. This could be a slightly set back stance, elongated nose scoop, flex pattern, taper, etc. but never enough to make the board feel uni-directional.

CamRock and Hybrid cambers seem to have claimed this territory for the majority of all-mountain boards, but there’s still the odd sighting of a full camber, flat, or even rockered all-mountain snowboard in this year’s Buyer’s Guide – as well as this list.

Camber provides grip, power and pop to the snowboard, making it very versatile on the piste and suited for faster, more aggressive riding. Rocker offers increased manoeuvrability, float in powder and forgiveness but can feel unstable at speed. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why all-mountain snowboards tend to adopt a combination of the two.

Flex ratings are a personal choice and largely down to the type of rider you are, and the type of terrain you’ll be spending most of your time on. Generally, in this category range, flex ratings will sit somewhere between four and seven out of ten, striking a balance between playfulness and response. It’s not uncommon to find these numbers creeping close to double digits on some all-mountain options, though.

“We believe the following boards should be serious contenders for all-mountain shenanigans this season”

Of course, if you’re planning on spending a lot more time in the park this season, or lining up some big backcountry lines, or maybe heading out to Japan for the first time, you may be in the market for a more specific tool for the job. If so, check out our rundown of the best freestyle snowboards and best freeride snowboards for 2022/23 instead.

As with any purchase of new season snowboard gear, the choice is very subjective. But whatever your ability, budget, gender or feelings towards things that are gold and glitter, we believe the following boards should be serious contenders for all-mountain shenanigans this season. And hey, if in doubt, just pick your favourite graphic.

(Please don’t)


Best All-Mountain Snowboards 2022-2023

Amplid Singular Directional Snowboard 2022-2023

Whitelines Choice Winner: Best All-Mountain Snowboard
PRICE: €660, $660

The name says it all: the Amplid Singular Directional aims to go full Marie Kondo on your board bag. Never mind the quiver approach; just get one of these all-terrain vehicles in there, and prepare to spark a whole load of joy. This message is only slightly undermined by the fact that there are actually *two* Singulars – this one, and a true twin version.

Who Is The Amplid Singular Directional For?

Everyone! Again, that’s not just marketing spiel; as well as being equipped for all terrain and conditions, the range of sizes caters for everyone from Sophie up to the BFG. Park nuts will obviously want to look at the true twin version, but this would see them right as well.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Amplid Singular Directional here


Bataleon Goliath Plus Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £570, €650, $650

The crew at Bataleon opened Pandora’s Box when they gave the Party Wave the ‘Plus’ treatment a couple of years back, and now here we are with everyone’s favourite all-mountain powerhouse pumped full of carbon with a sexy new monochrome paint job to seal the deal.

It’s the Goliath Plus, so obviously it’s leaner, meaner and faster but you’ll find the same versatile shape, 3D shaping and adaptable profile as you do in the regular Goliath.

Who Is The Bataleon Goliath Plus For?

You may have been a fan of the original Goliath, but there’s no need to have sampled that one to appreciate what’s on offer here. This is a true all-mountain offering and, despite bearing the Plus moniker, the barrier for entry isn’t impossibly high. Intermediates all the way up to pro team rippers can get on board with this (literally).


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Bataleon Goliath Plus here


Bataleon Whatever x Beyond Medals Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £470, €540, $540

There is perhaps no board as aptly named as the Whatever, because it rides, well… whatever. A classic Bataleon model that’s been given the Tor Lundstrom twist, it shares much of its DNA with the OG Whatever, but with a little bit of added spice. Previously the Beyond Medals crew have had a whack at the Goliath, but for this season they’ve taken on another of Bataleon’s flagship models, and the result is one of the best all-mountain snowboards of the year.

A touch stiffer, a smidge poppier, slightly more performance oriented but still at heart it’s the go anywhere, do anything snowboard we’ve loved since its debut. It’s a real buffet, powder laps for breakfast, corduroy for lunch and party laps in the park for dinner, all you can eat baby.

Who Is The Bataleon Whatever x Beyond Medals For?

Better yet, who isn’t it for? There are a lot of boards that claim to do it all, but this one genuinely does. If your park days aren’t behind you, but you still want a board that can dominate in other areas then the BYNDMDLS Whatever is a goer.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Bataleon Whatever x Beyond Medals here


Borealis Tundra Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: €529

While we can’t fault the Borealis crew’s ability to put together a snowboard, we have to take issue with whoever comes up with the names.

Here you’ve got a top-quality all-rounder that’s just as home in the park as it is in the sidecountry, lumbered with a moniker that suggests pure high-altitude gnarboarding. Something that infers its thrilling, Cheshire-cat-grin-inspiring delights would surely be more appropriate – ideally with a terrible pun thrown in for good measure. May we suggest… the Fundra?

In any case, it says a lot about the Borealis Tundra that that’s the only criticism we have.

Who Is The Borealis Tundra For?

This is Borealis’ quiver killer; one board to take out in any and all conditions. If that’s what you’re after, and you’re also a bit keen on the planet, then this covers both bases with aplomb. The stunning topsheet screams ‘one with nature’ – and that’s the kind of virtue-signalling we can get fully behind.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Borealis Tundra here


CAPiTA Mega Mercury Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £685 / €750 / $800

We’ll be the first to admit that some of snowboarding’s tech jargon has become pretty alien, but then again, Mercury is the first planet in the Solar System, so who better to champion rocketship-esque technology?

And that’s exactly what you’ll find here. The Mega Merc takes advantage of the creme de la creme of CAPiTA’s bag of tricks, wrapped up nicely in their iconic Mercury outline. It’s Monsieur Longo’s board of choice so that should tell you all you need to know in terms of its favoured habitat and pop-ability. Proceed with caution.

Who Is The CAPiTA Mega Mercury For?

You’re an experienced rider who isn’t afraid to splash a little cash to get a truly next level experience. You’re probably a fan of the OG Mercury, but looking for something premium that’s noticeably lighter, faster and stronger.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 CAPiTA Mega Mercury here


Drake Battle Rusty Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: €440, $510

Has it really been a decade since the Rusty Toothbrush crew burst seemingly out of nowhere, and gave the fledgling ‘web edit’ format a much-needed boot up the arse? With more creativity and invention in one of their mini-vids than you’d find on most full-length megabudget DVDs of the time, they soon became the delinquent posterboys of the internet age.

The Drake Battle Rusty snowboard is the third iteration of the collective’s signature model, and the shared Italian heritage has cooked up another winner.

Who Is The Drake Battle Rusty For?

This one prides itself on being a multi-purpose tool that doesn’t sleepwalk into bland, beige utility. Whether you’re in the streets or the backcountry, you’ll feel like you have a specialist tool under your feet. The list of boards that can genuinely do both well is not a long one, so if you’re a fan of both then snap this up.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Drake Battle Rusty here


Drake Tao Of Drake Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: €400, $450

In reality, the gender categories for snowboards are far from cut and dry. Over the years we’ve seen female-specific boards take a heavy influence from a men’s model, and (latterly, and to a lesser extent) vice versa. It’s also not uncommon to find a rider using a board that’s technically aimed at the opposite gender, because it better suits their physical profile.

What you still don’t see very often, though, is a board that wears its suitability for both men and women as a badge of honour. That’s what Drake’s new Tao of Drake snowboard does, and you’ll now find it under the feet of the brand’s team riders regardless of chromosomes.

Who Is The Drake Tao Of Drake For?

Despite this novel approach, this certainly isn’t for everyone. Unless you favour the JP Walker approach of riding park to warm up for the street, you’d be better off on something with an all-mountain focus. Freestyle fiends will love it though.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Drake Tao Of Drake here


KORUA Otto Plus Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: €749 / $849

Faced with so many weird and wonderful shapes in the KORUA line, it might seem odd that we’ve selected their most normal-looking silhouette for an award. But the Otto Plus proves you don’t need to wave goodbye to the park if you’re serious about your turns; it’s a carving machine at heart, with enough tail to switch things up at the drop of a hat, blurring creative lines across the mountain. A quiver killer with a difference, then.

Who Is The KORUA Otto Plus For?

Enjoyed those Yearning For Turning edits but not sure you’re quite ready to ditch your trusty twin for a board that looks like a pencil (and might even be called a pencil, too)? The Otto Plus is your gateway drug.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 KORUA Otto Plus here


Lobster Creamer Snowboard 2022-2023

The artist formerly known as the Lobster Cream is back for a third year, cementing its position as one of the finest crustacean/dairy-themed rides around. Why it’s now the Creamer and not the Cream, we’re not entirely sure – but with the Sender and Stomper also in the line, the Lobster line has just got that bit more consistent. Banish any images of that weird stuff Americans put in their coffee, and embrace one of our favourite new models of recent times.

Who Is The Lobster Creamer For?

Like much of the Lobster line, the Creamer is one for both in and out of the park. Based on its shape and flex profile alone, however, this is clearly aimed at the all-mountain funseeker, rather than the backcountry booter specialist.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Lobster Creamer here


Lobster Stomper Snowboard 2022-2023


It’s surf’s up once again for the Lobster Stomper – but just as was the case last year, the graphic is where the comparison ends. This isn’t a pow-specific, uber-directional floater. Far from it, in fact; the way the brothers Helgason tell it, this one is at its finest on firm, freshly groomed snow, be it a motorway piste or a pristine freestyle feature.

Sometimes that makes for a conservative (ok, dull) experience, with a board that tries to tick all boxes at the expense of standout performance. However, the Lobster Stomper is anything but.

Who Is The Lobster Stomper For?

The graphic may be having its fun with you, but the name makes it as plain as day. What we’ve got here is a true all-rounder that’s particularly friendly to those who like to throw shapes with confidence – whether in the park or elsewhere on the mountain.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Lobster Stomper here


Nidecker Escape Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £400, €430, $460

Nidecker deliver a lot of bang for your buck, and nowhere is that better illustrated than with the Escape. This well specced quiver killer has been a staple of their line for a few years, but its twin outline was starting to look long in the tooth compared to the coolest kids. A subtle facelift has made us fall in love with it all over again – and by the looks of their latest team edits, we’re not alone. We’ve seen the likes of Sebi Konijnenberg chuck this thing over giant park booters, crank it through banked slalom berms and charge it down remote lines. And if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for you.

Who Is The Nidecker Escape For?

Anyone looking for a playful yet versatile board on which to get creative. Buy one of these and you probably won’t want or need a second deck. So that’s minimalists and bargain hunters too, then.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Nidecker Escape here


Nidecker Thruster Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £525 / €550 / $570

A new addition to the Nidecker roster last season, the Thruster once again impressed the crew to come up trumps and make its way back into the Whitelines 100 for the second year running.

A mash-up of the now defunct Princess and Platinum models, everything about the Thruster screams ‘Premium’- from the top shelf tech and materials used to the sleek aesthetic, this isn’t a snowboard for the faint hearted or those pinching pennies. Advanced riders looking for something that’ll track like a ballistic missile, but that isn’t just limited to digging trenches on freshly groomed corduroy should definitely consider taking a closer look at the Thruster.

Who Is The Nidecker Thruster Pro For?

Who’s the Thruster for? Well, it’s easier to say who it’s not for: it’s one of the stiffest, most aggressive snowboards in the Nidecker line. A real wolf in wolf’s clothing. Inexperienced riders will likely find it a bit much to handle.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Nidecker Thruster here


Ride Shadowban Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £415 / €480 / $500

With the success of their Pig line, it’s cool to see Ride veer away from the porky shapes with the Shadowban. This is a new foray into all-mountain territory, with a mellow flex and some of the best tech Ride has to offer, and all for less than 500 bucks, not bad, not bad at all.

Okay, and maybe the graphic comes into play here too, we’re loving the synth-pop 80’s Stranger Things vibes. Obviously never pick your board based solely on the topsheet, but we like this one, what you gonna do? Sue us??

Who Is The Ride Shadowban For?

Your park days aren’t entirely behind you, but you’re more likely to take a few laps rather than spend all day sessioning that one rail. Instead, you’re looking to spend your time on the hunt for fresh corduroy, bombing hills and seeking out pockets of powder when the weather delivers.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Ride Shadowban here


Rome Agent Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £420 / €500 / $500

The Rome Agent is the Mr. Brightside of the Whitelines 100. Each year other boards come and go, yet this one’s flag remains planted high in the charts. We’re not sure it’d go down quite as well at a wedding, mind.

So crucial to Rome’s early success was the Agent that it’s the only board the brand has honoured with a 20th anniversary graphic – an old favourite from the UK-based Neasden Control Centre. The standard red-and-black version will be easier to get your hands on, and both will deliver a top experience on the hill.

Who Is The Rome Agent For?

The catchment area for this board is, frankly, huge. It’s not too stiff, not too soft, ready for the park yet capable of so much more. The Rome Agent is a true all-rounder, and just such a blast to ride whatever the agenda.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Rome Agent here


Vimana Continental Directional Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £445 / €500 / $500

During the COVID-19 pandemic, for various reasons outwith its control, Vimana ended up on the edge of the abyss. Thankfully for fans of everything black and white and rad all over, Norway’s finest have stayed the course and are now in a stronger position than ever.

It’s always worth looking at the limited releases to see what the brand’s stacked team of legends has cooked up recently, but we’ll forever have a soft spot for the perennial Vimana Continental Directional.

Who Is The Vimana Continental Directional For?

This is definitely accessible enough to aid the developing rider (albeit perhaps not the true newbie). However, it’s chiefly made for those who log as many days a year as they can, in all conditions and across all disciplines. You may well be looking at your new quiver killer.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Vimana Continental Directional here


YES. Warca Snowboard 2022-2023

PRICE: £540 / €600 / $600

Ripping off the rip offs. A decade ago, YES. launched the now iconic 420. A weird and wonderful shape that totally subverted the paradigm of powder snowboards. Sure it wasn’t the first to do it, but it certainly brought the stubby shape to the forefront once again.

Understandably, the 420 spawned a wave of imitators, and now YES. are turning the tables with the Warca. A portmanteau of two of their biggest rivals within the sphere, and a real competitor for one of our favourite boards of the season, the YES. Warca is primed for ripping powder, charging groomers and bringing freestyle flair into the backcountry.

Who Is The YES. Warca For?

You’re an advanced rider looking for a board that you can rip around the whole mountain, but your heart really lies with surfy turns and wide open powder bowls. If you’re used to a bigger deck- don’t be afraid to size down here!! The shape more than makes up for it and in turn offers you a more nimble and agile ride than you might be used to.


Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2022-2023 YES. Warca here




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