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Best Snowboard Jackets For 2020-2021 | Our top picks of the best snowboard jackets for resort and backcountry

Whether your looking for a jacket to cruise through the resort in or hike of the beaten path in, we've listed our favourite ones for this winter

Choosing the right snowboard jacket is as important as anything when it comes to snowboarding. Heading up the mountain with a brand-new set-up doesn’t do much if you’ve wrapped your torso in your old tracksuit jacket that can’t take either wind or water. This’ll just result in you shivering down the piste whilst looking out for the next cabin to take shelter in.

There are plenty of different aspects you need to consider when choosing the right snowboard jacket, including its ability to repel water and evaporate moisture from within to the outside air (aka its waterproofing and breathability ratings).

“Fit is another major aspect you need to take into consideration before purchasing your next snowboard jacket”

On top of that, you should think about what kind of circumstances you’re most likely be riding in. Is the air more likely to be dry or moist, and are the temperatures more likely to drop down to minus twenty degrees or stay around zero?

Fit is another major aspect you need to take into consideration before purchasing your next snowboard jacket. In order for the jacket to work to its best ability, the jacket shouldn’t be too big or too small – so make sure to try on the jacket before you tear off the price tag.

If you want to read more on what key specs to look out for when choosing the right snowboard jacket, make sure to give our in-depth look at ‘How to choose your snowboard jacket and pants’ a read. You’ll find everything you need in there to help you choose the right jacket for you.

For the ladies, we’ve listed the best female snowboard jackets for winter 2021 here.

Our Top Five Snowboard Jackets for 2020-2021

Airblaster Erik Leon C.O.R.E Jacket

PRICE: £150 / €180/ $150

In order to try and make snowboarding more inclusive, together with Erik Leon Airblaster is introducing a new line named C.O.R.E for 20/21, which includes the Erik Leon C.O.R.E jacket. The jacket is part of Airblaster’s Freedom series and has got a 10K waterproof and a 10K breathability rating to keep you dry.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the Airblaster Erik Leon C.O.R.E Jacket here


Patagonia Snowdrifter Jacket

PRICE: £360

Patagonia’s Snowdrifter jacket has been a huge favourite amongst the riders who like to spend their time off the beaten path and explore what lies outside the boundaries of the resorts. Designed to tackle anything nature throws your way, the 3L shell is back for its second season with an updated colourway – for both men and women.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the Patagonia Snowdrifter Jacket here


686 Gore-Tex Smarty 3-in-1 Weapon Jacket

PRICE: $600

Offered with a lifetime warranty, this 686 bestseller has got a facelift for 20/21. The Gore-Tex Smarty 3-in-1 Weapon Snowboard Jacket has been upgraded with a Hydrastash compatible powder skirt, new lining and a recycled Clo insulation. If this jacket wasn’t on your radar before, it sure should be now.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 686 Gore-Tex Smarty 3-in-1 Weapon Jacket here


Bonfire Aspect 2L Stretch Cordura Jacket

PRICE: £170

For 2020/21 Bonfire’s partnered up with Montana’s Great Northern Powder Guides to design a jacket created to withstand the harsh climates of interior Montana – the Bonfire Aspect 2L Stretch Cordura Jacket.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the Bonfire Aspect 2L Stretch Cordura Jacket here


Oakley TC General 2L 10K Shell Stale Jacket

PRICE: £215

For winter 2020/21 Oakley’s teamed up with Stale Sandbech to create a whole new signature line together with the Norwegian wonderchild. Everything from outer layers to mid-layers and accessories can be found within the range, including the Oakley x Stale TC General 2L 10K Shell Jacket.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the Oakley TC General 2L 10K Shell Stale Jacket here


Adidas 10K DNA Jacket

PRICE: £140
Staying true to their heritage design, the DNA Jacket is at the very core of what Adidas Snowboarding stands for: style, comfort and function.

Even if not made to be the most technical jacket, the DNA still offers impressively good waterproofing and breathability, with both placing high up at 10K, meaning the jacket will do a good job of keeping you dry even in heavier snow.

Take a closer look at the Adidas 10K DNA Jacket here


Adidas 3L 20K Jacket

PRICE: £200
Adidas Snowboarding has upped their outerwear game massively for 20/21. Another great example of what their winter 2021 line has in store is the Adidas 3L 20K jacket.

The waterproofing ranks rather high at 20K, meaning this jacket can take on a lot. Whether you want to take it out for some deep Japow snorkelling or a casual resort cruise, it will have your back.

Take a closer look at the Adidas 3L 20K Jacket here


Adidas Gore-Tex Adi Jacket

PRICE: €450

For season 20/21 Adidas Snowboarding decided to step up their game and produce more high-quality snowboard outerwear made out of Gore-Tex. By combining their experience in creating stylish street-inspired snowboard outerwear with high quality tech that comes with Gore-Tex, Adidas is now offering the durable Gore-Tex Adi Jacket

Take a closer look at the Adidas Gore-Tex Adi Jacket here


Airblaster Trenchover Jacket

PRICE: £230 / €280 / $230

he retro-styled Airblaster Trenchover snowboard jacket is as jazzy as it gets. With a wide range of styles to choose from, Airblaster’s Trenchover 2L shell is a favourite for season 20/21, with loads of extra features to get us buzzing.

The ‘blaster fit’, as Airblaster calls it, allows for enough room to tweak while adding a bit of extra length at the rear drop tail. This allows for plenty of space to layer up when the temperatures drop without leaving you feeling cramped. The stretch canvas at both chest and back body also allows for more movement, making the whole experience slightly more comfortable.

Take a closer look at the Airblaster Trenchover Jacket here


Airblaster Stretch Freedom Suit (comes for both men and women)

PRICE: £350 / €430€ / $360

Tweaking the beloved Airblaster Ninja Suit into outerwear is probably one of the best things that’s ever happened in the history of snowboard outerwear. The seamless Airblaster Stretch Freedom Suit is a perfect little nest you can cocoon in while snowboarding.

Take a closer look at the Airblaster Stretch Freedom Suit here


Analog Ballard Jacket


New for this season, Analog’s Ballard Jacket comes in four different colourways that are slightly toned down from last year’s neon green vibes. That said, the line is still more fashionable than your average outerwear product, and if you want to stand out in the crowd, the Analog Ballard jacket is your best bet.

Take a closer look at the Analog Ballard Jacket here


Bonfire Catche Shell Jacket

PRICE: $270

Stepping up its game, the Bonfire Cache Jacket has been re-tweaked for 20/21, making it an even more sought after piece in the 2-layer jacket market. By adding Bonfire’s Zone Mapped Technology to the shell, the jacket is more forgiving and lightweight than before, perfect for resort riding or the occasional powder adventure.

Take a closer look at the Bonfire Catche Shell Jacket here


Bonfire Elevation Zone Mapped Technology Jacket


With roots deeply embedded in the pacific northwest, Bonfire know how to create outerwear made to withstand the gnarliest of conditions. Having the highest amount of insulation within the Bonfire Platinum Line, the Elevation jacket’s insulation is made out of a synthetic Polartec Powerfill. With the insulation rating as high as 170G/80G (placed on the body) and 80G (on the sleeves and hood), you are most certainly not going to get cold.

Take a closer look at the Bonfire Elevation Jacket here


Bonfire Pitch Insulated Jacket


Part of the Bonfire Gold Collection, which blends the brand’s signature style with the essential ride-ready fabrics and features, the Bonfire Pitch jacket is as ideal for resort riding as it is for spot hunting out on the streets.

Take a closer look at the Bonfire Pitch Insulated Jacket here


Brethren Apparel Softshell Anorak (unisex)


‘Built for the hill and 420 friendly’, as Brethren Apparel puts it, the Softshell Anorak is like a breath of fresh air. It isn’t the most technical jacket on the market but, then again, it isn’t made for getting technical in so that’s alright.

The waterproof / breathability rating varies between 8K/10K and 10K/12K depending on what colourway you’re going for. Nevertheless, the ratings are exactly what you’ll need from a snazzy looking anorak that you can cruise the resort, lap the park, or chill with an ice cold beer in.

Take a closer look at the Brethren Apparel Softshell Anorak here


Burton AK Baker Expedition Down Jacket


New for this season, Burton introduces their ridiculously comfortable looking and warm AK Baker Expedition Down Jacket. This is exactly what you’d want to put on when venturing out into a blizzard or alternatively waking up to face a temperature that’s dropped below minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Take a closer look at the Burton AK Baker Expedition Down Jacket here


FW Manifest Tour 3L Jacket

PRICE: £500

New for 20/21, FW’s introduced the Manifest tour garment to their range. The Manifest Tour jacket delivers on functionality, style, and sustainability. By using a 4-way stretch nylon fabric, FW has made the jacket ultra-waterproof (20k) and breathable (20k), meaning it can keep the elements out, let moisture out, and move with your body movements (thanks to its stretchiness).

Take a closer look at the FW 3L Root Jacket here


FW 3L Root Jacket

PRICE: £320
Made to be worn on and off the mountain, the FW root jacket stands apart from the rest of the brand’s line with its longer cut and clean design. The neat design combined with the jacket’s 10K waterproofing and breathability rating, makes it an ideal option whether you’re strolling through the rainy streets of damp London or floating through nipple deep powder.

Take a closer look at the FW 3L Root Jacket here


Oakley Cruiser Down Jacket

PRICE: £130

Sponsored by the goggle Gods Oakley, Stale Sandbech and Oakley have created a whole line of products together for winter 20/21 – including the Oakley x Stale Sandbech Cruiser Down Jacket. The jacket has been insulated with 250g down, making it a good option to wear either on its own or as a mid-layer underneath a shell.

Take a closer look at the Oakley Cruiser Down Jacket here


Ortovox 3L Guardian Shell Jacket

PRICE: £600

When faced with high peaks and steep couloirs it isn’t just important that you’ve got the right gear, but also that you have got the right kind of outerwear to take you through any unexpected weather changes you may encounter. This is why Ortovox has used the Toray Dermizax membrane for the Guardian Jacket. It ranks high in waterproofing, breathability and durability – and also prevents the wind from getting through.

Take a closer look at the Ortovox 3L Guardian Shell Jacket here


Patagonia Powslayer Jacket

PRICE: £600

Whilst being an extremely sustainable option the Patagonia Powslayer is also technically hardcore. A Gore-Tex Pro fabric makes sure this 3L jacket is extremely waterproof, breathable and durable. The ones who tend to face harsher conditions and are afraid that their jacket might not be up for it will find that the Powslayer can tackle more or less anything.

Take a closer look at the Patagonia Powslayer Jacket here


Picture Organic Demain Jacket

PRICE: £450 / €500
Part of Picture’s Lab range, the Picture Organic Demain Jacket is the result of the brand’s constant innovation and focus on cutting-edge technology, quality, and sustainability. The Xpore membrane is the reason the jacket has its 25K waterproofing and 20K breathability (making it an eco-friendly, non-toxic, lightweight option for the backcountry).

Take a closer look at the Picture Organic Demain Jacket here


Quiksilver Dome Jacket

PRICE: £195
The Quiksilver Dome Jacket is one of the most eye-catching outerwear items for winter 2021. This retro-style jacket is a blast from the past with a nice bit of modern style tweaking to it to keep things fresh. You definitely won’t be feeling out of date rocking this one on the slopes.

Take a closer look at the Quiksilver Dome Jacket here


Sessions Annex Jacket


Known for their skateboard heritage, it’s no wonder that the Sessions team is stacked with a bunch of badass riders and clothing designs to fit their particular needs. Whether you’re lapping the park or hunting for new street spots, the Sessions Annex Jacket is there to hold your hand and see you right.

Take a closer look at the Sessions Annex Jacket here


Transform Gloves The Fast Text Windbreaker Jacket


Transform Gloves have nailed the windbreaker game by introducing the Transform Fast text Windbreaker jacket to the market. This snazzy looking anorak works as well on those slushy spring sessions as it does down the pub.

Take a closer look at the Transform Gloves The Fast Text Windbreaker Jacket here


Volcom Guch Stretch Gore Jacket

PRICE: £540 / €650 / $620
Respected by his fellow comrades in the industry as a whole, Bryan Iguchi has been developing and testing his signature line with Volcom for years now. The Volcom Guch Stretch Gore Jacket has been and will remain, a favourite of ours for various reasons.

Take a closer look at the Volcom Guch Stretch Gore Jacket here


Yuki Threads Northbound Jacket

PRICE: £224 / €246 / $286

Part of the Yuki Threads Heritage line, the Northbound Jacket is a safe bet when looking for a quality snowboard jacket that isn’t just well fitted but also sustainably made.

A classic fit, a waterproof/breathability rating of 15K/15K, a big chunk of excellent features and loads of eco and ethical points are pretty much the Northbound jacket in a nutshell.

Take a closer look at the Yuki Threads Northbound Jacket here


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