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Best Snowboard Accessories 2017-2018

This year's best snowboard accessories, reviewed by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the Best 2018/2019 Snowboard Accessories here

When you wander into a snowboard shop it’s not just hardware and jackets that are on show – you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of goodies available, from simple beanies to hoodies specially designed for riding.

“There’s everything to keep you dripping in swag from top to toe: socks, hoods, belts, sunnies, thermals and much more”

Some brands will slap their logo on any old shit (cough Supreme cough), but this year we’ve gone through their offerings with a fine toothed comb and picked out some of the best snowboarding accessories for 2017/18.

There’s everything to keep you dripping in swag from top to toe: socks, hoods, belts, sunnies, thermals and much more.

The best thing is that most of the items below won’t break the bank (much), and therefore make great gift ideas or stocking fillers for the snowboarder in your life. Better still, treat yo’self – flick, click, swipe or scroll down to check out some of the finest snowboard accessories available to man right now.

Scroll down to view all snowboard accessories, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

686 | adidas | Airblaster | Analog | Arcade | Atrip | Bonfire | Brethren | Coal | Dainese | DC | Dragon | Horsefeathers | Jones | Neff | Nikita | Oakley | Oneball | Patagonia | Rome | Transform | Vimana

686 Tool Belt 2017-2018

Call that a belt? This is a belt, and not just any old belt either. The 686 Tool Belt packs a wrench that’ll work on 8, 10 and 11mm bolts, a standard screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver and a bottle opener to boot, all the while keeping you fresh as hell with a 100% real leather belt loop. Why fret about taking a tool up the mountain with you whilst you’re already wearing one?

It comes in a few colour ways, but we particularly liked the all-black ninja design – it’ll go with and fix just about everything.


[monetizer101 search=’686 tool belt’]

adidas Greeley Softshell Jacket 2017-2018

Is it a hoody? Is it a shell? No, it’s both! Although it looks and feels as snug as a riding hoody, this adidas shell will ward off at least some of the elements with 5k waterproofing and breathability, perfect for keeping things swag during park laps.

The fit is nice and long if that’s your thing, though if you’re contemplating there stripe threads then it probably is already. Pair it with some snow-ready joggers to complete the shred scally look.


[monetizer101 search=’adidas greeley jacket’]

Airblaster Ninja Suit 2017-2018

Simply put, our favourite long underwear on the planet, only beaten by its own merino version of itself. The Airblaster Ninja Suit has long been a friend of Whitelines, combining comfort and with warmth at a fraction of the weight and bulk of layering up – for most days riding in Europe we find that this and a shell is all we need.

Number twos are taken care of with the 350° waist zip, though be warned shit can get complicated – literally – if you pair these with bib pants. Or actual underwear for that matter, but when something feels a much like a second skin as this does you don’t need boxers!

This one comes with special edition Corey Smith (Spring Break Snowboards) ‘art’ scribbles, but there’s a ton of other colourways to choose from as well.


[monetizer101 search=’Airblaster Ninja Suit’]

Airblaster Women’s Merino Ninja Suit 2017-2018

Simply put, our favourite long underwear on the planet, only beaten by its own merino version of itself. The Airblaster Ninja Suit has long been a friend of Whitelines, combining comfort and with warmth at a fraction of the weight and bulk of layering up – for most days riding in Europe we find that this and a shell is all we need.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 Airblaster Women’s Merino Ninja Suit here


[monetizer101 search=’airblaster merino ninja suit’]

Analog Jagger Hood 2017-2018

This year Analog is reinventing itself, stepping away from muted tones and embracing bright colours and bold designs, and nowhere is this more evident than looking at their Jagger Hood in its ‘Psychedelic Hawaii’ colourway.

Quilted for extra warmth and steeze, it’ll keep your face as cozy as it does fresh, and the fleece inner layer is more than comfortable when pulling up over your chin to get maximum protection from those face shots.


[monetizer101 search=’Analog Jagger Hood’]

Anon MFI Fleece Helmet Hood 2017-2018

If you like wearing a helmet but still feel self conscious about the bulk, throwing one of these hoods over can do the trick to hide it and up your style.

The MFI tech means that if you’ve got a set of Anon goggles with it fitted as well, strategic magnets will help the face warmer component clip into place immediately, leaving you with fewer elements to deal with if the temperature plummets or you want to go incognito.

The whole hood is made from stretch fleece too, so there’s no complaints when it comes to moving your head either.


[monetizer101 search=’Anon Helmet Hood’]

Anon MFI Mesh Neckwarmer 2017-2018

If you haven’t tried Anon‘s MFI tech before, you’re in for a treat. Having magnets hold your goggles and neck tube/face warmer together is much better than stuffing fabric into your lens, plus it allows for better ventilation giving you less steam and more shred.

If the yellow and black colourway is a bit too eye gouging for your taste there are subtler schemes available, though we for one dig it.


[monetizer101 search=’Anon Mesh Neckwarmer’]

Arcade Sierra Camo Belt 2017-2018

STOP PRESS – this will change your life! Full disclosure, we were all gifted an Arcade belt at the start of last winter, and how we scoffed. “Snowboard belts! Whatever will they come up with next?”

Words truly eaten, after trying one of these stretchy belts – made from the same material as goggle straps – you’ll never go back to leather again. In fact, you’ll realise that that original design simply doesn’t work.

Goodbye bladder-crushing pain, goodbye watching belt holes disintegrate, hello comfort on and off the hill. Get one!


[monetizer101 search=’Arcade Active Stretch Belt’]

Atrip Hermiston Beanie 2017-2018

After Nike, Halldor Helgason reportedly couldn’t find an outerwear brand that he liked enough to don himself, and thus Atrip was born.

As well as jackets and pants, they produce a simple line of tees, hoods and accessories like this simple roll up beanie. It might just be a hat, but sometimes the best things in life are just really nice hats.


[monetizer101 search=’Atrip Hermiston Beanie’]

Bonfire Initial Vest 2017-2018

Resort-ready style from Bonfire, we love gear like this as you don’t always want to be heading to the bar in the same damp, stinky jacket you’ve been riding in all week.

Something like this is perfect for just throwing on over a hoodie or shirt if the temperature drops at night, but won’t rinse too much space in your board bag.

Bonus, the Initial Vest is also water resistant so won’t soak up moisture if the skies start pumping on the way home, plus it has that classic Bonfire style.


[monetizer101 search=’Bonfire Initial Vest’]

Burton Cora Women’s Hood 2017-2018

Although the Burton Cora hood looks sweet and fluffy, it packs a punch with its Dryride Thermex fabric, a super breathable and fast-drying material that means wearers won’t be flooded with sweat.

It’ll keep the elements out but won’t boil you alive in the process.


[monetizer101 search=’Burton Cora Hood’]

Burton Truckstop Beanie 2017-2018

There’s nothing better than a plain and simple beanie, Burton knows this and that’s why they have their basic model: the Truckstop.

Available in twelve different colours, it’s as good worn baggy as it is rolled up, perfect to wear under a helmet or out on the town.


[monetizer101 search=’Burton Truckstop Beanie’]

Burton Men’s Party Sock 2017-2018

It may be for parties, but seeing as the Burton Party Sock has super-fabric merino wool in its blend then it’s a rather sophisticated affair.

It’s midweight, essentially meaning that it’ll do ya for most of the season – an all mountain sock if you will. With a bunch of funky designs it’ll probably end up being the one you reach for first as well.


[monetizer101 search=’Burton Party Sock’]

Burton Women’s Party Sock 2017-2018

As fun looking as a tube sock, but with the arch, ankle and cushioning support you’d expect from something with some more serious, ‘mountaineering style’ designs.

With blended merino completing the appetisers, the Burton Party Sock is a party for your feet, though a bit more appealing than the kind of foot parties you’ll find on Craigslist or in Berlin…


[monetizer101 search=’Burton Womens Party Sock’]

Brethren Apparel Thug Rug 2017-2018

The original face-piece from UK brand Brethren Apparel, the Thug Rug is about the warmest thing you can throw on your face.

With an almost unlimited range of fabric designs each year there’s one for every face out there, from clean block colours to the craziest prints head honcho Chris Kyte can dream up between park laps.

They come pretty large so will accommodate even the chunkiest of helmets and they’re perfect you grabbing a bit more warmth as you snooze away in the resort car park waiting for the lifts to open, pure Brethren style.


[monetizer101 search=’Brethren Apparel Thug Rug’]

Brethren Apparel Jedi Hood 2017-2018

Like the original Thug Rug, but designed more with mid-winter riding in mind than park laps.

It has a new cut that hugs your shoulders, meaning that it won’t pull out of your hoodie or jacket, plus there’s now an inner face wrap to give you an extra barrier against the elements, all the more reason to get those face shots pumping.


[monetizer101 search=’Brethren Apparel Jedi Hood’]

Brethren Apparel Chube 2017-2018

Another new garm from Brethren Apparel, the Chube is styled from the same chunky cut fabric as their Thug Rugs, just without the hood. It’s a tube for your chin – a Chube. Geddit? You should.


[monetizer101 search=’Brethren Apparel Chube’]

Brethren Apparel Shredduh Hoodie 2.0 2017-2018

We’ve seen a lot of riding hoodies out there, but none come so kitted out as these bespoke Brethren Apparel designs.

Water resistant elbow and butt patches, drawstrings at the waist to keep them low, Thug Rug-style large hoods, mid arm lift pass/stash pockets… The Shredduh 2.0 comes with everything you’ve ever wished for plus more that you didn’t even know you wanted. Oh yeah, they look dope too.


[monetizer101 search=’Brethren Apparel Shredduh’]

Coal Beanie 2017-2018

Pop like Desiree, sting like a bee. This is the kind of bobble-y headpiece Coal pro Des Melancon frequently gets spotted in, and if anyone knows how to look good and have fun on a snowboard it’s her. Bring the bobble back!


[monetizer101 search=’Coal Beanie’]

Dainese Flexagon Back Protector 2017-2018

The future of back protectors – the Dainese Flexagon has separated pieces for comfort and movement, but aligns multiple layers of its Crash Absorb memory foam so that there’s no spot on your spine left unprotected.

At only 360 grams you’ll barely notice it’s on, especially as all the individual pads are aligned to contour the movement of your back muscles.

The straps are easy to get into and adjust, so if you’re after extra piece of mind but don’t want to bulk up your gear you’d be hard pressed to do better than this.


[monetizer101 search=’Dainese Flexagon’]

DC Label Beanie 2017-2018

From your toes to your head, you can deck yourself out in almost 100% (minus bindings) DC gear these days, why not top it all off with a basic Label Beanie? 100% acrylic, we’re showing the ‘orange popsicle’ style, but it’s available in four other timeless shades.


[monetizer101 search=’DC Label Beanie’]

Dragon Mountaineer X Sunglasses 2017-2018

A big ol’ Whitelines seal of approval for these – after searing his retinas on many a glacier our camera guys swears by these Dragon Alliance Mountaineer X sunnies not just for work but for touring missions too.

Completely customisable for whatever conditions you find yourself in, you can add in the leather guards if you find yourself getting side-blinded from the glare off the snow, the standard arms can be swapped out for ones that wrap round your ears for security riding down and there’s a removeable string for the times when you really don’t want to drop them.

Best of all, they’re properly polarized, so you can be sure your peepers are protected.


[monetizer101 search=’Dragon Mountaineer X’]

Horsefeathers Riley Base Layer Top 2017-2018

Get out of here with your restrictive, six-pack-moulded thermals, nothing that cloyingly tight is ever going to be comfortable six hours into a riding session.

Better to spend your pennies on something like this, the Riley thermal from Horsefeathers. It’s a pretty standard polyester thermal, though the fit is just perfect for the range of motions you’re likely to get into whilst snowboarding.

They’ve injected some sort of magic tech into the fabric which they call ‘Nanosilver’, which Horsefeathers claims makes it ‘highly breathable, quick drying, antibacterial and stink-proof’. Go on then.


[monetizer101 search=’Horsefeathers Riley Base Layer Top’]

Horsefeathers Riley Base Layer Bottoms 2017-2018

Imagine that last thermal we described from Horsefeathers, but instead of for your body it’s for your legs. Woah! No Way! All the same stank-proofing, breathability and and functional fit as before, but this time around for the area around your balls.


[monetizer101 search=’Horsefeathers Riley Base Layer Bottoms’]

Jones Hakuba Cap 2017-2018

Named for that most glorious of shred destinations, Hakuba, the north isle of Japan.

This cap from Jones Snowboards would be nice for a bit of spring touring, tough really you’re getting this to show your affinity for climbing up peaks and talking about it whilst gazing into the middle distance. It’ll keep the sun out of your eyes to help maintain that unblinking stare as well.


[monetizer101 search=’Jones Hakuba Cap’]

Neff Ryderdye Olive Beanie 2017-2018

If you like green acrylic hats that fold up then you’ll love this!! It comes with a label that has the Neff logo on it so everyone will know it’s a Neff hat, which also says ‘BRAVING THE ELEMENTS’ so that everyone will know you like being outside. To use, place on head.


[monetizer101 search=’Neff Ryderdye Beanie’]

Neff Ohoulihan Beanie 2017-2018

O’Houlihan is an Irish Gaelic name, apparently, and means ‘descendant of Uallachán’ which is apparently a diminutive of proud or arrogant.

What this has to do with beanies we’re not too sure, but we can vouch for it looking good on a reasonably sized head.


[monetizer101 search=’Neff Ryderdye Beanie’]

Nikita Turf Beanie 2017-2018

Nikita’s Turf beanie isn’t so much for rockin’ around town, it’s designed to fit snugly on your head and under a helmet to seal in heat and provide some extra cushioning. It’s fleece as well, so perfect if you really feel the cold out on the hill.


[monetizer101 search=’Nikita Turf Beanie’]

Oakley Eldorado Hood 2017-2018

100% microfleece makes this a lightweight and fast-wicking face protector, equally comfortable wrapping you up on a powder day or keeping the sun off in the park. 

Everything looks better in black, but we especially dig the Oakley camo liner that peaks out every now and then. A fly way to stave off both frostbite and sunburn.


[monetizer101 search=’Oakley Eldorado Hood’]

ONEBALL Wax 2017-2018

You want wax? ONEBALL Jay have wax in all shapes, sizes, colours, smells and cult fads.

Look out for our glorious leader’s favourite Dude Wax – we can only assume it’ll smell like roach clips and warm White Russians – or the fluorinated rub on X-Wax which comes in a handy, pocket-sized container complete with cork buffer to help you get it in there on the fly.


[monetizer101 search=’ONEBALL Jay Wax’]

Patagonia Hyper Puff Jacket 2017-2018

When it gets seriously cold, you need some serious tech, and it turns out that natural down, even sustainably sourced, can only go so far. Patagonia is introducing its latest technical insulation line this year, entitled Hyper Puff.

No, not P Diddy after a bag of Haribo, though this will store just about as many joules of energy – it uses HyperDAS (Dead Air Space) insulation which uses a cool accordion like set of folds that trap warm air close to the body. It literally uses ‘nothing’ to keep you warm, so in turn it packs down to next to nothing and will function even when wet.

We got hold of the jacket version – there’s a lighter hoodie and a bulkier parka as well – and as well as being super warm, what was actually more surprising was how light it was. Ultimate warmth for the harshest conditions, though we reckon the hoodie version would probably be more applicable to resort-style riding.


[monetizer101 search=’Patagonia Hyper Puff Jacket’]

Rome Riding Pullover Hoodie 2017-2018

Sometimes, even in cold mid-winter, you don’t want to have to take a jacket riding – there’s something far more liberating about hitting the park in a hoody. However, you don’t want to freeze, so Rome came up with their now-classic Riding Pullover.

It’s cotton at its core, but once coated with DWR water repellent, a windproof lining and some mesh-backed pit zips it starts heading up the spectrum to something more practical.

Not boring though – it’s got a really nice, long fit as well as thumb holes to keep everything in place whilst preventing snow from getting where it’s not wanted.


[monetizer101 search=’Rome Riding Pullover’]

Transform Fast Text Windbreaker 2017-2018

Keeping things trendy as, Transform have diversified their line of gloves over the years with hats, hoods and now windbreakers. Available in a few stylish, muted tones, this’ll see you through spring park laps or games of SKATE down in the car park no problem.


[monetizer101 search=’Transform Windbreaker’]

Transform Villain Neckwarmer 2017-2018

Slimline and discreet, the Villain is the hood all the cool kids are wearing these days. It keeps the snow out in January as well as it blocks the sun in April, all via a nice breathable and water-repellent fleece. Transform are a euro-based indie brand, so if you care where your pennies go their range is worth a browse.


[monetizer101 search=’Transform Villain Neckwarmer’]

Vimana Scando Beanie 2017-2018

Bobble beanies are back in yo! And seeing as our own classic ceased production years ago why not get your new one from the nice people at Vimana Snowboards? You’ll look at least as Scandinavian as their team!


[monetizer101 search=’Vimana Scando Beanie’]


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