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Best Snowboard Gifts And Accessories 2018-2019

Chosen by the Whitelines Test Team

  • UPDATE: Check out our review of the Best Snowboard Gifts & Accessories for 2019/2020 by clicking here.
  • You’ve bought your board, boots and bindings. You’ve bought your outerwear and gloves and goggles. But fear not, young consumer! There’s still a whole heap of related snowboard paraphernalia for you to spend your hard-earned cash on!

    “From beanies and caps to hooded face masks, riding-specific hoodies to layering options, wax, tools and more, there are many different kinds of bits and bobs on offer this year from most of snowboarding’s brands”

    While not as bare-bones essential as hardware or technical clothing when it comes to getting your shred on, there are many extra items that snowboard brands offer up that will make your time on the hill more enjoyable, or at the very least work to confirm to the rest of the world that you’re a paid-up member of the tribe.

    From beanies and caps to hooded facemasks, riding-specific hoodies to layering options, wax, tools and more, there are many different kinds of bits and bobs on offer this year from most of snowboarding’s brands. We trawled the tradeshow halls on the hunt for some of the best snowboard accessories 2018/2019 has offered up…

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    Whitelines ‘Lines Hoodie | Airblaster Ninja Suit | Airhole Airhood | Airhole Airtube | Arcade Caldwell Belt | Arcade Midnighter Belt | Brethren Apparel Combat Vest | Brethren Apparel Chube | Brethren Apparel Robbin Hood | Brethren Apparel Thug Rug | Burton Canyon Cap | Burton Cora Neckwarmer | DaKine Deluxe Tuning Kit | Deeluxe Prime Boots | Hard.Bars | Hydroflask 18oz Water Bottle | Holden Slippers | Horsefeathers Leroy Onsie | Horsefeathers Viper Hoodie | Jones Patch Cap | Jones Neckwarmer | Mons Royale Alta Tech Thermal | Mons Royale Cornice Thermal | Mons Royale Decade Hoodie | Nikita Radio Hoodie | NOW Kingpin System | Patagonia Nano Air Jacket | REAL Snowboarding Neckwarmer | REAL Snowboarding Sweatshirt | Rome Afterburner Jacket | Rome Coach Jacket | Salt & Stone Lip Balm | Salt & Stone Face Paste | Spy Flynn Sunglasses | Spy Tron2 Sunglasses | SunGod Renegade | SunGod Sierra

    Whitelines/Brethren Apparel ‘Lines Snowboard Hoodie 2018-2019

    PRICE: £59

    This thing is a cut above your common-or-garden cotton hoody, with reinforced waterproof material at the elbows and bum.
    There’s also wrist gaiters, tons of zip pockets and a shred-specific fit – what do you mean you haven’t got yours yet…?

    Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2018-2019 Whitelines Hoodie here


    [monetizer101 search=”xxx” minimum_price=”xx”]

    Airblaster Ninja Suit Snowboard Thermal 2018-2019

    PRICE: £119/€135

    Nothing keeps you cosy on the hill quite like a onesie, and Airblaster’s Ninja Suits remain the pick of the bunch.
    With stretchy fabric and a built-in hood, comfort is assured, plus there’s a zip at the waist for when nature hollers. They look great too.


    [monetizer101 search=”airblaster ninja suit” minimum_price=”40″]

    Airhole Airhood Snowboard Face Warmer 2018-2019

    PRICE: £49

    When the weather turns savage, the guy with the facemask is the only one still laughing.

    Airhole’s range is as comprehensive as it gets, and this one’s featherweight design and packability get our vote. The duck down filling keeps you toasty, and the outer shell has a water repellant coating.


    [monetizer101 search=”airhole airhood” minimum_price=”10″]

    Airhole Airtube Snowboard Neck Warmer 2018-2019

    PRICE: £25

    If you’re after the same level of warmth but aren’t a fan of the balaclava style, maybe an Airtube is what you’re after.

    You can keep it down round your neck, but when the blizzard arrives it can be hoisted up past your nose.

    Your breath escapes through the signature oval-shaped hole at the front, preventing the inside of the Airtube from getting damp.


    [monetizer101 search=”airhole airtube” minimum_price=”10″]

    Aircade Caldwell Snowboard Belt 2018-2019

    PRICE: £25

    Excited about a belt? Indeed we are – and before you assume we’ve jumped the shark, take a closer look at the Arcade Caldwell belt.

    Its stretchy strap turns jeans into pyjamas, and the lack of metal reduces the risk of airport embarrassment. This particular model has a nice chunky buckle, and the heather grey strap is pleasingly subtle too.


    [monetizer101 search=”arcade belt” minimum_price=”10″]

    Arcade Midnighter Snowboard Belt 2018-2019

    PRICE: £25

    Slightly simpler in its design, and therefore cheaper, the Arcade Midnighter belt has an idiot-proof clasp and a none-more-black design.

    Do we have to keep saying it? Get an Arcade belt today, you won’t regret it.


    [monetizer101 search=”arcade belt” minimum_price=”10″]

    Brethren Apparel Combat Vest 2018-2019

    PRICE: £99

    Ideal for slushy park sessions, the Combat Vest gives you all the convenience of multiple zip pockets without having to rock a full jacket.
    Needless to say it works pretty well with Brethren’s ‘Lines hoodie


    [monetizer101 search=”brethren apparel vest” minimum_price=”50″]

    Brethren Apparel Chube Snowboard Neck Warmer 2018-2019

    PRICE: £25

    There are myriad options for protecting your face on the mountain, but the Brethren Apparel Neck Tube scores bonus points for simplicity and warmth.

    Cosier than a hot chocolate by the fire, it’ll keep you toasty in even the coldest, harshest climates.


    [monetizer101 search=”berthren apparel chube” minimum_price=”10″]

    Brethren Apparel Robbin Hood Snowboard Balaclava 2018-2019

    PRICE: £28

    Need more protection? The Brethren Robbin Hood is a fine option for those unfathomably cold days, and it comes in some pretty eye-catching designs too.


    [monetizer101 search=”brethren apparel robbin” minimum_price=”10″]

    Brethren Apparel Thug Rug Snowboard Face Warmer 2018-2019

    PRICE: £35

    Warm, stylish and big enough to go over a helmet, the Brethren Thug Rug is the one that started it all.

    The facehole is lined with über comfy material, and the drawstring gives you quick extra protection when Mother Nature kicks up a stink without warning.


    [monetizer101 search=”thug rug” minimum_price=”10″]

    Burton Canyon Fleece Cap 2018-2019

    PRICE: £37/€39

    Tired of your beanie? You could always give this fleece cap from Burton a go instead.

    We wouldn’t recommend it for the height of winter, but the optional ear flaps can give it the edge when there’s a bit of a chill in the air. It’s suitable for summer camping trips too.


    [monetizer101 search=”burton canyon cap” minimum_price=”10″]

    Burton Cora Women’s Snowboard Neck Warmer 2018-2019

    PRICE: £29/€33

    This premium women’s neckwarmer isn’t just cosy; it features the B’s own ‘Dryride’ material, which wicks moisture away from your face.

    It’s much easier to stay warm when you’re also dry, so anything that can help on that front is worth checking out.


    [monetizer101 search=”burton cora” minimum_price=”10″]

    DaKine Deluxe Snowboard Tuning Kit 2018-2019

    PRICE: £52/€59

    Everything you need for essential snowboard maintenance, all in one place. The DaKine tuning kit features wax, scrapers, edge tool, file, deburring stone and more.

    Packing this can save you a lot of hassle on a trip – for more info on keeping your gear ship-shape, check out our guide to snowboard maintenance.


    [monetizer101 search=”dakine tuning” minimum_price=”10″]

    Deeluxe Prime Winter Boots 2018-2019

    PRICE: £115/€124

    Getting the right snowboard boots is key, but also important is having decent footwear for when your in or around the mountains. Anyone who’s carted a board bag through a foot of fresh snow in search of their apartment will tell you the same.

    The Deeluxe Prime boots have a tough leather exterior, a warm fleece lining and a hard-wearing sole. Whenever you’re scoping street spots or just staggering between bars, these would be worth their weight in gold.


    [monetizer101 search=”deeluxe prime boots” minimum_price=”80″]

    Hard.Bar Energy Bars 2018-2019

    PRICE: £15 for 10

    When snowboarding – and splitboarding in particular – it’s essential to get enough calories in you. “We hope you’ll be able to taste the blood, sweat & tears that have gone into perfecting the flavour of each bar”, say the folk at fledgling start-up Hard.Bars.

    Great choice of words? Nope. Great choice of ethically-made snacks with four delicious flavours and all the energy you need for a day on your board? You betcha.


    [monetizer101 search=”hard bar energy” minimum_price=”5″]

    Holden Puffy Slipper Shoes 2018-2019

    PRICE: €89

    Snowboarding is hard work, if you’re doing it right. When you get off the mountain, your feet deserve a break.

    The Holden Puffy slipper shoes are water-resistant and feature Primaloft insulation, so they’re as ready for winter chills as you could hope for. The elastic toggle closure is pretty handy too.


    [monetizer101 search=”holden slippers” minimum_price=”10″]

    Horsefeathers Leroy Snowboard Thermal 2018-2019

    PRICE: £85/€99

    Horsefeathers has got you covered from first layer (and even underpants, actually) to outerwear.

    This all-in-one thermal is made from quick-drying material that has built-in anti-stink tech. It’s also super stretchy to keep you moving freely on the mountain, and has no irritating seams.


    [monetizer101 search=”horsefeathers leroy” minimum_price=”10″]

    Horsefeathers Viper Snowboard Hoodie 2018-2019

    PRICE: £79

    This snowboard-specific hoody is fully water-repellant, thanks to a polyester fabric with a DWR coating.

    At the front you’ve got a zip-access pocket for all your essentials,and it’s available in three distinct colourways.


    [monetizer101 search=”horsefeathers viper” minimum_price=”10″]

    Hydro Flask 18oz Water Bottle 2018-2019

    PRICE: £25

    Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, the vacuum-insulated Hydro Flask is a tough, lightweight option for your snowboard backpack.

    There’s a huge range of sizes (18oz, 21oz and 24oz) and styles from which to choose, but this classic screwtop flask gets our vote.


    [monetizer101 search=”hydroflask 18oz” minimum_price=”10″]

    Jones Snowboards Patch Cap 2018-2019

    PRICE: €29

    Ok, so this is essentially just a cap, but what better way to show the world your appreciation for all that Jeremy Jones brings to snowboarding?

    Plus it’d make a nice alternative to a beanie during a late-season splitboard mission.


    [monetizer101 search=”jones patch cap” minimum_price=”10″]

    Jones Yukon Snowboard Neck Warmer 2018-2019

    PRICE: €29

    One of our favourite snowboarding collabs is that between Jones Snowboards and British artist RP Roberts.

    As well as designing some of the brand’s best-loved topsheets, his work adorns this lightweight, breathable neckwarmer.


    [monetizer101 search=”jones neck warmer” minimum_price=”10″]

    Mons Royale Alta Tech Snowboard Thermal 2018-2019

    PRICE: £79/€89

    A lot of thought goes into Mons Royale products. For example, the shoulders of the Alta Tech thermal have been kept seam-free so that you don’t get any irritation whilst wearing a heavy backpack.

    It’s also made from 100% Merino wool, so you’re guaranteed a boatload of comfort and less of the pong.


    [monetizer101 search=”mons royale alta” minimum_price=”10″]

    Mons Royale Cornice Women’s Snowboard Thermal 2018-2019

    PRICE: £79/€89

    Another all-Merino classic, this long-sleeved thermal is longer at the back to prevent snow getting places where it doesn’t belong.

    There’s also a version with extra neck fabric that can be rolled up and used as a facemask in dogshit conditions.


    [monetizer101 search=”mons royale cornice” minimum_price=”10″]

    Mons Royale Decade Women’s Snowboard Hoodie 2018-2019

    PRICE: £145/€169

    Suitable for use either as a mid-layer in the winter or an outer layer in the spring, the Decade hoodie gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

    The Merino blend keeps you warm, while the DWR finish ensures the slush doesn’t ruin your day.


    [monetizer101 search=”mons royale decade” minimum_price=”10″]

    Nikita Radio Women’s Snowboard Hoodie 2018-2019

    PRICE: £79/€99

    If you prefer a pullover style of hoodie, the Radio is a top choice. The waterproofing is rated to 10,000mm, so you can use it as your outer layer in most conditions.

    It’s still got that classic hoodie feel, though, thanks to the stretch fleece fabric.


    [monetizer101 search=”nikita radio” minimum_price=”10″]

    NOW Snowboard Bindings Kingpin System 2018-2019

    PRICE: €45

    This is pretty clever; mount NOW’s Kingpin system to two different boards, and you can swap any Skate-Tech bindings (such as the NOW Drive or NOW Conda) from one board to the other in seconds.

    One pair of binders potentially servicing your whole quiver? Before long, this will pay for itself.


    [monetizer101 search=”now binding kingpin” minimum_price=”10″]

    Patagonia Nano Air Snowboard Jacket 2018-2019

    PRICE: £179/€199

    If it’s a serious mid-layer you’re after – for splitboarding and the like – the Patagonia Nano Air ticks all the boxes.

    It’s light enough to be packed into one of its own pockets, but 60g insulation provides excellent warmth. It’s also got a DWR coating, should you want to ditch your shell for a few runs on a warmer day.


    [monetizer101 search=”patagonia nano air” minimum_price=”10″]

    REAL Snowboarding Neck Warmer 2018-2019

    PRICE: £20

    Ever been in a proper face-scouring blizzard, without a neckwarmer to hand? If you have you’ll know that it’s always good to carry one with you on the mountain.

    This minimalist number from REAL Snowboarding is compact enough to throw in a pocket and forget about when you don’t need it, but you’ll be glad it’s there when you do. Buy yours here.


    REAL Snowboarding Sweatshirt 2018-2019

    PRICE: £30

    You can also rep REAL off the mountian, thanks to this simple sweatshirt.
    It’s available in either black or white, in sizes up to 2XL.

    Buy yours here.


    Rome Afterburner Powered Snowboard Jacket 2018-2019

    PRICE: £199/€229

    A riding hoodie with a difference; this offering from Rome comes with a built-in heating system.

    A full charge of the batteries will last you for around 6 hours, and with three settings to choose from you’ll be able to get your temperature just right when you’re on the mountain.


    [monetizer101 search=”rome afterburner jacket” minimum_price=”50″]

    Rome Coach’s Snowboard Jacket 2018-2019

    PRICE: £65/€85

    Perfect for both on- and off-hill use, the Coach’s jacket features water-repellant nylon fabric over a cosy flannel lining.

    Thanks to the zip pockets and key clips, there’ll be no need to dig through the snow after a spill, and the poppers make it easy to open up for a cooling-off run.


    [monetizer101 search=”rome coach jacket white” minimum_price=”50″]

    Salt & Stone SPF 30 Lip Balm 2018-2019

    PRICE: $5

    Salt & Stone is a relatively new skincare company, dedicated to using natural ingredients. They’re already backing a lot of prominent outdoorsmen including Pat Moore, Gigi Rüf and Jake Blauvelt.

    This water-resitant lip balm is chemical free, and cheap as chips too.


    [monetizer101 search=”salt stone lip balm”]

    Salt & Stone SPF 50 Face Stick Suncream 2018-2019

    PRICE: $18

    Heavy-duty suncream without any of the nasty stuff, this easy-application stick from Salt & Stone can protect you from gnarly burns.

    Featuring jojoba and sunflower, it’ll keep you fully moisturised on the mountain.


    [monetizer101 search=”salt stone face” minimum_price=”10″]

    Spy Flynn Snowboard Sunglasses 2018-2019

    PRICE: £129/€145

    The Flynn sunnies sport the same Happy lenses found in the brand’s excellent goggles, and are big enough to give you excellent peripheral vision on the mountain.

    They’re also damn hard to damage, so you can chuck bricks in the park without a worry.


    [monetizer101 search=”spy flynn sunglasses” minimum_price=”10″]

    Spy Tron2 Snowboard Sunglasses 2018-2019

    PRICE: £109/€125

    These give you the full spectrum too, and the rubber nose grip delivers all-day comfort.

    When you’re wanting to leave the goggs at home, these make a fine substitute.


    [monetizer101 search=”spy tron2 sunglasses” minimum_price=”10″]

    SunGod Renegade Snowboard Sunglasses 2018-2019

    PRICE: £65

    Much like the Revolt goggles, the Sungod sunglasses range is also customisable. Choose the frame, lens and logo colours that best suit your style.

    The Sungod Renegade sunnies come with crystal clear ‘4K’ lenses, whichever tint you go for, and you can swap ‘em out if and when you want.


    [monetizer101 search=”sungod renegade” minimum_price=”10″]

    SunGod Sierra Snowboard Sunglasses 2018-2019

    PRICE: £65

    Different style, but same deal; choose exactly the right colour scheme and lens tint for you, simply by visiting the Sungod website.

    You get a durable frame and scratch-resistant lenses as standard, but both are also backed by a lifetime guarantee.


    [monetizer101 search=”sungod sierra” minimum_price=”10″]

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