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New Snowboard Gear | 2021-2022 Product Preview

First look at new 2021-2022 snowboard gear

With everything that’s gone on over the last 12 months, we could all use a bit of a win right now. And while we can’t tell you next week’s winning Lotto numbers, we can offer you this sneak peek at some of the best new snowboard products for winter 2021/22. Whether you’re looking for a new snowboard, a pair of boots or bindings, or some fresh outerwear threads and accessories to set you up for the winter ahead, we’ve got you covered.

Our new Envision Series is here to showcase some of our favourite brands’ snowboard product lines for next year. With widespread travel bans and resort closures, the usual whirlwind of trade show season was halted in its tracks this year. Even so, we reached out to the brands, picked the ears of their marketing wizards, and got the lowdown on what’s going to be making waves next winter, when we’re all back on the snow.

“Dive in and get a first look at some of snowboarding’s best for 21/22”

There’s something for everyone to get stoked about, from exciting new tech to complete product overhauls, space-age new goggles to revamped classic snowboards, so dive in and get a first look at some of snowboarding’s best for 21/22.

Scroll down to view all the new products for 2021/22, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

adidas Snowboarding | Borealis | CAPiTA | Deeluxe | Dragon | Drake | Flow | Giro | Jones | K2 | Nidecker | Northwave | NOW | Rome | Salomon | Spark R&D | Union | YES.

adidas Snowboarding

adidas have really shaken up their line for 2021/22 with the introduction of their new Terrex outerwear. Originally rooted predominantly within the freestyle and urban spheres of snowboarding, Terrex is adidas’ foray into the technical resort and backcountry side of things. We’re seeing big steps up in tech across the whole line, with the evolution from the streets to the backcountry. adidas have also bolstered their sustainability credentials for this coming season as well, utilising new recycled materials and continuing their partnership with Parley to use intercepted marine plastic in their wares.

2021/22 adidas Terrex MyShelter Jacket
2021/22 adidas Terrex Resort Shell Pant
2021/22 adidas Terrex Resort 3-in-1 Jacket
2021/22 adidas Terrex Resort Bib Pant

Click here for the full 21/22 adidas Snowboarding Gear Preview. 


Borealis Snowboards

With a special focus on sustainable manufacturing and fostering a connection with the outside world, Borealis are “Driven by performance, and inspired by nature”. For 2021/22 we’re seeing a slew of new models, including a special new addition for Freeride World Tour veteran Clément Bochatay.

The 2021/22 Borealis Marauder Snowboard
The 2021/22 Borealis Ramen Express Splitboard
The 2021/22 Borealis Alpine Snowboard
The 2021/22 Borealis Artefact Snowboard

Click here for the full 21/22 Borealis Snowboards Gear Preview. 



From park rats to avid backcountry explorers, CAPiTA has a little something for everyone, they’re well known for their out there graphics and space age product line. They’ve been hard at work at the CAPiTA clean energy Mothership facility, researching, designing and testing new gear for 2021/22. With a few new snowboards, leaps forward in tech and upgraded materials across the board, the CAPiTA line up is looking spicier than ever.

The 2021/22 CAPiTA Indoor Survival Snowboard
The 2021/22 CAPiTA Mega Merc Snowboard
The 2021/22 CAPiTA Birds Of A Feather Snowboard

Click here for the full 21/22 CAPiTA Snowboards Gear Preview. 



Snowboard boots can be a contentious piece of kit; there’s so many options out there, and everyone seems to have an opinion on what’s right and wrong. Soft or stiff? Laces or boa? Aggressive or playful? One thing that we can all agree on, is that they need to be good quality, and that’s where Deeluxe comes in. With something for every ability and price point, Deeluxe have got you covered.

The 2021/22 Deeluxe Team ID KB Snowboard Boot
The 2021/22 Deeluxe DNA Snowboard Boot
The 2021/22 Deeluxe Deemon L3 BOA Snowboard Boot

Click here for the full 21/22 Deeluxe Boots Gear Preview. 


Dragon Goggles

Leaders in the eyewear industry since the 90’s, Dragon have pioneered countless breakthroughs to ensure that they remain at the front of the pack decades later. Focusing on delivering optimum visuals, sleek aesthetics and sustainable production, Dragon look set to have their best year to date.

The 2021/22 Dragon NFX2 Kimmy Fasani Goggle
The 2021/22 Dragon DXT Goggle
The 2021/22 Dragon RXV Goggle

Click here for the full 21/22 Dragon Goggles Gear Preview. 



Italian brand Drake caters to more than just the volume shifted trend that’s gained so much support these days. There’s an impressive line of freestyle and jib snowboards, right through to more performance focussed freeride and free-carve options for the men, women and groms. On top of that, there’s an equally impressive binding range covering an equally broad riding spectrum.

The 2021/22 Drake DF Team and Battle Rusty Snowboards
The 2021/22 Drake DF Team Snowboard
The 2021/22 Drake x Fyve Reload Bindings

Click here for the full 21/22 Drake Gear Preview. 


Flow Bindings

Flow offer a unique spin on the traditional binding concept, bringing convenience and speedy entry to the forefront since day one. For next season we see the return of some upgraded team and fan favourites, plus a few new entries bursting their way into the product line. Working alongside team riders to bring modern design themes and inspiration to the table, Flow have shaken up their offering to appeal to a whole new generation of riders.

The 2021/22 Flow Fenix Snowboard Binding
The 2021/22 Flow Fuse Carbon Snowboard Binding
The 2021/22 Flow NX2 TM Snowboard Binding

Click here for the full 21/22 Flow Bindings Gear Preview. 



With a stacked team of freeride and freestyle riders alike, Giro have one of the best goggle and helmet offerings in the biz. For 21/22 the biggest shake up on the innovation side of things comes from the new Spherical MIPS Technology design, powered by MIPS, now featured in the best-selling Emerge helmet. Working a little like a ball and socket, the two layers of EVA foam move independently of one another to not only absorb impacts but reduce the torsional forces that occur at higher speeds.

The 21/22 Giro Method Goggles
The 21/22 Giro Contour Goggles
The 2021/22 Giro Emerge Helmet

Click here for the full 21/22 Giro Snow Gear Preview. 



We take a closer look at three new solid snowboards from Jones – the Aviator 2.0, the Storm Wolf, and the women’s Stratos – as well as the upgraded Mercury bindings. All four products come from the continued evolution of pre-existing fan favourites in their line, but with some exciting new tweaks and state of the art technology.

The 2021/22 Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard
The 2021/22 Jones Women’s Stratos Snowboard
The 2021/22 Jones Aviator 2.0 Snowboard
The 2021/22 Jones Mercury Snowboard Binding

Click here for the full 21/22 Jones Snowboards Gear Preview. 



K2 have shaken things up for 2021/22, retiring some classic boards, but injecting a big dose of life into the product line with some fresh new faces. We’re seeing evolution in the line with new tech, shapes and colourways revamping some fan favourites. Keep your eyes peeled for the rad new artist collabs and influences from K2’s Pro Team.

The 2021/22 K2 Excavator Snowboard
The 2021/22 K2 World Peace Snowboard
The 2021/22 K2 Special Effects Snowboard

Click here for the full 21/22 K2 Snowboarding Gear Preview. 



2021/22 marks a shift in the paradigms of Nidecker’s snowboard design, taking it right back to the drawing board and pulling inspiration from the natural world with their new Instinct Series. They’ve taken problems and questions that are relevant and specific to snowboarding and looked for answers and solutions that have been millennia in the making. We’re seeing a bit of a step away from traditional Nidecker graphics with this new Instinct Series, as well as a wealth of new tech and innovation.

The 2021/22 Nidecker Alpha APX Snowboard
The 2021/22 Nidecker Venus Snowboard
The 2021/22 Nidecker Thruster Snowboard
The 2021/22 Nidecker Helios APX Snowboard Boot

Click here for the full 21/22 Nidecker Gear Preview. 



Italian brand Northwave are at the forefront of snowboard boot manufacturing, their classic designs and bombproof durability have rubber stamped them as leaders within the industry. Over the last few years, Northwave has seen a real refresh and reset, both within their product line and pro team. For winter 2021/22, they’ve suped up a few classics to shake things up and released a special 30th anniversary edition of a long standing team and fan favourite.

The 2021/22 Northwave Decade 30th Anniversary Edition

Click here for the full 21/22 Northwave Boots Gear Preview. 



Drawing inspiration from the mechanics of skateboard trucks, NOW Bindings generate leverage by pivoting through the central hanger and directing power to the four contact bushings. For the coming season NOW have trimmed the fat on their line-up, refining the products on offer and upgrading materials throughout their line.

The 2021/22 NOW Brigade Snowboard Binding
The 2021/22 NOW x YES. Select Pro Snowboard Binding
2021/22 NOW Pro Line Snowboard Binding

Click here for the full 21/22 NOW Bindings Gear Preview. 



Last season Rome gave their entire line a no holds barred overhaul, trimming the fat and streamlining their product offering. Winning numerous industry awards and accolades, they’re going into next season stronger than ever. For 2020/21 Rome have shaken things up again with the addition of some new firecrackers to their snowboard line, and updated materials throughout their range of bindings. From first time groms to seasoned vets, Rome has a little something for every rider to get stoked about.

The 2021/22 Rome Muse Snowboard
The 2021/22 Rome Freaker Snowboard
The 2021/22 Rome Stale Crewzer Snowboard
The 2021/22 Rome Stale Fish Snowboard
The 2021/22 Stale Cleaver Snowboard Binding

Click here for the full 21/22 Rome SDS Gear Preview. 



Manufacturing snowboards since the 90’s, Salomon have always brought a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the table. Over the years they’ve developed a strong product line with something to suit every budget and every rider, from the groomer charging speed freaks to the urban destroyers on a filming mission in the streets. Salomon have been working closely with Louif Paradis to collaborate on his new HPS snowboard and the latest boot in their Fit To Ride collection, both catering to his powerful and explosive riding style.

The 2021/22 Salomon Sleepwalker Snowboard
The 2021/22 Salomon HPS Louif Snowboard
The 2021/22 Salomon Dialogue Lace Str8Jkt Snowboard Boot

Click here for the full 21/22 Salomon Gear Preview. 


Spark R&D

After the last 12 months of widespread resort closures it probably comes as no surprise that Spark R&D have seen record sales of their splitboarding bindings and accessories range. Their incredibly simple yet effective T1 System forms the interface of their softboot splitboard bindings line. These include the Arc, Surge and Pro series bindings, available in both men’s and women sizes and colourways.

The 2021/22 Spark R&D Arc Splitboard Binding
The 2021/22 Spark R&D Women’s Surge Splitboard Binding
The 2021/22 Spark R&D Surge Pro Splitboard Bindings
2021/22 Spark R&D Ibex Splitboard Crampons

Click here for the full 21/22 Spark R&D Gear Preview. 



With something to match every budget and riding style, Union bindings hold sway over their legions of fans and continue to find converts in the riding community. For next season they’re expanding their offering to cater to riders who want to venture off the beaten track and upgrading fan favourite models to stay firmly at the front of the pack.

The 2021/22 Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings
The 2021/22 Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings
The 2021/22Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings
The 2021/22 Union Rover Approach System

Click here for the full 21/22 Union Bindings Gear Preview. 



YES. Snowboards have been making waves in the industry for over a decade. Set up by legendary snowboarders Romain de Marchi, JP Solberg and DCP, YES. are still proudly rider owned and operated. This year, each of the three owners got to take things right back to the drawing board and design their dream snowboard, culminating in the nostalgia fuelled YES. Uninc Line. The boards dropped for a super limited early release this season but will be hitting shelves properly for winter 2021/22 so if you didn’t manage to get your hands on one already, hold tight.

The 2021/22 YES. Basic Uninc RDM Snowboard
The 2021/22 YES. Hybrid Uninc DCP Snowboard
The 2021/22 YES. 420 UnInc JPS Snowboard

Click here for the full 21/22 YES. Snowboards Gear Preview. 


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