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Best Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

This year's best snowboard boots, reviewed by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2018/2019 Best Snowboard Boots here

Boots. The most personal of all the pieces of snowboard equipment you will purchase, being that they’ll be in intimate contact with your feet all day long. And everyone’s feet are different: peculiar nobbly protrusions, wide heels, narrow heels, webbed toes… anyone who claims they know a good boot for you before you’ve tried them on yourself, is wrong.

This is why when we present the new boots below we give an review of the new boots’ key features, what riding styles and ability levels they’re best suited to, but we’ll stop short of an objective test review. If a boot in here sounds like it’s up your street, great! Now head down the store and try them on to see if they fit and hold your foot well. Even better – test a pair at an on-hill demo near you this pre-season.

“Everyone’s feet are different… anyone who claims they know a good boot for you before you’ve tried them on yourself, is wrong”

Of course, in more recent times getting a boot to fit your feet has been made a lot easier thanks to the proliferance of heat-mouldable liners. Over time, all liners will ‘break in’ and take to the shape of your foot’s peculiarities, but heat-moulding speeds up this process so you can do it in-store or at home without the pain of a couple days’ break-in period. Again, it’s best to get in the store and have some #footbantz with their resident boot fitter.

There are some loose guidelines to be aware of. As you move up the price range your dollar buys you access to lighter weight materials, more stability and support, and more expensive, performance orientated features like articulation, speed lace solutions and better-constructed liners. The more expensive boots also tend to be stiffer and more performance -orientated, so you need to ask yourself if you need this performance, or if you’d be better off with a more cruisy model at a lower price.

We can say that when you try your potential new dancing shoes on, the fit you should be looking for is ‘snug’. These aren’t sneakers; they should be tight all over when properly laced, with your toes just brushing the end of the liner. When you flex forward you want the boot to move with your foot and have the minimal amount of heel lift as possible: heel lift saps responsiveness, causes foot fatigue and should be avoided as best as possible.

So, without further ado, let us present to you some of the best snowboard boots the 2017-2018 season has to offer…

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adidas | BurtonDC | Head | K2NorthwaveRideRomeSalomonThirtyTwoVans

adidas Acerra ADV Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

This is the three-stripers’ most technologically advanced boot to date, and is backed by Jake Blauvelt to perform the precision big mountain surgery he’s famed for. The sole uses boost technology for epic, temperature-resistant cushioning; there’s double H3 BOA closure for a zonal, performance fit; an articulated cuff and 3D tongue to give a naturally progressive flex that will last a long time; and a heat mouldable liner means you can have a personalised fit.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 adidas Acerra ADV here


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adidas Response ADV Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

This new addition to the adidas line takes a clear design influence from their football boots, and in terms of feel and flex the Response ADV follows in the footprints of their popular Samba boot – medium and more skate-like than the other models.

But while the Samba uses regular lacing, the Response trades up to a dual zone BOA for easy entry and exit though still allowing you to tweak the tightness of the upper- and lower zones for a personalised, locked down fit. Adidas’s Silver Level liner features mouldable Ultralon foam that shapes to the form of your foot and this sits inside a speed-laced internal ankle harness to hold your heel down.

The boot’s shell pairs an articulated design with a 3D moulded tongue to give a progressive, natural, long-lasting flex and on the back there’s a rubber backstay to reduce boot-highback slippage. And when it comes to hiking that down bar fear not: these have a Continental rubber outsole for supreme grip on ice and snow.

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adidas Samba ADV Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

Possibly adidas’s most popular and versatile model returns for 2017-2018 with some definite upgrades.

Progressive, long-lasting natural flex is enabled with the new articulated shell design, a power webbing lace system gets the tongue locked in for solid foot hold, and Continental rubber is used on the outsole for optimal grip when the going gets slick. Certainly a team favourite.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 adidas Samba ADV here


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adidas Superstar ADV Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

These snow sneakers will have you pulling on-hill B-boy moves like the squad in that Run DMC video. But they aren’t all fashion – there’s plenty of performance-focussed function in the Superstar too.

The removable powerstrap means you can tweak the responsiveness, a heat mouldable liner will get you the perfect fit, and an articulated shell with 3D tongue gives progressive responsiveness with kink-free comfort.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 adidas Superstar ADV here


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adidas Tactical ADV Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

The Tactical ADV cemented its place in the adidas line last season thanks to its technical, performance-focussed design, and for 2017-2018 it’s back with an upgraded exterior and improved Power Lace system.

The sole reaps the benefits from adidas’s boost material – a crazy, polystyrene-looking compound which is three times more temperature resistant than regular EVA – which takes a whole bunch of spank out of stomps, dampens out chatter and gives you a super smooth feel. The liner uses Ultralon to custom mould to your foot’s individual characteristics, further increasing the comfort, while the articulated cuff shell (now made of an all-new material) and 3D tongue lends a progressive flex.

Foot hold is taken care of through the internal ankle harness and the shell’s power webbing system that actively pulls the tongue down and back so it sits in the optimum position. The Tactical leans towards the stiffer, responsive side of the spectrum, making it a great choice for the more advanced riders wanting a responsive, yet ultra cush ride.


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adidas Tencza Snowboard Boot 2017-2018

An affordable, yet performance-oriented boot, the Tencza can be rocked by riders from rookie to pro level who don’t want to break the bank.

It’s lightweight, too, thanks to its all-EVA outsole that shaves off the grams while maintaining superior cushioning and EVA is further used in the heat mouldable liner to add comfort and support. The Tencza’s foot hold is on point thanks to the speed laced internal ankle harness, locking your plates of meat down securely and preventing slippage, while the boot’s 3D tongue gives it a progressive flex.

To wrap the whole thing together, adidas have used a single H3 BOA lacing system – this is what they call a ‘coiler’ cable, which retracts in automatically for a super easy, dialled in closure, that you can easily fine tune on the fly.


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Burton Imperial Snowboard Boot 2017-2018

The Imperial has been in Burton’s boot offering for a few seasons now, and has solidified its position as a dependable boot at a solid price.

Burton have been championing their Total Comfort construction for a while and the Imperial takes full advantage of this to feel super comfy out the box. Further foot-loving is included with the head mouldable liner that’s coated with Sleeping Bag reflective foil that keeps heat in and prevents frosted toes. The flex is on the stiffer side of medium and you get great response from the dual density Power Up tongue.

As with most of Burton’s boots, these have a reduced footprint meaning less overhang for the larger footed riders and, as well as having a great deal of cushioning through the B3 gel, the sole uses Vibram for stellar grip and durability. The Imperial uses Burton’s Speed Zone quick lace system with their lifetime-warrantied New England ropes which allow you to crank the upper and lower zones independently and get the tightness how you like it.

These low profile boots are a legit choice for all-mountain riders wanting comfort, response and longevity without going too high up the price points.


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Burton Ion Boa Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

The Ion’s BOA version pushes the technical envelope way out there to deliver ultimate response, fit and feel across all terrain. It’s the only men’s model to feature the powerful, zone-specific BOA Focus lacing to give an easy, personalised fit.

Upgraded to a Life Liner this year for lightweight comfort, the Ion also features AutoCANT EST soles for improved feel with ReBounce tech that cushions and keeps feet toasty too.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 Burton Ion Boa here


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Burton Mint Women’s Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

This lightweight, warm and comfortable model from Burton is the world’s bestselling women’s boot.

Features include reflective Sleeping Bag foil to retain your body heat, Total Comfort for a broken in feel out the box and Speed Zone laces that get you in and out super quick.

The Mint boot has a soft, playful flex for all-terrain women who like to take it surfy.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 Burton Mint here


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Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

This new addition to Burton’s boot line takes the time-tested, entry level performance of the long-serving Moto boot and adds a Boa Coiler to it for the most hassle-free of in and outs.

The boot has a good degree of cushioning, is warm and comfortable, and has a soft flex, making it a perfect for playful groomer and park sessions.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 Burton Moto Boa here


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Burton Photon Step On Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

The Photon is one of Burton’s two men’s boots compatible with its all-new Step On system.

These naturally have the heel and toe cleats needed to lock into the binding, but more noteworthy here is they feature a dual BOA coiler – one to close the shell, and another that tightens a faux ankle strap to lock your heel down.

These are the stiffer, more supportive of Year 1’s Step On boots, and are geared for the harder riding Step On enthusiasts.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 Burton Photon Step On here


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Burton Ritual Women’s Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

If you’re a woman looking for the latest in soft-flexing, lightweight, pro-level freestyle performance, Burton’s Ritual should be up on your ‘to try out’ list.

Being the softest of Burton’s high-end lineup means you get technical benefits like an articulated cuff, PowerUP tongue, a bunch of featherlight cushioning and Speed Zone lacing in a package that remains playful, tweak-friendly and forgiving.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 Burton Ritual here


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Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

An affordable boot that’s nevertheless not shy of using a fair bit of tech, the Burton Ruler is suited to all-terrain riders looking for something with a medium flex that won’t break the bank.

Speed Zone Lacing, Imprint 2 liner with Thinsulate insulation, dampening gel in the heel and a PowerUp tongue are just some of the features the Ruler manages to pack in, yet it still comes in at a decent price.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 Burton Ruler here

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DC Judge Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

The boot of choice for many of DC’s team, the Judge has been upgraded for 2018 to give it a new upper, an improved dual BOA lace configuration and a hard-wearing Vibram outsole.

Other features include a sole and insole with heaps of cushioning, articulated cuff for a more natural flex and Aerotech ventilation to prevent trenchfoot. Stiff and powerful, these excel if you ride them hard.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 DC Judge here


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DC Mutiny Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

This popular, traditional lace boot from DC has been given a new lick of paint for this new season to make it more skate-inspired than ever.

The White Liner blends memory foam with heat mouldable EVA and thermal-regulating fleece for comfort and personalised fit; powerful Integrated Lacing Leverage lets you crank the boot down precisely, especially over the ankle; and a Contact outsole offers skate-like feel.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 DC Mutiny here


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Head Five Boa Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £215 / €260
  • FLEX: 8
  • SIZES: UK 4-12.5
  • LACING SYSTEM: Single Boa with Powerstraps

One of the first things you notice about the Five BOA is the slim design, as a result of Head’s unique Frequency Technology – an ultrasonic welding process that reduces weight and improves waterproofness.

Also eye-catching are the dual power straps that you can adjust to modify the power/flex ratio how you want it, plus they make it easy to get in and out of. These work together with the integrated heel harness, linked to a side-mounted Boa, to achieve easy-to-use, locked in heel hold with plenty of options for fine-tuning.

It’s one of the most responsive boots Head make; with the straps mentioned above, a flex sitting on the stiffer side, 9 degrees of forward lean and an injection moulded heel (that locks into the binding’s heel cup) this boot gives you a tonne of power and is thus best suited to riders who charge.


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Head Galore Pro Boa Women’s Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £160 / €180
  • FLEX: 2
  • SIZES: UK 3.5-8.5
  • LACING SYSTEM: Single Boa

The Head Galore Pro is a mellow boot for girls getting into snowboarding or those who just like to cruise.

Featuring a Comfort Cuff to give extra, more natural medial flex it’s a super soft, forgiving boot that nevertheless has enough in the tank to handle when you want to start stepping it up. You get a bunch of comfort, vibration dampening and stability from the grippy Trace WMN outsole – centred rubber studs give solid traction, while the main frame provides excellent foot support and stability – and the boot has a fit that is specifically designed for the female anatomy, with a cuff that’s contoured to follow the shape of women’s ankles.

To continue with the easy, mellow vibe of the Galore Pro, it uses a single BOA so you can effortlessly dial in, pop out, and tighten the fit on the fly. If easy-going riding and making snowboarding accessible is what you’re looking for, get your dancing feet in these.


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Head Scout Pro Boa Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £160 / €180
  • FLEX: 2
  • SIZES: UK 4-12.5
  • LACING SYSTEM: Single Boa

For guys just getting started, what you want to look for in a boot is something that will make your day on the hill as easy, comfortable and fun as possible, and the Scout Pro Boa delivers in spades.

The Scout Pro’s single Boa allows for quick, hassle-free tightening and loosening and pulls the shell tightly but comfortably around your foot. The Comfort liner has floating collar webbing to give a snug, yet comfortable, fit and can be repeatedly heat moulded to get the personalised foot hug that otherwise takes a good few sessions to happen. It also boasts a bamboo charcoal lining which, and this is important yo, helps to reduce boot stank.

Underfoot the sole unit has a frame that gives solid stability and support with a bunch of cushioning for dampening and comfort, and central rubber studs give great grip for when you’re hiking on ice or snow. These are super soft and forgiving and at a decent price so they should appeal nicely to rookie riders looking for something to help aid their progression.


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K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £310 / €320
  • FLEX: 6
  • SIZES: UK 6-14

K2’s Maysis boot has been a mainstay of the brand’s footwear offering for years now, and it’s now touted by the brand as the best selling boot in the US.

In addition to utilising Boa externally to tighten the boot’s shell, K2 have a second dial on the side of the Maysis that is connected to a cable integrated looping over the ankle of the boot’s liner, enabling epic heel hold and a precise fit. The liner is 3D shaped to increase the snugness and hold, and can also be heat moulded for a personalised fit.

On the shell, K2 use their Endo 2.0 construction, injecting strength and durability to the heel area, while adding articulation where the ankle flexes to prevent kinks developing, thus minimising pressure points over time. The boot also uses Vibram’s Pro-Lite outsole for legendary grip and durability with minimum weight.

The Maysis comes in at the more responsive end of the spectrum, meaning they’re a solid choice for intermediates and above who want an easy, comfy, durable and powerful boot for all occasions.

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Northwave Edge Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £200 / €230
  • FLEX: 6
  • SIZES: UK 5-12.5
  • LACING SYSTEM: Speed Lace

A boot designed for freestyle or all-mountain riders, the Edge mixes some of Northwave’s classic design elements with some cutting edge technologies.

This uses the brand’s Super Lace closure system, a speed lace solution that allows you to independently tighten the lower and upper zones of the boot with the two lockable laces to get the customised tightness your riding demands. Heel hold is on point, too, thanks to their Heel Retention 540 system – the laces pass through friction-reducing pre-curved loops and pulls on webbing straps extending back to the ankle, increasing heel hold and stability.

The Edge sits on a new Stamina outsole that adds impact absorption, response and intelligent grip while saving weight, and inside the TF2 liner is heat mouldable, uses memory foam and has a speedlace for extra snugness.

The whole exterior is thermo welded meaning the seams are virtually invisible and therefore more durable and give the boot a more uninterrupted flex, and sitting firmly in the mid-flex camp this is a boot that will perform for anyone bar the absolute beginner or ultra-charger.


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Northwave Devine Women’s Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

The Devine is a women’s-specific all-mountain freestyle boot that has a medium-to-stiff flex and a bunch of features making it the perfect choice for more experienced girls, or those really wanting to step their game up.

High performance is guaranteed from the bottom up – the Hypershock sole has a crossbow system to stabilise and absorb shock when stomping the pro line, plus it’s also super light with great grip. The TF3 liner is shaped to fit women’s feet and ankles, has a power strap and speed lace closure, and as well as boasting memory foam it’s fully heat mouldable, too. Northwave’s Super Lace closure works by pulling the two laces as tight as you like them, allowing the upper and lower boot to be independently adjusted, and these laces also pull down on the ankle webbing – dubbed Heel Retention 540 – for dependable heel hold.

When you add in the shell’s Flex Window, which allows more progressive forward flex while preventing kinks developing, you have a comfortable, technical boot for women wanting to charge.

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Ride Fuse Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £245 / €290
  • FLEX: 7
  • SIZES: UK 6-12
  • LACING SYSTEM: Classic Lace with Boa

The Fuse is a great option for the traditionalists who prefer the feel of a no nonsense lace-up boot, but want the limpet-like heel hold that you can get from more modern technologies.

The shell is all tightened by regular laces, but a Boa dial on the side adjusts their Tongue-Tied closure – a cable that runs over the ankle enabling Fort Knox-like lockdown that can be tweaked on the fly. Ride’s SlimeTongue (injected with Urethane for improved response, dampening and longevity) works with a wrap liner to keep your foot locked securely in place while reducing chatter and pressure points, with the liner featuring a comfortable Intuition Mobile foam that that has cored ankle pockets, external J bars and can be easily heat moulded.

The shell has an articulated cuff allowing more natural flex with reduced pressure points, a hard-wearing Rebound heel area and all-rubber toecap for a smaller footprint with increased durability.

The Fuse is heavily backed by the team, is perfect for more seasoned riders, and comes in a distinctive colourway that recalls the Emerica Ellington skate shoe from back in the day.


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Ride Triad Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £215 / €250
  • FLEX: 5
  • SIZES: UK 5-14
  • LACING SYSTEM: Classic Lace with Boa

Ride’s Triad boot combines the dependability of good old-fashioned laces on the shell with their Tongue Tied Boa closure, which is adjusted by a dial on the side and lets you tighten down over the ankle for supreme foot hold – you can even make micro adjustments when riding.

The 3D formed, articulated shell sits on a FlexLight sole – a team-inspired design that gives next level impact absorption, stability and grip while retaining feel and flex thanks to channels in the construction – while a lightweight Intuition Mobile Foam liner adds comfort out the box and heat mouldability if needed. This also features J bars to grip onto your ankles and hold the heel down.

With a medium flex and coming in at a price that gets you some more advanced boot features without breaking the bank, the Ride Fuse is perfectly placed to give beginner or intermediate riders something they can grow with, or advanced riders the performance they need without having to shell out the big bucks.


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Rome Bodega Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £230 / €270
  • FLEX: 5
  • SIZES: UK 6-12
  • LACING SYSTEM: Classic Lace

If you’re a jibber, or just the kind of rider who prefers the surfy feel of a softer, smooth flexing boot, then the Bodega could well be right up your street.

It’s by no means a noodle, though – the 3D moulded tongue ensures there’s enough support and response to put your board on its edge at speed with confidence and the traditional laces lock you firmly into the comfortable Rad F.I.T. liner. This liner has what Rome call SkateCuff 3D – a three-dimensionally shaped heel pocket to securely hold your ankle in place – not to mention it’s heat mouldable, too, so you can get a fully customised fit.

The shell has a flex zone to reduce unwanted pressure points and enable progressive power transfer, plus the leveraged lacing allows you to crank tight onto the ankle for improved hold. This is a classically styled boot for rider who like to ride wherever and want to tweak till their bindings creak.


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Rome Libertine SRT Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £260 / €300
  • FLEX: 6
  • SIZES: UK 6-12
  • LACING SYSTEM: Classic Lace

The Libertine’s been in Rome’s boot line for years (and remains so), but for 2017-2018 they’ve given the old faithful an injection of new tech to produce the all-new Libertine SRT.

‘SRT’ stands for ‘Support. Response. Traction.’ and is a response to the demand for some cutting edge boot tech to be applied to the tried and tested flex of the Libertine. First off Rome upgraded the chassis with a durable, grippy Vibram Griplight outsole and a new BOA HeelLock harness to keep the original’s traditional laces while improving heel hold thanks to the internal BOA over the ankle. They also bolted on an all-new PowerStay strap at the top of the boot’s collar, enabling power control to be boosted three times what it was, and internally the SRT version uses the dependable Pro F.I.T. heat mouldable liner that’s engineered to give epic fit and comfort while reducing packing out.

With a flex on the stiffer side of medium (and even more so when you fully crank the PowerStay strap), the Libertine SRT is built to give riders at the intermediate-advanced end of the spectrum the tools they need to send it off serious jumps and charge lines of consequence.


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Rome Memphis Boa Women’s Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

The Memphis Boa mixes advanced technologies with a fit specific to the female anatomy.

A new AsymCuff takes into account the shape of women’s calves to help give a more natural flex, and they’ve included a Pro F.I.T. liner to boost comfort and foot hold. Dual Boa makes tightening the Memphis easy and precise and the mid-flexing shell gives you comfortable, progressive power.

Looking for response and an anatomically correct fit? Check the Memphis.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 Rome Memphis Boa here

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Salomon Hi-Fi Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

Built to give Bode Merrill the footwear he needs for his patented brand of all-terrain insanity, the Hi-Fi shines through its unfiltered flex and feel blended with uncompromised comfort.

Mutation Construction is how they get there – a neoprene gaiter dispenses with pressure points for a free ankle flex, Sensifit secures your foot precisely and a long-lasting Energy Cell+ gives a cush ride and sucks up impact like it ain’t no thang.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 Salomon Hi-Fi here


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Salomon Launch Boa Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £200 / €250
  • FLEX: 4
  • SIZES: UK 6-12.5
  • LACING SYSTEM: Single Boa

Salomon’s Launch is the go-to snowboard boot for riders looking to get their freestyle on, with solid performance with a price tag that won’t require the flogging body parts to afford.

This boot is offered with an array of lace options: Zonelock (where both laces are of the speed lace variety), classic laces on the shell with STR8JKT (a one-pull speed lace that heads internal to lock down the heel), and Boa with STR8JKT (shown). Whichever you chose, your foot will be held in supremely, both through the closure and the ‘cat tongue’ material in the heel of the liner.

For 2017-2018 the liner has been upgraded to a Gold Series liner, and underfoot the Flight outsole is low profile, lightweight and gives you plenty of feel for freewheelin’ freestyle. Affordable, good-looking and with a medium flex, the Launch is perfect for any kind of freestyle rider looking for a well-priced boot.


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Salomon Lush Women’s Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £280 / €350
  • FLEX: 4
  • SIZES: UK 4-7.5
  • LACING SYSTEM: Speed Lace

The all-new women’s Lush boot packs in all of the brand’s renowned boot-making tech into an all-terrain, medium-flexing model that will appeal to female riders wanting pinnacle performance.

Salomon cutting edge Mutation Construction is used here, giving you pure flex, feel and comfort with no cutting of corners in terms of performance: a Springback heel spine gives precise and consistent flex, a neoprene Shadowflex gaiter removes all pressure points and allows for epic flex, while Energy Cell+ in the sole provides long lasting impact absorption and rebound.

The Lush uses Salomon’s Zonelock speedlace that gives you one-pull closure on the upper and lower zones allowing them to be independently tightened, which are locked off securely by a mechanism on the tongue and cuff. With an emphasis on comfort, feel and performance, the Lush is a boot designed for women who demand the best from their footwear.


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Salomon Malamute Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £300 / €380
  • FLEX: 9
  • SIZES: UK 5-12
  • LACING SYSTEM: Speed Lace

The Malamute has been a mainstay of Salomon’s boot range for nigh on two decades, and it’s become synonymous with responsiveness and support.

This year’s version has been overhauled with lots of new tech: the shell is an all-new design, it now gets a fresh, Malamute-specific liner with an Energizer H bar to increase support and drive, and a new impact absorbing Trek EC+ outsole. The liner is made of multi-density, heat mouldable foam throughout and removable ankle holders for even more customised fit.

With Powerlock lacing you can crank the lower boot how you like it, lock the laces off at the ankle and get your preferred tightness independently on the upper. It uses metal hooks on the upper to give maximum wrapping power, and you lock this section securely with the Crosslock on the tongue. Internally there’s an internal heel strap, which locks the liner to the boot sole for a precise power link and support.

This is a stiff, powerful for the experience charger who demands the pinnacle of responsiveness and stability.


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Salomon Synapse Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £250 / €320
  • FLEX: 6
  • SIZES: UK 6-12
  • LACING SYSTEM: Speed Lace

Updated for 2017-2018, the Salomon Synapse drops back in for another season of all-mountain destruction.

The shell has been redesigned for the new season and it takes advantage of Salomon’s new Trek EC+ outsole – a Salomon-specific premium EVA foam blend integrated into the outsole construction to provide lightweight, long-lasting impact absorption.

The multi-density, heat mouldable Platinum liner ensures it will fit the specifics of your foot’s contours correctly and it’s also engineered for premium breathability, making it ultra-comfortable. For the shell closure, Powerlock lacing gives you ultimate drive and response – you can lock off the lower lacing and independently tighten the upper, with metal hooks on the here to give maximum wrapping power.

Due to this and the tongue and shell, it’s on the stiffer end of the spectrum so if your riding’s less about elevator jazz and more about riffing power chords, this boot will suit you. And if you’ve got particularly wide feet, the Synapse has your back as it’s also available in a wider fit.


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ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

This boot has a reputation for all-terrain domination, and they claim it’s the #1 selling boot in the world.

Why? Some solid, comfort and performance focussed features: your forefoot gets wrapped snug and tight through Independent Eyestay and your flex is more natural and distortion-free thanks to an articulated cuff.

Support is on point thanks to the Performance Backstay, while the new Team Fit liner holds your foot comfortably for seasons of performance.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 ThirtyTwo Lashed here


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ThirtyTwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

Synonymous with support and comfort, for 2017-2018 ThirtyTwo raise the bar by adding Storm Shield coating to seal you in from the elements.

Important other features include a Tongue Tension system to lock the heel down and improve response, dual cushioning STi Evolution foam with gel and a performance backstay to support and deal with impact and supportive internal liner lacing.

Geared for any kind of riding, this is the go-to boot for Scott Stevens, whose signature version is shown here.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 ThirtyTwo TM-Two here


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ThirtyTwo TM-Three Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £380 / €450
  • FLEX: 6
  • SIZES: UK 4-13
  • LACING SYSTEM: Classic Lace

Dropping in box fresh for 2017-2018, the all-new TM-3 boot is all about all-mountain performance. The new Elite liner is injection moulded with high rebound energy foam to give extra support, medium flex and to prevent break-down over time.

It also uses Intuition foam to make it 100% heat mouldable, comes with a Heel Hold kit for an even more personalised fit, and the comfort customisation continues with a new Elite Footbed that features an adjustable arch support.

The liner is wrapped in the Elite Internal Harness – this is taller than the others ThirtyTwo offer and gives more support and stability, and externally this traditionally-laced boot features a Tongue Tension+ system to pull back on the ankle and lock down your heel tightly. The shell has a 3D moulded tongue for even flex and an articulated cuff to eliminate distortion at the flex points. The shell is also reinforced with Exo Armor and a waterproof Storm Shield to withstand a season spent riding in all conditions, preventing breakdown or loss of support.

Underfoot you have a new, super comfy, impact-absorbing STi Energy Foam midsole that’s bottomed off with a performance rubber tread for maximum grip. ThirtyTwo claim this is the most comfortable boot ever made, so slip your dancing feet in a pair and see for yourself.

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Thirty Two Zephyr Women’s Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

The women’s Zephyr is built on a lightweight Evolution foam outsole that gives day-long comfort and a bunch of impact absorption.

The 3D moulded tongue and articulated cuff enable a more progressive flex and a Team Fit liner with a harness holds your foot securely.

These are shaped for the female anatomy, use traditional laces and have a soft, buttery flex to help you turn the mountain into a skatepark.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 ThirtyTwo Zephyr Women’s here


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Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

A true all-rounder, the Infuse is one of the most customisable boots around.

Hybrid Plus – a Boa tightened ankle holder that you can move to the position your foot requires – mixes with regular laces and a power strap to let you fine-tune foot hold and power, plus the tongue has removable tongue stiffeners letting you decide if you need stiff, charging response or more buttery, jibby flex.

Pat Moore backs this to effortlessly take him from urban lines to backcountry stomps.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 Vans Infuse here


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