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28 Best Men’s Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

This year's best men's boots, selected by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2018/2019 Best Snowboard Boots here

Of all the snowboard equipment out there on the market, your snowboard boots are the one item whose performance will be most intimately linked to your own physical attributes: ie. how your plates of meat are shaped.

The swingtag on a pair of snowboard boots might reel off a list of features that sound perfect for your riding style, preferences and budget, but if they don’t fit the way your feet are built then, at best, they won’t perform as they should; at worst, your feet will hurt. It’s imperative that you actually take the time to try them on in a store and discuss things with their resident foot-fetishist.

“Seriously, take the time. Have no preconceptions of what looks ‘the hype’. Talk to a human. Listen to your body. Your feet will thank you for it”

At the tests we attend, it’s impossible to get a true feel of a boot’s performance – we stick with our own, in order to better test the boots and bindings. Even if we did, our feet are different to yours; our feet are even different to ours! For this purchase, dispense with the digital and really make the effort to head to your local store and get the staff’s advice when buying snowboard boots.

But there are some things you should consider before heading off the couch. A decent rule of thumb is that if you’re still getting to grips with snowboarding or just prefer to ride at slower speeds, you’ll appreciate the forgivingness of a softer flexing boot. Whereas if you plan on riding a bunch and like to send it, look to stiffer models that offer more response and support.

Make sure you try on several different manufacturers’ options, as each brand will fit differently. Talk it all through with the shop staff and go for the one that holds your foot most snugly and securely. To go deeper into this, point your browser at our guide to buying snowboard boots.

Seriously, take the time. Have no preconceptions of what looks ‘the hype’. Talk to a human. Listen to your body. Your feet will thank you for it. But to get warmed up, here’s a look at what’s good in 2016/17.

Scroll down to view all men’s boots, or skip to a particular brand using the links below.

adidasBurton | DC | Deeluxe | Flow | HeadK2 | Northwave | Ride | Rome | Salomon | Thirty Two | Vans

All photographs by Sami Tuoriniemi – click any image to enlarge

 Production: Tom Copsey / Andrew Duthie / Tobias Grünwald / Sam Oetiker / Sami Tuoriniemi

adidas Samba Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

You’ve no doubt seen those little gold letters before; the styling of the adidas Samba pays homage to the classic shoe of the same name. While it may still have some way to go before it’s as iconic as that one, the snowboard boot version is a winner.

This one is built for freestyle, with a forgiving flex that lets you stay loose in the park. The tongue is the star here, a stitch-free model that is built to maintain its shape and flex after many a park lap. The outer shell is built for mobility too; the design of the instep means that it won’t get all bent out of shape when you really get it creaking.

It’s got a traditional lace, which makes a lot of sense – last time we checked, the Samba shoe didn’t feature a speed system – and the sole is made from Continental rubber. It’s as grippy as a wet-weather tyre, which is something that’ll come in handy when you’re hiking an icy stairset – or staggering home from the pub. It’s also more than capable of handling the day-to-day shocks and chatter that you get from days on the hill.

The adidas Samba is a fine choice for the rider who likes a mellower boot that hasn’t skimped on aesthetics.


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adidas Tactical ADV Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

adidas use ‘Boost’ energy-returning foam in select snowboard boots, and the brand-new Tactical ADV is one of them.

For off-the-scale shock absorbing that works in all temperatures, look no further.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 adidas Tactical ADV here


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Burton Concord Boa Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Burton’s boot range tends to be heavier on traditional laces and the ‘Speed Zone’ system than Boas, but they put no less care into the construction of their coiler models. The Burton Concord Boa is a solid workhorse of a boot, a true all-rounder that gets you going in seconds.

The Boa system is targeted, with one coiler for the lower section of the boot and another for the upper. Getting the perfect fit is easy, as is making small adjustments on the fly. Like all Burtons of its kind, instead of the classic wire it uses ultra-strong ‘New England Ropes’ made from natural fibres. So confident is the big B in their strength and dependability that they come with a lifetime warranty – and they look the business too.

Flex-wise, this ticks all the ‘happy medium’ boxes, from the tongue to the upper cuff. Also, don’t expect the outer shell to warp when you’re flexing this, thanks to carefully placed notches on the side that prevent pinches and distortions.

If you value boardfeel then the Concord fits the bill; it’s designed to over-deliver in that department – thanks mostly to the lightweight outsole – but doesn’t skimp on cushioning in the process. Efficient impact protection is placed within the shell of the boot, right at your sole – so no matter how high or far the flight of your Concords, you’ll always touch down smoothly.

If this colourway’s not to your liking, there’s a fully black version too.


Buy direct from Burton

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Burton Ion Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Located at the stiffer end of the spectrum, the Burton Ion is nevertheless one of the comfiest boots out there.

Packed to the brim with high-end tech, this high-end option is set to be just as popular in 2016/17 as ever.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Burton Ion here


Buy direct from Burton

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DC Judge Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The DC Judge has long been a top pick for high-performance shredding. It’s no surprise, then, that it remains largely unchanged from last year.

Boa ain’t just for beginners and the perennially rushed; the dual-coil system on the DC Judge means you can get the perfect fit every time, and the wires will maintain their torsion all day. Set it, forget it, and know that it’ll hold up to whatever ball-shrinking descents you have in mind.

State-of-the-art ventilation is built into the liner, with a lattice on the side of the outer boot to ensure there’s no obstruction. If you’ve ever had overly sweaty feet, you’ll know that it’s a pisser, so this system is worth checking out.

The Contact outsole favours hard chargers that are more interested in boardfeel than soft landings, but you won’t get too much of a rattling in cruddy terrain either. At all times your foot is held snugly in place by an internal system, aided by the Powerstrap at the top of the liner.

Yes, it’s stiff, but not to rigor-mortis levels, so when you’re not charging it won’t feel too out of place. However, whenever you want to gobble up the groomers and backcountry as fast as you dare, the DC Judge is up to the task.


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DC Torstein Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

No prizes for guessing what this one’s good for; if you want to step up your freestyle game, Torstein Horgmo‘s signature boot could be the model for you.

It’s been designed with support and durability at the forefront, and the double-Boa system ensures you get a precise fit that won’t slack off as the day goes on.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 DC Torstein here


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Deeluxe Brisse 5 Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

If you died and were reincarnated as Dan Brisse’s signature snowboard boots, it’d be a double-edged sword. The bad news is you’d be forced to endure the various bomb-drops and roof gaps that have defined the Michigan madman’s career. On the plus side, you’ll be more than capable of handling them – and the views will be pretty sweet too.

High-consequence stuff requires no-compromise gear, and the Deeluxe Dan Brisse 5 (so-called as it’s now in its fifth year) is quality through and through. Take a look at the reinforced highback and efficient cushioning, and you can see where half a decade of the most intensive practical testing on the planet gets you.

Fans of Office Space might get a laugh out of the ‘TPS shield’, but it’s no joke; slip it down the front of the boot for even more support and stiffness, or take it out for a mellower ride. The quick-lace system is a piece of cake too, offering a customised fit that’s reinforced by two powerstraps. If you can’t get the support and comfort you need from these, God help you.

A truly bad experience with snowboard boots can make you want to jump off a building – the Deeluxe Dan Brisse 5 will make you want to do it too, but in a much more positive way. If that’s not your thing, it’s versatile enough for mellow groomer, park and pow days too. Fully customisable, fully awesome.


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Deeluxe ID 6.2 Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Pro models come and go, but every brand has its mainstay. In Deeluxe’s case, it’s this beauty of an all-rounder that is consistently their best-selling boot: the Deeluxe ID 6.2.

Slightly stiffer than last year, it maintains the option to customise the flex using one of two TPS Shields. Without it, the Deeluxe ID 6.2 is a mid-flexing cruiser, but can be stiffened up a little with the medium shield, and even more with the hard one. Changing them up is as easy as loosening the speed lace and slipping the shield between that and the tongue, so you can alter your flex whenever the mood strikes.

When you’ve got one in and want to push your limits, the rest of the boot will oblige too. The overall construction is built for speed, and the sole has targeted cushioning to absorb intermittent big impacts from jumps and cliffs just as well as consistent chatter from uneven terrain.

At the same time, every effort has been made to deliver comfort alongside performance. A special reflective layer keeps your toes warm when it’s especially nippy, and the fully waterproof outer shell is built to stay that way.

Like all Deeluxes, you can choose from a variety of liners to suit your needs and budget. The higher-end ones are heat-mouldable, which is something that pays for itself right from the first lap.


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Flow Hylite Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Flow’s reputation for producing rear-entry bindings often means they are thought of as a brand positioned for the beginner and intermediate market. The Flow Hylite boot, however, is a perfect example of how well they also cater for the seasoned shredder.

New for this year is the ‘Heel Lock Boa’ system. Exclusive to the Hylite, it sees the side Boa connecting to the front of the boot, keeping the heel in place as a result and preventing the dreaded “heel lift”. It also has a built-in forward lean, which will favour the hard chargers out there and be more compatible with their binding setup.

The Hylite also features Flow’s highest-quality liner, with more features than you can shake a stick at. There’s heat-mouldable foam throughout, and an internal harness and powerstrap to ensure the most secure fit possible. Moisture from sweat escapes through vents in the tongue, and what little remains will be tackled by a coating that tackles bacteria (and therefore  boot-stink).

The insole of the boot features memory foam, so comfort won’t be an issue even when you’re screaming across crud. As for the outsole, a cold-resistant gel provides extra protection for your heel, Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and a material called ‘Vibram’ work together to deliver comfort and dampening without losing all the nuances of feeling.

The Flow Hylite is a serious boot that requires a serious rider – if that sounds like you, this is well worth a look.


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Flow Tracer Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The Flow Tracer is one of several new models introduced for the 2016/17 season. If the Hylite is too freeride-focused for your tastes, you may prefer this one; a jack-of-all-trades boot that’s as at home at a street spot as it is on a pillow line.

Most of the tech featured in the Tracer already existed in Flow’s line before this year, but one new development is the ‘B.F.T. Free-Track’ outsole, which they say offers an “authentic barefoot feel”. Not literally, of course; rather than having your toes freezing and falling off quicker than you can say Captain Scott, it gives you more sensation from the ride. It’s a preference thing, the enjoyment of which is dependent on the kind of riding you like to do, but if you value boardfeel then this one delivers it in spades.

The Tracer isn’t super-tech – and that’s reflected in the price – but it packs enough to do the job. The moisture-wicking liner keeps your feet fresh, while a layer of insulation between that and the outsole ensures you’ll stay toasty when the mercury drops. There’s also an internal harness, and a lightweight 3D-moulded tongue.

What this one lacks is any specialist focus, but that’s essentially true of any all-rounder boot. If keeping your options open on the hill is important to you, then the Flow Tracer is the kind of thing you should be considering.


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Head Five Boa Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

From Head, to your toes; the Head Five Boa is a new model that is designed to brighten the day of any confident freestyle rider.

The mid-stiff flex makes it suitable for mini- and mega-shred alike, and getting going is as simple as twisting the dial on the front. The Boa wire controls a ‘wrap strap’ that goes round your calf. As you twist the coiler, it tightens around your leg with an even pressure, avoiding the discomfort that can arise from an uneven fit. There’s also a powestrap underneath the dial, so you can customise the amount of support lower down your shin.

The liner features neoprene (the material you get in wetsuits), which is comfortable and also makes it easier to get in and out. Once your foot’s in place, the toe box automatically adapts to your unique shape and size, and a quick tug of the speed-lace is all you need to get things locked up tight. No matter how long you ride for, the charcoal-infused liner helps to keep the blood flowing and the boot-stink to a minimum.

The freestyle-specific characteristics of the Head Five Boa are pretty clever too; there’s extra padding in the heel of the liner for absorbing those heavy knuckle clips, and the sole is extra grippy so you won’t run into trouble when hiking a rail.

Any female riders who like the sound of this should check out the women’s version of the Five Boa.


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Head Six Boa Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The Head Six Boa Focus has been around for a while, but has been upgraded for 2016/17 with the brand’s ‘Perfect Fit’ liner. It’s heat-mouldable, and can even be done at home; just remove the liner, stick it in the oven for 5 minutes at 80oC, then pop it back in the boot and lace up as normal.

The resulting custom fit will mean that the liner’s many other features (including an adapting toe box and extra padding at the heel) will deliver a comfy ride right from the off. They also say that the liner improves blood flow around the foot, maintaining a pleasant temperature and preventing numbness.

Comfort aside, why else consider this boot? Well, if you like to crank the turns and ride transitions, you’ll probably appreciate the nine degrees of built-in forward lean. At the same time, it’s not mega stiff, so doesn’t make those the only options. Two Boa coils mean that you can achieve the perfect fit in both the upper and lower sections, and it’s still the quickest lacing system around.

The sole has been upgraded too, with increased grip at the toe and heel complimenting the main EVA cushioning. So whether you’re charging down chopped-up piste or hiking a stair set, it won’t let you down.

You could say the same of the Head Six Boa Focus boot as a whole; built to tackle the whole mountain without compromising on comfort.


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K2 Aspect Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

When we first laid eyes on the K2 Aspect at ISPO back in January, it had a crampon attached to it. It that doesn’t give you some idea of what this boot is for, then best check your gas pipes for a leak.

Serious, ice-pick-wielding shredders who exist in the gray area between snowboard and mountaineering require a different calibre of gear, and the K2 Aspect is just the ticket when it comes to footwear. The sole has been especially designed to fit snugly with a crampon, and has plenty of hard-wearing traction for standard climbs too.

The interior liner is fastened using a Boa coiler, while the outer shell boast a classic fat lace and powerstrap. This gives you myriad options for getting just the right tightness for both ascending and descending, and eliminates the need to fidget with inner-liner systems when you’re on the top of an exposed peak; just turn the coil and you’re good to go.

In order to withstand the elements, and the forces involved in epic descents, the main upper part of the boot is made with classic, durable leather. The liner has bucketloads of support courtesy of high-density foam, and even has a powerstrap of its own.

Naturally these come at a price, but are guaranteed to last longer than a common-or-garden boot when you’re tacking serious ascents. For the right rider, these are worth every penny.


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K2 Maysis Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The K2 Maysis makes a bold claim to be “the world’s best-selling double Boa boot”. Most two-coil systems are designed so that the tension of the wire on the upper cuff can be different to that of the lower zone, but K2 have gone another way.

One controls the tension of the inner liner, while the other secures the outer shell in a similar manner to a single-Boa system. This means that you can adjust the liner quickly and easily at all times, and will maintain the tension you set no matter what. For anyone currently frustrated with the need to frequently re-tighten their conventional liner, this could be a godsend.

As well as the lacing system, K2 have also put their own unique spin on the overall boot construction. They use a lot less stitching and glue than many competitors, reducing potential problems and delivering a consistent flex throughout. Looking at the liner again, a combination of two different densities of foam are used to make sure it’s not too rigid where it doesn’t need to be.

There’s also the Maysis+, which costs a little more but features a different version of the Boa system. With just one coiler you can set the fit of the outer shell in one of three different ways, giving you the exact calibration you’re after in both the upper and lower zones.


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Nitro El Mejor TLS Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Go into any snowboard shop and try on various pairs, and you’ll often find that the ones that display the most out-the-box comfort are the softer, more forgiving ones – for obvious reasons. However, Nitro reckon that this new model is the exception that proves the rule.

The Nitro El Major TLS is definitely a high-end boot for high-consequence riding, with a stiff flex and durable leather exterior. The sole contains Vibram, which stays malleable even in extreme cold in order to absorb the harshest landing and vibrations. Clearly, this is built to take a pelting, but that doesn’t mean your feet have to.

Naturally, most efforts to improve the comfort have been poured into the liner. This brand new ‘Cloud 10’ model ticks all the boxes, with memory foam and special materials at the heel and toe to improve both comfort and fit. They’ve also used D30 gel (which is soft to the touch but hardens to absorb impacts) in the footbed.

The dampening is further enhanced by air bubbles in the outsole, and it’s all fastness with a speed-lace system that is easily adjustable for ideal tightness without pressure points.

Of course, a softer boot will still be the better choice for beginners and the more loosey-goosey riders out there, but the Nitro El Mejor ensures that the crazy gang have an option that will keep them riding in comfort all day long, even when things get hairy in the backcountry.


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Nitro Venture TLS Bryan Fox Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Bryan Fox puts his own spin on one of Nitro’s best boots, upgrading various features in order to meet the demands of the backcountry.

Only serious riders need apply, but for those that can handle it this a souped-up beast of a boot.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Nitro Venture TLS Bryan Fox here


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Northwave Decade SL Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Northwave have been in the business a long time, and this is their flagship model. The Northwave Decade SL is a best-seller for the brand, and as popular with their team riders as with the general public.

It’s been tricked out with one of Northwave’s more high-end liners, which uses memory foam in key areas to ensure your foot’s unique shape is are well catered for. A powerstrap works with a quick lace to deliver all the support you need, and the EVA-enhanced footbed handles heavy impacts while also keeping your feet nice and toasty.

Naturally, there’s no place for heel-lift in this one. The heel of your foot is kept firmly in place by a webbing that is pulled tight when you fasten the laces. While the lacing system might not be the most straightforward, it’s well worth figuring out when you feel the benefits of a secure foot and custom tightening. It also won’t alter or slip, no matter how many hours you hit the hill for.

On the outside of the boot, the heel has been further reinforced to stave off the wear and tear that can do a number on your boots over time. It also has the ‘Double Crossbow sole’, which is fairly flexible without sacrificing too much response.

All brands’ best-sellers tend to be all-rounders, and the Northwave Decade is no exception. If you’re into the whole mountain, get into this boot.


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Northwave Prophecy SL Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

If you’re after something a bit more high-end, the Prophecy SL was designed to pass muster with the Northwave pro team – and passed with flying colours.

From dampening to heel hold, every milimetre of this has been built for the big stuff – we can’t imagine a scenario that the Prophecy SL couldn’t step up to.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 DC Prophecy SL here


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Ride Lasso Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Across their range of snowboards, boots and bindings, Ride make gear for all occasions. While there’s a lot of specialist stuff available, the Ride Lasso is more of a go-anywhere, do-anything model.

It’s still quite stiff, though, so powerful riders will get more out of it; those looking for something to go with their uber-soft setup may want to keep looking. For all-mountain chargers who love park, piste and pow, this can deliver a solid, stable ride.

J-bars incorporated into the liner provide extra support to what, thanks to high-density foam, is already a pretty sturdy number. A snug fit is guaranteed by the easy-lock lacing system, and a Boa that focuses on the boot’s tongue further secures your foot. On the outer shell, an additional Boa coiler evenly distributes pressure, and the loose wire automatically retracts to make getting in and out a piece of cake.

The eagle-eyed will notice the Michelin Man on the sole – the famous French tyre manufacturer/restaurant critic supplies the rubber, combined with phylon for light-yet-tough traction. Above it sits an insole that’s specially designed to take the knocks, especially at the heel.

Ride recommend getting the liners heat-moulded, but if you can’t get to a shop that does it then they should form to your foot pretty well after a few days. Whatever you go for, the end result is a workhorse of a boot with like-a-glove fit.


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Ride The 92 Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

With this new model, Ride tip the hat to their heritage. However, while the snowboard boots of 1992 looked like something from the golden age of Polar exploration crossed with what Alaskan children wear to school, the Ride 92 is as state-of-the-art as they come.

Feature-wise, the standout here is the ‘Tongue Tied Focus’ system, which fully secures both the liner and outer shell without any pinching or pressure points. The tongue has more free movement than usual, so you can get it sitting exactly where you want before tightening the wire. On top of that, the chunky powerstrap offers further adjustability to the level of support.

On some days, you should definitely ride these a little less cranked, and appreciate the tweakability. The flex, as well as the dual-density foam in the liner, mean that you can really contort yourself and tick off some of those weirder grabs. There’s still enough sturdiness to handle high speeds and big landings when you’re up for that, though.

‘Pocket’ sections of the liner match the shape of your ankle to ensure the fit is as good as can be, while J-bars offer added support. On the outside there’s a high-end Michelin colab sole and pure rubber toe cap, so expect these to last long enough to justify the price.


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Rome Folsom Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The stiff, serious Rome Folsom is designed to handle the forces encountered at the very highest speeds, and to keep you in control throughout. Just look at the liner, which will ensure your heel is kept more locked down than the prison that shares this boot’s name.

It’s heat-mouldable, and an indentation at the back provides a better fit with the area around your Achilles tendon. Grippy material on each side further holds things in place, and it’s all finished off with a velcro powerstrap.

Not that all that would be much use without a sturdy outer shell, but the Rome Folsom isn’t lacking in that department either. Lacing it up is as easy as twisting the Boa coilers – there’s one for the top cuff, and another for the lower section, so you’ll get the perfect fit in seconds.

The sole features Vibram, placed strategically to let the boot flex a little more from side to side while maintaining end-to-end response that you’ll appreciate when changing edges at speed. The traction and dampening work together to give you a consistent, comfortable ride that won’t result in tired feet.

It’s one of the more expensive boots in Rome’s line, but that’s what you should expect from a high-end model that won’t crap out on you when you’re melting it down the film early-morning groomers, or dropping bombs in the backcountry.


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Rome Libertine Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

If you need something more forgiving than the Folsom that will still hold up on the bigger stuff, then the Rome Libertine is worth a look. After all, it’s consistently a top pick among the heavy hitters of the Rome team.

The Rome Libertine has a classic lace, and is the only boot in the range to come in three different colourways. So it looks the business, but as with all boots it’s what you can’t see that matters most.

The liner is designed to match your foot shape as close as possible, with different materials targeted to the most effective places. As well as the specially-shaped heel section, it has a grippy lining at the heel itself to make sure it stays put when you’re on the move. Just as much care has gone into the other end, too; because everyone’s toes are different, there’s a stretchy section built in to accommodate all shapes and sizes comfortably.

The footbed is built to handle impact and stink-causing bacteria alike, and the outsole is light yet still has more than enough cushioning thanks to the use of a material called Poron. With plenty of traction on the sole combined with the same on the toe cap, this’ll grip your binding firmly all day.


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Salomon Hi-Fi Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

By now you might have noticed Bode Merrill’s latest pro model, the Salomon Ultimate Ride. The Salomon HiFi is to boots what that day-glo skull-adorned number is to snowboards – an all-round killer that’s capable of keeping up with one of the finest riders of his generation.

It’s pricey, but don’t assume that means it’s super stiff. The flex is fairly mellow, giving you the freedom to hit the rail line or side hits as well as the big, Bode-sized stuff. Neoprene, that stretchy rubberish material found in wetsuits, is placed at the ankle, allowing you to really contort the boot when you want to. It’ll hold up to a lot of abuse without packing though, thanks in part to a spine that maintains constant flex throughout the boot’s lifespan.

Salomon have specially tailored the EVA foam in the sole to take the big and small impacts alike in its stride, and it boasts their ever-reliable speed lace system which controls the upper and lower sections of the boot independently. Finally, all individual aspects of the boot’s construction are tweaked to work as well with each other as possible, something Salomon calls ‘Mutation’ Construction.

For those who find Salomon to be a bit on the narrow side, fear not; there’s a slightly wider version of the HiFi available too. So everyone should be able to get on with the Salomon HiFi, and you’d be a fool not to check it out.


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Salomon Launch Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Salomon may have dropped the chunky-laced version of the Launch for 2016/17, but fans of both Boa and speed systems are still covered. Here we look closer at the latter – which, as always, is a great-looking boot that comes in at a decent price.

All the attributes that made the Salomon Launch a winner in past years are still there. The freestyle-friendly flex is perfect for those who like to get loose in the park, and the zonal speed-lace system makes on-the-fly adjustments to both areas of the boot quick and easy.

The liner is not only heat-mouldable, but also far easier to wash than most. By reducing the amount of glue used in production, keeping boot stink at bay with regular washes is a piece of cake, and won’t cause any lasting damage. There’s other clever stuff going on too: a grippy section right at the heel catches on your sock to further prevent heel-lift, and the insole contains Ortholite memory foam for increased comfort and cushioning.

The sole has been upgraded, and is more than capable of handling heavy kicker landings from dawn to dusk. The clue’s in the name – this one wants to get airborne. Whether to you that means mellow side hits or the XL line, the Salomon Launch is a great affordable option.


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Thirty Two Jones MTB Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

To help him with his next foray into the wilderness, Jeremy Jones has designed a boot that changes the splitboarding game.

The Jones MTB increases your stride length, allowing you to hike further for longer – and it’s built to be extra compatible with crampons too.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Thirty Two Jones MTB here


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Thirty Two TM-Two XLT Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

If you’re after something a bit less techy – and pricey – than Jeremy Jones‘ serious touring boot (pictured above), then not to worry. He’s also passed his eye over this, the Thirty Two TM-Two Jones XLT snowboard boot. 

It’s essentially a souped-up version of the ever-popular TM-Two. They’ve replaced the STI foam outsole with a hard-wearing Vibram version, and added a rubber toe cap. The durability factor is now through the roof, but it hasn’t lost what made the original so popular either.

The TM-Two is designed to go everywhere, although is definitely a better fit for more confident riders. It features the highest-end liner that Thirty Two make, which has a powerstrap for extra support and built-in J-bars that keep your heel locked down.

On the outside, the cuff and tongue both allow for an even felx that doesn’t warp the shell, so there’s no loss of control and no uncomfortable pressure points – just set the classic fat lace how you like it, and you’re good to go.

This Batman-esque black/yellow design is Jeremy’s singature colourway, and it definitely gets our vote. There are a couple of other options available too though, if this one isn’t for you.


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Vans Implant Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The Implant boasts a no-frills design that packs a huge punch under the surface.

Thanks to the Custom Slide Guide there’s zero chance of heel lift, and a customisable powerstrap system gives you full control over the boot’s response.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Vans Implant here



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Vans Infuse Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Customisation, thy name is Vans; here’s a boot for the rider that never has two days the same.

The stiffness and response of the Vans Infuse can be ramped up from a mellow mid-flexer to serious charger, even when you’re in the middle of a session.

This is partially achieved by the Hybrid Plus system, exclusive to the Infuse. By turning the Boa on the side of the boot, you can control a wire across the front that, when cranked, provides extra support right where you most need it. Want a more relaxed ride? Easy – just ease it off a little. Two plastic bars can be slipped into pockets at the tongue, instantly increasing the support.

However you set these, they’ll always be comfortable. Excess heat can easily escape via a valve system that keeps the snow out, while the moisture-wicking properties of the liner prevent clamminess. Also, the Hybrid Plus ensures that even if you don’t crank it up all the way, your heel won’t be lifting off the bottom of your boot.

This is the boot of choice for Pat Moore, a man who doesn’t shy away from any aspect of snowboarding. The Vans Infuse helps him tackle everything, and will do the same for you too.


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