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The Top 40 Snowboards of 2013/2014 - Reviewed by the Whitelines Team

The Top 40 Snowboards of 2013/2014 - Reviewed by the Whitelines Team

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When it comes to choosing a snowboard, the possibilities are seemingly endless. There are so many thousands of variations of models with all kinds of technical variations – where do you even begin?

Our advice would be to start thinking about what you want your board to do. What do you like riding? What’s your ability level? How much do you want to spend? Then get on the research. This is where our 40 Top Snowboards comes into handy. Taken from the Whitelines 100 issue, the Snowboard Buyers’ Bible, this is a list of what our experts judge to be the best 40 boards on sale in the UK this winter.

The boards in this list were picked by the Whitelines team, based on the feedback and comments we received from the hundreds of riders of all ability levels (from pros and shop monkeys to members of the snowboarding public) who attended the Snowboard Spring Break event last May. Over the course of the week these testers wrote over 1,250 reviews of around 500 bits of snowboard kit, including 350 boards from 30 manufacturers, so there were plenty of voices involved!

Over the course of the week our testers wrote over 1,250 reviews of around 500 bits of snowboard kit, including 350 boards from 30 manufacturers.

We combined these opinions with technical information from the brands and the Whitelines test team’s own expertise (the four of us have over 60 years riding experience combined) to create our detailed and in-depth reviews. There are no bad boards in this list (it’s a top 40, so there bloody well shouldn’t be!) but each has its particular strengths, and some will suit different ability levels and riding styles better than others. We can safely say however that all the sticks we’ve picked are awesome. If you pick one of these that we’ve said will suit your level and style, you’re basically guaranteed a good time!

Better still we’re giving away one of these boards (the latest Ride Buck Up) for free! Have a look here to find out how to win it.

Scroll through the boards using the numbers below or click on each name to jump straight to the review of a particular board. NB. The boards are presented on these pages in alphabetical order – this ISN’T a countdown from 40 to 1.

Amplid Pocketknife Review
Apo Dragon Review
Bataleon Evil Twin Review
Bataleon Global Warmer Review
Bataleon Whatever Review
Burton Custom Flying V Review
Burton Lipstick Review
Burton Parkitect Review
Burton Trick Pony Review
Capita Defenders of Awesome Review
Capita Horrorscope Review
DC PBJ Review
DC Ply Review
Drake DF2 Review
Endeavor Boyfriend Review
Endeavor Color Review
Flow Quantum Review
Gnu Park Pickle Review
Head Evil I Review
Jones Hovercraft Review
K2 Happy Hour Review
K2 Slayblade Review
K2 Turbo Dream Review
Lib Tech Skate Banana Review
Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Model Review
Lobster Jibbaord Review
Ride Buck Up Review
Ride Buck Wild Review
Ride Machete GT Review
Rome Mod Rocker Review
Rome Shiv Review
Roxy Ally Review
Salomon Assassin Review
Salomon Sabotage Review
Salomon Villain Review
Signal Omni Light Review
Slash Happy Place Review
White Gold Flyer Review
Yes Basic Review
Yes 420 Review

  1. Saul W

    How come there’s no Nitro boards in there?

  2. guesswho

    this “review” is a joke. you can tell its freeride by the graphics? jussi designed the process, not this. it has one of the deepest sidecuts on the market (6.something metres, the smaller the number the deeper the sidecut). it has nothing to do with the custom at all whatsoever. you guys are terribly misinformed idiots

    1. tristan

      I’m assuming you’re talking about the Trick Pony? Burton’s own reps told us Jussi had been involved in the design of the board – and a quick check on the Burton website would seem to back that up.


      It does also share the same core as the Custom – Burton’s SuperFly II core – which is what he’s talking about when he refers to “the heart of the board”.

      With the graphic I think Ed is suggesting that freeride boards tend to have plainer graphics, so you could have a good guess at who the board was aimed at by looking at the simplicity of this one. I don’t think he’s suggesting it’s a hard and fast rule is he? Just a noticeable trend in the freeride market.

      The tech info behind all of these reviews (both the written and the video reviews) comes direct from the manufacturers themselves. The opinions on whether that tech works – and how it feels to ride – comes from us and our test team. Feel free to disagree with those, but our reviews aren’t misinformed!

  3. Mason Tuor

    The new Slayblade is significantly different than previous models and feels more like a Zeppelin than any Slayblade of past seasons. And that’s a good thing!

  4. Todd

    I chose the flying v custom because of the channel. The tech mimics the board options available from other manufacturers but the channel adds the ability to fine tune the stance to find the sweet spot underfoot. It’s light poppy and maybe a 5 flex. I ride a 162 in all conditions on the east coast.

  5. Phill

    Yes boards have been made at gs in Austria not nidecker for at least 2 seasons. Shouldn’t you guys know that?

  6. Chris

    I know I’m being that guy but… been browsing for a good park/jib board for this season, narrowed it down to the PBJ or the Shiv. I’ve got size 11 boots so if it’s the PBJ it’s gotta be the 155 wide. Any suggestion between the two?

  7. e

    Stoked Jamie got a job with Mervin

  8. Tristan

    Why is barely anyone doing Bataleon Boss reviews?

    1. steve

      The boss is just a stiffer evil twin IMO.

    2. James

      Because then nobody would buy any other freestyle board, it’s honestly that good – grips ice better than a normal TBT board and pops monster ollies, is fun to ride and spin about on and won’t let you down in any aspect of riding other than powder but I didn’t get a chance to go deep on it.

  9. Jamie

    Only boards better are lib tech boards with c2 – more stability and fun!!

    Gnu/lib tech boards RULES OVER EVERYTHING ELSE thanks to ‘Magnatraction’


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