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Best All Mountain Snowboards 2019-2020

The top all mountain snowboards, as chosen by the Whitelines Test Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the Best All-Mountain Snowboards for 2020/2021 by clicking here.

All Mountain Snowboards are your one board to do it all, your daily driver. The board that can sniff out pow stashes early morning, and then cruise through the banked slalom to hot lap the park in the afternoon. It’s most snowboarders dream to own a fleet of boards, that they can peruse and choose from depending on the conditions. The reality though, in most cases, is that the majority of us will end up purchasing a versatile all mountain snowboard.

“There’s an abundance of all-mountain snowboards on the market that claim to do it all, but only a handful that truly deliver”

The best all mountain snowboards are the ones that can do it all, and there’s an an abundance on the market that make the claim, but only a handful that truly deliver. It’s a tricky balance to strike: creating profiles that can deliver pop, whilst floating in powder; or carve aggressively and still inspire confidence to take a couple laps in switch. The purpose of this article is to point out our top all mountain snowboards to narrow the field a little.

There’s no ride or die formula that makes the best all mountain snowboard, because within the category, we can delve further into sub-categories. Is it a freestyle focused deck that can also dig trenches? Or a freeride phenom with surprising performance between the park ropes? Personal preference comes into play a lot when deciphering which snowboard will suit you best, and in no category more than all-mountain. So we’ve spent the winter testing and reviewing hundreds of snowboards to bring you this list, our top all mountain choices for 2019-2020.

For riders looking for that one “quiver killer” to pull out of the locker every day of the season this is your category. Every snowboard in this list has our Test Team seal of approval. These are the snowboards that performed in every area we took them in, and their versatility made an impression on us. Check out more of our Best Snowboard Buys

Best All Mountain Snowboards 2020

  • Salomon Assassin Pro
  • Bataleon Goliath
  • Burton Free Thinker
  • Ride Superpig
  • Rome Agent
  • Rome Warden

Scroll down to view all the best all-mountain snowboards, or skip to a particular model using the links below

Salomon Assassin Pro | Bataleon Goliath | Burton Free Thinker | Ride Superpig | Rome Agent | Rome Warden | Bataleon Evil Twin | Bataleon Fun.Kink | Bataleon Whatever | Bataleon BYND x MDLS | Borealis Tundra | Burton Custom | Burton One Hitter | Burton Process | Capita The Asyumlator | Capita Defenders of Awesome | Capita Mercury | Capita Outerspace Living | DC Mega | Gnu 4 | Gnu Riders Choice | Jones Frontier | Jones Mountain Twin | K2 Manifest | Korua Otto | Lib Tech Titty Fish | Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro | Lobster Stomper | Never Summer Proto Type Two | Nidecker Babs | Ride Warpig | Salomon Assassin | Slash ATV | YES Basic | YES Standard

Salomon Assassin Pro Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £560

With its versatile hybrid profile, lightweight core and stiffer flex, the Assassin Pro is truly a board that can do it all. Beefier than the traditional Salomon Assassin, it’ll suit a more aggressive rider who wants to tear shit up all over the mountain. What makes the Assassin Pro even more of an all-mountain trooper than the traditional Assassin, is the wider insert range for the bindings. While the Assassin has the range possibility of 5×2, the Assassin Pro offers a 6×2 variety, and thus makes it possible to set your bindings back even further when heading out on a powder day. With the back foot being placed further back on the board you’ll avoid putting your leg through any sort of major discomfort, something which makes riding powder noticeably more pleasant.

Just like its namesake, the Assassin Pro also carries a camrock profile, directional twin shape and quadralized side cuts. What tells these two apart, in the main, is the core.

The Assassin Pro’s core is made out of lightweight paulownia, a core type that Salomon likes to call the Ghost Green Core. Paulownia is one of the newer woods used for snowboard manufacturing, and one of its signature traits is that it is light yet strong.


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Bataleon Goliath Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £469 / €550

What makes the best all-mountain boards stand out is, ironically, their ability to blend in. Even down to its understated graphics, the Goliath doesn’t pigeon hole itself. A medium flex, classic camber profile and ’99% Twin’ shape will appeal to park rats and carving addicts alike.

The ‘Freestyle 3BT’ is their most versatile in the line. Each end of the board has an evenly proportioned three-step, spoon-like shape, with increased uplift in the widest parts of the board, known as ‘Sidekick’.

That translates as performance in all terrain and all conditions. Triple Base Technology offers more float in powder, increased grip on edge, less catch on rails, and rock-solid stability when straight-lining or ploughing through choppy snow. It’s the snowboard that breaks convention and stands out in Bataleon’s line as the master of all trades and jack of none.


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Burton Free Thinker Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £500/ €580

The Free Thinker is the more freestyle friendly one out of Danny’s two boards (with the Deep Thinker being the other one). This board is designed to tackle anything from park to powder. With a true twin shape, and a traditional camber profile, you’re in for a poppy responsive ride. The Free Thinker is a stick for the creative minds, the minds who wants to shred everything and anything, and do it in style – just like Danny Davis himself.

This manoeuvrable maniac of a board is strong yet light. It also provides consistent edge hold thanks to the design of the core. The wood grains in the core are positioned along the heel and toe edges, which makes the edge hold more consistent and gives the board more power. Add the tip to tail carbon layer to the mix, which tunes the torsional flex, and you’ll get yourself an even more aggressive board. You’ll be charging down the groomers and snapping your way through all the sides kicks with this funstick.


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Ride Superpig Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £500/ €570

The Ride Superpig is a board suited to an advanced all-mountain ripper, someone who feels comfortable riding mach-10 slashing and spraying. It has the classic Pig shape – blunt nose and tail reducing swing weight and allowing you to ride a slightly shorter, lighter, board. The flat nose has a pronounced rocker underneath it, to help lift the front of the board out of the snow when you’re riding in powder to make it float better. The rest of the board is cambered to give you solid edge hold on piste, while the four contact points make the board more stable and likely to bite on sketchy ice.

The directional shape gives you more surface area in the nose, keeping your weight over the tail of the board for optimum float in powder and so you can drive with your back leg to get more control on groomers.

Reinforced areas underneath your bindings work to absorb some of the vibrations, reducing the chatter and leaving you with a smoother and more durable ride. Five carbon stringers sit just outside the inserts which transfer your energy more efficiently to the opposite contact point.


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Rome Agent Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £370/ €430

Like all good secret agents, the Rome Agent is adaptable, versatile and a master of disguise. A makeover for this season has revealed a true twin shape underneath a powerful and sleek carbon mask. Those who enjoy stomping and sliding through the park, and then laying out deep carves and boosting off sidehits into fresh side-country snow then the Agent could just be your cup of tea.

The Agent has long been a powerhouse in the Rome line, a standout board amongst an arguably impressive array. It features Rome’s Fusion Camber profile- a long camber section, with a small rockered sections in the nose and tail. This hybrid profile is ideal for all mountain riding and you’ll be popping high and carving low with ease.

A bamboo rod is buried in the board at either end, starting between the inserts and heading out towards the tip and tail. These lil’ hotrods shoot power from underfoot outwards, so you can load up ollies and slashes without messing with the torsional stiffness.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – READ OUR FULL ROME AGENT SNOWBOARD REVIEW. 

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Rome Warden Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £350 / €400

A softer flexing model, it’ll be perfect for newer riders to build up confidence, with the ability to push themselves as they progress. It’s not a ‘beginner board’ that you’ll outgrow after a week of riding. Or if you’re a baller on a budget, and you’re looking for a go anywhere, do anything shred stick that isn’t gonna break the bank, then you’re in the right place.

Utilising Rome’s Fusion Camber profile, it has a small early-rise rocker zone in the tip and tail. This slight rocker will help to keep the board surfing along nicely when you’re off the beaten track, rather than you leaning so far back your back leg feels like it’s been chewed off. The rocker will also mellow up the board a little by stopping it from catching its edges so easily.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – READ OUR FULL ROME WARDEN SNOWBOARD REVIEW. 

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Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £429 / €490

The name is obviously derived from its shape, but you also get two for the price of one with the Evil Twin. On paper, it’s a board designed for life in the park; in reality, the rest of the mountain brings out an entirely different personality. It has been one of the most ridden, talked about and reviewed all-mountain freestyle snowboards for over a decade.

As a twin board, it’s not perfect in the powder, but the 3BT design of the base makes it float far better than a regular park deck. We’re not talking Surfer levels of float, but it’s effective nonetheless. This too has been improved by the increased Sidekick uplift at the widest parts of the board. Turn initiations, especially in cruddy conditions, feel incredibly smooth.


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Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £370 / €430

For first-time buyers, this might be the only board you ever need. For the old-timers who’ve been punishing themselves on oversized, under-flexing monoliths, this is snowboard that’ll hold you tight, tuck you in, and tell you everything’s going to be okay now. Whoever you are, snowboarding will never feel so Fun.Kink good again.

Mellow seems to be the buzz word here. There’s a mellow camber which provides enough pop and rebound without feeling like you’re strapping into a coiled spring. There’s also a mellow flex, that comes in just below the halfway mark on Bataleon’s scale. Lastly, there’s the mellow uplift in the side-base sections of the Triple Base profile.

Anyone looking for their way into snowboarding probably won’t find an easier path to enlightenment than they will on the Fun.Kink.  Because it’s a 99% twin shape, the board feels incredibly balanced and versatile in almost every condition. That other 1% comes in the form of a little extra length beyond the contact points in the nose, providing a helping stable hand in variable snow.


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Bataleon Whatever Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £399/ €460

There’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re building confidence across the whole mountain or building up your bag of tricks in the park, it’s one that every rider should keep on their radar when searching for their next board.

With a flex pattern slap bang in the middle, Bataleon’s Twin 3BT and sidekick profile, and a 99% twin outline (yeah, you read that correctly, there’s just a fraction of extra length in the nose, beyond the contact points) the Whatever knows how to ride just about everything.

A mellow camber running from tip to tail and a carbon stringer running between the inserts gives the board plenty of snap and rebound when you want to push it, but still leaves that silky smooth edge to edge transition Bataleon are known for. Rolling the board onto an edge feels like the closing latch on your front door: Easy does it and then ‘click’ – you’re locked in.


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Bataleon BYND x MDLS Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £429/ €490

For strong intermediate and up riders it’s hard to look too far beyond the Bataleon BYNDxMDLS. The Freestyle 3BT is the most versatile in Bataleon’s line. You get a medium uplift in the nose and tail sidebases, making it glide over powder and jib on slush confusingly well for a full camber profile. The added Sidekick injects a further dose of forgiveness and float, with increased stability in turn initiation, too.

Almost everything remains the same. You get the 99% twin shape, so the board will flex, ride and feel like a true twin, with a centimetre of extra length in the tip to help charge when the conditions get a little deep or dicey. They’ve only slightly eased off on the hollow carbon tube additives along the sidewalls. Only just, though. This thing’s still a complete beast.


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Borealis Tundra Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £459/ €499

The Tundra gives almost any of the big-boy quiver killers on the market a run for their money. Where the Tundra aims to set itself apart is in its construction. The ‘Ultra Light’ core blends poplar and paulownia stringers, reinforced with bamboo rods to keep the snap and response high, and the swing weight down. The Tundra lets you leave your mark across the whole mountain, whilst reducing the one left on your bank account and the planet.

The ‘Glider Camber’ adopts a camrock style profile through its length. So, grip on the pistes, float in the powder, fun in the park are all on the menu. Anyone who has strapped a snowboard in at least once since 2010 surely knows the deal by now.


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Burton Custom Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £510/ €600

What can be said about the Burton Custom that hasn’t been said before? It’s an institution. Whether you were aiming to be the next carving king, backcountry baron, park prince or slope Caesar, the Burton Custom has got you covered. If you’re a stronger rider then this is a board that can truly be ridden anywhere.

A traditional camber profile will make you pop until you drop, whilst still giving you loads of power and stability; all while the sintered base takes care of your speed and has you flashing by like the roadrunner. Despite the Custom taking the shape of a Directional board, you won’t find riding switch too much trouble.

The benefits of a directional shape are there though, and once you set off for your backcountry conquest you’ll find that the surface area of the nose is a bit bigger –  meaning you can float your way through the white powder fields feeling lighter than air itself.


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Burton One Hitter Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £440 / €500

The Burton One Hitter is a board you can take out for every occasion. Whether you’re in the mood for cruising down the piste with your mates, hitting any odd side hits, lapping the park, carving the groomers or diving deep into an ocean of white snow – the One Hitter’s got your back.

The profile is camber with rocker towards the front – this means you can expect plenty of power in your turns, a responsive ride and unmatched edge control, while still getting a nice bit of pop from the board. The rocker in the nose ensures you’ll stay afloat in the powder.

The directional shape is ideal for cruising and carving, the stiffer tail allowing you to drive through turns. With a flex rating of 4, this is a fun and forgiving friend to ride around the mountains with.


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Burton Process Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £390/ €460

The Process is no one trick pony. With a sintered base you’ll be guaranteed speed, while the poppy profile makes sure you can both jib your way through the park or stomp the kicker line without any problems. The triax fiberglass makes the board slightly stiffer and adds to its responsiveness, while the frostbite edges provides greater control.

With camber between the feet and a short flat profile near the contact points, Burton have put a playful twist on a powerful profile. The flat parts at both ends soften the transition before the early rise at tip and tail and with a combination of strong and light wood in the core, you end up with a stable and lightweight ride.


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Capita Asymulator 2019-2020

PRICE: £460/ €499

This hard charging maniac is ideal for those who are looking to rip through the piste and park. You can definitely tell this thing apart from the other boards just by looking at the shovelhead tip and tail. The unique shape isn’t just for show, it’ll help with floating over varied terrain and the asymmetric sidecut delivers extra power and drive to your heelside carves.

With Capita’s P2 Superlight core you’re in for a poppy shock absorbent ride. Add the technora flax boosters, new for Capita this season, and you can expect an even smoother ride. If you know you’re one to have a habit of ripping through anything that comes your way, you can be sure this board will keep you from looking like Bambi on ice while doing so.


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Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £420/ €459

Cruise or charge – Capita’s bestselling beast is down for anything. This stick is a confidence booster, ready to give you the ride of your life. If you’re looking for a board that can not only do it all, but do it well, Capita’s DOA is definitely worthy of consideration.

You’ll get plenty of pop and stability with this stick, and with a short flat part just outside the bindings you’ll get even more stability whether you’re riding piste or rails. The short rocker section at both tip and tails adds forgiveness to the ride and jibbing around the slopes becomes a considerable option too.

This boss of a board is as tough as a bulletproof vest. Literally. The sidewalls of the DOA are made out of Kevlar, which is the same material used for bulletproof vests. Using a Kevlar S wrap, the sidewalls are wrapped from the top of the sidewall to the underside of the core with a lightweight and durable technology. Safe to say, you can charge through anything without having to fear that the board could be about to take a fatal hit.


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Capita Mercury Snowboard 2019-2020

PRICE: £510/ €559

This snowboard has all the elements of a heavy hitter. The camber in between the feet provides quick edge to edge turns as well as high speed and pop without the loss of stability. With rocker at both ends, you’ll get a smooth ride and plenty of float in powder. The midsection of the board is slightly stiffer than the rest and will add additional power, response, and snap to your ride.

New for the Mercury this year is the Hyperdrive base. This custom formulated and exclusive to Capita’s Mothership sintered base makes the board even faster. With a high-density core and bamboo power rods, you’ll get the best of both worlds – a core that boasts strength with a seriously light overall weight. You’ll be riding over choppy snow with ease.


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Capita Outerspace Living 2019-2020

PRICE: £370/ €399

Who wouldn’t want to have one board that can do it all? The Capita Outerspace Living is a great choice if you’re planning to invest in only one board this season, this stick is built for cruising the whole mountain with ease. This is the ideal partner – you can take this thing out for a swim in the deep, and once the powder is all tracked out you can hit the park.

This board has got more kick to it than your high school punch. The core is made out of lightweight poplar and beech, which makes it a powerful, durable and lightweight weapon. New for this year are the Inlaid HD Titanal Struts integrated into the core for structural reinforcement. Basically, Capita’s added aluminium to the core channels to provide an extra boost.


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DC Mega 2019-2020

PRICE: £460/ €520

The DC Mega draws inspiration from skate tech and culture and combines a consistent and solid flat section with a longer camber to create the ultimate in pop and stability. The positive camber in the mid-section of the board gives it life and aggression on piste. The board can be spring loaded for extra speed when you’re bouncing edge to edge through fast turns. Flattening off outside the contact points keeps it smooth and less catchy, and gives a lil’ extra float when you score some fresh.

The topsheet is engineered to give more torsional flex, allowing you to get more board feel underfoot. It’s a more forgiving flex which’ll give you a little wiggle room to make mistakes without kicking your arse. A blend of beech and poplar in the core keeps it springy and adds extra strength so you can chuck it round without worrying.


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Gnu 4 2019-2020

PRICE: £535/ €600

It utilises Gnu’s C3 profile, which is their most aggressive and the most similar to a traditional camber. Super mellow rocker between the feet, with aggressive camber out towards the nose and tail leaves you with a board that has the best of both worlds.

The hybrid profile keeps you feeling surfy when you’re cruising in the chowder, and leaves you rock solid and stable when you’re ripping shit up on the groomers. The tail is rounded off, reducing the surface area and forcing it to sink more when you’re getting steep and deep, with a slightly larger nose to keep its head above water easier. The 4 can dominate the whole mountain with ease.

As with all Gnu offerings the 4 has magnetraction running down the sidecut, giving you that helping hand when the going gets tough. The serrations cut through the sketchy ice patches and keep you cruising even when the conditions are less than ideal.


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Gnu Riders Choice 2019-2020

PRICE: £510/ €570

The Riders Choice says it all in the name – it’s everyone’s favourite. It’s the perfect go anywhere, do anything board, if you’re looking for a one board quiver killer then clap your peepers on this little beauty. Mid flexing for your comfort so it’s the ultimate formula for an all mountain slayer. Stiff enough to hold its line when you want to really lay into your carves, soft enough so you can still jib and play around.

The Riders Choice uses Gnu’s C2X profile, which features a shorter rockered section between the feet to keep the board a bit more floaty and mellow. Outside of this, it has longer and more aggressive cambered sections outwards running to the tip and tail. The Camber keeps the board feeling lively and dynamic and improves on piste performance by loading pressure towards the nose and tail.


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Jones Frontier 2019-2020

PRICE: £418/ €480

Formally known as the Explorer, the Jones Frontier gets a fresh lick of paint, an overhauled core packed with eco materials and finds its way back into our 100 selection. By no means is this the gnarliest, stiffest, fastest or most experimental shape from Jones, but simple things done well are often the most impressive. Especially when they’re finished off with that topsheet.

The directional camrock profile definitely favours the nose of the board for floating in deeper conditions, but there’s ample room in the tail to switch things up whenever the mood takes you. Subtle spoon profiling in the nose and tail gives increased lift in powder but makes transferring between edges on the piste a doozy, too.


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Jones Mountain Twin 2019-2020

PRICE: £439/ €500

The Mountain Twin remains Jones’ best selling board in the line. It’s no surprise really. You get all the quality, expertise and performance found in their quiver decks, bundled into their most versatile, freestyle friendly, all-mountain rip stick. This is a board that’s very much geared towards charging the entire mountain, but one that is more than happy to chuck the odd spin or press, here and there.

Although it has a directional twin outline, the flex is that of a true twin. You only need to look down to your feet to see the Mountain Twin was clearly designed to be ridden both ways. Having just a little extra volume in the nose will keep turn initiations smooth and help to smash through the crud or powder with your best foot forward. That said, you won’t feel hindered when you want switch things up.


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K2 Manifest 2019-2020

PRICE: £470/ €530

The Manifest is a board that’ll stick its feet up and make itself at home no matter where you take it. A powder friendly, piste ripping, kicker smashing rip stick? Count us in. A tribute to fallen K2 comrade Aaron Robinson this deck personifies his vibrant and fun loving attitude, and is a worthwhile team and fan favourite.

A set-back camber section between the feet lets you get down and dirty with your carves and you’ll be yearning for turning when you get up on your edge. It’ll be dynamic and poppy on piste, and the Carbon Darkweb stringers under each binding will increase the torsional response, so edge to edge you’ll be lightning.


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Korua Otto 2019-2020

PRICE: €399

The Otto stands out in the Korua line as their most conventional, all-mountain shape. It’s the straight-laced brother of the family but still loaded with the DNA that’s given the red and white chargers their cult classic status. With KORUA’s wider than average waist width, the Otto still has a decent amount of float and stability to charge the morning hard-pack or power through freshies with the rest of the red and white brigade.

It has the softest flex out of the line, with a symmetrical nose and tail, and only a slight setback. Clearly, it’s crying out to be ridden both ways. There’s plenty of camber running through the board’s length, with only a touch of rocker in the tail. But combined with KORUA’s wider than average waist width, the Otto still has a decent amount of float and stability to charge the morning hard-pack or power through freshies with the rest of the red and white brigade.


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Lib Tech Titty Fish 2019-2020

PRICE: £520/ €580

This year’s version of the Titty Fish remains a directional shape, but has lost the crescent-cutaway nose in favour of a more twin-styled shape at either end, so it gives bumps up the freestyle characteristics without detracting from any of its freeride performance. Not for the timid rider, this aggressive all mountain board will provide plenty of speed and power regardless of the the terrain beneath it.

Lib Tech’s patented aggressive C3 Camber shape combined with the stiffer flex pattern is built for all-mountain ripping. The camber at either end of the board gives you pop for hitting jumps and grip for riding on the board’s limit, whilst the mellow rocker through the middle is is forgiving enough that you should be able to turn easily in all conditions.


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Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro 2019-2020

PRICE: £535/ €600

Travis’ notorious pro model is back again and it’s here to stay. Coming in either a pointed or blunt nose shape, depending on your size preference, Travis’ all-terrain weapon is a power house across the entire mountain. It features a pronounced rocker in the middle to help you float through the backcountry by lifting the nose and tail, whilst the individual cambers under foot, combined with Lib Tech’s ‘Magnetraction’ edges, will provide that much needed grip when charging at max speed or simply trying to survive the early morning ice.

Don’t be put off thinking you have to ride like the man himself to do this board justice though – the somewhat intermediate flex, through a combination of tri and biaxl fibre glass layers, still provides enough torsional forgiveness to keep the board’s more playful characteristics at the fore.


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Lobster Stomper 2019-2020

PRICE: £399/ €460

The Stomper has seen a few changes this year to make it a bit more of an all mountain charger rather than an out and out freestyle machine. Some of the volume has shifted back to give a little extra nose, and while this won’t muck up your switch landings, it will give a more stable on piste feel and a bit easier handling in powder.

The core is a mix of paulownia and poplar wood, keeping the board lightweight but not sacrificing durability or pop. To further accentuate the snap and lively personality of the Stomper, they’ve added D.S.T (dual super tubes). Two hollow carbon tubes are milled into the bottom of the core to get rid of the crackle and add more snap and pop.


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Never Summer Proto Type Two 2019-2020

PRICE: £599/ €699

The Never Summer Proto Type Two is an aggressive all-mountain board, which will take you through the deep stuff, hold an edge on the iciest of slope, and swing you through the park with ease – all in one day. When you take a closer look at the board, its shape resembles something of a Tom Selleck-like moustache. Never Summer calls this moustache-like profile a ‘ripsaw rocker camber profile’ – rocker in between the feet and camber both underneath and outside the feet.

What this means is that you’ll have less pressure over the contact points, so rather than the board being pushed against the snow you’ll be allowed more float . The camber provides tremendous pop and aggressive edge hold so basically, you’ll get all the things you’d want from a camber board while also getting the playfulness of a rocker


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Nidecker Babs 2019-2020

PRICE: £475/ €500

If you’re looking for an old school design wrapped around a technically advanced all-rounder, you’ll definitely have a blast ripping through the mountain on this one. If you’re looking for a performance board with precision, this comeback kid is more than ideal.

Keeping it traditional, the Babs takes on the classic camber profile that was, and still is, the bedrock for performance snowboards, especially those that excel in the pipe. The camber profile provides pop, excellent edge-hold, and response – making it ideal for laying down those clean carves. If you’re looking for a performance board with precision, this comeback kid is more than ideal.

With a light yet strong core, carbon and Kevlar for added strength and dampening, and Nidecker’s lightning fast base, you can be sure this board won’t let you be the last one down the hill.


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Ride Warpig 2019-2020

PRICE: £425/ €500

The Warpig takes no prisoners. It’s a hard charging, pow surfing, slush slashing weapon of mass destruction. If you’re after a board that’s going beat the shit out of your friend’s neatly arranged quiver, then this might just be the hog to handle it.

The directional shape lends itself nicely to ripping and gripping on groomers, with the board being just stiff enough to hold its edge through those tasty carves. A blunt nose and tail reduce swing weight so there’s no excuse not to get that three up to a five right…? The cut off tip and tail also mean you’re able to downsize without losing control, with the effective edge remaining consistent to that of a larger board.

You want to ride the Warpig slightly shorter than your regular board, and in doing so you’re able to dominate it more, throw it into spins easier, and get tighter turns.


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Salomon Assassin 2019-2020

PRICE: £470

This all mountain beast has become a favourite amongst many and if you’re looking to buy one board that can do it all, the Assassin is a worthy weapon of choice. This all-round killer assures you can cover any terrain you’ll face. The camrock profile, directional twin shape and stiffish flex makes this a versatile freestyle board that thrives in the park and beyond. With the Aspen wood core and bamboo in both tip and tail (for increased pop), you can be sure this board will have your back whether you’re stomping kickers in the park or carving down the piste.

If you’re looking for a specialist board for a very particular type of riding you might need to turn elsewhere – but if you’re in the market for a versatile all-rounder the Salomon Assassin will be right up your street. It might not be ideal for beginners, but intermediate to advanced riders will appreciate pretty much everything this board has to offer.


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Slash ATV 2019-2020

PRICE: £460/ €529

The ATV is the OG of the Slash line up. It’s pure snowboarding with a modern twist. Designed by Gigi himself, this is the go-to board for all-mountain freestyle riders looking for a hard-charging, zero compromising shred stick. As its name would suggest, the ATV will just about go anywhere with relative ease.

No fancy twists and bends with this one. The ATV is a straight-up, tip to tail camber – and quite an aggressive one at that. Despite the endless variations on rocker/flat/hybrid profiles these days, nothing can ever match up to the overall power, pop, precision and overall badassery of the classic bend.

Take it to the biggest jumps, point it down the steepest piste or just plough it through the afternoon slush, the ATV makes light work of the most demanding terrain.


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YES Basic 2019-2020

PRICE: £359

If you’ve been snowboarding anywhere within the last decade, chances are you’ve seen a YES Basic somewhere on the slopes. It’s a snowboard that genuinely embarrasses a lot of more costly boards out there. It performs like so many others claim to, but at only a fraction of the price. While ticking off all the basics, it still leaves a couple tricks up its sleeve for a slight edge in the mountains.

The Underbite edges pull short sections of sidecut in, towards the bindings, by a couple of millimetres. By reducing the edge’s contact (and therefore pressure) in this area, you gain a lot more in the front, centre and back of the sidecut, depending on where in the turn you are.


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YES Standard 2019-2020

PRICE: £439

A park inspired shape that rides in the powder is something that you’ll hear from a lot of brands. Some work; some don’t. The YES Standard makes such a claim but goes about achieving this a little differently. Make use of the Slamback inserts (which allow you to align yourself towards the back of the board), you’ll be surprised how well this freestyle deck can keep up with the big boys off piste.

Riding at low tide, the Standard behave like any park board worth its salt should. There’s enough camber underfoot to send it off the big features with equal rocker sections in the nose and tail to keep the ride a little more forgiving and catch-free.

Here’s where things get weird. Yes, it’s a true twin – but only for the running length of the effective edge. The directional volume shape adds a little more surface area into the nose than the tail, allowing the board to sit up in the fresh stuff more easily.


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