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Best Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

This year's best snowboard mittens, reviewed by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2018/2019 Best Snowboard Mitts here

Which is best, gloves or mitts? Trends may come and go, but only you know what works best for you. There are certain advantages to going for the full paw, so have a read of this before making up your mind.

First off, a mitt is usually the best choice if you’re going to be riding in extremely cold temperatures, and aren’t too fussed about having the use of your fingers. Bunching all of your fingers up together gives you more warmth, which is especially good for those with poor circulation.

Obviously there’s a trade-off in dexterity, so you might prefer to go with gloves if you’re going to be wrangling with a splitboard, for example. However, for most people on the mountain, a sturdy mitt will be fine.

“There are some truly weird and wonderful designs out there from those who have taken advantage of having a mini-canvas on each hand”

Not all mitts are alike, of course. Some would see Ranulph Fiennes through his next Arctic adventure, whilst others are lightweight and best suited for spring conditions. There are also ‘trigger’ models which free up your index finger, retaining most of the warmth benefit but also allowing you to tap at a phone screen.

Mitts also offer more opportunity for interesting graphics; sure enough, there are some truly weird and wonderful designs out there from those who have taken advantage of having a mini-canvas on each hand. It may not be the most crucial aspect, but it’s one worth mentioning.

Here are a few of the best snowboard mitts for 2017/18. With so much variety, you’re bound to find a pair you like.

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Burton | Dakine | DC | HOWL | Neff | Oakley | POW Rome | Roxy | Transform

Burton [ak] Oven Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

Mitts this good don’t exist by accident – Burton’s [ak] badge means top of the line and these Oven mittens come packed with tech to keep your hands warm and dry, even in the fiercest of conditions.

Leather palms give great protection against both the elements and sharp corners like rocks and board edges, whilst the backs are insulated with triple goose down.

Then there’s a 15oz layer of primaloft before the sweat-wicking fleece liner, all topped off with Gore-Tex’s WINDSTOPPER treatment for that extra level of chill protection.

Fit wise it’s pre-curved to your natural hand position meaning you’ll feel like you’ve got almost nothing on as you’re riding. It’s well worthy of its namesake destination, and if you ever find yourself heading to ultra-cold zones like Alaska, British Columbia or Japan then these would see you through nicely.


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Burton Workhorse Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

One of our favourite mitts ever – the three piece outer design of the Burton Workhorse – that mimics the mitts lifties buy from hardware stores – gives ample room to move around in, and rather than utilising complex fabric tech the simple wide elastic cuff provides enough venting to dramatically cut down on stinky hand syndrome.

The raw leather back can soak up moisture on warmer days, but the airflow the design allows means that they can stuff it with a ton of fleece and almost guarantee you’ll stay dry.

Perfect for anyone that burns up in over-insulated gloves, we’ve ridden and worked in these everywhere from 3500m in Verbier to catboarding in Japan and have never been disappointed.


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Burton Warmest Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

You don’t get a name like Burton Warmest Mitts without some serious insulation to back it up. These long length mittens come out and over the jacket then cinch at the wrist to lock in warmth and seal out snow.

Not only that but they also come packed full of both RSD 550 Fill Power Down and ThermaCore insulation, meaning that even the most Renhard’s Disease-riddled fingers will manage to keep their circulation on a powder day.

Staying dry is just as important for heat retention as stuffing your palms with duck down, so Burton made sure they added their DRYRIDE two-layer fabric to the membrane, keeping out cold snow melt but also wicking away any sweat that might linger. They may be a bit bulky looking, but if you value hand warmth over style then these will do the job.


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DaKine Fillmore Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

The DaKine Fillmore mitt leads their ‘Method’ series of men’s gloves this winter, designed with freestyle fit and fashion in mind as well as function.

The palm is made from water resistant leather and the back’s shell component has been DWR treated, meaning that even whilst shoveling spring booters into existence these should do the job and keep you dry.

They have a 300g fleece lining, putting them right in the middle of the warmth scale and should be about right for most Euro resort riders, balanced for sunny powder days or mid-winter park laps.

There’s a trigger mitt version that is phone compatible, but the standard full mitt version still comes with a nose wipe should you get the odd sniffle.


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DaKine Fleetwood Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

A mitt for women who want a decent balance between form and function, the DaKine Fleetwood comes packed full of features – high loft synthetic insulation and fleece lining for warmth, water repellent leather palms and a nylon/polyester, DWR treated shell to keep the wet out – but doles them out in a neat package that keeps them looking streamlined and stylish.

Mid-warmth rated, they might need a pair of liners should you really feel the cold, but for most riders these will kill it all over the mountain right up until spring, probably why boss lady Leanne Pelosi has put her name to a signature colourway this year!


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DC Shelter Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

Keeping it steezy for 2018, DC’s Shelter mitt will provide you with enough waterproofness to facilitate all your hand-dragging needs in the park, but might stop short of keeping you toasty out in the backcountry – for that they’d recommend the accompanying Shelter Liners, though any old liner will do.

The outer is a simple polyester shell, though the insert (between the outer and the liner) is rated at 10k for waterproofness and breathability, so whilst they look pretty gangster, they’ll actually do a good job for piste cruising and jib laps until the temperature really drops.


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DC Supply Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

We like a good leather mitt here at WL, so we were stoked when these full grain Supply mitts from DC showed up.

With 100g of insulation they keep a trim profile, but the nice big elasticated cuff will do a complimentary job keeping your residual hand warmth in as well, making this a pretty good all-round, all mountain mitten.

Leather does have its limits when it comes to waterproofness, but the insert liners feature 10k weatherproofing as well, so unless you’re heading to Alaska on a camping mission these should hold up pretty good.


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HOWL Vans Collab Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

With Danimals receiving a pro-model Vans boot this year, it makes a lot of sense to see a full collaboration between the waffle grip and HOWL, with these mitts more than holding up the independently owned brand’s end of the deal.

They pack as much tech as they drip with style, with 10k/10k cordura outers and Superloft insulation leading the charge for warmth and dryness. No wonder then that they made the cut for our top 100 products for 2017/18 – hit the link below for a full review.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 HOWL x Vans Collab here


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HOWL Sexton Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

Not one for vegans, Joe Sexton’s pro model HOWL mitts come with tough as nails goat leather throughout as well as normal bovine suede highlights like at the back of the finger tips.

Blending natural protection with man made materials gives them a Hipora liner with a 10k/5k waterproofing and breathability rating, and then the chunky ribbing at the cuff performs as well as it looks – there won’t be much heat lost there.

They get Sexton’s 1817 brand seal of approval as well, so these will go down well with park rats and tow-rope enthusiasts alike, great as they feel like they’ll be able to put up with a beating.


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Neff Character Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

Sold more for the art space on the back of your hands than actual practicability, we dig the fun lovin’ honesty of these mid-winter mitts.

No, there isn’t much breathing room available under the eight ounces of fiberfil insulation so you’re liable to get sweaty, but damn you’re going to look good either hanging out at the park or in line for some overpriced apres.


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Neff Klaw Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

According to Neff, the Klaw is their warmest mitt in the line, though as they’re more for spring park laps than January pow we won’t be packing these for somewhere serious anytime soon.

But that’s not the point – with a low price point these trigger mitts are there to keep your hands as fresh as the rest of your outfit with the added bonus that the brushed lining inside is one of the comfiest glove materials we’ve come across.

Hipora inserts do a little to waterproof these up, but come spring you’ll probably be glad of a little damp to cool you down during hot laps.


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Neff Ripper Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

‘Member pipe gloves? Well, these are pipe mitts, all the lightweight, spring ready appeal of the original but with a bit of room for your fingers.

Nope, there’s no Gore Tex here, but the neoprene knuckles and cuffs are way better suited to letting your paws breathe in the warm and go a long way to negate the effects of stank hand.

Synthetic leather palms mean you can crank grabs without ripping them to shreds immediately, and the seams have silicon sealant to help stave off the worst of the wet. Most importantly, they’re cheap as chips, so grab a pair for spring laps or summer glacier shredding.


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Oakley Roundhouse Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

One of the few mitts that is touchscreen compatible – normally that tech is reserved for gloves – but these simple and stylish Oakley Roundhouse mitts are touch tech compatible on the fingertips, so you can browse other people’s holiday snaps whilst riding the chairlift.

The palms come with a silicone grip pattern so you don’t accidentally drop said smartphone into oblivion, plus it makes carrying and grabbing your board a touch easier.

Rated at 10k for waterproofness and breathability these will do the job for most of the season, keeping you warm without bulking up your hands via Thinsulate insulation.


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POW Crescent GTX Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

Packed full features, the POW Crescent GTX Women’s Mitt is designed for as close to total protection as possible.

The shell and palm are water resistant, whilst the GORE-TEX insert should keep the rest out as well as letting your paws breathe.

There’s 100g of Thinsulate to hold in warmth, plus the mitts come in a long shape that lets you cinch them over or under your sleeve to max out either protection or ventilation depending on your needs.

Best of all is the merino liner, meaning you’ll never ever catch a whiff of stank-hand whilst donning these!


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POW Stealth GTX Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

We love the POW Stealth’s full leather outer layer with its inbuilt water resistance, but combining the natural outer layer with a GORE-TEX insert means that these are some of our favourite mitts on offer for this winter.

Somehow they’re packed with over 100g of Primaloft Gold insulation and yet still retain a nice sleek, low profile, perfect for those that want kit that performs good but isn’t bulky or flashy.


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Rome Bronson Len RK1 Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

Specifically designed for cold days hiking or digging, the Rome Bronson Mitt is rated for the -7°C and under days that the RK1 crew are accustomed to in Norway, hence why Alek Østreng and Len Jorgensen have both been given signature colour ways this winter.

Lenny Powers’ over-mitt is pictured, with leather palms and a long fit for durability and added protection – you can find a full review and explanation as to why it’s one of our top 100 products for 2017/18 though the link below.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 Rome Bronson here


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Roxy Premiere Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

If you’re liable to really feel the cold, Roxy’s Premiere Mitts come filled with 170g of PrimaLoft Gold insulation, about double that of most other gloves we’ve tested this year. 
The shell is 100% leather with all its great grip, durability and weatherproofing, but under that there’s a DryFlight insert should any moisture creep further.

The cuffs do up nice and easy so there’s less faffing, more riding, all with comfort and warmth.


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Transform KO Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

Perfect park gloves, Transform KOs will do the job lapping t bars and ‘Gramming on the go – they’re touchscreen compatible, however that wizardry is performed – plus with their low profile shape they’ll stay fresh tucked into a hoody or jacket.

The KOs also grab as good as they punch with rubber palm protector, and a bit of insulation wrapped up in a Hypora insert means that on days good enough to hit the park you’ll have the right level of protection.


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Transform Photo Incentive Snowboard Mitts 2017-2018

The Photo Incentive Mitt is one of the most popular offerings from Transform thanks to its full leather construction, Hipora waterproof inserts and toasty warm Thinsulate insulation.

The Photo Incentive Mitt is ideal for all weather conditions, and features touchscreen compatible thumbs and wrist leashes to make for one of the tastiest mitts in the game.


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