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Best Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

Chosen by the Whitelines Test Team

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  • If you want the absolute warmest handwear for the mountain then a good pair of snowboard mitts is your best choice.

    The theory behind mitts is simple: they keep your fingers together within the fabric, and they expose less surface area to the cold. Both of these factors reduce the amount of heat lost through evaporation.

    Of course, this being snowboarding there are a ton of variations within this theme, from full-on backcountry hand protection to lightweight, park-orientated models.

    “What they lack in digits, snowboard mitts make up for in style”

    The best mitts – at least, in terms of pure warmth and shelter – will combine a cosy lining with a Gore-Tex shell (Gore-Tex fabric offers the ultimate combination of waterproofing and breathability). Leather and suede mitts are also popular these days, but will need the occasional wax treatment to ensure they don’t start to soak up water.

    The obvious downside of mitts is that you sacrifice dexterity – fiddling with your bindings, making a phone call or smoking a marijuana cigarette will require you to ditch them occasionally. Trigger mitts offer something of a compromise by freeing your index finger, but if being able to flip the bird is important to you then you might want to check out our list of the best snowboard gloves for 2018/19.

    What they lack in digits, however, snowboard mitts make up for in style. The large palms offer a great space for brands to experiment with graphics, while the whole package is just cleaner, with fewer fiddly seams – making for a tidy look as you blast out of the white room and wipe the powder from your face!

    For more advice, check out our video guide on how to choose your gloves and mitts.

    Scroll down to view all the best snowboard mitts, or skip to a particular model using the links below

    10Peaks Mount Babel | 10Peaks Neptuak | Burton Profile | Burton Prospect | DaKine Baron | DC Franchise | Drop Chris Roach | Drop Tahoma | Love Inc. Chorlton | POW August Trigger | POW Crescent | POW Every Day | Quiksilver Powder Mitt | Rome Team | Roxy Abyss| Transform The Heritage Burnt Red

    10Peaks Mount Babel Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: €130

    This is 10Peaks’ warmest over cuff model, made for riders who demand expedition-grade handwear for tackling the highest peaks. Or who get really cold hands. The top of the glove is made of a waterproof/breathable Aero Sport nylon, with the palms using high performance Buffalo leather. To keep you toasty these use 180g Thinsulate on the top and 120g in the palm, with an over-cuff design for optimal sealing.

    As with other 10Peaks mittens and gloves, these feature the brand’s innovative behind-the-knuckles zipper that allows you to open them and use your hands without having to take them off. This C-Zip technology can also double up as ventilation if your hands need to cool down.


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    10Peaks Neptuak Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: €90

    These under-cuff trigger finger mittens from 10Peaks sit at the more entry level price point to their range of handwear, but though they don’t tout the high technical specs of their more expensive brethren you’ll still get a lot of bang for your buck with the Neptuak.

    Made of durable goat leather and a flexible nylon fabric, these are both waterproof, breathable and will warm the cockles of your fingertips in all but the most frigid conditions. You get a Thinsulate/Fibrefill lining, a velvet thumb wipe and an articulated fit, not to mention the brand’s C-Zip design that allows you to use your un-gloved hands without taking the gloves off.


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    Burton Profile Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £45/€50

    If you’re on the hunt for an affordable mitten that will worth throughout the winter season, your quest might be at its end if you take a look at Burton’s Profile. These mitts boast midweight warmth for performance in a variety of conditions at a price point that won’t break the bank, and are available in over- or under-cuff versions.

    The Thermacore insulation and warm, cushy fleece lining will keep your digits heated while the Profile’s Dryride 2L fabric will keep the water and wind at bay, and both will work together to wick moisture away. You’ll be able to operate your smartphone of choice wearing these thanks to Burton’s Screen Grab tech, and these also feature an ergonomic, pre-curved fit and a removable wrist leash.


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    Burton Prospect Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £55/€60

    The women’s Prospect mitten from Burton is the perfect choice for female riders looking for a versatile mitten that will perform in a variety of conditions, and that comes in at an attractive price point too.

    Featuring midweight Thermacore insulation and Dryride 2-layer fabric, these will keep your digits warm and dry all winter long while features like a brushed microfibre lining, touchscreen compatibility, and ergonomic fit and removable wrist leash combine to have the Prospect pack one hell of a punch for the money.


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    DaKine Baron Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £75/€90

    One of DaKine’s flagship mittens, the Baron takes high performance, high mountain riding seriously and comes crammed with top-end tech that’s seen it become a team favourite over the years. And for the 2018-2019 season, they’ve updated it to improve on its winning formula.

    These mittens don’t just use Gore-Tex, they use it with a technology called Gore-Grip which binds the layers together to prevent slippage thus improving durability and comfort. The water-repellent outer glove fabric is a mix of durable leather and four-way stretch softshell for improved movement, meaning it allows you to easily work zippers or buckles. You still get a lot of warmth from these, though – 230g Primaloft to be precise – plus there’s a wool liner for even more toastiness.


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    DC Franchise SE Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £44/€45

    DC’s snowboarding team consists of a wide range of riders, from up-and-comers, to established players and bona fide legends, with many of them clad head to toe in the brand’s gear. As a result they’ve been able to fine-tune their swag to perform to the standards their team demands in a wide range of situations.

    The Franchise SE is DC’s mitt for all-round ripping. Using the brand’s Weather Defence 10 fabric these will get the job done in all but the most brutal of conditions, and being packed with 150g of Thinsulate insulation means that you can depend on them to keep your hands heated throughout regular days of shred. These also have a five-fingered liner for improved dexterity, a velcro cuff and an adjustable leash. And if you’re wondering what separates the ‘SE’ version from the regular Franchise mitt, this one has a reflective pattern embedded in the shell fabric for added shine.


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    Drop Chris Roach Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: $60

    With a goat-leather palm and Gore-Tex membrane, these will protect your hands from just about anything – as well as serving as a virtual high-five to one of the all-time greats.

    Plus the way they do business means that you’ve got more left in your wallet.

    Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2018-2019 Drop Chris Roach Mitts here


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    Drop Tahoma Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: $77

    Drop’s pinnacle mitten, the Tahoma features what the brand describes as “all premium everything.” This means they’ve pulled out all the stops making these mittens to give you a super warm, super waterproof and super comfortable way of wrapping your hands for missions in mid-winter. The Tahoma is constructed out of genuine goatskin leather blended with three-layer softshell to give comfort, water resistance, ease-of-movement and durability.

    Under this shell sits the Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable insert which would flip the elements the middle finger if this wasn’t a mitten. Recycled Primaloft insulation keeps your extremities heated, aided by a moisture wicking microfleece lining, and beyond protection from the elements there are some neat features built in: a removable, elastic wrist leash (you should never be able to drop these off a chairlift), a palm-pull adjustment tab, and touch sensitive index/thumb material for smartphone control.


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    Love Inc Chorlton Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £60

    Love Inc is a UK-based brand making a range of snowboard-focussed apparel, with a variety of gloves and mittens available including this model – the Chorlton. Designed, tested and worn by swallowtail enthusiast, Eurocarve experimenter and all-round ripper Tyler Chorlton, these warm and waterproof mitts will take care of you pinkies whether your riding resort or beyond.

    Made primarily of hard-wearing, comfortable leather the Chorlton keeps the snow, wind and rain out thanks to its HiPora insert while your fingers are kept comfortably insulated thanks to the Thinsulate lining. The mittens’ liners are stitched together so your fingers stay separated within, giving better dexterity and flexibility, which is also improved by the gaitered knuckles. There’s also a snow cuff to seal you in better, too.


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    POW August Trigger Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £79/€95

    This under-cuff trigger-fingered mitt makes use of high-quality fabrics and modern materials to provide a barrier to the elements for your hands that’s ready for any kind of riding you might do. The August Trigger’s pre-curved fit means it’s going to fit your hand like a, err, glove when riding. Made of premium water-repellent leather on the palm, with a leather/nylon mix on the knuckles and cuff areas, this mitt is built to go the distance yet be comfortable and flexible.

    The HiPora insert takes care of waterproofness/breathability while an anti-pill microfleece lining tops up the warmth given by the Primaloft insulation and adds wicking properties, too. Extra features like a buff thumb material to clear boogers and no-snag Velcro cuffs are welcome additions, and there’s also an over-cuff version to check out if you don’t like the under-cuff flavour.


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    POW Crescent Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £70/€79

    The women’s Crescent mitt is a solid option for female riders looking for comfortable, warm handwear that will do the business without costing an arm and a leg. Though it’s not got all the bells and whistles of higher-priced models, you can still rely on these mittens to protect your hands in all but the most extreme conditions.

    The mitt’s four-way stretch shell has a Grade A leather palm which means these have great flex, comfort and durability while keeping the price point mellow. A waterproof HiPora insert keeps the elements at bay while PrimaLoft Gold insulation and a microfleece liner ensure your hands are kept toasty. The fitted, zippered cuff adds a touch of class, too.


    [monetizer101 search=”pow crescent mitts” minimum_price=”30″]

    PRICE: £39/€47

    When you’re hot lapping the park you don’t want your hands overheating, so getting them in a pair of mitts like POW’s Every Day model is a wise choice. With a focus on breathability, comfort and looking dope these tick the boxes for freestyle rats.

    The corded nylon shell with a neoprene cuff is quick-drying and will keep the pinkies protected from Eurocarving or knuckle-dragging, and it’s backed by a microfleece lining to add a touch of warmth you’ll appreciate on the lift. The Every Day’s palm is made of Amara with an Amphib grip print for hanging onto those grabs or rope tows, and it’s here you’ll also find the artwork of Simon Riviere to give your palms some pop.

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    Quiksilver Powder Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £115/€129

    Are you all about deep mid-winter storm sessions when you’re literally choking on powder? Want a glove specifically designed for such days? Well, Quiksilver’s aptly-named Powder Mitt has been built with people like you in mind. With its ultra-long, triple-cinched gauntlets you’ll be primed to fist your way through the deepest of conditions without worrying about any snow making it through the cracks.

    The palms, thumbs and top of the hands are made of durable, water-resistant leather; the wrist and gauntlet are of polyester with a subtle texture finish and to make sure the waterproofness is what you need for the big days, these use a Gore-Tex waterproof insert to keep your hands dry. 100g of Primaloft insulation and a microfleece lining ensure your fingertips remain warm, and there’s also a nose wipe on the thumb to quickly remove powder boogers.


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    Rome Team Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: €39

    This new model for 2018-2019 proved itself to be so popular with Rome’s squad of shredders when it was being developed that they dubbed it the Team. And with its premium back-of-hand materials (the Team is available backed with either corduroy, denim or canvas) and dependable all-winter performance, it’s easy to see why.

    These mitts have Rome’s ‘Silver’ level of insulation – 40g of Thinsulate that will be well-suited to the majority of wintertime conditions (they’re rated for temperatures from -7 to +10°C) and keep the snow at bay thanks to a 12K HiPora waterproof insert. On the palms you have top grain cowhide that breaks in without breaking down plus these feature IndexWrap construction to remove seams in high-wear areas. The whole mitten has a pre-curved anatomical fit for comfort and dexterity from the get go, and they’ll even be nice to your gonk what with their nose wipe panel on the thumbs.


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    Roxy Torah Bright Abyss Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £89/€99

    These premium mittens don’t just keep your hands comfy and cosy; the ‘Hydrosmart’ liners actively care for your skin on the mountain.

    Fancy tech aside, the Abyss mitts have all the right features wrapped up in hard-wearing sheepskin.

    Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2018-2019 Roxy Torah Bright Abyss here


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    Transform Gloves The Heritage Burnt Red Mitts 2018-2019

    PRICE: £74/€85

    The Transform Heritage mitts will keep you warm and dry when you’re out there hunting for the best spots, combining a faux fur liner and hipora waterproof inserts to makes sure your fingers don’t feel the cold.

    The full leather palm helps ensure you’ve got a long-lasting mitt and that won’t wear out any time soon. And in case you’re that person who always forgets to hold onto their mitts on the lift, these ones helpfully have a wrist leash so you can tap away on your phone without fear of them falling into the forest below. Available in sizes XS to XL, you can pick these up whether you’ve got hulking great hands, or tiny toddler digits.


    [monetizer101 search=”Transform The Heritage Burnt Red Mitts” minimum_price=”30″]

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