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Best Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

This year's best snowboard gloves, reviewed by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2018/2019 Best Snowboard Gloves here

Choosing the best snowboard gloves for you is a lot like the search for the best jacket and pants. Things to consider include fit, style, and suitability to the conditions. If you’d rather rock a mitt then check out our best snowboard mitts for 2017/18, but if it’s a classic glove you’re after then here’s what to look out for.

Bigger, chunkier gloves work brilliantly in colder temperatures, when your hands need all the insulation they can get. However, just as it is with a jacket, that’s no good if your skin’s natural moisture can’t escape. Look out for venting systems and breathability ratings before you commit to a massive bear-paw.

“It’s a good idea to try before you buy – especially if you like to wear separate liners for extra warmth”

If you’re not likely to be riding in -20C, then something lower-profile will do. Everyone should have an all-rounder in their board bag, that can handle all but the very warmest and coldest climates.

If you have a trip planned for spring, a neoprene ‘pipe’ glove will be much more appropriate than a super-warm option. Even on scorching days, these are a good shout – you can only do so many hand drags, grabs and tripods with naked fingers.

Getting the right fit can make a huge difference to a pair’s effectiveness, so it’s a good idea to try before you buy – especially if you like to wear separate liners for extra warmth. ‘Fits like a glove’ isn’t a well-known expression for nothing…

Here are a few models worth looking at for the 2017/18 season, with something for every condition.

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Burton Gore-Tex Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Any glove with Gore-Tex is unlikely to be cheap, but it’s not the gold standard of waterproofing and breathability for nothing. The Burton Gore-Tex glove gives your hands the ultimate protection from the elements.

Burton’s own DryRide tech plays its part as well, with a stretchy fleece liner that keeps your fingers toasty without overcooking them. It’s also removable, so you can leave it at home on warmer days.

The super-grippy palm helps you tweak your nosebone harder than ever, while the touchscreen-compatible leather is there to assist with the inevitable Insta-brag that follows. Burton could have probably picked a better choice of words to sum it up than “any device, any finger”… but we can’t fault the tech itself.

The zip pocket lets you slip in a hand-warmer, or alternatively you can leave it empty and open to provide better ventilation. With so many different options, the Burton Gore-Tex glove will do you from the midwinter chill to the spring slush.


Burton Gore-Tex Women’s Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

As with everything else, Burton ensures that the best tech from their men’s products is applied euqally to the women’s range. The Burton Gore-Tex women’s glove has all the same great features as the one described above.

The sizing is slightly different for obvious reasons, so it’s worth checking that out before you buy. On the B’s website you can get detailed measurements of each model, so check out the Burton Gore-Tex women’s glove page to get started.


Burton [ak] Tech Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Anything branded with Burton’s [ak] badge is bound to be top quality, but that doesn’t mean you have to smash the piggy bank to get your hands on them (or in this case, in them).

The Burton [ak] Tech glove is a fairly low-pofile model that’s found favour with those who need to do more with their hands than just grab their board and high-five their buddy. If your shred days also take in a bit of shovelling, shaping or snowmobiling, then this gives you a bit more dexterity than the average glove.

While it may be light and relatively thin, it’s no marigold. A fleece lining keeps you warm, while DryRide fabric and a tough leather palm keep you dry. Given that it’s 2017, the thumb and forefinger of the [ak] Tech are also fully touchscreen compatible, and the cuff has a zip that makes it easier to get on and off.

For those riders who like the feel of a pipe glove, but not the cold wet hands that often follow, the Burton [ak] Tech glove is the solution.


Burton Profile Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

If there is such thing as a ‘classic’ glove, then the Burton Profile is it.

Affordable and reliable, it’s got the specs to see you through the whole winter, and beyond. Unless you’ve got a genuine need for a mega-tech 3-in-1 glove, then this is the kind of thing you should be looking for.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 Burton Profile here


Burton Prospect Women’s Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Here’s another strong all-rounder glove from the big B. The Burton Prospect women’s glove has all the right features for winter-long use.

The higher-quality of the two DryRide membranes has been applied to the Prospect, so any sweat is duly dispatched to keep your hands comfortable in all conditions. Medium-density insulation helps in that respect too, ensuring your fingers will be warm but not overly so.

The palm is fully weatherproof thanks to the durable synthetic leather that offers up plenty of grip as well as protection, and allows you to make calls without exposing your hands to the elements.

It’s also available as a men’s version, but females looking for a reliable model at a good price should check out this women’s version of the Burton Prospect.


DaKine Bronco Gore-Tex Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Gore-Tex is at the forefront of this excellent ‘under’ glove from one of the industry’s leading hand-clothes specialists. For long-lasting performance and protection, nothing else comes close.

The DaKine Bronco Gore-Tex glove will fit under the cuff of any jacket, hoody or even long-sleeved shirt, thanks to the low-profile velcro fixture at the wrist.

Despite its relative lack of bulk, it offers superlative warmth thanks to the targeted insulation (more of it where you need it, less where you don’t). The fleece liniing is uber-comfy too, and the nylon outer shell offers plenty of movement.

It’s got a polyurethane palm, which is less expensive than leather but still offers great grip and weatherproofing. The absence of animal means that the DaKine Bronco Gore-Tex is also machine-washable, so if you’re particularly averse to ‘glove-stink’ then this is a great option.


DaKine Maverick Gore-Tex Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

For some riders, only a genuine leather glove will do. The DaKine Maverick glove has plenty of the stuff, and its toughness and durability are without question.

A DWR (durable Water Repellant) coating makes this hard-wearing material even more suitable for snowboarding, so even after prolonged use you’ll be keeping the elements at bay.

Thanks to the Gore-Tex insert, it won’t feel like you’ve got your hand stuck up the wrong end of a cow (not that there’s a ‘right’ end…). Moisture can escape from your skin with ease, but rain and snow from the outside can’t get through. The effectiveness of this feature can’t be overstated; in terms of on-mountain comfort and warmth, it’s been a game-changer.

Despite all the leather – not to mention the fleece lining – the DaKine Maverick doesn’t feel too bulky, especially at the wrist where it’s finished off with a thin velcro strap that’ll go underneath any sleeve. For a premium yet understated design, you can’t do better than this.


DC Cold War Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

This is one of several collaborations between DC and the shaping wizards at Snow Park Technologies (see also: the DC Judge snowboard boot).

These would be ideal for anyone who wields a shovel or rake between sessions, but we expect them to be popular far beyond the park crews of the world. A durable Sympatex shell gives your hands shelter against the elements, yet isn’t too heavy or bulky.

The same goes for insulation; the 40g Thinsulate is enough to do the job, yet not so much that your hands feel lost in fluff. Thanks to the stretchy outer fabric and velcro-controlled neoprene cuff, you’ll also get lots of movement with no compromise on comfort.

Should you need to ditch the gloves for a second, clips and leashes help you keep them to hand until you’re done. Of course, the DC Cold War is compatible with smartphones and other touchscreen devices, so you can keep ‘em in situ when calling in the post-session beers.


HOWL Team Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Have you seen the HOWL team? It’s a bit good – especially if you like urban shred. Danimals, Jake OE, Keegan Valaika, LNP… it’s a veritable who’s who of handrails.

As for the Howl Team glove, there’s plenty of quality on show here too. A roomy gauntlet lets you wear it over your other layers if you wish, or a simple pull on the cord will tighten it up for tucking into hoodies or jackets.

As for performance, it boasts similar specs to a decent snowboard jacket (10,000ml waterproofing, 10,000g breathability). The polyester outer shell is remarkably lightweight, while the Permaloft insulation and taffeta lining keep you cosy whatever the weather.

The index finger works with any smartphone or similar touchscreen, so there’s no need to de-glove to make the call or change the tune. It’s also available as a mitt, if you prefer, but for five-fingered fans the HOWL Team Mitt is an absolute banger.


HOWL Belmont Black Gloves 2017-2018

If you’re wanting something a little sturdier and don’t mind paying a little extra, the HOWL Belmont glove is the one.

The goat leather construction puts the ‘Durable’ in ‘HOWL Durable Goods’, so no matter what you get up to it’ll stay in one piece. Inside you’ll find a micro-fleece lining that’s good to your skin, and Hypora fabric that lets any rogue perspiration out before it can do any harm.

The standby icon on the index finger can only mean one thing; touchscreen compatibility. If you’re riding in the kind of conditions that call for a full goatskin shield, you’re probably not going to want to expose your hand when making a call, so that makes sense.

We like the HOWL Belmont’s none-more-black approach to design, but if that’s not for you then it’s also available in the slightly sinister-sounding ‘Oxblood’ colourway.


Neff Daily Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Sold more for the art space on the back of your hands than actual practicability, we dig the fun lovin’ honesty of these mid-winter mitts.

No, there isn’t much breathing room available under the eight ounces of fiberfil insulation so you’re liable to get sweaty, but damn you’re going to look good either hanging out at the park or in line for some overpriced apres.


Neff Rover Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

According to Neff, the Klaw is their warmest mitt in the line, though as they’re more for spring park laps than January pow we won’t be packing these for somewhere serious anytime soon.

But that’s not the point – with a low price point these trigger mitts are there to keep your hands as fresh as the rest of your outfit with the added bonus that the brushed lining inside is one of the comfiest glove materials we’ve come across.

Hipora inserts do a little to waterproof these up, but come spring you’ll probably be glad of a little damp to cool you down during hot laps.


POW Royal GTX Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

John Jackson’s no slouch in the backcountry, so it follows that his signature glove isn’t either.

The marriage of Gore-Tex membrane, Thinsulate insulation and genuine goatskin leather results in a warm, dry glove that can take an absolute pumelling.

A fur trim on the inner cuff is the icing on the cake.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 POW Royal GTX here


POW Tormenta GTX Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Tormenta? I hardly know ‘er…

In all seriousness, the newly-overhauled POW Tormenta GTX glove is one tough customer. With its longer cuff and top-drawer tech, it’s a glove that’ll go down well with adventureboarders everywhere.

The insulation is fairly heavy duty, so spring riding isn’t recommended. Instead, grab these for peak-season pow missions where there’s little chance to warm your freezing hands by a roaring fireplace, and proper protection against the cold is a must.

THe Premium nylon exterior has been treated to withstand any precipitation you encounter, and there’s the added ‘no animals were harmed…’ bonus for the eco-conscious. The nose wipe on the thumb will come in handy should the climate play havoc with your bodily functions, and the palm offers plenty of grip.

No matter how nasty the conditions, the POW Tormenta lets you focus on pillow lines rather than frostbite.


POW Villain Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

If you don’t want to pay a three-figure sum for gloves (and that’s fair enough), then aim for something like the POW Villain.

High-quality leather makes up the majority of the exterior, with a micro-fleece lining that keeps you comfy as well as warm. You could be standing in a howling gale and if they’re in the POW Villain, your hands won’t care.

Pre-shaped for maximum comfort, the Villain is just the thing if you want maximum warmth in a smaller, less bulky package. It’ll tuck into any hoody or jacket without any problems, and is easy to fasten thanks to the no-snag velcro strap.


Quiksilver TR Natural Gore-Tex Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

TR stands for ‘Travis Rice’ – and ‘Travis Rice’ means quality. All the gear he oversees at Quiksilver is of the highest standard, and this glove is no exception.

High-grade leather and Gore-Tex protect you from the elements, even if you’re waiting for the sun whilst standing atop an Alaskan ridge. If you’re not quite at the heli-drop stage yet, you can still appreciate its master craftsmanship.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 Quiksilver TR Natural Gore-Tex here


Roxy Big Bear Women’s Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

The Roxy Big Bear isn’t quite what the name suggests. Rather than a paw-esque beast of a glove, it’s actually quite low-profile.

Not that we’re complaining; its medium-fill insulation and lightweight shell are ideal for those who want a solid all-rounder that doesn’t limit their dexterity.

The cuff is long enough to cover your jacket sleeve if that’s what you want, but a quick pull on the toggle will let you slip it under just as easily. However you wear it, the Biotherm liner will keep you comfortable, as well as warm and sweat-free.


Rome Poacher Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Here’s one to break out on the days when the mercury really drops. The Rome Poacher is in its element when the temperature is well below zero, at which point the Fiberfill insulation really comes into its own.

Because keeping your hands dry is so integral to keeping them warm, it’s got a fully leather exterior that can withstand a howling gale. The fitted shape is helpful too, because nothing scuppers your fingers like poor circulation.

The aesthetics are hard to fault, ad that goes for all three colourways. There’s also a mitt version that’s equally pretty, so check that one out if you prefer that style.


Rome Ridgeline Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

The Rome Ridgeline is a further step up in warmth, boasting the brand’s highest-quality insulation and waterproofing.

Primaloft and Thinsulate work together to give you unparalleled protection against the cold, and the HiPora insert ensures that no rain or snow can get near your skin. Perspiration can filter out freely, though, so you don’t need to worry about claminess either.

As you can see, the outer shell is a serious leathery beast, which is ideal for the worst conditions. Double stiching ups the durability factor even more, so if you’re needing something that’ll last and last, the Rome Ridgeline is a sound investment.


Transform Watson Snowboard Gloves 2017-2018

Last but not least, here’s another springtime fun-glove that’ll see you through the end-of-season sessions.

The Transform Watson gives you enough protection to free you up for hand-drags and tweaked-out grabs (aided by the rubber palm), but won’t leave you with medium-well fingers after only a few laps.

The stretchy fabric gives you all the movement you could want, and they’re touchscreen-compatible so you can capture all the slush-bashing you want without having to de-glove.

The clip system and Removable wrist leashes give you plenty of options on the hill, so there’s no excuse for losing these.



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