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Best Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

Chosen by the Whitelines Test Team

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  • While 90s legend Jamie Lynn once claimed that it was more stylish to ride in your bare hands, for the rest of us mere mortals it’s fair to say that gloves are a ‘must have’ purchase.

    Choosing which snowboard gloves are best for you comes down to the terrain and conditions in which you’ll be riding – not to mention budget.

    Much like jackets and pants, the more expensive models tend to feature Gore-Tex, which is highly breathable as well as waterproof. If you snowboard in the backcountry or just demand maximum protection from the elements for those epic powder days then Gore-Tex gloves should be your first port of call.

    “You don’t want to be squeezing into fingers that are too short or flapping around in acres of space”

    These days, gloves with long gauntlets designed to be tightened on the outside of your jacket are back in trend, and though they add bulk, this style will do a better job of keeping snow out of your sleeves.

    Insulation levels can vary. January missions where the mercury can regularly plummet below zero will require a thicker glove (you might even want to look at some of our best snowboard mitts, since they offer the greatest warmth) but look for a pair with sufficient venting to deal with changes in temperature.

    If park riding is your thing – or you’re planning a snowboard trip in the spring – you might find that a mid-weight or even neoprene (aka ‘pipe’) glove are the best choice for you. These are low profile and flexible (ideal for grabs) whilst still protecting you from the worst of the cold and the occasional hand drag.

    These days many snowboard gloves offer touchscreen-compatible fingertips, so you can happily send instagrams from the chairlift. More serious filmers and photographers might want to look for a pair with separate liners, since nothing sucks like getting frostbite whilst trying to operate a camera.

    Finally, whatever style you go for, make sure your new snowboard gloves fit right. You don’t want to be squeezing into fingers that are too short or flapping around in acres of space since either issue will reduce the glove’s ability to keep you warm and dry – and that, ultimately, is the name of the game.

    For more advice, check out our video article on how to choose your snowboard gloves.

    Scroll down to view all the best snowboard gloves, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

    10Peaks Mount Litte | Burton Gore-Tex | Burton Gore-Tex Women’s | DaKine Excursion | DaKine Impreza | DaKine Scout | DC Industry | Drop Anvil | Drop Cascade | POW Alpha GTX | POW Gem | POW Warner GTX | Rome Poacher | Rome Tailgate

    The Best Snowboard Gloves For Winter 2018-19

    10Peaks Mount Little Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: €120

    As dedicated mountain users, the crew behind 10Peaks know how often you need to take your gloves off during a day on the hill. To eliminate the need to physically remove your handwear when you want to bag a shot or pick your nose, they’ve come up with a solution: a zipper that runs across the top of the gloves, behind the knuckles, that allows you to easily slip your hands in and out without having to take off the whole thing. These also double as vents on hot days.

    The Mount Little gloves are designed and manufactured specifically to give superlative comfort, protection and ease of use, their Extreme Talon Grip being pre-curved to reduce fabric in the palm for superior fit and grip. The soft shell fabric has a membrane that’s both water- and windproof, yet also breathable, and the palms and fingers are finished off with soft, durable tanned buffalo leather with strategic overlays.


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    Burton Gore-Tex Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £75/€85
    These are essentially three pairs in one. Wear just the fleece liner when it’s toasty (or even off the mountain), or just the shell if it’s a bit windy or wet out.

    Put the two together and you’ve got a premium pair of gloves that can handle the extreme cold with aplomb.

    Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2018-2019 Burton Gore-Tex Gloves here


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    Burton Gore-Tex Women’s Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £75/€85

    Sitting in the upper reaches of Burton’s mid-range gloves bracket, this is their second-most affordable model that offers women the well-known weather protection provided by the Gore-Tex membrane – in this case it’s the Gore Warm variety, which is engineered to enable higher insulation performance. And, as well as the expectedly good waterproofness and breathability, there’s a lot to write home about regarding these.

    The Burton Gore-Tex Women’s gloves boast two-in-one versatility. There’s a removable four-way stretch liner (with its own gripped palm) meaning you can have options whatever the weather: use the liner on its own for digging, use the outer glove (which holds Thermocore insulation) on its own for spring sessions, or use the liner with the outer when the mercury heads south. There are also hidden heater/vent pockets and you can also fully control your phone’s screen with these on thanks to Screen Grab Touchgrip on the fingertips and palms.


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    DaKine Excursion Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £79/€95

    Thanks to their ‘Gore Active’ liners, the DaKine Excursion gloves pack an extra punch in the breathability stakes. If you tend to suffer from sweaty hands even in the cold, these are worth a look.

    Primaloft insulation keeps the cold out, and the leather exterior is tough as nails.

    Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2018-2019 DaKine Excursion here


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    DaKine Impreza Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £50/€60

    If you’re looking for a lightweight, minimal, yet functional glove best suited to warmer days blasting park laps with the crew, then DaKine’s Impreza would be a great one to consider. It does contain a 200g fleece liner, so it’s not solely for spring shred, and using Gore-Tex’s Active membrane means it’s not only super waterproof, but super breathable too.

    These will fit well thanks to an articulated cut with neoprene cuffs and grip well due to their suede/silicone grip palms. Other features include an adjustable hook and loop cuff, nose wipe thumb panels, touch screen compatible tips, and if you’re more of a ‘fingers together’ fan then fear not: the Impreza also is available in a mitt version.


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    DaKine Scout Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £40/€50

    Riders looking for a lot of heat retention from their gloves would do well to check out DaKine’s Scout as it tops out as one of the warmest models they produce. It’s also one of the most versatile, too, thanks to its ‘two-in-one’ construction – there’s enough insulation in the main outer glove for most days, but the Scout also comes with a removable stretch fleece inner glove meaning you can mix and match as conditions dictate.

    The inner glove has touch screen compatible tips and is plenty warm enough on its own for shovelling or shooting your buddies, while the outer shell is DWR treated and houses a DK Dry waterproof/breathable insert for protection from the elements. On the palms, you have DaKine’s Rubbertec material for boosted grip and durability. The Scout is available in short cuff, long cuff and mitt versions to suit your preference and/or wallet.


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    DC Industry Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £71/€75

    DC’s Industry gloves are built to be perfect for long days of hardcore park lapping. They don’t feature a great deal of insulation (because when you’re ripping you sure get toasty – you don’t want your hands turning into raisins after all), but what they lack in warmth they more than make up for with their waterproofness that should see your pinkies protected through days of knuckle dragging.

    Featuring a Sympatex Weather Defense 30 insert, these have a waterproof/breathability rating of 30k/25k, and on top of this the Industry gloves features include a neoprene cuff, adjustable leash, and material on the index fingers that allows you to operate touchscreens with no problems.


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    Drop Anvil Aquabloc Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: $45

    Offering many of the features of its big brother, the Cascade, but at an even better price, you can be sure that the Anvil Aquabloc has all the features that you need for a regular day shredding around the mountain.

    Like the Cascade, these under cuff gloves have a genuine goatskin leather/three-layer softshell back and palm, touch-sensitive fabric on the thumb and index finger letting you use your smartphone, recycled Eco Gold Primaloft insulation, microfleece nose wipe and a moisture-wicking lining. To keep the price down, these use an Aquabloc waterproof/breathable insert.


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    Drop Cascade Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: $77

    Drop MFG made a return to snowboarding a little while back, bringing with them the quality they were remembered for in the early 2000s with a price that was lower than you might have imagined due to them selling directly online. With the Cascade, their top end glove model, Drop packed in all the features they possibly could, claiming it to be “the ultimate in insulation, warmth and waterproof breathability.”

    These feature the renowned waterproofness of Gore-Tex along with genuine goatskin leather back and palm, with a three-layer softshell lower down on the back and wrist. In terms of insulation you’ll be kept warm thanks to the gloves’ recycled Primaloft lining, while the thumb and index fingers are touch sensitive allowing you to use your smartphone, and there’s a recycled Primaloft lining providing insulation. In short, these gloves offer you a bunch of bang for your buck.


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    POW Alpha GTX Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £159/€179

    POW gloves have earned a reputation for durability and reliability, and with the Alpha GTX sitting near the top of their range you can be sure that, if you like your fingers free and easy, these will be some of the warmest, hardest-wearing and comfortable gloves your pinkies could find themselves in.

    Featuring a shell made of ‘Grade A’ leather, thes Alpha GTX also has a durable Gore-Tex insert to keep the water out while allowing your hands to breath, while inside a Merino wool/microfleece lining works together with 4oz Primaloft Gold insulation to fight the cold. There’s also a waterproof Fly Vent zipper venting system to let air in if you need to cool off, and no-snag Velcro cuff closure so you don’t get all caught up.


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    POW Gem Women’s Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £65/€77

    These women’s gloves from the Seattle-based brand are constructed with essential comfort in mind. The four-way stretch polyester shell is pre-curved, allows your hands to move freely and has a Grade A leather palm, while they keep your hands dry thanks to their Hipora waterproof insert.

    When it comes to warmth, the premium anti-pill polyester microfleece lining combined with 4oz Primaloft insulation can be relied on to keep the cold at bay thus making these a good choice for mid-winter missions. Other features that POW have tagged onto the Gem include a fitted zipper cuff and a buff material on the thumb to serve as a nose/goggle wipe.


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    POW Warner GTX Women’s Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £59

    Start warm; stay warm; finish warm. That’s the philosophy POW adhered to when designing the Warner GTX gloves, building them for long days on the mountain in a variety of different conditions. These pack a tonne of warmth and waterproofness, and are available in a long, over-cuff version for total coverage, or a shorter under-cuff for a more streamlined aesthetic that’s priced at a few shekels less.

    These Warner GTX gloves feature Gore Warm technology (which better integrates the insulation with the renowned waterproofing properties of Gore-Tex) that sits beneath the white stripe Taffeta shell. When it’s Baltic out you’ll be glad of the removable Merino wool liner, which adds to the already impressive amount of insulation offered by the gloves’ premium microfleece lining and 100g of Thinsulate. POW also added Climba-Tec to the palms for increased grip and durability.


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    Rome Poacher Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £97/€109

    Rome’s all-new, premium grade leather model sits at the top of their range of gloves for 2018-2019, and packs in all the know-how the Vermont-based brand has acquired over its 15 years of making handwear. With a 3D pre-curved anatomical fit and designed for temperatures of -7 and below, these are your go-to gloves for when you want durable flexibility in cold weather conditions.

    The leather on these Poacher gloves (the model is also available as a mitt) gets better over time as it breaks in, giving long-lasting comfort. This is coated with DWR and sits above a 15K HiPora waterproof insert to keep your hands dry, while it uses Platinum insulation – their warmest Primaloft construction – to keep you warm on even the coldest days. A polyester sherpa lining also adds warmth and moisture wicking properties to this classic-looking under cuff glove.


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    Rome Tailgate Snowboard Gloves 2018-2019

    PRICE: £53/€59

    For spring sessions, summer shred or warm winter days, your hands will thank you for rocking a glove with less insulation – no one likes sweaty paws, and Rome’s Tailgate model is all about keeping your hands comfortable and protected when your session is all about fun runs in the sun. They’re also engineered to fit precisely (allowing for maximum freedom of movement) thanks to IndexWrap construction, a 3D pre-curved anatomical fit and an articulated cuff.

    These have a flexible microfleece lining for when you’re riding on the warmer days (the Tailgate is rated for temperatures of 5 degrees and above) beneath a HiPora 12k waterproof insert and DWR-coated nylon shell. The latter are more than capable of keeping your hands dry and comfortable whether your handplanting or handdragging. For holding onto your grabs like a gecko, the Tailgate has a durable, flexible PU palm.


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