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Best All-Mountain Snowboards For 2020-2021 | Our Pick Of This Season’s Best Snowboards To Ride The Whole Mountain

Need a snowboard to ride park, piste, powder and everything in between? Here's a list of our favourite all mountain snowboards for this season

What is the best all-mountain snowboard? Is there even such a thing as one snowboard that can do it all? The debate goes on and remains snowboarding’s most contentious battleground (well, that and the whole Step-On thing). Many brands claim to have come up with the silver bullet, single snowboard solution that kills off the competition. You know the ones – the daily drivers, the all-rounders, the quiver killers, the one-stop-shops for park, piste and powder riding alike.

Don’t be too easily swayed, though, the easy answer isn’t always the truth. Colonel Sanders sold a hell of a lot of chicken, but I’m not sure anyone wants to know how he made it. All-mountain snowboards are virtually every brand’s best-seller, but it takes a little more scrutiny to pick out the best of the bunch. Every winter, the Whitelines crew round up our highlights, cut through the marketing jargon, and present our selection of the season’s best all-mountain snowboards.

“Many brands venture slightly off the fence, creating what you might call an all-mountain freestyle or all-mountain freeride snowboard”

In the list below, we’ve curated a selection of all the big hitters, hidden gems and complete curveballs that genuinely impressed us this season. But look, we get it. One man’s Michelangelo is another man’s Milli Vanilli. They won’t all be to your liking, and that’s fine. It’s a hell of a balancing act. Occasionally, some strike the treble twenty and split the stoke evenly between freestyle, freeride and piste. More often, brands venture slightly off the fence, creating what you might call an all-mountain freestyle or all-mountain freeride snowboard. These snowboards tend to have the edge when it comes to riding in the park over the backcountry, and vice versa.

One snowboard to do it all. Rider: Henry Shackleton (Pic: Ed Blomfield)

What To Look For When Buying An All-Mountain Snowboard

Directional twins are often the shape of choice for all-mountain snowboards. For the most part, the board will feel and ride like a true twin and easily handle switch, but there will be some directional elements in its construction. This could be a slightly set back stance, elongated nose scoop, flex pattern, taper, etc. but never enough to make the board feel uni-directional.

CamRock and Hybrid cambers seem to have claimed this territory for the majority of all-mountain boards, but there’s still the odd sighting of a full camber, flat, or even rockered all-mountain snowboard in this year’s Buyer’s Guide – as well as this list.

Camber provides grip, power and pop to the snowboard, making it very versatile on the piste and suited for faster, more aggressive riding. Rocker offers increased manoeuvrability, float in powder and forgiveness but can feel unstable at speed. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why all-mountain snowboards tend to adopt a combination of the two.

Flex ratings are a personal choice and largely down to the type of rider you are, and the type of terrain you’ll be spending most of your time on. Generally, in this category range, flex ratings will sit somewhere between four and seven out of ten, striking a balance between playfulness and response. It’s not uncommon to find these numbers creeping close to double digits on some all-mountain options, though.

“We believe the following boards should be serious contenders for all-mountain shenanigans this season”

Of course, if you’re planning on spending a lot more time in the park this season, or lining up some big backcountry lines, or maybe heading out to Japan for the first time, you may be in the market for a more specific tool for the job. If so, check out our rundown of the best freestyle snowboards and best freeride snowboards for 2020/21 instead.

As with any purchase of new season snowboard gear, the choice is very subjective. But whatever your ability, budget, gender or feelings towards things that are gold and glitter, we believe the following boards should be serious contenders for all-mountain shenanigans this season. And hey, if in doubt, just pick your favourite graphic.

(Please don’t)

Best All-Mountain Snowboards 2020-2021

Salomon Dancehaul (Unisex) Snowboard 2020-2021

Whitelines Choice Winner: Best All-Mountain Snowboard
PRICE: £400 / $450

Riders looking for something weird and wonderful look no further, this gold breasted disco diva is set to blow your knickers off. Brand spanking new for 2020/21 the Dancehaul is Salomon’s foray into the world of short fatties, and you know what they say… once you go fat, you never go back. This is your new all-terrain cruiser built for blasting on piste, charging through chop and chunder, slashing your way through pristine pockets of powder and even throwing down in the park.



Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 Salomon Dancehaul here


Borealis Artefact Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: All-mountain dominance on a criminally underrated, relatively unknown snowboard
PRICE: £483, €529, $615

Not only is the Borealis Artefact the snowboard of choice for Freeride World Tour athlete, Clement Bochatay, this winter it became a staff favourite for us mere mortals at Whitelines, too. While we previously championed the Marauder as one of the most exciting snowboards money could buy, it was the simple, classic outline and sustainable construction of the Artefact that won our hearts this time around. Well, that and the fact that it absolutely rips.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 Borealis Artefact here


CAPiTA Paradise Women’s Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: A great value, great all rounder
PRICE: €420

The CAPiTA Paradise is a jill of all trades, a great partner in crime for the rider who doesn’t want to label themselves. Your one-stop shop for all-mountain idealism. Cheap as chips and just as tasty, who needs a whole quiver when you’ve got an arrow that’ll smash through anything?

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 CAPiTA Paradise here


Endeavor BOD Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: Riders who value design aesthetic as much the technical innovation
PRICE: £485

Producing a stand-out all-mountain snowboard in today’s crowded one-quiver-solution market place is no easy task. Rather than quietly follow along with the masses, Endeavor’s B.O.D. has moved away from the routine traditions of directional twin shapes and camrock profiles to, instead, come up with their unique take on that elusive ‘box ticker’ of a snowboard that blends float, pop, grip and a double-barrel dose of fun.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 Endeavor BOD here


Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: Sustainability and all-mountain shredability in a fully redesigned shape
PRICE: £440 / $500

A stalwart in the Jones line, the Mountain Twin has gone under the knife this season to reinvent itself as a bona fide quiver killer with all the flair and panache you’d expect from the finale of Cirque du Soleil. After a few choice nips and tucks, the crew at Jones have taken their modern-day classic all-mountain snowboard and turned it into one of the most versatile daily drivers on the market.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 Jones Mountain Twin here



K2 Spellcaster Women’s Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: All-mountain with a twist
PRICE: $450

The K2 Alliance is a collection of women who are committed to designing and developing the most innovative and imaginative female-specific gear in the industry. They work in conjunction with the R&D team at K2 to rigorously test and tweak every single product that hits the shelves, ensuring their suitability and shredability. ‘Shrink it and pink it’ women’s stuff that comes from the male, pale and stale brigade never really hits the mark, but with K2 you’re getting products by women, for women. New for 2020/21 the K2 Spellcaster is a freestyle powerhouse for women who demand the absolute best from their equipment.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 K2 Spellcaster here


Lobster Cream Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: A directional shape with freestyle prowess and all-terrain versatility
PRICE: €450

Here’s the thing with freestyle and freeride categories, they’re a bit like butt cheeks. You can pull them apart all you like, but they’ll always find a way back together. The brand spanking new Lobster Cream snowboard takes a pinch of powder design, with a big slap of freestyle construction and delivers an absolute peach of an all-mountain deck.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 Lobster Cream here


Ride Warpig Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: Volume shifted crispy shredding with a streaky top sheet
PRICE: $500
While the rest of the world obsesses over tall, dark and handsome, the last few years have seen the snowboard industry become infatuated with short fattys. Volume shifted decks are all the rage and the popularity of Ride’s Pig line is testament to that fact. The Ride Warpig is back at it, primed and ready for your all-out mountain assault. It’s an access all areas pass for intermediate riders looking for a ride that’s as playful as it is powerful. Unsheath this porksword and get ready to go HAM.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 Ride Warpig here


Rome Stale Crewzer 2020-2021

Best for: Riders wanting Stale’s most versatile snowboard from his three-strong signature series
PRICE: £430 / $500

Having your own pro model tends to rubber-stamp your status as a true legend in the game, but when you get three snowboards and a set of bindings bearing your name, you’ve truly become a God amongst men. The Stale Crewzer is Sandbech’s most versatile, all-mountain deck in his signature quiver, fired up for park laps and pow lines alike. Whether your looking to drop into the jump line, or drop into a backcountry chute, this one’s well worth dipping into your pockets for.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 Rome Stale Screwzer here


YES. Greats Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: All-mountain freestyle domination with a one-of-a-kind sidecut
PRICE: £479 / $550

Back once again, the YES. Greats comes charging in to reclaim its throne as the mac daddy of the YES. freestyle line. It’s aimed squarely at experienced riders looking to strap into something a little different. If you’re aiming to dominate, both in the park and out on the mountain, then get ready to go full send because the Greats will tick boxes that you didn’t even know you had.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 YES. Greats here


YES. Hello Women’s Snowboard 2020-2021

Best for: Bang for your buck and a banging all mountain shredstick
PRICE: $450

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Hello”? You might have visions of a moustachioed man crooning sweet nothings in your ear, but Lionel Richie eat your heart out, this is the Hello giving us special tingles now. Brand spanking new for 2021 and already making waves in the industry, the Yes Hello is a playful all-mountain maverick serving piles of steaming hot fun on a platter, and bringing a helluva lot of bang for your buck.

Selected for the Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2020-2021 YES. Hello here


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