YES. Greats 2020-2021 Snowboard Review

  • Price: £479 / $550
  • Category: Park/Jib, All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Advanced
  • Size: 151, 154, 156, 159
  • Flex: 7/10
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Profile: CamRock
  • Base: Sintered

Why we chose the YES Greats Snowboard: You’ll be happier than a pig in shit with this badboy strapped to your feet.

Back once again, the YES. Greats comes charging in to reclaim its throne as the mac daddy of the YES. freestyle line. It’s aimed squarely at experienced riders looking to strap into something a little different. If you’re aiming to dominate, both in the park, and out on the mountain, then get ready to go full send because the Greats will tick boxes that you didn’t even know you had.

JP Solberg, DCP and Romain De Marchi are three of the the best to ever do it, and after splitting from their UnInc roots, went on to form YES. Snowboards. The Greats pays homage to the glory days of the UnInc crew where big mountain freestyle reigned supreme.

“Get ready to send it because the Greats will tick boxes that you didn’t even know you had”

Straight off the bat you can see the unusual asymmetric shape of the Greats, if you’ve never ridden one before then hold onto your gonads because this thing will rail heel carves with the best of them.

Because of the way your body is made, it’s way easier to get right up onto the toe edge on a snowboard thanks to the leverage from your knees. YES. have deepened up the sidecut on the heel edge to counteract these biomechanical inefficiencies and drive more power through your heels. This balances out the board and gives more response through your carves.

YES’ MidBite edge profile also gets the asym treatment with a longer section through the toes. Pulling in the sidecut between the inserts gives a narrower waist width, making the Greats far nimbler than it has any right to be. It’s way quicker from edge to edge, yet retains its stable platform in the nose and tail. You get a larger surface area for stomping big landings and a solid feel when pressing and buttering. It’s a win-win situation.

This state-of-the-art shape gives the Greats the edge when you’re looking for something that won’t let you down when outside the confines of the park. The Greats is far from a one trick pony, this is a supercharged steed, with the chops to do it all.

“It’s way quicker from edge to edge, yet retains its stable platform in the nose and tail”

The versatile camrock profile puts twice as much camber through the body of the board giving you bags of dynamic energy and an aggressive feel underfoot. The camber powers up the sidecut when you’re up on you edges, driving energy through the whole arc of your turns. The playful rockered tips lift the contact points slightly, working in conjunction with the wider nose and tail to give you more float than you’d think possible on a park board.

Backing up the poppy camber profile is the tri-blend wood core. You get durable poplar out to the edges, with lightweight paulownia sitting inside and then two bamboo stringers running from tip to tail in the middle. Bamboo is super flexible but has an incredibly high tensile strength, so it snaps back with explosive rebound when put under pressure. YES. use carbon infused triax glass to bolster torsional response, so no matter how hard you’re tanking it, the Greats is preloaded and ready to spring.

If you’re still finding your freestyle feet and are looking for a board that’s a bit more mellow, make sure to check out the brand-new YES. Dicey. However, if you’re a hard charging freestyle fanatic who refuses to compromise on the quality of your gear, then the YES. Greats is one of the true GOATS.

Tester Verdict 2020/21

Ed BlomfieldEditor-At-Large, Whitelines

“In a market that’s full of gimmicks, asym sidecuts are one technology that genuinely changes the game. OK, they’re a little less idiot-proof than standard models. I mean, everyone’s put their bindings on the wrong way round at least once, right? Well with a designated heel edge you’ve got one more potential kook mistake to avoid.

“A legit all-mountain deck”

In combination with YES’s famed Underbite tech though, it’s SO worth it. The edge hold on the Greats is unreal, essentially turning your traditionally weaker side into another toe edge. Carves feel locked in like you’re on rails, allowing you to do your best John John impression. It’s pretty stiff in the middle, but the flex mellows out towards the tip and tail so you can still press and get playful on this thing. A legit all-mountain deck.”

Tester’s Verdict 2019/20

Rhys JonesTDC Snowboarding

“This one was right up my street. Loved the throwback graphic to the UnInc days and loved how it rode even more!

There’s a bit of jargon to get your head around with the Asym MidBite Sidecut, but the execution is simply brilliant. The board performs as well on the piste as it does in the park, and you can fully commit to straight-up charging this thing along the edge. I’ve got slightly larger feet but felt like there was ample room underfoot, despite the sidecut drastically tightening up in at the waist.

“I wouldn’t make any claims of the Greats UnInc being a forgiving ride. It’s a board for big jumps, big turns and big balls!”

The stiffer, carbon-reinforced flex worked well for me, although even with the rocker in the nose and tail I wouldn’t make any claims of the Greats UnInc being a forgiving ride. It’s a board for big jumps, big turns and big balls!

It’s a board I could happily ride in most conditions and, in fact, I did. Even after scoring a pretty big overnight dump, I’d been getting on so well with the board I decided to keep the bindings on and give it a whirl in the freshies. It didn’t blow my mind, but it certainly didn’t disappoint either. Maybe not a standout area for the snowboard, but certainly another string to its bow that ticks off an impressive list of the board’s capabilities.”

Tester’s Verdict 2018/19


“The enduring ‘Greats’ series has been through a few iterations, and boy has YES come up with something special on this new version. Visually it looks like a total weapon; the angular asymmetrical nose and tail shape – along with this year’s addition of an asym version of the mid-bite sidecut – certainly stand out, and had me grabbing it out of the line-up straight away.

“Fun in the park, snappy off the lip on jumps, and a crazy carver on the piste”

Found on the freestyle-focused end of the YES range, the Greats has a super snappy flex and is a shade on the stiffer side for a park board. That suited me down to the ground as I’ve never really got on well with noodly soft boards.

It’s definitely going to be more suited to those that prefer to hang out on the jump line rather than lapping rails all day, but that only adds to how incredibly well the board works for blasting around the rest of the hill.

I’ll never be someone who spends more than half a day here or there in the park, but I do really like riding a true twin when seeking out feature-packed parts of the hill; drops, side hits, tree runs, anything away from busy skier-packed groomers. I’m therefore always drawn to this type of board, and I don’t think there are many better than the Greats.

It ticks every box; fun in the park, snappy off the lip on jumps, and a crazy carver on the piste. Definitely a winner if you want a true twin that doesn’t compromise that higher spec performance.”

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