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Best Splitboard and Touring Accessories For 2020 -2021 | Essential and Optional Gear To Bring To The Trail

Everything you'll need - and want - to bring on your next splitboarding tour

Heading out on any splitboard tour – be it a quick sunrise lap around your local hill, or a multi-day route in the high alpine – requires that you bring some additional kit from a standard off-piste objective on a solid snowboard. Asides from all the essential backcountry safety gear, you’re also going to need to bring a few splitboard specific bits of kit with you.

“You’ll find all of the best splitboard and touring accessories right here”

Your first port of call will be getting the right kind of backpack for the kind of tours you have in mind. Will you be gong fast and light for a few hours, out of bounds for multiple days, or do you want to sacrifice lightweight performance for an airbag compatible system? All important questions to ask before you even start to fill it up with all the goodies.

If you’re wondering exactly what you’ll need and how best to pack it, we’ve recruited the help of IMFGA Splitboard Guide, Neil McNab, to show us how the experts do it. For more video advice and tutorials on all things splitboarding, as well as all the latest gear reviews and inspirational stories to plan your next trip, check out our Splitboard Hub here.

Then comes the fun bit – filling it up with all the goodies. Of course, you won’t go too far without a good set of well-fitting skins and touring poles. Some of the steeper, icier ascents may be off the cards if you don’t have a set of splitboard crampons, either. You can also enhance your day significantly with some well-designed bits of custom hardware, such as padded footbeds for your splitboard binding baseplates, or a set of canted pucks to save your tired and aching joints after a long day. In any case, you’ll find all of the best splitboard and touring accessories right here, in the list below.

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Splitboard Hardware

Jones Nomad Skins w/ Quick Tension Tail Clip

PRICE: £199 / €220 / $220

These Swiss-made skins are made up of 70% Mohair and 30% synthetic nylon. This particular blend is used because it glides well across more level terrain, making life a whole lot easier when on long tours, but can also get a decent grip with the snow on steep and city climbs. There’s even some Anti-Glopping treatment (that name alone should give some idea to what it does) that protects the skins from saturating in wetter, spring conditions It’s not an easy balance to strike, but the Jones Nomad skins pull it off.

They’re available in two different configurations: pre-cut with the Quick Tension Tail Clip (ideal for owners of a Jones splitboard from 2016 and later, like this year’s Solution); and Trim-To-Fit with a universal tail clip.

You can splash a little more cash for the Pro versions of the Nomads (£239 / €260 / €260) which are equipped with a Rubber Safe Skin backing that makes them even less resistant to water absorption, but either option should see you comfortably through touring season.

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    Spark R&D Summit Skins

    PRICE: $190

    This season, Spark R&D – the dons of splitboard hardware – add another string to their bow with the all-new Summit splitboard skins. Designed and manufactured in the US, the Summit skins are, much like the rest of their hardware line, as tough as nails with every inch of their design meticulously thought through. They’re compatible with virtually every shape and size of 2-piece splitboard and are made real backcountry touring (Read: ice, roots, rocks and slush, not just pristine powder). Or, as Spark themselves put it, ‘Compatible with: splitboards and awesome people’.

    The skin fibres are made from 100% nylon. While Mohair is often considered to have faster gliding properties, the Summit skins will comfortably break trail all day long with the reduced chance of becoming saturated or losing any grip in wetter, spring-like conditions.

    The skins come complete with a storage bag and trimming tool for you to cut them down to size. If you’re not entirely sure how, Spark have put together this incredibly detailed and useful skin setup guide which, frankly, puts IKEA’s home assembly instructions to shame.

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    Jones Talon Splitboard Poles

    PRICE: £115 / €130 / $130
    WEIGHT: 505g (pair)
    Length: Collapsed: 61cm / Usable Length: 105cm – 135cm

    Built for long-lasting durability in the backcountry, the Jones Talons are three-section collapsible splitboard poles designed, as the guys at Joes say, ‘for a lifetime of use and abuse’. Covered by a three-year warranty would suggest they’re confident in that claim, too.

    The dual-density Scraper Grip has a hard plastic snow scraper built integrated at the top of the cushioned EVA foam grip. Use this for de-icing your base before dropping, clearing snow off the topsheet of your split skis, or adjusting the riser bars on the fly.

    The Snow Claw 2.0 baskets deliver are made built with a unique design that allows it to essentially ‘float’ relative to the pole shaft and engage on any angle or snow surface for added grip. When collapsed and stowed away, the baskets interlock with the pole tips for a tighter package. Talon poles are covered by a three-year warranty. Made in Austria.

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    Jones Talon Pro Splitboard Poles

    PRICE: £140 / €160 / $160
    WEIGHT: 466g (pair)
    Length: Collapsed: 61cm / Usable Length: 105cm – 135cm

    As you’d imagine when the word ‘Pro’ is stuck at the end, these are the higher-end offering of Talon poles from Jones, replacing the top two aluminium sections with a with carbon to keep the poles light and stiff while the lower section is made with Titanal for added durability.

    They’re lighter, for sure, but you’re almost paying an extra $ per gram shaved, so you need to be dedicated to the fast and light lifestyle to fork out the extra bucks on these ones. You still get all the functionality and three-year warranty here, too.

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    Spark R&D Ibex Crampon

    PRICE: $100
    Weight (size Reg): 336g (pair)

    A pair of splitboard crampons only become an essential item to your inventory after the first time you use them, after which, you’ll never head to the trail again without them. The Ibex Crampons are described by Spark as 4WD for your splitboard. Their lightweight aluminium construction delivers max strength and durability at an impressively low weight.

    Installation and removal is simple and can be done on the fly without unstrapping, by sliding the crampon sideways into and out of touring bracket claw mounts – just remember to do this before you get to the steep/icy pitch. The crampon’s teeth fully engage when used with or without the dual position climbing wire for maximum security on dicey terrain.

    Spark are known for their well-considered engineering, and the dual-width design features one crampon that is slightly wider than the other, allowing the crampons to nest together for easy handling and reduced packing space. Simple, yet genius.

    The Ibex crampons come in regular and wide sizes and are compatible with Spark’s Tesla and Tesla T1 bindings systems (including Burton and Nitro Split bindings)

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    Spark R&D Ibex Pro Crampon

    PRICE: $130
    Weight (size Reg): 260g (pair)

    If you’ve already clocked up several thousand verticle matres on your split, you’ll know that every gram really does count – whether it’s being carried on your back or part of your splitboard hardware. For those who want the best of the best, the Ibex Pro Crampon has been made for exactly you in mind.

    The Pro is made with a 7075 aluminium body that is just as strong, but lighter and thinner than Spark’s standard Ibex. This means less drag, less weight and, ultimately, saving you more energy once to enjoy the descent.

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    Spark R&D Canted Splitboard Pucks

    PRICE: $75

    Of course, Spark R&D still make their regular splitboard pucks, but for the same price a pair of canted pucks could just make all the difference saving your knees and getting the most out of that final ascent of the day.

    With a subtle 3° of canting and the same infinite stance adjustments as the regular pucks, treat your joints this season and take advantage of this simple, but genius little bindings hack.

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    Spark R&D Crossbar Clips (Top-Mount)

    PRICE: $50

    Now, here’s a hardware component that’s often overlooked by splitboarders, but can make a huge difference to the performance and torsional rigidity of the board on the descents. Spark R&D have come up with their unique take on the crossbar design which offers the tightest possible connection.

    The design features a one-piece crossbar that extends from one set of bolts to the other while clamping tension is finetuned by turning a set-screw. Made from aluminium and brass with only two moving parts, the crossbar and lever also rotate out of the way to keep them clear of knocking against anything during the ascent.

    The Top-Mount Crossbar Clips are designed for splitboards where you can’t see screw heads on the base of your board. For those who need them, Spark also have Through-Mount Crossbar Clips for boards without inserts (you can see screw heads on the base of your board).

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    Spark R&D Baseplate Padding Kits

    PRICE: $20

    Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the big differences. Long days on the trail will often lead to breaking a sweat, but it’s still common to experience cold toes and numb feet but the top of the ascent. Spark’s baseplate padding helps to increase foot warmth and comfort on long tours with. The durable and grippy EVA foam peels back and sticks onto the baseplate (there’s different footprints depending on the binding model and reduces the cold that can transmit up from the metal baseplates – especially on the solid piece of the Surge splitboard bindings.

    They also give the bindings more of a look and feel of your regular, solid, binders, with enough material in them to take out some of the vibrations and foot fatigue on the descent. A well worthwhile add-on investment if you’re planning some longer tours and early starts this season.

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    Slope Angel Inclinometre and Thermoetre

    PRICE: £19

    The Slope Angel is a great little device that attaches to your touring poles and enables quick, easy assessment of the safety of the terrain you’re moving through when splitboarding. Two key factors in identifying avalanche terrain and risk factors are the slope angle and air temperature. The electronic display on the Slope Angel accurately measures slope gradients between 0º and 90º as well as air temperature in ºC and ºF.

    It goes without saying that both these factors can be researched and checked in advance of the tour itself (with accurate map reading and route plotting skills, and regular checking of the weather and avalanche forecast), but it makes for a useful on-the-fly device to double-check such information

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    Dragon DR Latitude Sunglasses

    PRICE: £192

    Described by Dragon as the ultimate mountain companion, the Dragon DR Latitude sunglasses are filled with superior-tech if you want to keep your precious eyes safe from the strong glacier sun that can get in from all angles – not just in front of the lens.

    100% UV protection, a lumalens colour optimised lens and removable eye shields to reduce high alpine glare all add up to a pretty perfect set of sunnies for long days touring up in the high alpine.


    Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

    PRICE: $209

    The retro look isn’t going anywhere, and the Smith Wildcat sunglasses are very solid proof of this in 2020. No matter what lens you choose to go with, they’re 100% UV protected and the ChromaPop lens also enhances contrast and natural colours, increasing contrast and clarity in the mountain environment. Choose between three different lenses: ChromaPop Black, ChromaPop Red Mirror or ChromaPop Ignitor.



    Airhole 10K Softshell Hat

    PRICE: £50 / $45

    Sure, the Airhole Softshell Hat has a slight Laurence of Arabia look about it, but that’s also why we kind of love it. The 10K membrane and DWR softshell coating here will also ensure a dry ride, whilst its moisture-wicking and quick-drying abilities will keep your head cool on those late-season tours when the sun is high and the skies are clear.


    Eivy Full Moon Sherpa

    PRICE: €50

    Fashion is subjective, and that’s never been more apparent than the reactions provoked by Eivy’s Full Moon Sherpa Fisherman hat for the ladies. Look at it this way: if you love it, you’ll wear it no matter what; if you don’t you’ll be so far from the resort nobody will see you, and you still get the practical sun protection from the rim and the drawcord to keep it held on if a gust blows through.


    Oakley Stale Hunter Winter Cap

    PRICE: £40

    Stale Sandbech’s signature Oakley line has got everything from snowboard jackets and goggles in it to beanies and t-shirts. If you can’t get enough, the Stale Hunter Winter Hat is perfect for keeping your ears warm when you’re not really feeling the beanie (but it’s too cold for a cap). It makes a pretty ideal halfway house for splitboarding when you can’t be bothered with the faff of switching between a cap and beanie at every transition.


    Sun Bum Face Stick

    PRICE: £12

    We’re not entirely sure how this counts as ‘headware’, and when the package boast its ‘Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free, Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, Vegan and Reef Friendly’ production, it could almost belong in the food and drink category, instead. Regardless, protecting your skin in the backcountry is paramount and the Sun Bum crew new a thing or to about how best to do this. As a company that started off by making products to protect their friends and family from the sun their journey began a decade ago and now the company has established itself as a market leader.


    Food & Drink

    James The Ellis Knife

    PRICE: £100

    Minimal form, maximum use is how James describes their daily workhorse – the Ellis knife. Having the right tool in the backcountry is always important, whether you’re cutting some saucisson on the lunch break or cutting a ragged bit of your skin that’s torn on a rock. There’s also a bottle-opener and screwdriver built into the handle – ensuring the essentials of both fun and function on your next backcountry tour.


    Mizu x Jono Wood Water Bottles

    PRICE: €23-€43

    By producing water bottles Mizu is fighting the good fight against single-use plastic bottles. This season, the brand has partnered up with Jono Wood to design a collection that’s calling attention to three ocean animals that are endangered: polar bears, blue whales, and turtles.

    Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the Mizu x Jono Wood Water Bottle collection here


    Mizu Camp Cup v2 Stainless

    PRICE: £20

    Mizu’s Camp Cup (400ml) is an equally good companion whether you decide to take it to the Lake District, to the Alps, or to your local coffee shop. Fill it up with steaming hot tea or a fancy flat white. Your drink will stay warm and, what’s more, your hands won’t burn while holding it.


    Mizu Cutlery Set

    PRICE: £20

    Bring a little sophistication to your next lunch stop on a tour with this lightweight and reusable Mizu cutlery set. Essential? No. Handy? Sort of. Sophisticated? Phwoar, yes, indeedy.


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