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13 Best Women’s Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

This year's best female-specific boots, selected by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2018/2019 Best Snowboard Boots here

Cards on the table: we haven’t tested these boots.

How can anyone? While a day, an afternoon, or even just a few laps with a board (or a pair of bindings, or goggles) can give you a fair idea of how it’ll do in the long run, the same isn’t true of boots. Even the ones that claim to offer straight-out-the-box comfort tend to need a little getting used to, so there’s always a bit of a gamble involved

It’s also here that catalogue/website spin can be at its most confusing. Terms like “perfect flex” and “pro fit” are bandied around a lot, without any real explanation of what this means. Start by thinking about how stiff you want your boot to be (soft for mellow shredders and beginners, stiffer for the more serious), and take it from there. Also ask yourself if you need the same performance from your boot all winter, or something that can be adjusted to match your game plan on any given day.

“With boots, more than with any other bit of kit, the research you do and the advice you take on board is invaluable”

Most importantly, the only person who has a chance of knowing what works for your feet is you. It can be hard to pick the right pair, especially at the start, but there, ahem, steps you can take.

Visit your local shred emporium and talk to the staff. Get your foot properly measured, and look into head-moulding services where available. Read and watch our guide to choosing your snowboard boots. With boots, more than with any other bit of kit, the research you do and the advice you take on board is invaluable. When you’re having unforgettable days in a great-fitting pair of kicks, you’ll be glad you took the time.

Here’s a few models to get you started, ranging from the soft to the stiff, and from simple fare to endlessly-customisable options.

Scroll down to view all women’s boots, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

Burton | DC | Deeluxe | Flow | HeadK2 | Northwave | Ride | Rome | Salomon | Thirty Two | Vans

All photographs by Sami Tuoriniemi – click any image to enlarge

 Production: Tom Copsey / Andrew Duthie / Tobias Grünwald / Sam Oetiker / Sami Tuoriniemi

Burton Felix Boa Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The Burton Felix Boa may not be the heaviest hitter in the brand’s female range, but it’s no slouch either. The favoured boot of Kimmy Fasani, it has plenty to offer the serious rider without alienating the intermediate looking to step things up.

The dual Boa system features New England Ropes (a Burton exclusive) instead of wires, just as strong and guaranteed not to break. An ideal fit is further helped by the fact that each size of boot has its own unique tongue, built to match the rest of the boot perfectly. If an ill-fitting tongue has ever left you struggling to get the correct tightness at your shin, this one has the solution.

Warm, dry feet are all but guaranteed thanks to the lining, where the presence of carbon retains the heat as sweat is tackled by moisture-wicking material. If cold feet is a serious problem for you, consider picking up the Burton Toaster Liner too. Its removable battery (charged with a micro USB cable) can power an internal heating system to one of three different levels.

Every aspect of the women’s-specific fit is designed to keep your feet happy all day. Neoprene stretch zones in the cuff ensure your calf is held in comfort, and the EVA footbed keeps foot fatigue to a minimum. Whatever your level, the Burton Felix Boa won’t hold you back from reaching the next one.


Buy direct from Burton

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DC Search Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

For those on a budget, DC snowboard boots are always worth a look. Don’t assume their reasonably-priced gear is in any way inferior, though – season after season, their offerings deliver the kind of performance you’d expect from a company with decades of footwear experience.

That said, the DC Search has been deliberately targeted at the advancing rider who doesn’t yet need all the bells and whistles of ‘premium’ boots. Take the inner boot, for example, which is a pared-back model that keeps things simple yet effective. Fleece lining and an EVA-enhanced footbed deliver comfort, while the classic speed lace gives you the support you need for long days of cruising.

A single Boa coiler allows you to tighten the outer shell in seconds. While it doesn’t give you the precision of a double-Boa system, it’s more convenient and keeps the cost down too. The outsole is made with a lightweight, durable material called Unilite, and is designed not to get jammed up with snow when you’ve been skating on the flat.

Flex-wise this is good for doing a bit of everything, making it an ideal choice for the rider that still wants to explore the whole mountain and develop their overall style – and with four different colourways to choose from, there’ll be a DC Search for everyone.


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Deeluxe Original Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

A tip of the hat to Deeluxe for offering this new model in the same exact style for both men and women, with no ‘shrink it and pink it’ approach. This here is the women’s version of the Deeluxe Original, and the construction reflects that even if the aesthetics don’t.

Three elements of fastening are combined to ensure you always get the perfect fit. A speed lace on the side provides key ankle support, while a classic chunky lace and powerstrap can give you exactly the tightness you want on the outer shell.

Once you’re good to go, you should take advantage of this boot’s easy flex and get your pair in the air. Even those hard-to-reach grabs are on the menu here, and touching down is made safe and easy by the improved sole. Those chunky hexagons absorb impacts and vibrations in the areas that most benefit, while the rest of the footprint is made of grippy rubber that works in unison with the EVA cushioning underneath.

Ride this without a TPS shield under the laces and it’s a free-flexing number that makes jibbing a joy, but slip one in and you get more support for those groomer-bashing days. Going back to the boot’s look, it’s got the street-inspired style that Deeluxe do so well, so if that floats your boat then check out the Deeluxe Original.


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Flow Deelite Coiler Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The Flow Deelite has had a little bit of an overhaul, but remains a top choice for riders who like an easy-going boot that’s as fun as it is functional. Above all, it’s been designed for comfort.

The liner has been upgraded for 2016/17; added features include an antimicrobial coating that reduces boot-stink, and extra J-bars that improve support. It’s also the only women’s boot in the Flow line to feature an internal harness around the heel, secured with a simple lace lock to make heel-lift a thing of the past. Popular features carried over from last year’s version include vents on the tongue to prevent clamminess and overheating, as well as an EVA insole for added comfort.

It also has a new sole; an all-rubber design for enhanced boardfeel, but with added cushioning in the heel to handle those big impacts as well as everyday chatter. A layer of insulation between that and the liner ensures you won’t feel the chill, a factor that’s never to be taken for granted.

A single, auto-retracting Boa wire controls the fit of the outer boot, and is lightning-fast to secure and release. Lots of effort has been put into achieving a secure, comfortable fit in the inner liner, so there’s not too much lost by not having a two-coil system.

Bona fide backcountry fiends might look for something a bit more supportive, but for everyone else the Flow Deelite is bound to bring a smile to your face.


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Head Five Boa Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Largely unchanged from last year, the Head Five Wmn Boa isn’t just a smaller version of the men’s Five. All of Head’s female gear is specially tailored to meet the different needs of women snowboarders, and this is no exception.

Specifically, the upper cuff of the boot has been modified to take into account the fact that women’s calf and ankle shapes tend to be different to men’s, and so by altering the fit Head have made turns, especially on the heel edge, feel as good as they can. The high-end sole also boasts a specific blend of insulation and cushioning, so from top to toe this is the business.

Tightening the boot is incredibly easy thanks to the Boa disc on the tongue, and when the wire has tension it’s also pulling on the Instep Pad Strap that you can see on the side of the boot. This ensures that every time the boot is tightened, the heel is simultaneouly secured down where it needs to be. This prevents your heel lifting off the bottom of the boot while riding, and that’s the #1 cause of discomfort in snowboard boots.

It’s not that stiff, but the built-in forward lean will enhance edge-to-edge response when you need it. Take the Head Five Wmn Boa all over the mountain, and you won’t regret it.


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K2 Estate Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The K2 Estate is brand new for the 2016/17 season, and is aimed at the freerider out there. Naturally, those venturing into the backcountry need insulation that’ll keep their toes toasty even after hours of hiking through deep pow in sub-zero temperatures.

This one has been kitted out with K2’s brand new Spaceheater liner, which uses a reflective layer that insulates your foot’s natural warmth while at the same time blocking the cold from coming in. It’s also heat-mouldable, which also helps; the better the circulation in tour foot, the less likely it is that you’ll get numb toes.

The liner is secured by a Boa that you can control from the side of the boot, meaning any minute adjustments to the fit can be done without having to unfasten the outer shell (controlled by an auto-retracting Boa at the tongue). If you want to wear your boots a bit looser for the hike before cranking at the top of your line, that process is hassle-free.

Urethane is used in the boot’s construction to guarantee consistent, long-lasting flex, and J-bars provide that extra support needed at high speeds. Finally, a Vibram sole dampens chatter while still offering plenty of boardfeel. All things considered, the K2 Estate is built for good times – specifically the ones where you’re whooping with delight as you drop another pillow line.


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Northwave Opal Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

As bona fide boot specialists of long standing, Northwave’s reputation is such that you’ll always see plenty of their boots wherever you’re riding – and as the most versatile of their women’s range, the Northwave Opal is one you’re bound to come across before long.

The ‘Super Lace’ speed system is another one of those that looks a little tricky from a distance, but get your hands on it and it’s as easy as falling off a log. Like all great speed systems, you can independently adjust the tightness of the upper and lower areas of the boot. Then it’s just a case of locking them into place on the tongue by pushing the plastic levers.

If you’re wondering about that loop on the side of the boot that the lace passes through, that’s the 540 harness. Simply put, when you tighten the lace the entire foot gets an even spread of pressure. Not only does this prevent uncomfortable pinching, it also adds more security to your heel. Thanks to that and the female-specific liner, heel-lift just won’t be an issue.

The Northwave Opal has a brand new sole for this year. The Light Step, as the name suggests, is all about weight reduction, and they say this comes in at around two-thirds the weight of an average sole. At the same time it’ll provide all the warmth and dampening of a standard sole.


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Ride Hera Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Hera was the Greek goddess of marriage and childbirth, and was both sister and wife to Zeus. The boot that shares her name is versatile enough to win over a wide swath of riders, so it’s not only fans of mythological incest that should check this out.

The Ride Hera made a splash upon its debut last winter, not least because of its female-specific features. One standout is the Calf Adjustment Technology system; Velcro at the cuff gives you more control over the fit around the top of the boot, providing more customisation to an area in which men and women can differ quite a bit. The sole has also been built with a woman’s foot profile in mind, and the high-density foam in the liner can be heat-moulded for the ultimate fit.

The Boa coiler on the side is focused on the tongue, tightening a cable that runs over the instep. This keeps your heel locked down with even pressure, and compliments the high-end lining lace that won’t loosen off as the day goes on. Another coiler secures the outer shell quickly and easily.

The Ride Hera has been made slightly stiffer for 2016/17, but is still right at home on a fin, slushy day in the park. This new version should be a bit more stable when you’re charging, though, so fans of all-mountain riding will be glad of the change.


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Rome Inferno Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The Rome Inferno is a low-profile number that’s not too flashy, but is a solid choice for the rider who dabbles in everything. New for this year is an improved spine, which ensures that slightly-above-average stiffness is consistent over the boot’s lifetime.

Also new is the ‘Skate Cuff 3D’ indentation in the liner, just above the heel bone. This better matches the shape of your foot, and therefore means there’s less wiggle room. Combines with the no-slip material below it, your heel will stay down where it belongs throughout the day. As for your toe, stretchy material ensures that little piggies of all shapes and sizes get the ideal fit.

Under foot you’ve got an incorporated insole that absorbs shocks, but not smells. It uses Aegis antimicrobial technology, tried and tested in everything from cycling shoes to the back of ambulances. And like the rest of the boot, the outsole is pared down let still tough enough for all but the most insane stuff.

Two Boas means that you can get an ideal fit in seconds; a few spins of the side disc secures the front of the boot, then do the same with the front disc ensures the cuff and 3D-moulded tongue sit exactly where you want them.

Get these heat-moulded for even better fit and performance (it’s called the Inferno, after all…) – and if you like the sound of this but have too many Y chromosomes, then check out the men’s version.


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Salomon Ivy Boa Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

By applying a female-specific focus to their STR8JKT closure system, Salomon have done the Lord’s work with the Ivy.

Heel-lift is out of the question, leaving you to make the most of this uber-comfy all-rounder across the whole mountain.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Salomon Ivy Boa here


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Thirty Two Lashed Boa Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The classic and speed-lace versions of the Thirty Two Lashed women’s snowboard boot have propelled it to the upper echelons of the industry’s top sellers. There’s now a Boa version too, and all signs point to it being just as popular as the others – if not moreso.

If you like the quick, precise adjustment that the coiler offers, then you’ll love the new Thirty Two Lashed Boa. A single dial on the front controls the whole boot, so getting ready takes mere seconds. Once you’re away, its all-mountain build means that everything’s up for grabs.

By dividing the shell into separate sections, Thirty Two have eliminated the warping that can happen when the boot flexes, so it’ll keep its shape for longer. That also makes it more comfortable and more predictable – a winning piece of design, for sure.

A powerstrap across the top of the liner delivers a bit of extra support, and the plush material at the cuff means it’s extra comfy. Dual-density foam takes care of your foot while you ride, and the impact-absorbing outsole comes courtesy of the folks at the Sole Technology Institute.

As well as this tie-dry colourway, the Thirty Two Lashed Boa also comes in bright pink and purple. Those after something subtler haven’t been forgotten though – there are also plain black and burgundy versions.


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Thirty Two TM-Two XLT Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Thirty Two always have an impressive line-up of women’s boots, and 2016/17 is no exception. The Thirty Two TM-Two XLT is an improved version of their perennially popular TM-Two.

Vibram has been added to the sole to further reduce the chatter that can wear feet out mid-session. It’s also nice and lightweight too. They’ve also added a pure rubber toe cap that can take a beating, even if you spend most of your day hiking in the backcountry or shaping features in the streets.

Of course, it boasts many of the features that made the TM-Two such a hit in the first place. For starters it’s got a classic chunky lace, and the fit is improved by the 3D-moulded tongue on which it sits. On the side of the boot you’ll notice the Tongue Tension System, which anchors the lace further down the boot and wraps around the heel in order to keep it secure from first lift to last. It sits at a cutaway in the outer shell, which is there to stop the boot warping or pinching when you’re making the most of that flex.

The standard TM-Two can be picked up for a bit cheaper, but there’s definitely a case to be made for spending that little extra on the upgrades present on the Thirty Two TM-Two XLT. And like every pair of Thirty Twos made in the last two decades, they’re entirely heat-mouldable.


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Vans Ferra Women’s Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The folks at Vans have let Hana Beaman loose in their design department, and we love the results.

This one is built for long days out of bounds, with no compromise on comfort. The combination of classic lace and Boa means that your fit will always be on point too.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the 2016-2017 Vans Ferra here


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