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The Best Camo Snowboard Jackets and Pants

From the days of Romain de Marchi and his camo/pink belt combo, to the latest internet edits from Kazu Kokubo in his hatless, all-over army ensemble, it is snowboarding’s never ending trend. The ‘camo constant’ Illicit Snowboarding calls it, though be warned: it’s one of those snowboard fashions that often seems to look better on the pros than you or I.

It’s a weird trend as well. There’s never a time whilst on a mountain in the depths of winter that jungle camouflage will do anything for you other than make you stand out even more, but perhaps that’s the appeal. Nevertheless, every year you can pick your camo jacket and/or camo pants from a whole host of options that if dropped in a forest would be impossible to find again.

Then there are also the oddballs, as you’ll find with any long standing trend – twisted versions of a once straight-forward practical print. We’ve tried to throw a few of those in too.

Long story short, there should be something for every camo lover here – and we’re building as we go! Scroll down through the 2016-2017 kit and then check out the best of last year’s gear below that; see something you like from 2014-2016 and, via the power of the internet search engine, you could well find yourself the proud owner of a camo bargain.


686 Authentic Smarty 3-In-1 Form Jacket | Authentic Smarty 3-In-1 Cargo Pant

None of that imitation forest pattern from 686 – they’ve gone all in this year with full Real Tree Xtra Camo on these three-in-one jackets and pants.

Both top and bottom options are 15/10k shells with removable 290g stretch fleece liners, making for great all rounders that’ll take on pretty harsh conditions without hassle. Fully taped seams all round, vents, reinforced hem for the pants and a boa compatible leg gaiter. These are the full package.

Full specs: FormCargo

Airblaster Lady Storm Cloak | Sassy Hot Bib | Freedom Parka

Airblaster’s main camo focus for the 2017 season has swung towards ‘Stoney Critterflage’, but if you’re fan of the ‘Dinoflage’ debuted last season, the women’s Freedom Parka (right) brings that back too.

In fact all three items above are ladies’ designs: the Lady Storm Cloak gives itself away with the name, and offers a long fitting 15k/10k insulated jacket with 60g/40g insulation, while the Sassy Hot Bib is an even higher spec 30k/20k shell with a tailored fit and serious protection; then the Freedom Parker offers a slightly less high end option bringing a slim fit to a classic parker styling with 10k/8k hard wearing shell fabric and critically taped seams.

Full Specs: Storm Cloak | Sassy Hot Bib | Freedom Parka

Airblaster Yeti Beast Suit | Beast Jacket | Beast Bib

Airblaster’s Beast range needs little introduction, and here’s three more fully fledged high-end options in Stoney Critterflage fabric, but fitting for the men this time.

All are 30k/20k shells which will stand up to the toughest winds and the sweatiest conditions, with fully taped seams and ‘Aquapel Nanotex Vortex fabric’ that presumably sends liquids running for the hills.

Full specs: Suit | Jacket | Bib

Analog Gore-Tex Mantra Jacket | Field Pants

Urban camo styling and street inspired fit and outline meet Gore-Tex fabrics in Analog’s Mantra Jacket and Field pants.

Never before (to our knowledge) has a coach jacket been crafted out of such high-end fabric, so if you won’t sacrifice function but are very particular about your fit, this is undoubtedly the answer to your prayers.

With cargo style pockets, the pants also fulfil the style quota, and with articulated knees and ‘Test-i-cool’ venting, there as good a shell option as you’ll find.

Full specs: Mantra | Field

Burton [AK] 2L Women’s Gore-Tex Altitude Jacket | Gore-Tex Summit Pants

Two more full Gore-Tex sets coming in from Burton’s [AK] range – the women’s Altitude Jacket and Summit Pants (above), and the men’s Swash jacket/pants (below).

Both options stand in a long tradition of providing high end kit for extreme climes. Fitted to move in, they’re some of Burton’s most high-functioning options for riders who demand a lot out of their kit.

Full Specs: Altitude | Summit | Swash Jacket | Swash Pants

Burton [AK] 2L Gore-Tex Swash Jacket | 2L Gore-Tex Swash Pants

Burton Breach Jacket | Southside Pants

If you happened to be seeking a full camo outfit, but wanted to be able to choose the fit of your pants, the Burton Breach jacket and Southside pants could offer the answers you looking for.

The Southside is available in both mid and slim fit, so unless you’re looking for ultra baggy you’ve got options there; and as all options come in 10k/10k Dryride Durashell 2L fabric (with 80g/60g insulation on the jacket) you’re well covered against resort riding and a bit of exploration too.

Full specs: Breach | Southside Slim | Southside Regular

Burton Women’s Fremont Jacket | Vida Pants

In Burton’s regular women’s line you’ll find more options with similar spec to the Breach and Southside seen above. The Fremont jacket is built in the same 10k/10k Dryride Durashell two layer fabric – with 60g/40g insulation, while the pants are a slightly less tech 10k/5k Dryride Durashell option with Burton’s standard feature packet.

Full Specs: Fremont | Vida

Colour Wear Raven Jacket | CLWR Pants | Women’s Isy Jacket

Colour Wear continue to rock their angular take on camo print with a range of options available in this year’s lines.

Here’s three for you: ranging from the high-end 15k/20k drop tail Raven jacket, to the cargo pocket finished CLWR classic pants in 10k/10k loose fit.

On the right is the ladies’ Isy jacket with 10k/10k oxford fabric in a super tall fit, with a high neckline for extra wind protection, 60g high loft insulation, vents and snow skirt just incase any snow sneaks in.

Full Specs: Raven | CLWR Pant | Isy

Crab Grab Classic Coaches Jacket

If you’re pining for a coach jacket for spring riding, that’ll be just as happy for everyday wear, this Crab Grab coach jacket ticks all the right boxes. Back graphic and a left breast patch add nice detail, while a comfy nylon lining helps make this a no brainer.

Full Specs: Classic 

DaKine Glenwood Jacket | Barlow Pant

DaKine’s Glenwood jacket is a darker camo option with an extra little bit of orange detailing on the zips – built in a 10k/10k fabric with heaps of adjustable features so you can tweak your fit.

Its pant companion here is the Barlow pant, which has the same outer fabric but offers 40g insulation in the seat and knees so you won’t have to worry about cold spots when you take a little sit down.

Full Specs: Glenwood | Barlow

DC Servo Jacket | Platoon Bib Pants | Women’s Recruit Pants

DC’s well rounded sandy-tone camo print runs through the line up this year, with plenty to look into, but here’s three options to get you started.

The Servo jacket is 15k/10k insulated option with a classic fit and plenty of stash/hand-warmer pockets, while the Platoon Bib Pants in the middle here mix military inspiration with work-wear style reflective taping and an articulated fit for freedom of movement.

The women’s recruit pants on the right are slightly less tech but still offer 10k/5k protection with 40g insulation for warmth and taffeta lining keeping everything comfy.

Full specs: Servo | Platoon | Recruit

Holden Women’s Shelter Jacket | Haze Pants

Holden’s forest toned camo colourway comes in both mens and womens cuts with eco friendly features and fully taped seams on all variations.

The women’s Shelter jacket and Haze pants above both have built in insulation and a 10k/10k waterproof/breathability rating so they’ll work great if you want an all in one and tend to always need a little extra warmth.

Then both men’s jackets are 20k/20k shells with two easily distinguishable styles and S.Cafe odour resistant lining, while the 10k/10k field pants feature brushed tricot sweet spots for extra comfort.

Full Specs: Shelter | Haze | Fishtail | Field | Grayson

Holden 3L 51 Fishtail Jacket | Field Pant | Grayson Jacket


Horsefeathers Moore Jacket | Stewart Pant

No messing with Horsefeathers camo designs, the print on these is about as straight up military as it gets.

Both top and bottoms are 10k/5k waterproof/breathable with a combo of 80g, 60g and 40g insulation distributed where it’s needed most. Relaxed fit for the pants should offer plenty of movement while a regular long fit for the pants means extra bum coverage, bonus!

Full Specs: Moore | Stewart

Neff Parker Jacket | Cope Bib Pants

Neff’s Parker jacket might not be fully camo’d up to the eyeballs, but as the obvious counterpart to the Cope bib pants we couldn’t just leave it out in the cold – although to be fair it’d be right at home out there.

These two relaxed fit, fully tapered numbers are a perfect pairing if you like full length coverage, with added 80g/40g insulation in the body/sleeves of the jacket and the obvious benefits of a higher bib-fit pant, there’s little danger of your core getting cold here.

Full Specs: Parker | Cope

O’Neill Utility Jacket | Friday Night Pants

A lighter camo variant with contrast black details – O’Neill’s Utility jacket and Friday Night pants are ultra quick drying with Hyperdry hydrophobic DWR treatment on both 10k/10k outers.

The Jacket also features zonal insulation to keep all your vital organs warm – which can’t be bad.

Full Specs: Utility | Friday Night

Quiksilver Dark and Stormy Jacket | Dark and Stormy Pants

Dark and stormy all ’round it seems – Quiksilver’s jacket and pants above are both available in the camo print shown on the right here, but if you want to mix it up you can also got for the mossy print on the left and pair it with pants in a different colourway.

On the tech side, all Dark and Stormy option are made to handle heavier weather with 15k Dryflight fabrics and 60g insulation in the jackets, so whatever you go for you shouldn’t feel thunderous inside.

Full Specs: Jacket | Pants

Sessions Outerwear Quas Jacket | Shiner Pants

Sessions have used this camo print in a number of different colourways as they make their return to the market – so whether you fancy dark red camo, black/grey or green as seen above, you’ve got plenty of options.

The Quas jacket cleverly has extra protection in the shoulders, with 15k/10k fabric (also used throughout for the Shiner pants), and then lighter weight 10k/10k fabric for the body where you’re less vulnerable to heavy wet snowfall.

Full Specs: Quas | Shiner

Technine Do Work Jacket | OG Chino Pants

Trust technine to turn up with a proper old-school script-laced winter camo print. Here’s two options from their line – the Do Work Jacket and the OG Chino pants, although if you want to go full head to toe their Tactical Coverall is available too.

Both these two are 10k/10k with critically taped seams and mesh backed venting – with pow protection features and tactical reinforcement/insulation in the jacket.

Full Specs: Do Work | OG Chino

Volcom L Gore-Tex Jacket | Gore-Tex Guide Pant

Volcom have a heap of options in the camo colourway shown above, so don’t be put off if you’re not ready to invest in Gore-Tex yet.

If you are, however, be reassured that these two high-end items won’t find themselves out of their depth even at the ends of the earth. Other than the Gore-Tex shell fabrics you’ll find Volcom’s V-Science breathable lining system in place, and pockets for everything from audio to avalanche transceivers.

They’re full of features to make your day on the mountain better – wherever the session is, and if you want to go all out Guide – there’s an even more tech jacket to go with the pants too.

Full Specs: Jacket | Pants

Westbeach Berkeley Camo Overhead

Same jacket, but two distinct camo colour options – this pullover is built with powerhouse 20k/20k fabric and a side access zip to help you get it over your head if you’re in a hurry.

If you’re worried about snow getting in, there’s a powder skirt in place to help out, and if overheating is what ails you, the pit zips and front half zip are there to sort you out.

Full Specs: Berkeley


32 Blythe Jacket | Blahzay Pants

32 have an impressively stacked team right now, and an expanding collection of outerwear and apparel to go with it.

In terms of camo options for the coming season, they’ve got the technical 2L 10k/10k Blythe jacket (so popular in camo that it’s already sold out on their site); as well as the perennially popular Shiloh jacket (not pictured) and Blahzay pants, offering price-point kit that’ll see you through the season.

Full specs: Blahzay | Blythe

686 Parklan Conspircy Jacket | Parklan Exhile Pants

If you’re after a tech jacket, but a street wear silhouette the 686 Parklan Conspircy is an insulated, hooded number that more than provides – coming in with a drawstring hood and ribbed collars and cuffs, in 15k/10k waterproofing/breathability.

Providing its pant equivalent in the same black/grey camo material, is the Parklan Exhile pant – complete with cargo pockets and fully taped seams.

Full specs: Parklan Conspircy | Parklan Exhile

686 Parklan Myth Jacket | Parklan Shadow Pants

Two more from the Parklan range and the Parklan Myth jacket steps in with 250g of polyfill insulation for inbuilt warmth, and a high-contrast orange/camo design.

Another of the options with the same print, the Parklan Shadow pant has a slim silhouette like the Exhile pants, but with stripped back pockets, and a fold up pant leg system.

Full specs: Parklan Myth | Parklan Shadow

Airblaster AB/BC Pants | Krill Bib

Named after one Brandon Cocard, the Airblaster AB/BC pants are a 15k/10k heavy duty shell with a slightly more subtle camo touch in this Duck Dino colourway – but if you fancy them with a camo majority, they’re also available in ‘Storm Cloud’ with black knee patches.

The Krill Bib on the other hand makes no qualms about taking influence from fisherman styling – although ‘Blaster do claim that the name came from a combo of ‘Kool + Real Chill’. This one’s a 15k/10k shell again, with plenty of Duck Dino camo to go around, and contrast panels coming up over the nipples to keep you kushty on deep snow days.

Full specs: AB/BC PantsKrill Bib

Airblaster Beast Suit | Beast Bib

Ultimate all over camo coverage that we haven’t seen anywhere else – the Airblaster Beast Suit has its own reputation, but for the camo connoisseur it’s surely something of a holy grail. 30k/20k waterproofing/breathability would be more than befitting of the name alone, but factor in Airblaster touches like the 350• zipper for easy toilet times and you realise you’re really onto a unique piece of kit.

Cut from the same Dinoflage cloth, the Beast Bib is equally heavy duty, but allows a bit more upper-body freedom, so you can customise it as you like. At the end of the day the choice is yours…

Full specs: Beast Suit | Beast Bib

Airblaster Grumpy Jacket | Cranky Pants

Two more from the Duck Dino collection (which expands beyond what we have time to mention here) and the Grumpy Jacket and Cranky Pants provide all over prints and protection, with high end 15k/10 fabrics and fully taped seams.

The Grumpy Jacket made an appearance in last year’s camo collection (scroll down to find it), and Nick Dirks’ favourite tailored fit piece is back again with a different camo option, and a custom patch designed by the man himself. The Cranky Pants are a slim choice too, albeit with enough room to move, and a clean silhouette with hidden zipper pockets.

Full specs: Grumpy JacketCranky Pants

Airblaster Women’s Una Jacket | Women’s Otha Brother Pants

Airblaster are equally keen on women’s camo options, and although the cuts may be different, the Duck Dino Camo colourway transfers happily across both genders.

Case in point: the Una Jacket, and Otha Brother pants. The Una is 15k/10k shell with contrast panels and a tailored fit, letting you layer up underneath, knowing the elements will be kept at bay; and you’ll find the same tech materials on the Otha-Brother – in a slim fit with reinforced patches to stop the heels from fraying.

Full specs: Una | Otha Brotha

Airblaster Women’s Freedom Suit | AB/BC Jacket | Women’s Hot Bib

Final one from Airblaster – and another camo option comes in the form of their Storm Cloud colourway – again dispersed across the men’s and women’s ranges.

From left to right here is the all over protection of the 15k/10k Women’s Freedom suit – complete with stash pockets, zippers and a tailored fit; then the 15k/10k AB/BC jacket to complement the pants mentioned earlier, with screen printed back logo, and oversize pockets on the front; and finally the women’s Hot Bib, offering a bib equivalent of the freedom suit for those that want it.

Full specs: Freedom Suit | AB/BC Jacket | Hot Bib

Analog 3LS Snowblind Trench Gore-Tex Jacket | Ruck Pants

Right then. Analog are another brand who’s aesthetic frequently lends itself to the camo arts, albeit a bit more traditional and military than Airblaster’s dinosaur infused designs.

They’re not messing around either, with the Gore-Tex Conspiracy Trench coat running some impressive tech specs, with a price-point to match! Not one for everyone, but if you’re after a three layer stretch Gore-Tex shell, and a tall cut bit of kit that’s made to last, look no further.

The Ruck Pants come in with a similar camo print, but a slightly less intense price-tag. Still, they’re 15k/10k waterproof/breathable, with fully taped seams, and a slouch (slightly relaxed) fit – incorporating articulated knees for a great range of movement.

Full specs: Snowblind Trench Coat | Ruck Pants

Analog Highmark Bib Gore-Tex | Shoreditch Jacket | Field Pants

Back to the serious stuff – and if bibs are your thing, the Analog Highmark Gore-Tex is up there at the high end of the spectrum! Offering the same three layer stretch fabric as the Snowblind Trench, and a similar print too.

Then, as a final tip of the hat to Analog (although they do have more to offer) – the stylish Shoreditch jacket, bringing a patch pocket/contrast panel design with an affordable but effective 10k/5k outer shell and 40g polyester fill; and their trouser counterpart, the field pants.

Full specs: Highmark Bib Gore-Tex | Shoreditch Jacket | Field Pants

Burton [ak] 2L Swash Jacket/Pants

If you fancy camo with the technical specs of Analog’s high end gear, but a more technical styling, the Burton [ak] 2L Swash range is a clear choice.

Again, the quality is reflected in the price, but with 2L Gore-Tex fabric and 60g insulation focussed around your core (on the jacket), you’re unlikely to regret your purchasing decisions on really cold days.

The pants do their part too, with a fleece lined seat and knees padding out exposed spots, and knee to knee vent allowing for quick cooling so you don’t end up sitting in a sweatbox.

Full specs: Swash Jacket | Swash Pants

Burton Breach Jacket/Pants

On the darker end of the camo spectrum – the Burton Breach jacket and pants provide technical designs at prices a little more friendly to your average rider.

The jacket is a 10k/10k insulated number, with 80g insulation in the body, and 60g in the sleeves – and a regular fit; and the pants take things a step further with 20k/15k waterproofing, while stepping down to a shell so you can decide on layering.

If you’re after similar prints, but with a desert camo twist, try the affordable Tactic Pant, and Encore jacket.

Full specs: Breach Jacket | Breach Pants

Burton Women’s Mystery Gore-Tex Jacket | Women’s TWC Meg Pants | L.A.M.B. Women’s Riff Parka

Holding things high up on the women’s end, are the Burton Mystery Gore-Tex jacket, and Paradox Gore Tex Pant (not pictured). With the pants providing premium fabrics without too much of a price bump by keeping things simple with a shell design; and the jacket utilising a insulated ‘Living lining’ to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

On the slightly more quirky camo end, the TWC Meg pants come in with a highly affordable 5k/5k stretch fabric that’s suitable for riders who demand a little less from their kit; and the L.A.M.B. Riff Parka has premium waterproofing, with a few nice touches like the silky lining, and subtle underarm contrast panels.

Full specs: Mystery | TWC MegL.A.M.B. Riff Parka

Colour Wear Falk Jacket/Pants

Being all about block colours and unmistakable design, the Swedish folk at Colour Wear have always taken a slightly different approach to camo. Their angular print makes its way into the new season with slight tweaks on the designs making sure they’re up to date.

The Falk range is comprised of two high-end bits of kit that won’t leave you wanting – both constructed in 3 layer fabric with taped seams. The jacket is a 20k/15 beast with the classic contrasting white zippers, and a droptail to give a good bit of layer overlap at the back. Then the pants come in, with a removable bib for deep days, the same levels of waterproofing, and articulated knees. One tough collection.

Full specs: Falk Jacket | Falk Pants


Colour Wear Kappelli Jacket | Base Pants

Another one making a comeback from last year – and the Kappelli jacket offers a mid range 10k/10k shell with 40g loft padding for warmth. Built on the design from last year, with black blocks providing contrast and storm-proof protection agains the elements.

The Kappelli’s counterpart is the Base pant, offering the same weatherproof fabric, with a stripped back design for price conscious shredders. Nevertheless you’ll find it complete with articulated knees, taped seams, vents and gaiters – all the essentials are covered.

Full specs: Kappelli Jacket | Base Pants


DaKine Fremont Jacket | Troutdale Bib | Belleville Pants

A trio of camo kit in a classic print from DaKine – with the Fremont Jacket, Troutdale Bib and Belleville Pants.

Obviously choosing between the three is going to come down to your layering preferences, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the Fremont is a 650 fill down layer, not your standard waterproof shell; and although it does have a DWR finish, it’s more for packable lightweight warmth than everyday weather protection.

The Troutdale Bib and Belleville pants however, are meant for getting stuck in to the latest snowy dump, with 10k/10k material and taped seams on both. The pants feature 40g insulation, and detachable suspenders, while the bib is a shell with permanent protection and side zip access.

Full specs: Fremont Jacket | Troutdale Bib | Belleville Pants



DC Command DPM Jacket | Nature DPM Women’s Jacket

Sitting in DC’s range, we found this less common camo colourway, with a full range of design options.

Pictured are the DC Command DPM Jacket, and women’s Nature DPM jacket. But if you fancy a bib option there’s one of those too in the DC Clash DPM Bib Pants.

A true snow camo, especially as it gets towards the spring months, DC have loaded these with contrasting reinforced black panels and orange detailing, so you’re not completely invisible to your friends. They’re heavy duty too, with 20k Exotex protection in the men’s jackets and 15k in the bib and women’s jacket.

Full specs: Command DPM | Nature DPM

Horsefeathers Savage Jacket | Benson Pants

Horsefeathers are in charge of kitting out riders including Eiki Helgason and Tyler Chorlton, and in amongst their largely colourful range we found these two bits of kit, with another unusual camo print.

The Savage Jacket and Benson pants offer a mid-range 10k/10k laminate layer and relaxed fit, with a shell design for the pants, and 80g body/60g sleeve insulation on the jacket. The pants might feature fake back pockets to keep up their cargo styling, but there’s still plenty of space for storage.

Full specs: Savage Jacket | Benson Pants

Oakley Cascade Biozone Pants | Pioneer Biozone Pullover Jacket | Jackpot Pants

We’ve split Oakley’s camo outerwear into two rough ‘camps’ this season, with the Cascade Pants, Pioneer Biozone Pullover, and Jackpot pants representing the greener options, and some very subtle black camo threads below too.

The Pioneer pullover comes with a removable pow skirt, and kangaroo pocket with 15k Infinidry tech and a weathered ‘Herb Smoke’ colourway. Then the Cascade Biozone pants are available either as a 10k Infinidry shell or with an insulation system.

Finally, the slightly more techical Jackpot pants sit as a slightly more technical choice with 15k waterproofing and a clean slim fit.

Full specs: Cascade | Pioneer | Jackpot

Oakley Deuces Wild Biozone Jacket | Passage Biozone Pants

How much more black could the Oakley Deuces Wild jacket and Passage pants be? The answer is just a little bit.

They’re about as close to not being camo as you can get, while retaining a very subtle pattern. And beyond the debates of where camo ends and block colour begins, they’re pretty effective bits of kit too! the jacket is a 15k shell with removable skirt and a parka fit, and the Passage pants have critically placed fleece for warmth in the right spots, fully taped seams, and that same 15k material to keep you dry.

Full specs: Deuces Wild | Passage

Ride Women’s Magnolia Jacket | Women’s Leschi Pants

Ride have got a single thread of camo print running through their 2015-16 outerwear with just the cut and design distinguishing between male and female get-ups.

We’ve picke the women’s Magnolia jacket and Leschi pants to illustrate here, so for the men’s equivalent see the Rainier Jacket and Westlake Pants. All four options feature 15k/10k waterproofing/breathability and slim fit. With contrasting black patches on the jackets, and Ride’s ACT1 zonal shell lining. They’re full taped with all the vents and adjustment systems in place and ready to go.

Full specs: Magnolia Jacket | Leschi Pant

Technine Chino Pants | Removable Hood Quilted Vest | Tear Away Pants

Two technical pants and one quilted vest from Technine’s range this year. The classic Chino pants, with simple T9 patch detailing, 10k/10k fabric and critically taped seams; the streetwear inspired Tear Away pants with additional stripes down the leg, and the Removable Hood Quilted Vest, which might not be your first choice in the depths of winter, but will work a treat for keeping you warm at a street session.

Full specs: Chino | Vest | Tear Away

Volcom L Gore-Tex Jacket | Alternate Insulated Jacket | Invader Jacket

Some companies go the extra mile and provide so many different cuts in their favourite camo print that its too hard for us to pick them apart, and that’s exactly what Volcom have gone for with their men’s range this season.

Visually quite similar, the variations here are less obvious, but depending on your needs you can choose between high-end Gore-Tex options, or light weight 10k/5k threads, slim or relaxed fits. The only advise we can give is that you take a look and pick the ones that best suit you.

Full specs: L Gore Tex Jacket | Alternate Insulated Jacket | Invader Jacket

Volcom L Gore-Tex Pants | Ventral Trousers | 50s Work Pants

Full specs: L Gore-Tex Pants | Ventral Trousers | 50s Work Pants

Volcom Women’s Stave Jacket | Women’s Gilla Stretch Pull On Jacket | Women’s Saint Insulated Pants

Last but not least, in the 2015-16 range, are the Volcom women’s choices. the Stave Jacket, Gilla Stretch Pull on, and Women’s Saint insulated pants.

The Stave is a traditional 10k/5k shell with plenty of versatility looks-wise for when you take it to the streets – it’s lined with fleece too so you’re not starting from scratch with layering. Then the Gilla steps things up with a long fit and 15k/10k fabric, as well as a stacked list of features; and finally the Saint rounds off the set with a strong 15k/10k two layer shell, 60g insulation and zonal reinforcement, a proper bit of kit for riders who prefer in-built warmth.

Full specs: Stave Jacket | Gilla Pull On | Saint Pants


Airblaster Grumpy Jacket 2014-2015 £250/$260

Everyone’s favourite funsters Airblaster give you Nick Dirk’s Grumpy jacket for the 2014/2015 season. All the tech – minus the geeky styling, it’s a 15k mm waterproof, 10k g/m2 breathable fully taped beast with 100g of insulation – and all the trimmings.

In terms of camo – Airblaster have gone fairly traditional on this one. Army stylings that are truly fit for a wooded forrest, combined with your very own insignia – Nick’s ‘Pillroy’ character mans the removable patch on the shoulder, so even in the depths of winter you’ll never walk alone…

Airblaster Freedom Suit 2014-2015 £300/$330

If their Grumpy Jacket doesn’t quite fit the bill – try Airblaster’s Camo Freedom Suit! All-in-one coverage that’ll see you waving goodbye to powder-skirt troubles and chilly exposed patches for good.

Step in – zip up and go anywhere, comfortable in the fact that this 15K/10K  fully taped shell won’t let in the elements wherever you take it. And bathroom business? Not a problem with a 350 degree waist level zip providing easy access when nature calls. These suits are even reinforced in the knees and the butt – so you can tumble around to your hearts desire!

adidas Major Rippin It Jacket £250

adidas’ sandy camo-combo comes in the form of Kazu Kokubo’s ‘Major Rippin It’ line this year. Uber snow-tech meets street inspired looks in this jacket which is packing everything you’ll need for heavy duty backcountry use.

In terms of essentials it’s fully insulated, fully taped, and 20K/20K waterproof/breathable. But that’s just for starters! Rip stop fabric, pockets up the wazoo, taffeta lining, Recco rescue system and as many adjusters as you could ever need – it might well take you a while to discover every tool at your disposal in this jacket. And there’s a final hidden design element – one of Kazu’s tattoos is incorporated into the dark part of the pattern!

adidas Major Rippin It Pants £200

If you’re already sold on the Major Rippin It jacket – you could easily just go for the whole hog and take a pair of the pants that complete Kazu’s outfit for this year.

As well as the jacket-to-pant interlacing advantages of having matching outerwear – these pants boast the same impressive 20K/20K rip-stop fabric as their jacket counterpart, fully taped seams, reinforced cuffs, and (more) handwarmer pockets.

A true cargo unit – there’s even plenty of storage in the form of those oversized pockets – so you can bring all your tools and trinkets along for the ride too.

Burton Warren Jacket £215

Burton’s curveball jacket for this season – we’ve got to say that the Warren took us by surprise a little. It’s a jacket, that’s also a backpack… mind = blown!

Perfect for those days when you want to pack some extra heat-wear but don’t know if the clouds are going to clear and leave you boiling. When the sun comes out you can simply pack this camo snowboard jacket down into it’s fully functioning backpack form – stuff it full of those five extra facemasks you were wearing, and keep riding.

Tree-bark camo is the look B went for on this one – and incase you’re wondering, it’s a 10K/10K fully taped shell with the usual features as well as it’s handbag superpowers – so it’ll come in handy all year round.

686 Parklan Sasha Women’s Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015 £200/$240

686 have got a few options for camo aspiring ladies this year – so their range is well worth a look-in. What you’re seeing above is their insulated Parklan Sasha jacket – a mid-warm jacket with 15K/10K infiniDRY tech and their slightly more relaxed, taller ‘Boyfriend fit’.

Street worthy styling with a removable powderskirt make this one a versatile number – while the loose freedom fit, critically taped seams and 60G full body insulation support you on your missions – get charging!

686 Parklan Meadow Women’s Pants 2014-2015 £155

We told you 686 are on the ball with women’s camo! And on the lower-limb end of their Parklan range, the Meadow camo snowboard pants are holding their own….

Slim-fit, but with room to move – they’re 15K/10K waterproof/breathable with critically taped seams and invisible zippered leg vents. Classic camo simplicity on the outside – but packing more than meets the eye.

Analog Highmark Jacket 2014-2015 £300/$370

Thinking of pushing the boat out and hitting the high-end jackets this year? Analog have teamed up with Gore-Tex to bring you the Highmark snowboard jacket in a tag-team that’s got to be hard to resist.

Top of the line Gore-Tex waterproofing, on top of feature packed pullover jacket – combo’d up with some timeless Analog designed camo is the winning formula. Kangaroo front pocket, an internal ‘defogging goggle pocket’, and a laser-cut waterpoof central zip – try getting through that mother nature!

Colour Wear Käppeli Jacket 2014-2015 £185/€210

If you’re looking for camo, but want a more modern angular take on things – Mario Käppeli’s pro model jacket from Colour Wear should hit the spot.

Blocked out with black corduroy style patches, this has all the bases covered – 10K/10K fabric, 40g insulation, storm proofing adjusters all over. That removable powder skirt will definitely add some handy versatility when you’re doing your best to wear this in every situation possible.


Dakine Washburn Jacket 2014-2015 £200/$275

Dakine’s technical jacket is another desert camo snowboard jacket option – ideal if you’re after a straight shooting standard fit with plenty of tech under the hood.

There’s loads of adjustment options around the hood on this, with dual zippers, draw chord systems and an internal collar, so in stormy weather you’ll be able to clamp down and get a perfect seal to protect against the elements.

Analog Anthem Camo Snowboard Pants 2014-2015 £160/$180

On the darker end of the camo snowboard pants spectrum is another Analog classic. The regular fit Anthem pants come in a range of colours, but if you’ve ended up reading this, chances are you’re only interested in one…

Fully taped, 10K/10K construction – enjoy hassle free hours with Analog’s ‘Drunk Camo’ print – we’ll leave it up to you to decide quite how fitting that name is!

Neff Corporal Camo Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015 $200

Now here’s a jacket that’s actually going to live up to it’s camoflage name in snow! At least, if you go out on a foggy day, or stand near some rocks that is…

The ‘Splamo Grey’ (AKA winter camo) option on this one comes with Neff’s own take on sewn-in military medals and regiments on the sleeve – and it’s hard-wearing ripstop 10K/10K fabric suggests this probably wouldn’t let you down if you were actually stuck in a sticky situation.

Oakley Nighthawk Biozone Jacket 2014-2015 £265/$300

Pro rider inspired – the Oakley Nighthawk Biozone is a pretty badass looking camo snowboard jacket. And – as you might expect it’s packing some equally snazzy features.

‘Biozone’ moisture management, Hydroguage 15 waterproofing and breathability, and magnetic snap-to-secure systems will keep to safe from the elements, while you style it out on the slopes.

Protest Oil Jacket 2014-2015 £170

The Swamp colourway on this Protest Oil jacket pairs up a camo body with rugged work-wear-looking sleeves and hood, in a package that’s well suited for getting back to nature.

Relaxed fit, with a Geotech 10K shell and detachable hood. If you’re looking for a subtle camo that’s also suitable for street-wear this fits the bill.

O’Neill Area 52 Jacket 2014-2015 £150

Available with a couple of different colour options – O’Neill’s Area 52 jacket won’t break the bank, but won’t leave you out in the cold either.

The ‘Firewall’ technology that runs through their entire snow range keeps your core well insulated, while reducing bulk weight – it’s a solid 10K/10K on waterproofing and ventilation and comes with all the gaiters and adjusters you could possibly need as well.

Quiksilver Porter Snowboard Pants 2014-2015 £135

Printed, insulated 10K/10K camo snowboard pants from the folks over at Quiksilver – lie down in a grassy field in and your legs may well disappear…

Not so much in snow – but they will at least be warm. 60g of insulation,  heel protecting lift-system – and another take on the camo print, none of which will be punishing your wallet too harshly!

Ride Phinney Pants 2014-2015 £130

Entry level in price – but still holding their own. The Phinney snowboard pants from Ride are a 10K/5K shell that are going to be more than satisfactory for occasional use.

In classic loose fit camo – these should be on your shopping list if you’re not expecting extreme conditions and/or want some spring riding/dome pants for your collection. They’re also available with insulation for some extra warmth without the cost.

ThirtyTwo Wooderson Camo Snowboard Pants 2014-2015 £150/ $170

ThirtyTwo’s Wooderson pants are a bit of a modern classic. Fully taped and offering 10K/10K simplicity, with a mid fit – they’re the all rounder that doesn’t leave you broke.

No unnecessary additions – these are the snow equivalent of those jeans you can just throw on, then get out and get going.

Volcom F-117 Pullover Jacket 2014-2015 £200/$230

No-holds-barred pullover jacket tech in Volcom’s block-cut F-117 Jacket! There’s a long list of their ‘V-Science’ features going into this one…

To start with – all you need to know is that this’ll keep you going, and comfortable in some darn chilly weather. It’s a 15K/10K double layer shell with fully taped seams, plus the potential to integrate with one of Volcom’s matching pants that fully zip together – a onsie in two parts if you like.

686 Airflight Polyquilt Vest 2014-2015 £100

686 are doing traditional camo jackets for men too this year (see the Authentic Moniker Jacket) – but we thought we’d mix things up a bit with their Airflight Polyquilt Vest.

Built to channel added insulation to your core – this relaxed-fit layer features 250g of down-like polyfill insulation, oversized handwarmer pockets, and a lightweight construction. It’s probably not going to be one that you’ll want to ride in a huge amount – but if you’re out filming, taking some down time on a street session, or just trying to warm up after an extra chilly day on the hill, no doubt you’ll be happy you packed it.

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