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Best Snowboard Backpacks 2017-2018

This year's best snowboard-specific backpacks, reviewed by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2018/2019 Snowboard Backpacks here

Depending on what and where you like to ride, a good snowboard backpack is either a nice thing to have, or it’s absolutely essential.

The first thing to consider is capacity. Snowboard backpacks usually advertise this in litres, which is typically between 10 and 30. The bigger the volume, the more swag you can take with you on the mountain – although there is such a thing as taking too much with you.

“Choosing the right pack is worth taking your time over, as if looked after properly it can last for years”

If you’re planning on venturing into the backcountry, then you need one that is at least big enough to hold a shovel and a probe. If your shovel has a removable blade, some pow-specific packs give you the option to mount the handle onto the outside, leaving more room within. A look at our round-up of best backcountry accessories should give you some clues as to how much gear you’ll be taking with you.

Regardless of where you take your pack, a fleece-lined goggle pocket is a really useful feature – as is a laptop sleeve, which makes life easier when travelling. If you get one with board-carrying straps, also check to see if it has waist and sternum straps. These can make all the difference when carrying a heavy load on a long hike!

Choosing the right pack is worth taking your time over, as if looked after properly it can last for years. Here’s a few of the best snowboard backpacks we’ve come across for 2017/18 – your next one could well be in here.

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Burton Annex Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

Certainly more of a bag for the mountain man about town, this is however still tough and water resistant enough to double up as a good choice for carting layers and supplies with you for a day hitting the park.

It holds 28L meaning you’ll get a lot of swag in, but seeing as there’s no waist strap we’d be careful overloading it if you plan to do more riding than the trail to the terrain park. But when you get off the hill it’s got spots for your laptop, valuables that can be secured beneath the expedition-style top, and a bunch of other electronics have their own stow spots.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 Burton Annex here


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Burton Bravo Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

Serving equally well as a bag for mellow cruising, heading to the terrain park, or commuting to your desk, Burton’s Bravo has a lot of intelligent storage.

Separate padded laptop and tablet sleeves, a decent-sized main compartment and a bunch of external pockets for all manner of gear will have you organised, and the ergonomic shoulder straps, sternum strap and removable waist belt will have it sitting securely on your back.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 Burton Bravo here

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Burton [ak] Incline 20L Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

If you’re serious about your backcountry riding, you’ll need a serious backpack, and the [ak] Incline from Burton is a multi-season solution that could be just the ticket.

At 20 litres, it’s big enough to carry what you need for a day in the wilderness yet small enough that it’s lightweight and won’t interfere with your hiking or riding.

The bag’s all-new Aeropro enclosed trampoline back panel makes sure moisture is easily vented away when you’re pushing it, and this works with Burton’s air mesh straps that are cush, comfy and will have you forgetting the Incline’s there.

There’s well-thought-out storage for the gear your need out there – layers, food and liquids (there’s a hydration pouch if you’re a Camelbak kinda rider) fit in the main part but there are also things like stowable mesh water bottle pockets and an internal mesh zip pocket, too. A secondary snow tool compartment keeps your avy gear organised, and there’s a nice fleece-lined goggle pocket to keep your lenses well away from anything sharp.

Side compression straps integrate a carry system for poles, ice axes and the like, while there’s the option to carry your board vertically or your splitboard A-frame styley. The articulated ergonomic hip belt has pockets to cram in more gear and works with the shoulder- and adjustable sternum straps to have the Incline sit securely and comfortably on your back.

This backpack has the legendary [ak] minimialist style and tech, and it even comes with a lifetime warranty.


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Burton Day Hiker 25L Women’s Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

The Day Hiker from Burton is good for both shredding and day-to-day life, meaning it has enough snowboard-specific thinking put into it for it to do what’s needed for a day’s resort riding, without it being so tech that you look like you’ve just returned from mounting an Alp when using it around town.

25 litres of volume means that you get ample room for your spare layers, lunch, goggles and anything else you want to bring for the day, but the lightweight, low-profile design means it will sit neatly on your back when riding with minimal interference.

The ergonomic shoulder straps, chest and removable waist straps and cushioned back carry your load comfortably and securely, while there are even straps to carry your snowboard or skateboard vertically – though of course this isn’t as effective on the more backcountry-orientated bags.

There’s a reason why the Day Hiker has been in Burton’s bag range for nigh on two decades – it’s dependable, affordable and built perfectly for the majority of snowboarders’ lives, whether on or off the hill.


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DaKine Heli Pack 12L Women’s Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

This is a female-specific twist on a modern classic of the snowboard backpack world.

Lightweight and slimline, it won’t be much cop if you’re planning a multi-day mission into the unknown. However, if you just want to take the essentials (it’s more than capable of holding your shovel and probe, for example), the Heli Pack is a winner.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 DaKine Women’s Heli Pack here


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DaKine Heli Pro 20L Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

Whether it’s for long days on the mountain or long hours of commuting, the DaKine Heli Pro has you covered.

Vertical snowboard carrying, bottle holder, shovel pocket, laptop sleeve, organiser pocket, fleece-lined goggle pocket and super-comfy straps are just a few of the reasons why this is a top seller season after season.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 DaKine Heli Pro 20L here


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DaKine Mission Women’s Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £74 / €85
  • CAPACITY: 25 litres

Whether you’re cruising the mountains or the city, the DaKine Mission backpack is sure to keep your gear organised and easy to lug around.

It’s a Jack of All Trades affair, meaning that if you want to strike off to the back of beyond (or have the ultimate business meeting of power for that matter), you will be better off looking elsewhere, but for riders on the hunt for a good-looking, practical bag for resort shredding, park lapping and even a spot of sidecountry hiking the Mission is hard to beat.

At 25 litres it’s roomy enough to stash your on-hill essentials comfortably within, and when you get down to town there are padded spots for your laptop, tablet and organiser pouches for a bunch of cables, chargers, gadgets and the like.

For when you’re riding, the padded, breathable mesh shoulder straps are super comfortable and work with the chest strap, waist belt and cushioned lumbar pad to give great stability and load bearing for a bag of this type, and while there are better options for carrying your board on more backcountry-specific packs, the Mission will be more than adequate for some short bootpacking with a snowboard strapped to the front.

There’s also a fleece-lined pocket for your goggles or sunnies to make sure they don’t get scratched, and a couple of side pockets for extra stash space. And all this comes with a limited lifetime warranty. As multi-purpose packs go, the Mission is hard to beat.

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DaKine Poacher 36L Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

Ideal for fans of backcountry snowboarding, the Poacher 36L is a dependable pack for getting you and the equipment you need comfortably out there.

A separate organiser pocket holds your shovel and probe, the main compartment is roomy enough for heaps of gear, you’ll easily get your board on plus the strap and back system is super cushioned and engineered to keep your back as cool as possible on those long hikes.

Check out our full review of the 2017-2018 DaKine Poacher 36L here


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Jones Deeper 18L Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

This small day pack, brought to you by freeride boss Jeremy Jones’ brand, still packs a ton of backcountry-specific features for short-strike missions out of bounds.

The Jones Deeper is the optimum size for carrying your bare essentials – avalanche gear, liquids, nibbles and a layer or two – which means it has a compact profile that minimises interference when riding. A board can also be easily attached vertically when hiking via the durable, clip-locked carry straps.

2018’s version boasts a new, thermo moulded back panel, uses recycled fabric and does away with excess material on the shaped shoulder straps and hip belt for a lighter, more streamlined fit. Other features include a stowable front panel helmet holder, removable safety whistle, insulated hydration pocket and a fleece-lined goggle pouch.

Additionally, the Deeper has a lifetime warranty and contributes to 1% For The Planet. For sidecountry snaffling and quick tours, the Deeper 18L could well be all you need.


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Jones Minimalist 35L Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

If you’re all about day-long tours and technical ascents, the Minimalist backpack from renowned backcountry specialist Jeremy Jones’s company is definitely worth checking out.

With the Minimalist, the aim was to keep the weight low yet the list of features high. It features a simple top-load design (the top is also removable if you need an ultra-light pack) and is made from a super tech fabric to shave off the grams, but this doesn’t compromise on durability or functionality.

The spacious main compartment will comfortably carry a bunch of equipment – you can also access your gear via a side pocket so you don’t need to fully unpack to get essentials – and there’s more stow space found in the top lid and dual hip pockets.

Front board straps work in tandem with compression straps on the side to give locked down board carrying, while there’s also a stashable front panel helmet holder and dual ice axe loops to attach important alpine gear. The bag’s back panel is thermo formed, and works with the aluminium frame and padded, contoured harness system to distribute weight effectively even if you’re fully loaded with all the alpinist gear.

The Minimalist is made of recycled, PVC-free fabrics, has a lifetime warranty and contributes to 1% For The Planet. This bag is also available in two torso sizes: S/M and M/L. And if 35 litres isn’t enough for all your gear, there’s a larger 45L version available, too.


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Oakley Guntower Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £75 / €94
  • CAPACITY: 25 litres

The Oakley Guntower backpack comes with a capacity of 25 litres and is built using 450 Dernier ripstop polyester on the body with 1680 Dernier polyester on the bottom, making it a roomy and hard-wearing option for snowboarders looking for a dependable day bag.

Layers, grub, bottles of water or GoPro equipment… everything you need to lug up on the mountain for a day on the shralp will find its happy place within the main top zip-accessed pocket that’s covered by a clip-down flap to keep the elements out. It’s compatible with your hydration system of choice and additionally you will find a front pocket, a fleece-lined goggle pocket and a zippered hip pouch on the waist for further swag storage.

The Oakley Guntower backpack will happily carry your snowboard thanks to the side-mounted vertical straps and the shoulder straps, waist- and chest belts are all fully adjustable and padded to achieve the perfect, comfortable fit.


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Oakley Tech Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

  • PRICE: £130 / €167
  • CAPACITY: 20 litres

Whether you’re cruising to the park or taking short jaunts into the sidecountry, Oakley’s Tech backpack will take care of the things you need with you.

It features a decent-sized main compartment for stuffing all your food, liquids and layers, and with a bit of planning you’ll also get your shovel and probe in there too. This is accessed by a top zip, or through the side so you can grab what you need without having to empty the whole damned thing. The whole thing is made of hard-wearing 450 Dernier Ripstop so you know it will take a bunch of abuse.

The straps on the front will happily secure a snowboard (or skateboard when you’re downtown) for hands-free hiking, and seeing as this is made by Oakley who love a bit of undamaged eyewear, there’s a fully-padded pocket for your goggles or sunnies to stay safe in. The waist strap also houses a zippered pocket for small items you want close to hand.

If you’re thinking about loading up with snow safety gear and becoming a snowboard mountaineer, or want a park/town hybrid bag there are other options that will suit your needs better, but for muling your essentials for a day in the park and on short pow escapades, it’s spot on.


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Patagonia Descensionist Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

The Descensionist pack from Patagonia is a lightweight, fully featured 40-litre bag aimed at experienced riders looking to spend more time hiking out of bounds than sat on a chair lift.

If you’re a core backcountry rider, you’ll appreciate the light, supple Cordura fabric that’s also super durable. The asymmetric spindrift collar opens wide, allowing you to cram the maximum amount of gear within, and then simultaneously cinches at the tug of a drawcord while closing the bag’s lid for a tight seal against wind-driven snow. There’s also a side-access zipper that lets you get stuff out sharpish without having to unpack the whole bag.

Your snow safety gear gets its own zippered pocket, with internal elastic to keep everything where it should be. There’s a hydration compartment and port, compression straps to deal with different loads, and a zippered top pocket on the lid for storing small essentials.

The harness system guarantees the Descensionist sits sung and comfortably on your back, with a high-density foam back panel for structure and support working with the padded hip belt (which also has a stretch-woven stash pocket) and cushioned, adjustable shoulder straps. It’s easy to strap a board to using the sets of daisy chains, too.

If you need 40 litresof volume for bringing a variety of gear on your backcountry missions, the Descensionist is a solid choice.


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Patagonia Snow Drifter 30 Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

A pack designed with long days in the side- and backcountry in mind, Patagonia’s Snow Drifter 30L backpack is a technical pack for serious backcountry enthusiasts.

Its 30L capacity holds a ton of room for all the gear you need for days (and even the odd night) out back – if this is too much, there’s also a 20L version available –, and has a dedicated compartment for quick access to snow safety tools.

Getting into the main compartment is easy, either through the U-shaped zippered lid or the zip-open back panel. This lets you get in quick to grab essentials without having to fully unpack. As well as the main compartment, there’s also a separate pocket with a microfleece lining for keeping your goggles or sunglasses stashed safely away from any sharp edges.

options for clipping your board to the outside of The Patagonia Snow Drifter 30L has multiple options for carrying your board, and when you’re not using them, they can be adjusted to decrease the bag’s bulk and prevent the items inside from rattling around.

The shoulder straps and back panel use a heat-venting, snow-sloughing mesh for improved comfort, and if you use a hydration system the tube can be housed in an insulated pocket in the left strap to prevent freezing. To top it off, the reinforced grab handle on top is sized for use while wearing gloves or mitts.

The pack is made out of hard-wearing Cordura 100% nylon plain weave, with a tough nylon base with polyurethane coating. Both also have a durable water repellent coating, so there’s no problem with placing it in the snow during a break from hiking.

Quality costs, but those who need stash space for should find that the Snow Drifter 30L is value for money that – like all Patagonia’s gear – is built to last.


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Quiksilver TR Platinum Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

This Quiksilver backpack, designed alongside big-mountain freestyle legend Travis Rice, is unsurprisingly built for riders who live for heading out of bounds and chasing powder.

The 2017/18 version of the Quiksilver Platinum backpack has a 24-litre capacity, which is divided into three main sections. The most backcountry-specific is a quick-access pocket at the front which has an elastic mesh to hold your shovel blade, probe and anything else you might want to grab in a hurry – just pull down on the sturdy grab handle to get in quick and save valuable seconds.

The big compartment can hold the majority of your gear, and features a sleeve for a hydration system (or a laptop when off the hill) that allows the tube to be fed through the shoulder strap, where it’ll be sufficiently insulated to prevent freezing. The spout is accessed easily via a zipper. Thirdly, a large, fleece-lined pocket on the top is ideal for holding your goggles or sunnies during a hike, as well as any spare lenses you may have.

Outside the bag are a couple of large compression straps for carrying your snowboard with ease, a couple of smaller ones that help lower the bag’s volume and size when you’re not fully loaded, and a side-mounted water bottle pouch. The back panel is ergonomically padded for comfort, and features a moisture-wicking mesh that extends onto the shoulder straps and waistband.

The waist strap also features a handy stash pocket, and when clipped it works in tandem with the chest strap to make the Quiksilver Platinum backpack sit securely on your back when riding. There’s even an emergency whistle should you need to draw attention to yourself.

For riders who just lap the groomers, all this might be overkill, but if you live for day-long missions in the backcountry you’ll certainly be well served by Travis Rice’s Platinum pack.


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Rome Park Pack Snowboard Backpack 2017-2018

As the name implies, this bag from Rome is perfectly suited to your park riding needs – in its main compartment you’ll easily fit your layers, water, radlers, snacks and anything else you could want for a day of lapping.

There’s also an insulated cooler pocket, a spot for your laptop, stash pocket, foam padded back panel with airflow channel, and a couple of straps for if you want to hike the peak for a quick pow shralp before getting to business in the park.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2017-2018 Rome Park Pack here


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