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Best Snowboard Mitts 2020-2021 | Our pick of this season’s best mitts to keep your hands warm

Whether you're looking for mitts for spring riding or for tackling serious cold with, here's a list of our favourites

What is the difference between a pair of snowboard mitts and a pair of snowboard gloves? Apart from the obvious, that they look different, mitts are the warmest option for your hands.

Why are snowboard mitts generally warmer than snowboard gloves exactly? Well, a pair of mitts allow your fingers to huddle together within the fabric while also exposing less surface area to the cold. Both of these factors reduce heat loss.

“Mitts are the warmest option for your hands”

There are plenty of different snowboard mitts to choose from and some, of course, are warmer than others. Have a look at our how to how to choose your snowboard mitts and gloves piece for a more in-depth guide, or alternatively scroll down here for the most crucial bits.

As with anything snowboard gear related, make sure you consider the circumstances you’re likely to face before purchasing a pair of mitts. Whether you’re about to tackle some serious cold or are more likely to spend most of your season lapping the park should play a part in your purchasing decision.

“There’s nothing worse than a pair of soggy mitts, keep this in mind before you buy the ‘nicest looking’ pair”

There’s nothing worse than a pair of soggy mitts, keep this in mind before you buy the ‘nicest looking’ pair. Gore-Tex is always a good option when it comes to buying a new pair of mitts as it offers the ideal combination of waterproofing and breathability. Leather and suede mitts are popular too, and very durable. However, they will need the occasional wax treatment to ensure their waterproofness.

By adding insulation to the mitts, the brands obviously make the mitts much warmer and therefore better suited to tackling cold conditions. Most insulated mitts use synthetic insulation, simply because it can keep on insulating even when wet and takes less time to dry than down.

You also ought to make sure the mitts are comfy, so try and try them on first to find out if the lining feels good against your skin. While you’re at it, try and make sure the mitts are the right fit too before buying.

The downside with mitts is that you obviously sacrifice some dexterity (fiddling with your bindings or scrolling through your phone can be much more of a hassle). If you feel like this might be an issue for you, take a look at our list of the best snowboard gloves for 2020/21.

Mitts often come in cooler designs than gloves. If it’s style you’re after, be aware that mitt companies tend to serve up some pretty sick graphics.

Best Snowboard Mitts 2020-2021

Yuki Threads Legit Mitt

PRICE: £75 / €82 / $96

Ensuring the Yuki Thread Legit Mitt’s durability is the high-quality goatskin leather that’s been used for the outer fabric. On top of that, both the palm and thumb have been reinforced with leather to make the mitts even longer-lasting. Adding to their capability to last more than one season is also the waterproof and breathable membrane that rates up to 10K on both fronts.

Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the Yuki Threads Legit Mit here


686 Mountain Mitt

PRICE: $45

686’s best-selling Mountain Mitt comes in a load of different colours, making it the brand’s most versatile mitt in terms of style. These things aren’t just a sight for the sore eyes though as they can also take on a fair amount of slushy snow with their 10K waterproofing. You won’t need to worry about your hands soaking in your own sweat either, as the mitt’s breathability rating ranks at the same level as the waterproofing (10k).

When out and about, it can be a ball ache to constantly have to take off the mitt to scroll through your phone. Luckily, the Mountain Mitt comes with Soundtouch Touchscreen technology allowing you to scroll through the ‘gram even with the mitts on.

The 686 Mountain Mitt is perfect for nesting in, and suitable for everything from a medium-sized hand to an extra-large one.



686 Men GORE-TEX Vapor Mitt

PRICE: $80

New for this winter, 686 introduces the Gore-Tex Vapor Mitt to the family. With a Gore-Tex fabric, you can be sure these mitts can handle pretty much any kind of situation (durability, waterproofing and breathability all rank high here).

These things are also bloody warm, so you won’t need to worry about your fingers freezing either. A 400g insulation on the top and 120g on the palm will make sure of that.

The internal finger separation liner will keep your fingers from bashing into each other, making it more comfortable for them inside the mitt. You also get to choose from three different colours: black, blue and denim.

Offered in every size from M to XL, these things will take good care of your hands.



686 Women’s Maiden Merino Mitt

PRICE: $50

Sticking your hands into a pair of mitts with a merino wool blend lining is arguably one of the best feelings in the world. The 686 Maiden Merino Mitt has got a 10K waterproofing and 10K breathability rating.

Merino wool, it’s worth pointing out, can take on an impressive amount of water before getting wet. Its natural wicking abilities make the gloves even more breathable, leaving your hands dry and comfortable.

As for the features, there’s a soft face wipe placed on the side for you to get any excess snow off your face, whilst the Soundtouch touchscreen technology allows you to scroll through your phone without having to take the mitts off.

These beauties come in five different colours, and sizes from small to large.


686 Women’s Infiloft Heater Mitt

PRICE: $50

If your fingers turn to popsicles on the regular, your mitts may simply not be warm enough. And if that’s the case, the 686 Primaloft Heather Mitts will open up a whole new world of comfort to you.

Using Primaloft Silver Insulation to warm up your hands, 686 has placed 400G of it on these (that’s a lot). To put this into perspective, 120G of insulation on a mid-layer jacket is loads – so 400G of warmth covering your hands will definitely keep them from getting cold.

On top of that, the 10K waterproofing and DWR coating will keep water at bay so your hands will stay dry as well.

Nest your hands inside the Heather Mitts, and your fingers will no longer be turning blue.

Available in sizes from S to M, in either black or white.



Burton Women’s Stovepipe Fleece Mitt

PRICE: £37

If your hands were to choose a pair of mitts they had to nest in for the rest of their lives, this is it. The Burton Women’s Stovepipe Fleece Mitts are comfortable, warm, and new for winter 2021.

Even if a pair of fleece mitts aren’t exactly the best way to go in terms of waterproofing, the fleece material still allows for the mitts to dry quickly and also better able to resist wind. The mitts are lightweight and durable, with the leather palm adding to their waterproofing abilities.

Burton’s also added a touchscreen-compatible leather thumb to the mitt, making it easier for you to type in messages and take photos.

Offered in both grey and black, the Stovepipe Mitts comes in every size from XS to XL.

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    Crab Grab Man Hands

    PRICE: $70

    Even if the name might imply that the mitt is made to shelter male hands only, the Crab Grab Man Hands Mitt is actually designed as a unisex mitt.

    Developed together with Bode Merrill, the Man Hands mitts are designed to withstand everything Bode Merrill puts himself through. How does durable work grade leather and a membrane that ranks up at 15K for both waterproofing and breathability sound? The high ratings result in a dry ride, making these a pair of mitts that work well in spring as well as winter (thanks to their breathability).

    Insulated and warm, rugged and reinforced, the Crab Grab Man Hands Mitts are made to take on anything from hand drags to deep pow. Available in sizes from XS to XL, these things come in both black and yellow.


    Crab Grab Women’s Mermitten

    PRICE: N/A

    Inspired by the all-time favourite, Crab Grab Snuggler Mitt, the company took it upon themselves to make a similar mitt to fit the fine fingers of the female riders: the Crab Grab Mermitten.

    By adding extra warmth and slimming down the profile, Crab Grab’s made something warm and wonderful. The PrimaLoft insulation will make your hands feel like they’re enjoying the warm sun rays of tropical heat whilst, in reality, you may actually be taking on the worst blizzard of the century.

    The Bulletproof Palms of the Mermitten’s ensure the mitt’s durability. A membrane with a 15K waterproof and breathability rating will keep the wet snow out whilst also making sure your palms stay dry and comfortable on the inside.

    Offered in similar colourways to its male version, the Crab Grab Mermitten comes in black, camo, grey and blue (in sizes S to L).


    Crab Grab Snuggler Mitt

    PRICE: $69

    Even your fingers need a snuggle every now and then. The Crab Grab Snuggler Mitts are like the ultimate sleeping bag for your hands.

    Made with PrimaLoft insulation, the Snuggler Mitt ranks well when it comes to warmth. The Sherpa Fleece and Micro Fuzz combo liner ensure your paws won’t be swimming in their own sweat either as the liner is both sweat-wicking and breathable.

    By adding a 15K waterproof membrane, Crab Grab’s keeping your hands safe from the outside elements too. They’ve also added a DWR coating to further improve the mitts waterproofness, and thus the comfort of your hands.

    The crunch Grip thumbs allow for a better grip when tweaking into a grab whilst the PrimaLoft Grip-Control palm insulation adds to the mitt’s durability.

    Offered in every size from XS to XL and in a blue, black, camo and brown colourway.


    Howl Network Mitt

    PRICE: N/A

    If you want to stand out, the Howl Network Mitt and its unique design offers something different from the average snowboard mitt look.

    Offered with an incredibly soft removable fleece liner, the Network Mitt can be used with or without it. When temperatures drop, you’ll, without doubt, want to slide into the warm liner that gives the mitts a bit of extra warmth. And when spring comes along, you might want to leave the liner at home.

    Mainly made out of polyester, the mitt has had goatskin added to parts of it – increasing its durability. Ranking well at 10K for both waterproofing and breathability, the glove is waterproof enough to take on heavy snow but breathable enough to be used in spring too.

    A breathable insert, wrist cinch and removable wrist cords will give the glove a bit of extra edge. Whether green, black or white is your colour, the mitt comes in every size between S to XL.


    Howl Reserve Mitt

    PRICE: $45

    Back for its third generation, the Howl Reserve Mitt is both durable and lightweight and fits like a dream.

    The Reserve isn’t the warmest mitt within the Howl line, but it does a good job at protecting your fingers from any outside unpleasantries. A microfleece lining is both comfortable and breathable, thanks to the unique wicking abilities of fleece fabric.

    Making sure that no water gets in, the 10K waterproof rating is sufficient enough to keep your hands safe from the outside elements whilst the 5K breathability takes care of the inside ventilation.

    Made with a unique HOWL styling, over cuff fit and a slim low profile the Reserve Mitt works for any occasion and goes well with pretty much any jacket.

    Available in beige or black, the Howl Reserve mitts are offered in any size from small to extra-large.


    Howl Sexton Mitt

    PRICE: $85

    Designed by the sickeningly talented Joe Sexton, the Howl Sexton Mitt has been a sought-after piece of kit ever since it made its first appearance on the scene.

    Built to match Mr Sexton’s riding, his signature mitt is designed with durability in mind. Whether you’re holding onto a rope tow or hitting handrails in minus temperatures, the Sexton Mitt won’t let you down.

    A quilted goat leather shell and palm paired with a durable suede leather accent and a PrimaLoft Insulation, the Sexton Mitt has the ingredients of a long-lasting multi-purpose glove. The insulation takes care of your fingers when the temperatures drop, whilst the leather makes sure the mitts won’t rip anytime soon.

    The insert is made with a 10K waterproofing and a 5K breathability, meaning you won’t need to ride in wet gloves either.

    Black or brown, the Howl Sexton Mitt comes in every sizer from S to XL.


    Oakley Stale TC Skull Mittens

    PRICE: £70

    The Stale Sandbech x Oakley collab covers everything from hats to jackets, including the Stale TC Skull Mittens. Embellished with Stale’s Signature Skull, the logos take after the same design as the rest of the collection.

    Made out of goatskin, the leather mitts are made to last. They’re also made to be waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about your hands getting soaked. An inner brushed liner also adds to the mitts comfort, a definite plus when your hands are expected to stay within the mitts for a whole day.

    The touchscreen compatible mitts make it easy to grab a photo at any given time.

    Available in any size from XS to XXL.


    POW Gloves KB Pro Mitt

    PRICE: N/A

    Known to boost off any odd side hit, Kevin Backstrom teams up with POW Gloves to create his own signature mitt – the KB Pro Mitt.

    Made to match the needs of the Swedish snow junkie, the KB Pro Mitt is as distinctive as the guy’s riding. The shell is made out of recycled polyester, with a waterproof / breathability rating of 15K / 10K. Adding to its overall good vibe, the palm is made of Grade A leather; a waterproof insert adds to the mitts waterproofing abilities.

    The Thinsulate insulation will keep your fingers from freezing off whilst the wrist leash will keep you from losing the mitts on the chairlift. A fleece lining adds to the comfort of the gloves (your fingers will thank you by the end of the day).

    Designed with Kevin Backstrom’s signature design the mitt comes in both black and green, and in any size from S to XL.


    POW Gloves Women’s Empress GTX Mitt

    PRICE: $100

    This mitt doesn’t sacrifice in any field. The Pow Gloves Women’s Empress Gore-Tex mitt is packed with as much tech, style and comfort as you could hope for.

    As you’d expect from a Gore-Tex mitt, this thing has got unbeatable functionality. The Gore-Tex insert is durable, waterproof and breathable; ticking the three most important boxes of a good snowboard mitt.

    Both the shell and the palm of the mitt are made out of Grade A leather, so you’ve got a long-lasting mitt on your hands here; one that’s built to last for more than just one season. This thing is also warm, thanks to the 100g Thinsulate insulation that’s been added to it.

    As for the features, a suede thumb is placed to wipe anything from a runny nose to foggy goggles with, while the included wrist leashes will make it easier to hold onto them / not lose them.

    Whether it’s the red, black or yellow design you end up going for, the POW Gloves Empress Gore-Tex Mitt come in every size from XS to L.


    Rome Bronson Mitt

    PRICE: N/A

    A clean style without any extra fuss, Rome is keeping things simple with their Bronson Snowboard Mitt.

    Simple doesn’t mean that the mitts lack on the tech front though. Made for powder rather than slush, this warm Thinsulate insulated mitt is not only going to keep your fingers toasty but also ensure that your hands won’t get wet.

    With a 15K waterproof insert, the Rome Bronson Mitt is made to keep your hands dry. Adding to their ability to do so, is the durable water repellent coating – which the mitt has been treated with in order to further repel water.

    The grey and black designs are made to match any jacket.



    Transform Gloves The Photo Incentive Mitt

    PRICE: €80

    A long-time favourite within the Transform family, the low-profiled unisex-sized Photo Incentive Mitt has been around for years and with good reason.

    With a full leather construction, you can be sure this mitt will last you through more than just one season. Snowboard mitts are exposed to a lot – whether it’s hand drags, grabs or simply strapping in and out of your bindings. Because of this, their ability to stand up and be counted is really important. Leather is one of the most durable materials out there, so investing in the Transform Photo Incentive Mitt will definitely be well worth it in the long run.

    If you’re worried about the leather mitt not being warm enough, Transform’s added Primaloft Gold Insulation to stop your fingers from freezing. The mitt is also touchscreen compatible and comes with a wrist leash.

    It’s available in sizes between XS and XL, in yellow, black, white, blue and green.


    Transform Gloves The Ump

    PRICE: N/Aspan>

    The Transform Ump snowboard mitt is exactly as warm as it looks. Made to tackle the colder days, these things will keep your hands nice and cosy from sunrise to sunset.

    Featuring Primaloft Gold Insulation, which is considered to be one of the best synthetic insulations out there, the mitt will keep you warm even when wet. The beauty of synthetic insulation is that it can still keep your hands warm when wet and, on top of that, it doesn’t take as long as down to dry either.

    As with the rest of the Transform Gloves line, the Ump is built with unisex sizing and offered in every size between XS to XL. You can also choose between six colourways: camo, green, yellow, blue, black and orange.


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