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40 Best Snowboard Accessories 2016-2017

Headphones, thermals, sunglasses, speakers and more, selected by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the Best 2018/2019 Snowboard Accessories here

Accessories play an ever-more important part in the average snowboarder’s experience, especially to those who are serious about off-piste missions and/or filming. We’ve gathered backcountry accessories and action cameras in standalone lists, but here’s where you’ll find everything else.

“You’ll never be able to check out everything that’s out there, but our list of top picks is a good place to start”

Some are more essential than others, but they all have their uses – there are those that improve your day on the mountain, and some are more about what you do off it. All have their uses, especially those that fall in the following two categories:

Apparel – your outerwear will have a much easier job if you’ve got hold of the right items to rock underneath it. Thermals, neckwarmers, balaclavas and even socks all play their part.

Electronics – Headphones are great for making the long journeys to the mountains go a bit quicker, and portable speakers are a quick and easy way to pimp out your accomodation.

Then there are water bottles, sunnies, phone accessories and back protectors, to name just a few. You’ll never be able to check out everything that’s out there, but our list of top picks is a good place to start.

Scroll down to view all snowboard accessories, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

Airhole | Amplifi | AtripBillabong | Black Eye | Brethren Apparel | Burton | Coal | DC | Dragon | GoPoleGoPro | Horsefeathers | Mizu | Mons Royale | Nixon | Outdoor Tech | Roxy | Skullcandy | SP GadgetsStanceTransform

All photographs by Sami Tuoriniemi – click any image to enlarge

 Production: Tom Copsey / Andrew Duthie / Tobias Grünwald / Sam Oetiker / Sami Tuoriniemi

Airhole Eric Jackson Facemask 2016-2017 

Eric Jackson‘s signature colourway of Airhole’s merino balaclava is sure to be a favourite item for riders who find themselves frequently in bleak conditions – helping to provide a vital seal against the elements, with the obvious benefits of Airhole’s signature ventilation style.

This helps keep your goggles fog-free and your head warm – and as it’s merino and ergonomically shaped, you can bet that this is going to be one of the most comfy options out there too.


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Amplifi MKII Armor Jacket 2016-2017

Whether you’re into putting your body on the line to get the shot, or just like a bit of extra protection for your peace of mind, back protectors are a worthy investment – and Amplifi’s MK II Jacket is up there with the best.

This thing is custom-built for purpose from the ground up. Whether it’s effective padding, chafe-free seams, ventilation, or an extra-secure velcro waist fastening you want, this back protector’s got it.


[monetizer101 search=’amplify mkii armor jacket’]

Atrip Keilir Snowboard Beanie 2016-2017

Halldor Helgason’s new outerwear brand has received a lot of early praise for its simple, clean designs.

That approach definitely extended to their work on beanies too – this 10% acrylic number has a no-nonsense Steve Zizzou vibe, and is available in five different colours


[monetizer101 search=’atrip beanie’]

Billabong Alpine Merino Snowboard Socks 2016-2017

Double up on socks for fear of internet judgement – Billabong’s Alpine Merino snowboard socks come in a two-pack to keep you well stocked.

As they’re made from merino, they’ll help to limit the dreaded stink-foot as well as keep you warm. With strategic padding and form-fitting shape, you’ll be giving your feet a fighting chance at staying comfortable all day long.


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Blackeye iPhone Lenses 2016-2017

The humble phone camera has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, but due to the compact size factor, you’re (largely) limited in terms of effects that would be traditionally achieved by changing camera lenses…

Fortunately companies like Blackeye have ensured that this is no longer the case. Eero Ettala‘s clip on phone lens company offers high quality optics with everything from Telephoto, to Full Frame Fisheye to Macro available. If you’re a firm believer in the mantra that the best camera is the one you have on you, these make it even easier to get creative on the move.


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Brethren Apparel Riding Hoodie 2016-2017

There’s hoodies that you ride in, then there are riding hoodies – and Brethren Apparel’s offering is most certainly the latter. Offering a warmer weight than its predecessor, as well as ‘kevlarse’ cordura protection to stop snow sticking to your bum when you stop for a rest and/or stack it.

Added bonuses come in the form of a longer fit to help stop snow sneaking in around your midriff, and a high collar imitating Brethren’s signature Thug Rugs (see below), as well as added elbow pads to stop abrasion and general wear and tear.


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Brethren Apparel Thug Rug 2016-2017

Brethren Apparel’s Thug Rugs will need little introduction for many UK riders, now standing for a fair few years as a favourite for additional warmth and protection against face and neck chill, both at indoor snow venues and on tour around the world.

Fully fleece lined, adorned with a drawstring closure, and wearable even over a helmet – these come in an endlessly rotating selection of rad fabrics, so keep an eye out for one that takes your fancy, and pick it up before they all go!


[monetizer101 search=’brethren thug rug’]

Burton Crown Bonded Hoodie 2016-2017

Another classic contender on the riding hoody spectrum – the Burton Crown Bonded hoodie is very far from that bargain bucket bit of cloth that you used to throw on between your base layer and jacket on a cold day.

Made with Burton’s DryRide Thermex fabric with water repellant finish, it’s beefed up against the elements, comes with an easily adjustable hood, thumb-loop cuffs and zippered pockets – and will dry up a whole lot quicker than an everyday hoodie, so even if you do come in a little soggy, you can get set again for the next day without too much hassle.


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Burton Quartz Women’s Hoodie 2016-2017

Less of a tech item than the Crown Bonded hoodie above, but equally handy, the Burton Quartz women’s hoodie is an ideal everyday layer that’ll no doubt get loads of use out in the mountains.

Available with a bunch of different designs depending on your colour choice, these come with thumbloop cuffs and a handwarmer front pocket with a cosy brushed fleece lining.


[monetizer101 search=’burton quartz hoodie’]

Coal Headwear B.E.B. Balaclava 2016-2017

If you’re after full face coverage, Coal Headwear’s ‘Best Ever Balaclava’ is built to live up to its name. Not quite as heavyweight as Coal’s knitted equivalent, and not quite as minimal as the B.E.B. Light – it’s meant to offer protection that’s just right.

Cut in a double sided single layer of micro fleece, this comes with lazered out holes around the nose and mouth for ventilation, and has a longer fit so that you can happily tuck it into your jacket. Ideal if you don’t like wind chill but don’t want to overheat too quickly either.


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Coal Pinnacle Hat 2016-2017

So it’s saying it’s going to be sunny out, but there’s still a chill in the air? Hit the middle ground happily with Coal’s Pinnacle insulated cap…

With fold down microfibre earflaps that wrap all the way around the back of your head and secure with a drawstring and velcro chin strap, you can cover up when the weather demands it, and fold them away for a more regular cap style when it’s warmer out.


[monetizer101 search=’coal pinnacle hat’]

DC Travis Rice Mountain Boot 2016-2017

Ever missed a killer day’s riding after falling on your arse the previous evening? If so, you’ll see the value in these Travis Rice-designed kicks.

For all off-hill activities, a pair of grippy, steel-toed beasts will see you through.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the DC Travis Rice Mountain Boot here


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Dragon Mountaineer X Sunglasses 2016-2017

Dragon’s Mountaineer X sunglasses are the swiss army knife of eye protection, with enough adjustables to make them a very versatile companion whatever adventure you find yourself on.

Plug the sun gaps in your peripheral vision with the removable leather sun shields, or switch out the regular arms for the ear wrapping ‘C-Temple’ version for added grip. All served up in a custom hard case that’s easy to carry about in your pack.


[monetizer101 search=’Dragon Mountaineer’]

GoPole Base Tripod 2016-2017

GoPole’s Base Tripod is a simple but effective lightweight solution that lets you set up your GoPro on pretty much any surface.

Built on three legs that easily click into place at regular intervals, it allows you to customise the angles individually, which combined with the vertical angle setting of the direct GoPro attachment means your only limitation is finding a roughly level surface at the right height.

Grippy feet on the legs help hold things in place, while a ¼” 20 screw on the reverse side of the head means you can combine it with other accessories, or even use it for a different (lightweight) camera with traditional mount attachments.


[monetizer101 search=’gopole base’]

GoPole Bobber Grip 2016-2017

GoPole offer two short hand grips – the Grenade grip, and the Bobber pictured above.

Both offer a simple, pocket-sized handle for your camera, which is dead handy if you’re heading out without a backpack but don’t want to miss any shots.

As you might be able to guess by the name, the Bobber has the added advantage of being a floatation device, so if you’re venturing about in spring and hitting any pond skims, it won’t get lost so easily to the murky depths.


[monetizer101 search=’gopole bobber’]

GoPole Scenelapse 2016-2017

GoPole’s Scenelapse is an easy way into making smooth panning timelapse shots with your GoPro.

Direct-to-GoPro connection, as well as a ¼” top adaptor and bottom mount make this no problem to use with all sorts of tripods and accessories.

The simple egg-timer style mechanism is clearly labeled with 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute markers, covering a 360° rotation if you leave it for the full hour.


[monetizer101 search=’gopole scenelapse’]

GoPole Venturecase 2016-2017

Camera cases and storage can often seem like an afterthought when you’re in the buying process, but for organisation and in terms of increasing the lifespan of your products they can prove to be invaluable.

GoPole’s Venturecase has the added advantage of providing padding without being specific to certain accessories. Whether you’ve stocked up on cables, batteries, clips or even a second GoPro, you’ll be able to find a way of tidying up the majority of your camera clutter using this.


[monetizer101 search=’gopole venturecase’]

GoPro Dual Battery Charger

If you’re out all day every day draining multiple camera batteries, the last thing you want is to have to wake up in the middle of the night to swap out one for the other in your single battery charger.

Enter the humble GoPro Dual Battery Charger.

While it may, quite literally, do exactly what it says on the tin. Its importance is not to be underestimated, and as an added bonus, you get a spare GoPro battery with it to bolster your collection too.


[monetizer101 search=’gopro dual battery charger’]

Horsefeathers Eiki Helgason Neck Warmer 2016-2017

Eiki Helgason‘s signature neck warmer is a lightweight, long-fitting number that’ll provide breathable protection when you want a stashable backup for milder days with occasionally looming weather.

Also applicable for riders who don’t normally take out a facemask and want some minimalist covering, this comes with flat seams to keep things comfortable, and is rapid drying so you can always have it handy and ready to go.


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Mizu M Series Water Bottle 2016-2017

As we all learnt from The Waterboy, staying hydrated is priority number one. While you could go down to the local Carrefour and fork out for a plastic bottle every day, grabbing something reusable will in the long term leave your wallet and the planet a lot happier.

Jussi Oksanen‘s water bottle brand offers a whole heap of ways to carry that valuable H2O, but sometimes there’s no beating the simplicity of a classic. The M Series are a set of lightweight stainless steel bottles in different sizes, they’re BPA free, can be customised with different caps and colours and come with a lifetime guarantee. No brainer really.


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Mizu V7 Steel Lid Flask 2016-2017

There’s all sorts of things you can do and wear to keep the cold at bay, and packing a stash of coffee or tea remains one of the most effective.

It holds roughly a pint, which should be more than enough to keep you topped up during even the harshest Finnish streetrail session. In the summer, you can just as easily use it to keep ice-cold water on standby.


[monetizer101 search=’Mizu V7′]

Mons Royale Boyfriend LS Women’s Thermal 2016-2017

Base layers are important, and the merino masters at Mons Royale know how to make them work for you.

This is a soft, breathable long-sleeved number that has a casual look that will suit off-hill activities as much as on-hill ones.

While riding, it keeps you toasty and prevents moisture from putting a (literal) dampener on your day.


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Mons Royale Cabrio Snowboard Balaclava 2016-2017

You’ll be the proverbial bug-in-a-rug when wearing this breathable balaclava, even if the weather turns ugly.

The merino wool construction is the ultimate moisture-wicker, and the mesh at your mouth prevents goggle fog. The Cabrio also seals off the path to the rest of your body at the neck, so no cold air or snow will get down into your jacket.


[monetizer101 search=’Mons Royale cabrio’]

Mons Royale Coreshot Raglan Thermal 2016-2017

The clean design with subtle branding is a plus, but what really sets this Mons Royale thermal apart is its quality.

Merino wool – the gold standard of materials when it comes to base layers – keeps you warm, and also wicks moisture from your skin. Pricey, but so worth it.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the Mons Rotale Coreshot Raglan LS here


[monetizer101 search=’Mons Royale coreshot’]

Mons Royale Sub Rosa Women’s Tech Sweat 2016-2017

Mons Royale’s Sub Rosa is a tech merino sweatshirt for women that’s meant to handle the rigours of full days out on the mountain, without looking out of place wherever you decide to don it.

Being merino, it’ll stay soft to the touch and help keep odors at bay however heavy your day gets, and with added features like the drop-tail, thumb loop cuffs and hidden zipped stash pockets its ideal as a mid layer when you’re out riding.


[monetizer101 search=’Mons Royale sub rosa’]

Nixon Mini Blaster Speaker 2016-2017

Needing tunes for the trip? The Mini Blaster is a great compact option, fully wireless and robust enough to handle just about anything.

It’s so small and lightweight that you can even fasten it to the outside of your pack with the durable rubber leash, livening up your backcountry hikes.


[monetizer101 search=’nixon mini blaster’]

Nixon The Mission Smart Watch 2016-2017

We were wondering when someone would produce a smart watch specifically for snowboarders, and Nixon are first out of the blocks.

The Mission is essentially indestructible, and can also withstand extreme cold. It’s packed full of apps that’ll help you on the mountain – and when the time comes, it can do the same for your surf sessions too.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the Nixon The Mission here


[monetizer101 search=’nixon mission’]

Nixon Safari Dual Time Watch 2016-2017

The Safari is one for adventurers, and no mistake.

It’s got a solid stainless-steel option with dual-time capability that’s water-resistant to 100 metres, so you can expect it to handle anything, anywhere.


[monetizer101 search=’nixon safari’]

Outdoor Tech Arctic Yowie Facemask 2016-2017

The Arctic Yowie does a fine job of keeping the elements at bay, and is so comfortable tha you’ll soon forget it’s there.

The fleece section keeps your next warm and cosy, while the patterned section forms a barrier against the cold and wind.

The three pictured above are just some of the many styles from which you an choose.


[monetizer101 search=’Outdoor Tech Arctic Yowie’]

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro 2016-2017

Anything that saves space in your bag is to be welcomed, and the Buckshot Pro ticks a few boxes in its small, compact package.

The Buckshot Pro is a handy torch that also doubles as a charging station for your phone, and a portable speaker for your tunes.

Selected for The Snowboard 100 – take a closer look at the Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro here


[monetizer101 search=’Outdoor Tech Buckshot’]

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Portable Power Bank 2016-2017

Whether you need to top up your GoPro on the mountain or you phone at the airport, the Kodiak is a no-fuss way to stay charged up.

It can cope with the various bumps and bashes of travelling, and even if you land on it mid-session the soft case will protect it – and you.


[monetizer101 search=’Outdoor Tech Kodiak’]

Outdoor Tech Los Cabos Wireless Headphones 2016-2017

When you’re on your long journey to the mountains, a wireless set of cans is the perfect companion. The Los Cabos features big, simple buttons on the earpiece that makes changing things up on the go a piece of cake.

It’s also got a built-in microphone that allows you to take and make calls, and it’ll stay powered up for over ten hours.


[monetizer101 search=’Outdoor Tech los cabos’]

Roxy Lana Biotherm Women’s Snowboard Neckwarmer 2016-2017

This lightweight polyester neckwarmer is just the thing for keeping your face protected in medium-to-warm conditions.

It’s been made in collaboration with Biotherm, cosmetics specialists who know how to look after skin. Whether you’re ducking out of the blizzard or avoiding the harsh sun of spring, this literally has you covered.


[monetizer101 search=’Roxy Lana biotherm’]

Roxy Torah Bright Biotherm Women’s Snowboard Neckwarmer 2016-2017

Torah’s signature design is built for colder weather, and is essentially a solid winter scarf that’s been adapted for snowboarding

If features an angora blend that’s soft and incredibly warm, plus a drawstring that’ll ensure the perfect fit every time.


[monetizer101 search=’roxy torah biotherm’]

Skullcandy Air Raid 2 Wireless Speaker 2016-2017

A sturdy set of speakers is always a plus when you’re on the move, and Skullcandy’s Air Raid 2 has more than a few tricks up its sleeve that help make it dead useful on the road or at a small spot session.

With a full ten hour playback battery life and a water resistant tough exterior, the 2 x 50mm speakers pack more power than your average travel system – and thanks to the bluetooth link up you can change tracks without the need for wires.


[monetizer101 search=’skullcandy air raid 2′]

Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Headphones 2016-2017

AWhile Skullcandy’s Inkd headphones may not be completely wireless, they do help reduce some of the tangling and wire threading inconveniences of traditional earbuds, using a Bluetooth link-up from phone to headphone and keeping the profile low with a neck collar that sits over your shoulders.

While it’s not all that wise to blast the tunes while you ride, these allow you to quickly pop your buds in on the chairlift, then remove them hassle-free once you strap in.


[monetizer101 search=’Skullcandy Air Raid’]

SP Connect Phone Case Set 2016-2017

With this versatile case from SP Gadgets, you can attach your phone to just about anything – including poles and mounts that you’d normally use with your GoPro.

When not filming or taking photos, you can simply take advantage of the sturdy protective properties that’ll prevent you bashing your handset during a session. It’s available in versions for most Apple iPhones, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7.


[monetizer101 search=’SP Connect phone case’]

SP Connect Weather Phone Cover 2016-2017

Looking for a bit of extra protection from the elements? This Weather Cover from SP Gadgets will do the trick.

It slips easily over the multi-purpose phone case (above) to give you peace of mind while you fiddle with your camera settings on the mountain. Currently available only for iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus.


[monetizer101 search=’SP Connect Weather’]

Stance Snowboard Socks 2016-2017

With collabs featuring everything from Crab Grab to Star Wars, and pro colourways like the skull head-dress Louif Paradis option above, as well as their own rad jamboree of designs – Stance have become a huge headline act in the humble arena of socks.

If you’re snow bound and want to give your feet a bit of extra love, they do all kinds of snow specific socks with tactical breathability, padding, merino options and much more, go exploring through their options and you’re sure to find a pair you love.


[monetizer101 search=’Stance Snowboard Socks’]

Transform Villain Neckwarmer 2016-2017

A solid, sturdy neckwarmer such as the Transform Villain can make a huge difference to your day.

While others head for shelter, you can keep scoring fresh lines thanks to the comprehensive cover of this adjustable number. It’s available in no fewer than six different styles too.


[monetizer101 search=’Transform Villain’]


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