The Best Snowboard Movies of the 2000’s

A look back at some of the best snowboard movies from 2000-2019

This is probably one of the most subjective ‘Best Of’ lists we could be making, but in true Whitelines fashion we’re happy to step on a few toes. Obviously, we can’t include every film made over the last two decades, and everyone has different tastes, but this is our list so tough titties if you don’t like it.

In our opinion there’s no single recipe for a great snowboard movie, some are comedy infused classics, some are serious, era-defining documentaries and some are just a couple of friends with a camera. They may not necessarily be the biggest cinematic spectacle or have the Hollywood budget, but when you watch them you’re reminded of a certain time. It might take you back to the first time you saw Gigi ripping it up in the backcountry and remind you why you and your crew decided to venture outside the resort lines. Or maybe you saw MFM doing his thing and realised your true passion life was spraying skiers. Either way, those movies have stuck with you. Drop us a line if we’ve committed the heinous sin of missing off your all-time favourite. How could we have been so dense?!  But until then- happy reminiscing. In chronological order, here’s our top snowboard movies from the 2000’s… so far.

Forum- The Resistance (2000)

Where to start with The Resistance? The opening scene that’s reminiscent of a fight scene in Baz Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet? JP Walker‘s cornrows? His rapping? Devun Walsh filming his insane part in just 6 days? The incredible soundtrack? Anyway, Peter Line and the crew come out swinging and there’s no doubting this is a movie that’s aged like a fine wine.

Absinthe- Transcendence (2001)

Arguably one of the most iconic snowboarding movies ever. JP Solberg tearing it up in that pink bunny suit to ‘A Day In The Life’ by The Beatles will never go out of fashion. Plus you’re treated to a young Travis Rice making his debut to the world stage.

Absinthe- Vivid (2002)

“Warrriorrrsssss, come out to plaaaaayyyy”. Romain De Marchi cemented his place as one of the all-time greats with his performance in Vivid, pushing the limits of what could be done on a snowboard.  The Absinthe crew seemingly owned the early 2000’s. They had the formula on lock and produced banger after banger.

Absinthe- Futureproof (2005)

Punchy soundtrack? Check. Heli shadows on virgin snow? Check. Huge windlips and cheese wedges? Check. Nicolas Müller going HAM? Check. This movie will stand the test of time and is well and truly futureproof.

Mack Dawg Productions- Double Decade (2008)

20 years of Mack Dawg saw ‘Double Decade’ burst onto our screens. Filmed around the globe, the original cinematic powerhouse brought together a legendary crew to create one of the most stacked snowboard films ever made. With big names like Eero Ettala, JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Heikki Sorsa this was never gonna be a film to blur into obscurity.

Brain Farm- That’s it, That’s all (2008)

“There’s too much powder, not enough handrails…SHUT IT” The predecessor to ‘Art of Flight’ Travis and Co. tell you from the outset exactly what to expect in this classic. Jeremy Jones steals the show with an incredible 2000ft spine that ends with him taking a nasty tumble and paying the blood price. Expect lots of heli’s and windlips, a few massive kicker sessions and some chin stroking Travis voiceovers.

Capita- Defenders of Awesome (2011)

Blue and the Gang bring you their team movie Defenders of Awesome and it’s a hot look at some of the best riders of the era. Scott Stevens goes no holds barred with the opener and shows exactly why he’s your favourite snowboarders favourite snowboarder. Other stand out parts go to Jess Kimura and Cale Zima and of course a shoutout to some of the best nicknames in the game. Texas Long Balls anyone?

Horgasm: A Love Story (2012)

“Horgasm: A Love Story is a super-happy-go-lucky-hilarious-good-times rollercoaster that will let you in on the lifestyle of Torstein Horgmo“. If girls in booty shorts shaping gigantic kickers, some Van Wilder style parties, a plethora of mid 2000’s fashion condom beanies and a few jokes at Shaun White’s expense appeal to you, then press play. This one is worth it just to get to see Torstein’s X-Games triple cork and then the infamous goggle throw in which he pelts a fan in the face. (Skip to 13:08 for the goggle toss)

Nike- Never Not Part Two (2013)

When Nike had their, albiet brief, foray into snowboarding they had one of the most strong and diverse Pro teams in the game. Gigi, Halldor, Jed Anderson, Sage, Nicolas Müller, Austin Smith, Manny Diaz and Jess Kimura are just a few of the names you can expect to see in Never Not Part 2. You’re treated to comp riding, backcountry sessions, urban missions and big booter shooting, it’s a must see.

Sexual Snowboarding- NoToBo (2014)

The Helgasons bring their trademark comedy spirit to the cutting table with NoToBo, as well as a heavy roster of riders. Their ‘No Fucks Given’ attitude is exactly what snowboarding needs- it’s meant to be fun ok? They’re endlessly creative and exciting, you can’t watch this movie without getting stoked to go ride with your buddies.

The Uninvited (2018)

One of the most important snowboard movies in a long time, The Uninvited showcases the badass ladies of snowboarding. With some of the biggest (or smallest in little Anniina Perhovaara‘s case) names in the industry, Jess Kimura is on a mission to prove that the future is female. With a stand out part from Maria Thomsen, this movie is an ode to women’s riding, past, present and future.

The Manboys- UMAMI (2019)

Hardly the only sick video The Manboys have put out in recent years, but the opening bails section in UMAMI is something special. With big parts from Jody Wachniak, Matt Belzile, Chris Rasman and Rusty Ockenden this is truly a moden day classic.

Honourable mentions go to: Wildcats- Nine Lives (2002), Pirate Movie Production- Pirate Radio (2004), Think Thank- Patchwork Patterns (2006), YES Snowboards- Yes, It’s a Movie (2012), Videograss- Videogracias (2015), Jerome Tanon- The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding (2016).


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