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Pro Snowboarder Stances & Binding Angles

What stance does your favourite snowboarder prefer?

Your stance says a lot about you as a rider, whether you’re a duck-footed park rat or a forward-facing carver. Swapping out your angles or moving your bindings towards the tail (as long as it’s not in the middle of a pow day) can change how a board responds, how much force you can put into the edges, how much float you can get and how stable you feel, regular and switch.

Given your average pro spends more time with their feet pointed a specific direction than most, we thought it would be interesting – and useful – to compile a table of your favourites’ stance width’s and angles, as well as their natural front foot and how far they set their boards back, if at all.

“Given your average pro spends more time with their feet pointed a specific direction than most, we thought it would be interesting to compile a table of your favourites’ stances”

After we hit up around 60 riders, most of them fall where you’d expect: centred duck stance for park riders, a little more directional for pipe hitters which crept into some positive stances for some freeriders like Nicholas Wolken, Jake Blauvelt and Jeremy Jones.

The most ‘positive’ rider we spoke to was ‘The Cat’ himself, Terje Haakonsen, who sometimes rocks a +24/+8 stance on some backcountry boards, and the tightest stance went to Sami Luhtanen with +6 in the front, -3 in the back (modelled on Vesa Nissinen’s stance back in the day).

By far the weirdest sounding was back-to-back triple-corker Yuki Kadono, who rides +6/-9, so with his feet pointed towards the back of the board more than the front, though being Japanese he’s probably on to the next big craze in snowboarding already.

See where your favourite riders stand, literally, and if you need any help changing up your binding angles, we’ve got a handy guide here to help you.

On the fly adjustments. Photo: Sam McMahon
Pro Goofy or Regular? Stance Width Front Foot Angle Back Foot Angle Set Back?
Ben Ferguson Regular 22″ 15 -10 Reference
Benny Urban Goofy 51.5cm 9 -6 Centre
Billy Morgan Goofy Reference 15 -15 Centre
Bode Merrill Regular 23.5″ 15 -3
Boris Mouton Goofy 52cm 18 -12 Centre
Chloe Kim Goofy Reference 15 -12 Reference
Christian Haller Regular 58cm 15 -12
Clemens Millauer Regular 56cm 16 -14 Centre
Dan Brisse Red 23″ 15 -15 Centre
Danny Davis Regular 22″ 9 -9 Likes ‘more nose than tail’
Desiree Melancon Regular 22″ 15 3 Set back 1.5″
Devun Walsh Regular 23.5″ 27 -15 Centre
Eiki Helgason Regular 59cm 15 -15 Centre
Enni Rukajarvi Regular 51cm 15 -9 Setback 2cm
Eric Jackson Regular 22.5″ 18 0 Yes
Fredi Kalbermatten Regular 21.5″ 21 -6
Gigi Rüf Regular 15 0 1″
Hailey Langland Regular 11 -9
Halldor Helgason Regular 24″ 15 -3
Helen Schettini Goofy 21.25″ 15 -6 Allow about 1.5 to 2 inches more nose than tail
iPod Goofy 60cm 12 -9 Forwards of reference to align heels with centre
Jake Blauvelt Regular 22.5″ 21 6
Jamie Anderson Regular 21.5″ 12 -12 Centre
Jamie Nicholls Goofy 22″ 15 -15 Reference
Jenny Jones Goofy One back from reference on back foot 18 -9
Jeremy Jones Regular 22″ 24 5 Varies by board
Jess Kimura Regular 20″ 15 -3
JF Pelchat Regular 21.5″ 18 -9 Centre for park and 1/2″ to an 1″ back for pow
Katie Ormerod Goofy Reference 18 -12 Centre
Kazu Kokubo Regular 21.75″ 15 -15 Centre
Kjersti Buaas Regular 21″ 21 -6
Louif Paradis Regular 18 -6
Marcus Kleveland Goofy Reference 7 -3 Centre for park and setback for anything else
Marie-France Roy Regular 21.5″ 15 -15
Mark McMorris Regular Reference 9 0
Max Parrot Goofy 21.5″ 13 -13 Centre
Mikkel Bang Regular 24.5″ 20 -5
Nicolas Muller Regular 22.5″ 18 0
Nicholas Wolken Regular 52cm 21 6 Centred
Nils Arvidsson Regular 53.5cm 12 -9
Pat Moore Regular 21.5″ 21 -3 1″ back from reference
Peetu Piiroinen Goofy 55cm 6 -6 A little back from the reference
Romain de Marchi Regular 59cm 15 -9 Reference (on YES boards)
Roope Tonteri Goofy 57cm 15 -9 Setback 2-3cm from reference
Sage Kotsenburg Goofy 22.5″ 15 -12
Sami Luhtanen Regular 55.67cm 6 -3 Centre
Scott Stevens Regular 22.75″ 18 -6 Centre
Sebbe de Buck Goofy Doesn’t measure 12/15 -9/-12 Depends on board
Seppe Smits Goofy 58cm 15 -12 Reference
Silje Norendal Regular 20.5″ 12 -9
Stale Sandbech Goofy Reference 12 -12 Centre
Stephan Maurer Regular 57.5cm 18 -6 On powder boards mount as far forwards as poss then adjusts back accordingly
Terje Haakonsen Regular 53.5-55.5cm 18/24 4/8
Tor Lundstrom Goofy Bataleon reference 15 -9 A little
Torah Bright Goofy 21.5″ 18 -9
Torstein Horgmo Regular 22″ 3 (park), 15 (pow) -3 (park), 0 (pow) Set back in pow
Travis Rice Goofy 23″ 19 -9
Tyler Chorlton Regular 53cm 12 -12 Set back an inch
Victor de le Rue Regular Uses a mark on his phone cable! 15 -3 way back
Wolle Nyvelt Goofy 56-58cm (depending on board) 12/15 0/-3 2-5cm back from reference
Xavier de le Rue Regular 59cm 18 3 Reference
Yuki Kadono Regular 55cm 6 -9
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