Canadian and Norwegian Olympic Snowboard Teams Announced


Torstein Horgmo, through to the ‘lympics

We’ve been saying it for a while now, but the Canucks and Nords are gonna take some beating in Sochi 2014, especially in slopestyle. There were a couple of guys almost certain to go through, like Mark McMorris and Stale Sandbech, but with both countries having legions of more than capable riders to choose from there’s been arguments going round the office for months about who will make the cut for the national sides.

Finally though, both countries announced their snowboard teams last night. Read it and weep rest of the world.


Men’s Slopestyle

Mark McMorris
Sebastien Toutant
Maxence Parrot
Charles Reid

Women’s Slopestyle

Spencer O’Brien
Jenna Blasman

Men’s Halfpipe

Brad Martin
Crispin Lipscomb
Derek Livingston

Women’s Halfpipe

Mercedes Nicoll
Alexandra Duckworth
Katie Tsuyuki


Men’s Slopestyle

Stale Sandbech
Gjermund Braaten
Torstein Horgmo
Emil Andre Ulsletten

Women’s Slopestyle

Kjersti Buaas
Silje Norendal

Both countries have some pretty serious looking teams, but will it be enough to see off the Yanks, Swiss or even Billy or Jamie? Only a couple more weeks until we find out…

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