Whitelines Test Team 2018-2019

Chris Moran putting a board through its paces at The Selection 2018. Photo: Ed Blomfield

As much as we love riding snowboards, there are simply too many models on the market for our editorial crew to be able to try them all. That’s where the Whitelines Test Team comes in. We have scoured the contact book to recruit a small army of experienced shredders – including ex-pros, retail staff, longtime contributors and talented young groms – to help review the latest kit for our Buyer’s Guide.

“When you’re reading a gear review, it can help to know a little more about the person who tested it”

Some of these folk live full-time in the mountains; others attended one or more of the industry demo events throughout the winter; all of them share a burning passion for snowboarding and many years of mountain knowledge.

When you’re reading a gear review – especially snowboard kit – it can help to know a little more about the person who tested it. Do they enjoy the same kind of terrain as you? Are they a similar height, weight and foot size? What kind of boards do they normally ride? Riding equipment is ultimately something of a subjective purchase, so anyone dispensing advice should ideally be on your wavelength.

With this in mind, scroll down for a brief introduction to each of the riders on our team.

Chris Aitken | Hannah Bailey | Owain Bassett | Jon Bird | Kieron Black | Ed Blomfield | Mike Brindley | Danny Burrows | Tom Copsey | Dave Crozier | Hamish Duncan | Joy Dutch | Andrew Duthie | Sarah Fish | Matt Higson | Olly Lambourne | Ed Leigh | Lauren MacCallum | John Marrion | Danny McCormick | Jill McDonald | Sam McMahon | Chris Moran | Stella Pentti | Pingu | Lewis Sonvico | Chris Sturgess | Ryan Van Kesteren | John Wells | Darren Williams | Dan Wilson | Whitelines Grom Team

Chris Aitken

Manager, The Snowboard Asylum

  • Snowboarding since: 2004
  • Height: 5’11″ (181cm)
  • Weight: 12st 4lb (78kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 10

Favourite rider: Romain De Marchi. POP was probably the first video on my radar. Romain as well as all the other heavy hitters in that film crushing it in big, natural terrain was mind blowing, as I was just learning to get myself about in the mountains. Still doing it today as well.

First ever board: Rossignol District 160. I was doing my first season in Les Gets and was buzzing to get my own board. Walked into the rental shop where we got our staff kit and I’m pretty sure this board and binding package was sitting ready to go in a display, so I took it and headed up the hill right away. I think I remember the stance being a bit mental!

Board preference: Usually keen on a bit of a quiver killer that’s good for everything rather than different boards for different things. Something twin-ish though.


Hannah Bailey

Communications Consultant, Neon Stash

  • Snowboarding since: 2008
  • Height: 5’7″ (170cm)
  • Weight: 9st (58kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 6

Favourite rider: Jess Kimura has always been an inspiration and even more so with her recent project “The Uninvited”. I met her back in 2012 when she came to London and I chaperoned her for the day to media interviews. She was really down to earth and great to hang out with. Also love Annie Boulanger for her backcountry shredding, and Jenny Jones and Lesley McKenna for all they’ve done for UK snowboarding.

First ever board: A K2 Skyla with Burton bindings. Someone rode over the nose the first day I took it on the mountain and I was gutted. But the board lasted me a while and actually I still have it as a memory, and to lend to friends.

Board preference: Give me a playful powder board with a creative shape and I am beaming. Something smaller than you expect you should be able to ride in the pow!


Owain Bassett

Mountain Guide

  • Snowboarding since: 1986
  • Height: 5’11” (182cm)
  • Weight: 12st 8lbs (80kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8.5

Favourite rider: Got to be Terje

First ever board: First proper board I rode was a Rossignol Avion with plate bindings. First board I owned was a Nitro Jeff Davis 61

Board preference:Set back, directional , camber, medium-stiff flex – something like that.


Jon Bird

Deputy Manager, LD Mountain Centre

  • Snowboarding since: 1996
  • Height: 6’2” (188cm)
  • Weight: 12st 7lb (79kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 10

Favourite rider: Jeremy Jones – a real adventure snowboarder.

First ever board: Burton A board, with a faded red top sheet and frog graphic. I bought it at the start of my first season in the Milky Way at Intersport in Montgenevre, for 1500 Francs in old money. I sold it the next season in Meribel and bought the Custom.

Board preference: A splitboard, or something twin shaped and cambered that needs some aggression.

Kieron Black


  • Snowboarding since: 2010
  • Height: 5’11” (180cm)
  • Weight: 13st 2lb (84kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 10
  • @kieronblackart

Favourite rider: Nicolas Müller. It’s a rare thing to see such power, grace, creativity and spirit so sublimely combined in the form of a human sliding down a mountain. And such a superb taste in hats.

First ever board: K2 Brigade Wide 158. Flat profile, bought cheap in an Andorran après haze, stoked on a day’s ‘falling leaf’ and convinced inherent ‘talent’ justified more than just a hire board. Salesman must have been rubbing his hands in glee… but he sold me a good board. Had it for years and even rode the Mourne Mountains on it.

Board preference: Directional, surfy, hammer-tough. Too old for park, love my backcountry, hit a lot of stones.


Ed Blomfield

Head Of Snowboard Content, Factory Media

  • Snowboarding since: 1993
  • Height: 5’11” (181cm)
  • Weight: 13st (82kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 9.5

Favourite rider: David Benedek. In his pomp he slayed it all – powder, pipe, park, piste, street – and still found time to push the creative envelope. Plus, he’s just a super nice guy.

First ever board: 1996/7 Lib Tech Jamie Lynn 153 – the one with the girl and the guitar on the tail. I bought it from Rollersnakes in the spring sales and was soooo stoked on it.

Only trouble was the fragile cap construction, and I managed to delam it at some point. I swung a new one via the warranty which I was well chuffed with at the time, but now I wish I’d just kept it for posterity and bought a new one instead.

Board preference: Something mid-flexing and stable that I can take from park to pow – basically, your classic ‘all mountain’ board.


Mike Brindley

Contributing Editor, Whitelines

  • Snowboarding since: 2001
  • Height: 5’11” (181cm)
  • Weight: 11st 3lb (71kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8

Favourite rider: Too tough to call, but Arthur Longo is up there smashing it at the moment. Ridiculously tough riding and super-chill guy too.

First ever board: Burton Dominant – an eBay classic that I had a love/hate relationship with, but it took a battering! It was never perfect for me, but handled a lot more than its skate-style design would suggest.

Board preference: I tend to ride fairly flat-based boards, but it’s not a decision I’ve consciously made – they just seem to hit that sweet spot that means you can take them everywhere, and they aren’t too overpowering or unresponsive either.

Danny Burrows

Freelance Photographer

Favourite rider: An impossible question to answer, like, which is your favourite surf spot? The easier question would be “who is your least favourite?” :) Anyway, here is a list of amazing individuals in no particular order: Benedeck, Kazu, The Hellgasons, Kevin P, Backman, Romain de Marchi, Haller, Nicolas Muller, Markus Keller, Stephan Maurer, Danny Larsen, Peetu, Danny Davis, Torstein, Kjersti Buaas, Enni, Jenny Jones and Spencer O’Brien.

First ever board: It was a Burton Twin 53, the one with the crown on either end in yellow and blue. Converted to the “Sabrina 53” – after the addition of some rather smutty graphics – on a long wet summer camp mission to the Folgefonna.

Board preference: Short responsive true camber with plenty of pop. Not sloppy. Not stiff. Just an honest perky snowboard that takes me everywhere, even if I have to be on the back wheels for powder.


Tom Copsey

Editor, Onboard

  • Snowboarding since: 1992
  • Height: 6’1” (187cm)
  • Weight: 12stones and some pebbles (76kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8.5

Favourite rider: Having been snowboarding since before yer mam met yer dad that’s impossible to answer. Back in the day it was Iguchi, Daniel Franck, Jamie Lynn, Johan Olofsson and Michi Albin that had me frothing, then it was Nico, Darius, Gigi, Benedek and Fredi, whereas of today’s crop it fluctuates with the seasons: Max Buri, Roope, Sebbe, Werni, Koski, Ethan, Elias, Halldor… Anyone who has their own, good style and looks like they’re having a blast.

First ever board: Hammer somethingorother. Maybe it was called the Juice?

Board preference: Something directional twin or just directional. Mid-to-stiff flex so can dick around but still go fast. Basically I just want to ride powder but will settle for slashing around, minishredding or laying out Eurocarves.

Dave Crozier

Co-Owner, REAL Snowboarding

  • Snowboarding since: 1998
  • Height: 5’9” (175cm)
  • Weight: 11st (69kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8

Favourite rider: MFM and Seth Huot inspired me to get more into snowboarding from watching GEN-POP a million times and before them it was Bjorn Lines from watching Technical difficulties in 99′. These days everyone has it so dialled but my favourites now are Torstein, Halldor and Mark McMorris – they just rip and pushed it snowboarding so much.

First ever board: First board I managed to buy and own after many years renting was a Burton Blunt 155 which was far too big for me at the time ‘i’d grow into it’ my dad would say and now nearly 20 years later I use mostly a 153.

Board preference: Camber, true twin and mid flex. Enough for hitting moderately big jumps but playful enough for all aspects of the mountain. Still ride smash bang in the middle of the board when on my twin or all mountain boards. Last year or so i’ve been testing some of the Nidecker carving range and been set back a bit while riding their directional shapes which has been a nice change to my setup and also inputs needed to get the most out of the snowboards.


Hamish Duncan

Owner, Penny Black

  • Snowboarding since: 1995
  • Height: 5’6” (171cm)
  • Weight: 10st (64kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8.5

Favourite rider: It changes all the time – Ståle Sandbech, Mark McMorris, Zoi Sadowski Synnott

First ever board: Duotone Twintip 148cm, came with black Duotone baseless (!) bindings. Why I ever sold/passed that board on, I’ll never know. Bought it at the Boardwise on Chiswick Park Road in London. Nearly gave snowboarding up all together a year later but hit a jump and the rest is history.

Board preference: But does it float? Powder shapes that are weird, wide nosed and burly, ready to haul some ass!


Joy Dutch

Sales Assistant, The Snowboard Asylum

  • Snowboarding since: 2008
  • Height: 5’4” (163cm)
  • Weight: 7st 12lb (50kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 4

Favourite rider: Jess Kimura. Her creativity, crazy energy and total badass approach to riding is what its all about for me.

First ever board: 156 Salmon Drift. The shop guys convinced me I’d grow into it, and I’m still waiting for the day…

Board preference: A short, soft flexing, true twin always does it for me.

Andrew Duthie

Contributor, Whitelines

  • Snowboarding since: 1999
  • Height: 6’3” (190cm)
  • Weight: 13st 13lb (88kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 12

Favourite rider: Keijiro Kasahara, aka Doggy. If snowboarding had a voice, it would be in Japanese with wonky subtitles.

First ever board: Generics Special, bought ex-hire from an Aviemore shop in May 1999. Currently propping up a wobbly bookcase beside my desk.

Board preference: Freestyle twin boards, sometimes with directional elements but usually true twin – and always wide. It’s good to have something to take to dry slope once its snow life is over.

Sarah Fish

Co-Owner, Gypsy Snowboarding

  • Snowboarding since: 2008
  • Height: 5’6″ (170cm)
  • Weight: 8st 13lb (57kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 5.5

Favourite rider: Marie-France Roy was the first chick that I saw when I started riding. Her part in Any Means was what inspired me the most – I loved that she wasn’t just riding park, she killed it everywhere.

First ever board: A Rome Vinyl directional twin/camber – it was my most prized possession. I bought it in Subvert in Manchester and they gave me a copy of Any Means.

Board preference: All mountain freestyle, mid flex, true twin or directional twin. Definitely camber, but I don’t mind some rise on the nose and tail.

Matt Higson

Sales Assistant, The Snowboard Asylum

  • Snowboarding since: 2003
  • Height: 6’ (183cm)
  • Weight: 12st 8lb (80kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 9

Favourite rider: Louif Paradis, because he’s a really legit urban rider… great style and amazing board control.

First ever board: Forum Youngblood – I bought it from a friend for £60, it was an absolute nail. But great for beating up the dry slope.

Board preference: A mid-flex true twin, reverse camber with some sort of flat section for a bit more stability.


Olly Lambourne

Owner, Mountain Mavericks

  • Snowboarding since: 1989
  • Height: 5’10” (178cm)
  • Weight: 13st (83kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8

Favourite rider: Craig Kelly. He was the man when I started, his influence is still felt today and we’ve got to remember where we came from.

First ever board: Rossignol Piste with Emery plate bindings. Bought from hire shop in La Clusaz the morning before I tried snowboarding for the first time.

Board preference: Something all mountain, with camber and a bit of freestyle ability thrown in.

Ed Leigh


  • Snowboarding since: 1989
  • Height: 6’0” (183cm)
  • Weight: 11st 13lb (76kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 9
  • @ed__leigh_

Favourite rider: I’m a French renaissance man, Arthur Longo and the Victor’s, Daviet and De Le Rue. All all terrain machines with incredible style. But I have also developed on a man crush on Rene Rinnekangas… if comedians could snowboard.

First ever board: Nitro Pyro with plate bindings, it had had the same flex pattern as a steel girder so wasn’t great on dry slope.

Board preference: I ride mostly piste and powder, but I travel a lot so like an all rounder that can cope with a bit of park as well. So a directional shape and because I’m the wrong side of 40 I like a medium to stiff flex that isn’t too punishing for days when you’re not in full attack mode. I’ve also developed a penchant for wider boards that are a little more stable and have no toe or heel drag for carving.


Lauren MacCallum

Protect Our Winters UK

  • Snowboarding since: 2009
  • Height: 5’11” (181cm)
  • Weight: 10st 12lbs (69kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8

Favourite rider: I’m only allowed one?! Urgh that’s hard… Desiree Melancon, because she makes snowboarding look good and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

First ever board: An old Burton Custom acquired by my flatmate at the time. She’s a heavy stiff beast with some need of TLC, but served me well and took no prisoners. It’s currently in my wardrobe.

Board preference: I’ve become a fan of rocker camber mix over the last few seasons or just plain camber. Pretty much anything that’s not flat at the tip at tail.


John Marrion

Snowboard Instructor

Favourite rider: It’s hard to decide, but Johnny O’Connor’s street section in Stronger was so full of effortless steeze it blew my mind! And of course the Simpson brothers!

First ever board: K2 Anagram – It was a good beginner board but it soon became too skiddy as I progressed.

Board preference: I like to have one board that I can ride everywhere. Even if I did want a quiver, when I finally get enough money to think about buying a second board I have to replace my only board because I’ve snapped it or ripped the edges out!

I like to have all the pop and for it to be really responsive and bit edgy too, so it’s still good for instructor courses. Hybrid camber boards seem to make the most sense for me.

Danny McDormick

Designer, Whitelines

  • Snowboarding since: 2004
  • Height: 5’9” (175cm)
  • Weight: 10st 5lb (66kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8.5

Favourite rider: Dylan Gamache and Jesse Paul spring to mind but it’s hands down always going to be Scott Stevens. It’s been said a million times at this point but he’s off the charts creative with a style all of his own and on top of that is genuinely one of the nicest guys out there.

First ever board: Technically it’d be a Wild Duck rental board from my local dry slope. While I never officially owned it the store staff were always kind enough to put it aside for me. Rode it for a good year or so till I entered a local comp and was lucky enough to get a sponsorship off the back of winning it so it’s probably still kicking about somewhere in the racks at Bearsden Ski Club.

Board preference: Mid flex, positive camber, true twin, good graphics. Basically something I can ride anywhere and not have to worry about how it’ll perform.

Jill McDonald


  • Snowboarding since: 2011
  • Height: 5’3” (160cm)
  • Weight: 8st 5lb (53kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 4.5
  • @jill_islay/

Favourite rider: Jess Kimura is definitely one of my favourite riders ever. She’s so effortlessly cool and her riding is always so solid. Robin Van Gyn is another favourite – her backcountry riding is unbelievable and super stylish.

First ever board: The Nikita Sideway Sista. I loved this board so much and it was absolutely perfect to learn to ride on. I spent forever thinking about that board and reading up on it and it was just the best feeling to go in to the store and buy it. I remember being so excited!

Board preference: Something petty soft and playful that’s just super fun to ride! Multi camber is awesome because it’s so versatile. And it goes without saying it’s got to have rad graphics!


Sam McMahon

Video Editor, Whitelines

  • Snowboarding since: 2009
  • Height: 5’11” (181cm)
  • Weight: 12st 9lb (80kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 10.5

Favourite rider: Tim Eddy – powder, backflips and fun. For me, he epitomises what snowboarding should be all about.

First ever board: Burton Farm 157 with graphics by one of the dudes from Weezer. Sadly ripped the stupid three-hole binding inserts out in a tumble!

Board preference: Set-back but short powder board, more often with a camber/hybrid profile.

Chris Moran

Owner/Blageur, Here Be Treasure

  • Snowboarding since: 1989
  • Height: 5’9” (176cm)
  • Weight: 12st (75kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8.5

Favourite rider: Anyone who bucks trends and looks good doing it. I have a proper man-crush on Torgeir Bergrem right now in terms of technical riding and just out-there, amazing looking tricks. But really my favourite riders are those I go riding with. Especially if splitboards are involved…

First ever board: A Sims 1625 Halfpipe. Which even by the standards of the day, was clearly a powder board. I’ve still got it.

Board preference: I borrowed a Burton Nug a few years ago and it had everything I hate: rockered profile, short, stubby spooned nose and tail, and really shitty graphics (what’s wrong with plain black boards?). I fell in love on the first ride and I’m still yet to find a better board that’s ever been made.


Stella Pentti

Editorial Assistant,

  • Snowboarding since: 2013
  • Height: 5’8” (173cm)
  • Weight: 9st 1lb (58kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 5

Favourite rider: I don’t really have one favourite rider, but I guess GLUE, the snowboard film back from 2016, kind of represents what I enjoy about riding. The guys make it look so effortless and fun, kind of relatable. Same goes for the KORUA yearning for turning clips. How is one meant to answer this question with only one name?

First ever board: A very short blue board with white flowers. As I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started snowboarding, I just borrowed an old board from a friend. When I finally got the hang of it I bought myself a Burton Deja Vu Flying V 2014, which then got stolen outside an Apres Ski in St Anton. Fun.

Board preference: I do like it when the board has a bit of a pop, so some sort of a camber board. It’s also important that it’s stable enough, something that works for both being able to ride fast without catching an edge and to ride in slushy spring conditions with. Definitely a true twin though.




  • Snowboarding since: 1989
  • Height: 5’11” (180cm)
  • Weight: 12st (76kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 8

Favourite rider: Probably JP Solberg. Not an obvious choice, but I have always loved his super relaxed style, and his bunny suit obviously. My other favourite rider is Travis Rice, mainly for his mastery of poetry and good hair.

First ever board: A huge, heavy 165cm Nitro board that had an amazing dragon graphic on it. I bought it in 1993, and it cost £450 second hand. I then made two terrible decisions with that board – firstly I spray painted over the graphic with black paint. I then sold it, but I can’t remember who I sold it to or where. This could be a sign of early onset dementia.

Board preference: Anything snappy, super lively and cambered. My favourite boards over the years have been the Salomon Daniel Franck pro model, the Atomic Alibi (yeah, I LOVE ski brands) and my current Rome Mod Stale.


Lewis Sonvico

Co-Owner, Super Rad

  • Snowboarding since: 2005
  • Height: 5’11” (180cm)
  • Weight: 11st 9lb (74kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 9.5
  • .com/

Favourite rider: I’ve never really looked up to one rider in particular but i really like the style of Gigi Rüf and Nico Müller. But I love to get inspired by others on the mountain!

First ever board: The first board I rode was from a rental shop. I destroyed the sidewalls, and the only board they had left was a 165 Rossignol weapon. Luckily it snowed all week :) The first board i owned after that was a GNU cambered thing, stiff and snappy. She made a lot of memories on the Mt. Bracknell dry slope.

Board preference: Depends massively on what I’m doing….. but a go-to that I like for everything is normally quite big and stiff, with an all-mountain freestyle kind of vibe.


Chris Sturgess

Owner, Snowfit & Revolutionz

  • Snowboarding since: 1996
  • Height: 6’ (182cm)
  • Weight: 13st 6lb (85kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 9

Favorite rider: Travis Parker – He has such sick style and more importantly he always seems to have fun on his board.

First ever board: An old Morrow board with baseless bindings that I inherited somehow. Can’t remember its name, or what I did with it.

Board preference: As I get older and a bit lazy I really enjoy riding boards that help me out! I like boards that are fairly flat between the feet and lifted in the tip and tail for extra float and forgiveness. No noodles though, as I still need to be able to tank it if I want.

Ryan Van Kesteren

Designer, Whitelines

  • Snowboarding since: 2012
  • Height: 6’2” (188cm)
  • Weight: 13st 8lb (86kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 11

Favourite rider: Danny McCormick

First ever board: CAPiTA NAS

Board preference: Classic Camber


John Wells

Sales Manager, Whitelines

  • Snowboarding since: 2001
  • Height: 6’1” (185cm)
  • Weight: 12st 2lb (77kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 11

Favourite rider: Danny McCormick

First ever board: The first board I actually owned was a Burton Custom, of course. I bought it from Noah’s Ark and got a free board bag.

Board preference: Anything all-mountain, twin shaped and cambered. I don’t like to limit myself. However, in the past season I’ve been getting down with the short and fat boards. Loving the K2 Cool Bean and the YES 420.


Darren Williams

Boss, The Snowboard Shop

  • Snowboarding since: 1997
  • Height: 5’8″ (173cm)
  • Weight: 10st 8lb (67kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 10

Favourite rider: Too tricky to narrow down to just one rider, but I guess Nicolas Müller has got to be up there as he has so much style when he rides.

First ever board: K2 Zeppelin bought from an old shop at Wycombe Summit.  I used it for about 18 months on dry slopes until the base melted away.  I still have it in the shop and at some point it will end up on the wall.

Board preference: I normally ride freestyle snowboards.  I don’t like them too soft though as I usually take just one board on my trips, so I need something that doesn’t wash out at speed but remains playful enough for jibbing about.

Dan Wilson

Assistant Manager, Snowfit-Revolutionz

  • Snowboarding since: 2012
  • Height: 5’10” (156cm)
  • Weight: 11st 2lb (71kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 10

Favourite rider: I’d have to say Eiki or Halldór Helgason for this. Both these riders just get me excited to get back on a board and try new things. They create so much out of pretty much nothing around them. Plus The Lobster Cream Week edit from last season just sums up boarding for me.

First ever board: K2 Happy Hour 157. It was my first season and I hosted a test team who happened to ding up the board so offered it to me for the rest of the season and I’ve still got it to this day. A little bigger than I’d normally ride nowadays but we’ve had a good few seasons and it takes pride place on my garage wall.

Board preference: I tend to go for more of a softer playful option that’ll let me butter for fun. True twin, camber between the feet and a little rocker in the tip and tail. Unless I’m in Japan then drop me off with the short wide powder stick.


Whitelines Grom Team


  • Age: 9
  • Snowboarding since: 2014
  • Height: 4’7” (141cm)
  • Weight: 4st 7lb (29kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 5

Favourite rider: Marcus Kleveland, because he is so technical and is so good at flatland tricks.

First ever board: Salomon Team Jr 90cm

Board preference: I like park and piste (when it’s slushy) I love doing slashes on the side of the pistes and powder is my favourite. So I like an all-round board. I got my first proper camber board last year and it completely changed my riding, so I definitely like a stiffer board with good edges.


  • Age: 11
  • Snowboarding since: 2013
  • Height: 4’11” (151cm)
  • Weight: 5st 11lb (37kg)
  • UK Shoe Size: 5

Favourite rider: Jenny Jones, because she has great style and is always very generous with her time and good at teaching people and Lisa Filsmozer, she’s a great rider and while she takes risks she’s really good at managing it and being careful.

First ever board: A Salomon Team 100cm

Board preference: I like park and piste (when it’s slushy) I love doing slashes on the side of the pistes and powder is my favourite. So I like an all-round board. I got my first proper camber board last year and it completely changed my riding, so I definitely like a stiffer board with good edges.


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