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Best Snowboard Helmets 2019-2020

Chosen by the Whitelines Test Team

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In the past wearing a helmet may have classified you as… well, a helmet. But these days, more often than not, you’ll see your favourite riders rocking a noggin protector. Whether you’re any old Mollie in the park or a bona fide pro, you’ll be better off for it. There’s a gut busting array of styles to choose from, and with sizes ranging from peanut to pumpkin head there’s no excuse not to shove your dome into one.

Like intimate partners and Pick ‘n’ Mix, you’re going want to try before you buy with a helmet. Head into your local snowboard shop to try some on, unlike Woolworths they won’t escort you out and give you a lifetime ban for trying the goods prior to purchase. By trying a bunch of different models on, you’re staying ahead of the game (pun absolutely intended).

“Helmets have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, and there’s a dizzying amount of tech packed into some of them”

A good helmet should fit like a glove, if you’ll pardon the analogy. It should feel snug round your bonce but not so tight that it’ll squeeze the precious brain cells out of you. Check out our in depth guide of how to choose a snowboard helmet here. Regardless of how snazzy your helmet is, you won’t want to wear it if it’s uncomfortable, so as difficult as it is for the discerning fashionistas among us, try not to buy one based solely on the colour.

Helmets have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, and there’s a dizzying amount of tech packed into some of them. From built in speakers, to bluetooth walkie talkies, some of them even have built in action cameras. The general features you want to look out for are vents to offer some airflow, a fit system to make sure it’s tightened properly and a chin strap to stop it flying off as you’re riding. At the end of the day, whether you opt for a bog-standard lid or a tech infused skull cap, the premise is the same- protect your head from impact.

Perhaps the most popular update to helmets in recent years is the introduction of MIPS, which to cut the fluff allows your helmet to rotate slightly upon impact so it can redirect and absorb the energy more effectively. Lots of companies have now started using a version of this idea in their helmets, to better protect against brain injuries while snowboarding.

Whether you choose to rock a helmet or not, that’s up to you, but we can all agree that the only unacceptable form of head covering is anyone over the age of 10 wearing ‘wacky helmet covers’. We reviewed a whole bunch of helmets over the season, so dive in and check out our list of the best helmets for winter 2019/2020.

Scroll down to view all the best snowboard helmets, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

Anon Greta 3 | Anon Raider 3 | Giro Emerge MIPS | Giro Jackson MIPS | K2 Phase Pro | Oakley Mod 1 MIPS | SHRED. Slam Cap | Smith Holt | Smith Code Mips

The Best Snowboard and Ski Helmets For Winter 2019-20

Anon Greta 3 Women’s Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

PRICE: £70/€80

This thing has become a classic amongst the female riders roaming about. Anon’s Greta snowboard helmet has been around for quite some time now and it keeps on pleasing the ladies with its women’s specific design. It’s not only the timeless and modest design that makes the ladies go loco for this helmet though, it, more importantly, also offers long-lasting protection and keeps your head safe.

The passive ventilation system will keep your head cool when needed, so you won’t feel the need to throw off the helmet during those warm sunny spring sessions. If you’re more worried about getting cold, the helmet also has a fleece liner and removable ear pads to keep your head warm even on the coldest of days.

Anon’s made sure this helmet has the potential to please everyone. You’ve got four different colours to choose from: black, white, seafoam and purple, and it’s available in any size from S to XL.


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Anon Raider 3 Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

PRICE: £70/€80

The brother to Anon’s Greta helmet – The Anon Raider. This clean classical model of a helmet is an all-time favourite for many. If you’re looking for a light and bulletproof helmet to protect your precious little skull, the Anon Raider is one to lean towards.

Not only is this product the closest thing you can come to if you’re looking for a helmet that has the equivalent feel to a beanie, it will also keep your head dry and cool throughout the day. The ventil system in the Raider lets the air flow through, and you won’t need to worry about your head boiling.

When your head is crowned with the Raider, the fleece lining and ear pads will ensure you’ll stay both warm and comfortable. If you’re getting too warm, you can always remove the ear pads (adjusting the helmet to the outside temperature is, generally speaking, a piece of cake).

The Anon Raider comes in various different colours and sizes.


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Giro Emerge MIPS Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

PRICE: £135 / €149

As the go-to helmet of choice for team riders Darcy Shape, Sebbe de Buck, Enni Rukajärvi and Klaudia Medlova, it’s no surprises that the Emerge Mips is Giro’s most advanced and comfortable freestyle helmet. Protection blends seamlessly with style, and the Emerge has you covered from slower speed knocks and bumps, right through to high consequence, high-speed slams.

There’s a rebounding foam layer that can handle multiple impacts without compromising the helmets durability, but for those more serious impacts, the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) keeps your noggin protected from the worst-case scenarios. Last season saw the integration of the new MIPS Spherical design, which allows the two layers of foam to very subtly move on the first milliseconds of impact, absorbing much of the force that would otherwise be transferred straight to your head.

Obviously, helmets are there to serve a single purpose, nobody wants to don a bowling ball style lid that leaves you looking like you’re about to be shot out of a cannon. The Emerge has a sleek and low profile design, with an integrated strap channel for those who prefer to wear their goggles under their lid. All day riding comfort has been improved again for this season, with the all-new Polartech Power Grid liner, designed to keep you warm on those early season sub-zeros and wick away sweat when springtime park laps roll around.

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    Giro Jackson MIPS Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

    PRICE: $160

    Where weight savings count, it doesn’t need to be at the expense of a lack of comfort, features or, most importantly, safety. The GIRO Jackson MIPS covers all basis and doesn’t leave you looking like an aspiring lycra-clad ski mountaineer either. Bonus.

    The Jackson is built around an In-Mould construction, which fuses the helmet’s polycarbonate outer shell and impact-absorbing foam liner into a single piece construction. This is the lightest style of construction available, and the Passive Aggressive ventilation maximises the airflow through the helmet and works to keep your goggles fog-free too.

    Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is now widely regarded in the industry as the safest solution to more serious knock. In the first few milliseconds of impact, the liner of the helmet moves independently to reduces the torsional forces that. go through your skull and drastically reduces the chances of more serious injury.

    There won’t be any issues with comfort and fit, as all four sizes of the Jackson features Giro’s new Polartec Power Grid padding to keep your noggin warm and the sweat-wicking, as well as their In Form2 Fit system which allows for 6cm of adjustment to get things feeling properly secure and snug.

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    K2 Phase Pro Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

    PRICE: £65/€75

    Coming in at under 500 grams, the Phase Pro is a stylish and functional helmet that’s built to last. It’s manufactured with hardshell construction, with foam bonded to an injection moulded ABS shell, leaving it lightweight but still ultra-durable.

    The size is adjustable with a 3-point system, easily changed to ensure the most comfortable and safe fit. To keep it customisable, an Active Matrix venting system allows you to control the airflow with the flick of a finger. It comes in five different colours so no matter how stylish you think you are you’ll be able to grab a helmet that will match your vibes.

    Luckily for those of you with sweaty bonces the liner is breathable and wicks away moisture, and for those days where the smell makes your eyes water, it’s also washable. It’s even audio compatible so you can have your tunes wherever you decide to go.

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    Oakley Mod 1 MIPS Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

    PRICE: £130

    Brand spanking new for this year, the Mod 1 has quickly become a team favourite among Oakley riders. It’s their most freestyle inspired design, and it draws influence from skate style lids.

    360 Fit BOA ensures you’ll get the perfect fit round your noggin and eliminates dead space within the helmet. MIPS offers a further level of protection in so far as it allows your helmet and head to move independently, reducing the major stress at the point of impact.

    The FidLock buckle system is not only fun to play with, but it’s so easy to use that you can even do it with your mitts on. An anti-microbial lining sits round the forehead to stop it from getting stanky after a few too many spring park laps.

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    SHRED. Slam-Cap No Shock Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

    PRICE: €200

    A company started by a skier, but with a stacked team of bonafide shredders including Kevin Backstrom, Tadashi Fuse and Nicholas Volken, the SHRED. Slam-Cap helmet is their most freestyle looking lid, with functionality over the whole mountain.

    It’s built with an In-Mould construction, which keeps the weight way down (the small size only weighing in at 420g!), but is packed to the rafters with cushioning and impact absorbing tech.

    SHRED.’s Rotational Energy System (RES), works in a similar way to MIPS, where an ultra-thin layer can move on multiple axes, independently between the head and eliminates the rotational injuries which are often the most serious.

    The honeycomb structure of the shell itself (known here as SLYTECH) also helps to dissipate the energy of the impact across the entire helmet.

    With an easy-adjust dial to find the perfect fit, and a moisture-wicking liner and removable earpads, riders have plenty of options to get their look and fit on lock.

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    Smith Holt Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

    PRICE: £60/€60

    Despite its simple looks, the Smith Holt is in fact a bulletproof tech beast. Anyone who’s looking to protect their head from unnecessary injuries should get this thing on whether they’re in the park, the backcountry, or somewhere in between.

    Its bombshell construction ensures you can take a hit to the head on the iciest of slopes (although maybe don’t go smashing your head deliberately to prove a point). The AirEcab ventilation system makes sure your goggles won’t get fogged up, while the general venting system takes care of your head temperature.

    Not only is this helmet made to fit well, look good, and be of the best quality – it also comes in six different colours and in every size from S to XL. The Smith Holt is a reliable companion to hit the slopes with.

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    Smith Code MIPS Snowboard Helmet 2019-2020

    PRICE: £170/€200

    This tough yet lightweight lid (it’s only 450g) is definitely worth the price with the MIPS system and all.

    In addition to the MIPS system, the Smith Code helmet was constructed using Koroyd – which provides superior impact absorption, flexibility, and ventilation.

    Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2019-2020 Smith Code MIPS Helmet here

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