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So the craziness of ISPO 2014 is drawing to a close. If you've missed our coverage so far its basically the mecca for every single snowboard brand in the world to show off their products that hit the shelves the next season.

For gear nerds like us it's great to catch a preview of what's to come, and by the looks of things we're all in for a treat next year. Here's our selection of what we reckon are some of the best new products out of literally thousands coming out next winter. Enjoy.

[part title="Bataleon/Bill Stewart Camel Toe Colab"]

Bataleon Camel Toe Bill Stewart Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5100

A classic board gets a makeover with what could be seen in the future as a modern classic, the Bataleon Camel Toe. Gorgeous 80s snurfer stylings coupled with a truly progressive powder slayer make this one of the boards we're most excited to strap on next year.

Bataleon Camel Toe Bill Stewart Snowboard Graphic Detail 2014-2015IMG_5144

[part title="ThirtyTwo Crab Grab Colab Boots"]


We love ThirtyTwo and we love Crab Grab so we were stoked to see the two come together again, this time with a special edition boot. Check out the gold claws on the sides; they remind us of a certain classic Tintin book.


[part title="Burton Land Lord Split Board 2014-2015"]


Split boards are all the rage these days, but designs haven't changed much over the years meaning that users can find themselves in fiddly situations at the top of a peak in gales force winds, not ideal conditions for playing around with screws.

Until now at least, check out this new split binding tekkers from Burton in the video below. Coupled with new simple clips this could be a revolution.

[part title="Skullcandy Headphones 2015 Range"]

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones 2 2014-2015_

Check out the range of headphones from Skullcandy, complete with fresh new graphics and designs. They're releasing a special range of women's hearing specific models; our board sports boss Ed reckons that means they have the ability to detect 'sincerity even when it doesn't exist.'

Skullcandy Navigator Headphones 2014-2015_
Skullcandy Crusher Eric Koston Headphones 2014-2015_

[part title="Ride Helix 2014-2015"]

Ride Helix Akomplice Snowboard 2014-2015

Our online editor Tristan reckons this is his favourite board for next year after testing it at the French board test last week. Ride have kitted it out with a super blunt tip and apparently this thing rips both on and off the piste.

[part title="Switchback Binding Halldor Helgason Pro Model 2014-2015"]

Switchback Bindings Halldor Helgason 2014-2015

These are some of the best looking bindings we saw all week at ISPO. Super clean compared to the rest of the Helgason's mad designs, these are made to look like black bindings as the wearer rides towards you and white as they speed off, such a simple but sick idea.

[part title="Holden Cape Jacket"]

Holden Cape Jacket 2014-2015

As impractical as it might be on the hill, you have to admit this 'out there' jacket design from Holden will turn a few heads. Innovative designs always get us going here at Whitelines and this is no exception.

[part title="Anon High Cascade Backpack"]

Anon High Cascade Backpack Goggles 2014-2015

High Cascade Snowboard Camp sees some of the most incredible riding thrown down every year as the best snowboarders congregate in Oregon to make the most of the soft slush. Anon have designed this backpack and hood combo to help campers deal with the Mt Hood rain, but it would be perfect for most spring shreds here in Europe too.

[part title="Airblaster Papoose Pastel Jacket"]

Airblaster Papoose Pastel Jacket 2014-2015

Airblaster design some of the funnest looking outerwear in the business and this anorak style jacket is no exception, guaranteed to make you stand out on the slopes. We were assured that its mega waterproof too, leaving you with no excuse to shred whatever the weather. Check out a few of their new headwear design below too

Airblaster Ninja Face and Terryclava Headwear 2014-2015
Airblaster Billyclava Headwear 2014-2015

[part title="Capita/Spring Break Colab Boards"]

Capita Spring Break Snowboards 2 2014-2015

Finally, these were almost unanimously the product that gave our team the most stoke for next year, check out these absolute beasts from Corey Smith's unique hand crafted board company Spring Break, teaming up with Capita to create some amazing designs. These are for heavy powder, but as the latest Yawgoons edit shows they'll rip on the piste too. We actually can't wait to get the chance to try one of these out, so stoked!

Capita Spring Break Snowboard 158 Detail 2014-2015
Capita Spring Break Snowboard 166 Detail 2014-2015
Capita Spring Break Snowboard 161 Base 2014-2015