Travis Rice, Eric Jackson and Mark McMorris tear Baldface to shreds


This ain’t something you see every day, powder heroes Eric Jackson and Travis Rice teaming up with Olympic bronze medallist Mark McMorris on a mission to Baldface, BC to chill in the deep stuff and check out the ol’ Super/Ultra Natural course.

They’ve all been there before, Travis of course helped shape the features and E-Jack and McLuvin’ have ridden it in contest, the latter memorably tomahawking the shit out of it.

This time round however there’s no contest, just some good old fashioned shred times. There’s a plenty of chat, but even more riding footage in the ten minute edit. It’s amazing what kind of stuff these guys can throw just for B-roll.

Even McMorris has his powder legs on, shredding the whole mountain top to bottom, and of course Rice and Jackson are charging at their usual constant high speed.

There’s even a mention of what the future might have in store for the Ultra Natural series – this year it was cancelled due to a little event being held in Sochi taking up all the televisual air time – even a mention that in the future it could be held in a different country.

The world’s best powder riders all in Japan together? Now that could be the event of the season next winter.

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