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Edit Absinthe's Film

Edit Absinthe's Film


Fancy yourself as a snowboard filmmaker? Wish you could work with the world’s best riders? Here’s your chance.

Whitelines has teamed up with Patrick ‘Brusti’ Armbruster, the head honcho of Absinthe Films, to give you the chance to edit footage from this year’s Absinthe production, ‘Neverland’. The rider list of this awe-inspiring movie reads like a who’s who of snowboarding, including Nicolas Muller, Travis Rice, Gigi Rüf, Kevin Pearce, JP Solberg, Romain de Marchi, DCP and MFM. What’s more, the prizes for this comp are similarly impressive – the winner will have their cut included as an extra on Absinthe’s next worldwide release!


So… if you’ve ever wanted final say in what music to choose for the all-important intro, or the power to choose between a cab nine from Nico and an MFM front board, just follow the simple instructions below. Who knows, it may even provide a way in to your dream career…

1) Download Brusti’s raw footage, plus sponsor logos, here

2) Cut the footage up and fashion it into an alternative introduction to the film (i.e. opening credits). There are a few rules to this part: Your intro shouldn’t be more than three minutes in length, and should use no more than one song. It should include your the film’s title (‘Neverland’) styled out in any typeface you want, plus the riders’ names and the sponsors’ logos we give you in the download. Otherwise, get creative and go wild. Do whatever your twisted mind tells you with Gigi, Romain and the rest of them. Use any program, graphics, or techniques you like, but make sure your intro is an absolute belter.

3) Upload your film to www.mpora.com before January 31st 2010 and tag it as WL-Absinthe.

Brusti will be the judge of the best entries, and will include the winner’s ‘alternative intro’ as an extra on the DVD of next year’s Absinthe film. The runners up will be sent a selection of t-shirts, hoodies and other goodies from the film’s sponsors. Plus we’ll have some signed copies of Neverland to give away.

So what are you waiting for? Beg, borrow or steal a computer. Hack into your neighbours’ wi-fi network to get your hands on the download. Sell your own sister for the latest editing software if necessary. Just get cracking on creating the most epic opening credits to a snowboard film the world has ever seen.

N.B. Since the winning film will get worldwide exposure, this contest is open to anyone from any country. So if you’re an Absinthe fan reading this in Canada, Europe or the States, get involved!

Here’s the Neverland teaser to give you some inspiration…

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  2. tristan

    Full results are up! Watch the top ten and read Brusti’s comments on each one here! Thanks to all of you who entered.

  3. tristan


  4. Someone posing as Whitelines

    Better not quit your day job!! Huh.

  5. Clayson

    Chill out Whitelines lad, go and speak to a woman or something,
    it might do something to remove all this aggression…
    Here’s my effort if you want a look
    I made it on my texas intruments speak and spell, using presets A and D.

  6. Sokso

    hahaha Whitelines (if it’s really you guys), that’s not a nice thing to say!! :P

  7. fatelvis69


  8. Someone posing as Whitelines

    Maybe you guys don’t care because your entries were so shite and looked like they were done on some kind of edit software on the iPhone using templates and not your own ideas and do not have even a slight chance coming any higher than WORST!!

  9. Clayson

    I agree with Fatelvis, take a step back people and realise the world doesn’t revolve around you. I too have contributed and I too will wait patiently until it’s announced. Myabe if you had a few more things going on in the day, then it wouldn’t be such an issue…

    You DON’T speak for all of us, you DO need to get a grip and make better use of your time rather than whining on teh internetz!

  10. fatelvis69

    Chill out you pricks, so what it takes a bit of time to sort through all the entries, Mr. i have done a semester etc… good for you, i contributed, i can wait, it is just a bit of fun….man id hate to see you guys on the mountains…

    you don’t speak for all of us…i hope they keep us waiting till next season so you pricks really start bawling!

  11. Your mom

    Why is it taking so long?? It’s been like 4 months and a half since the deadline already!! Hurry up! We wanna know who’s the winner! An explanation of this very long delay would be really appreciated.

  12. everybody

    Incredibly unprofessional on Whitelines/Absinthe part… Wasn’t even a fan of Absinthe’s videos to begin with, and now they decide to waste everyone’s time? Thank you Mr. Brusti.

    Looking forward to seeing how long it will take to get a response for this,
    – Your supporters.

  13. nobody

    WOW! That’s pretty weak… Given the number of entries someone might have thought to pay attention to the contest instead of just coming up with the idea to crowd source for some extra traffic.Not recognizing the hard work that goes into making these entries is pretty much a slap in the face to your most loyal fans/customers. Things get pushed back in priority, but customer loyalty is earned and can be taken away very easily.
    Props to the people who took the time to show their stoke! Don’t let this contest discourage you from the many others that are popping up online (Grenade Games Remote Control).
    Anyway that’s my rant… hopefully you guys have time to pick a name out of a hat at least.

    Good Luck!

  14. Andrea

    I agree with James… I understand it’s taking a while to judge but come on! Please don’t forget about us, we put a lot of time and effort into our entries. Even just a shortlist of the best ones so far would be a start!

  15. James formerly known as JKB78

    What up Tristan,

    As the months pass by, I have been able to finish an entire semester of school since I have sent in my edit to the competition. That means I’ve had time to read many books, and complete many projects before we can get a simple judging on our videos. I believe I can speak for everyone in the competition saying that we spent a lot of our time editing these videos that have given your site a numerous amount of hits. I give your site hits daily, and would like to see a little appreciation from your company when it comes to your fans. I would like to see our hard work and time spent on this competition to finally be payed off. You said it would be a month or so, but it has been far to long. The competition ended when the snowboard season was hitting its climax, but now that summer is here, I would appreciate some feedback on the entries.

    James Bedford

  16. baba

    Almost forgot about this competition! This is taking forever!!! Please don’t make us wait any longer!!!!

  17. James

    When is the winner gonna be announced! haha I check daily and would love to finally find out!

  18. Jamie Kennel

    I totally am in awe of this site :D gonna have to remember to add this to my bookmarks.

  19. tristan

    Hi Peeps,

    There’s been a few questions about when the winner of this comp will be announced – basically it’s gonna take a while for Brusti to watch all the entries and pick a winner.

    Loads of the entries have been incredible – you lot have got some serious talent! Because there are that many great ones, we don’t want to rush the judging process, so it’s gonna be another month or so before we have a winner.

    When we do, don’t worry, I’ll post on the homepage, as well as our twitter and facebook pages (we’re whitelinesmag, if you’re not already friends with us) and I’ll put it in the Friday Fix newsletter, which you can sign up to here (if you haven’t already).

    Hope that helps!

  20. xoxo666

    Blair, Brusti just wrote to me saying that he’ll be looking at the entries this month only so it may take a while before we know who’s the winner.

  21. blair

    when will the winner be announced. anybody know

  22. you

    “who won? was it me!”
    Answer= no.

  23. giles thomas

    who won? was it me!

  24. Eivind

    I’m wondering when too.. It’s almost been two weeks since the deadline, but I guess watching all the videos takes time. Tom, my video didn’t show up here either until I added a “WL-user” tag.. If you can find your vid on MPORA you should be all good :)

  25. Tom Dixon

    My entry still hasn’t appeared here yet (as far as I can tell) so I hope they’re not finished posting them up. I uploaded it several days before the deadline.

  26. JKB78

    I have no clue when the winner will be announced…. I was wondering the exact same thing, if any one knows when the information will be released it would be appreciated!Good Luck too all!

  27. xoxo666

    Hello! Does anyone know when the name of the winner will be announced?? I can’t wait!! Good luck to all! :-)


  28. Jamie

    Hey guys!

    Cheers for running this comp! It was loads of fun to edit, even though my eyes are sore from staring at the screen for so long! There are loads of mad edits done by everyone and they are plenty of worthy winners!

    Anywho thought I would post a link to mine! Even just to keep you amused while doing your thing and keeping us entertained with Snowboard news!


    Take it easy!


  29. Nick Light


    I dont seem to be able to see my entry on your site. it was uploaded to mpora.com a fe days before the deadline but isnt displayed here. Just checking it has actually been received!


  30. tristan

    Hey HB, no worries, if your video was up on Mpora before the deadline, it will be included in the comp. cheers dude, and best of luck!

  31. HB

    Heh there guys….

    As I didn’t get a response about the files I have uploaded my edit without them embedded. Hope you like it!


    Hope you’ll look at it, I had trouble accessing the Whitelines website the last two days to check with you – kept getting a message that the server was unavailable…?? Oh well…

    Cheers for the chance,


  32. HB

    Heh there Ed,

    Just wondered if you had any news on making all the logos more accessible for editing?

    If not, should I just upload my vid for your viewing pleasure without them added in?



  33. jamie s

    hi there,

    I’ve just uploaded my entry, although it doesn’t look to have gone through onto the Whitelines page yet.
    Here’s the link, look forward to seeing the other videos.


  34. josh z

    Hey guys, only a few days left in this thing… thought I’d post mine once more since I submitted it a while ago, check it out!


  35. Vicky


    I uploaded my entry again and it worked! It’s on there now! Yay!


  36. Vicky

    Hi Sokso,

    I’ll give that a go and let you know.

    Thank you,


  37. xoxo666

    Hi Vicky!

    I had problems uploading my video the first time too. I discover that the problem was that I put too many tags. Try to make it less than 10 or 15 I think. And be sure you fill more than one word in the title and description box. The processing usually take about 15 to 30 min max for a 3 min video. Hope this helps!


  38. Vicky


    I uploaded my entry yesterday but it still says it’s processing. Does anyone know how long it takes for the movie to appear on the website? Or do I need to try uploading it again?



  39. HB

    Hi there Ed,

    When I hit open on my laptop:
    Open as a PDF document:
    Big stone

    Open as a text preview document:

    As others have mentioned there don’t seem to be logos for either Absinthe or Whitelines in there either???

    Thanks for any help you can give….. hopefully if you can post up jpg versions I should be able to import them into the edit and do something!!

    Cheers guys,


  40. ed(whitelines)

    Hi HB, Are you having problems with all of them? If you drop us an email detailing which you can’t open we’ll try to send you out jpg versions.

  41. HB

    Hi there,

    Finally had a chance to take a look at editing something for the comp….. only problem is that I don’t seem to be able to open the logos with anything….. they won’t open straight into Final Cut Express…. and I don’t have a photo illustrator package as some people have mentioned….

    Any suggestions about how to use them please?!

    Or should I upload a cut without them for now? Realise there is only a little time left for this!


  42. Vicky

    It’s ok! Panic over! I’ve found them! :o)

  43. Vicky

    How have people got the Absinthe and Neverland logos? Did they trace them in Illustrator or something? They’re not in the download and I’m having trouble finding them online. Heeeeeeeelllllllllllppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!! :oS

  44. db

    has anyone else had issues uploading to mpora – it is rejecting my file because it is over 1GB. Any ideas?

  45. IB

    I downloaded the logos but I can’t open the Billabong one, does anyone know how to open it?

  46. Scott

    Wow I downloaded the footage and besides some good banger shots the footage is really boring to edit. Everything is the same. Just tricks and some stills of mountains and it is all grainy footage. Really typical footage of a snowboard flick. Pretty disappointed. Keeping things fresh on this one will be a challenge

  47. xoxo666

    Please check out mine! :)


  48. xoxo666

    How long does it take for MPORA to encode a 3min video? It’s been like 2 hours and a half already… :(

  49. Mike Grasso

    they were all good, but most of them looked very similar. except this one, video.mpora.com/watch/5bz6bU94v , i like the editing best in it, its quick, it packs in a ton of shots, and it keeps me wanting more

  50. Anotherstani

    Come on guys put mine up already!

  51. Anotherstani

    Submitted mine last week you should check it out.


  52. IB

    I think I’m missing 2 sponsors, I don’t have YES or Billabong.

  53. CWL

    Are we suppose to include the “Absinthe Films” Logo in the intro, because some people have included it in their versions, but it does not come in the download?


  54. A_G

    Just submitted my entry. I wish I had done more to it because it seems hundreds have submitted a video.

    @ Ihavemanyleatherboundbooks

    If you are having problems with the logo then watch my video. The logos in mine are large. Stop the video and take a screenshot and paste the image. Then use a photo editor to remove the background and use as necessary. And if you like my video then 5 stars would be appreciated.


  55. manuche73

    Hi, just one more question… For the song: one song only??? Or can we use 2 or 3 different songs??

    Thanks a lot

  56. Ihavemanyleatherboundbooks

    Hi, yea I am also having problems with the files, I think I can convert the video file but is there any chance the logos could be be uploaded to the website so people can save them easier? or if anyone could send them to me in a different format?
    cheers, JW

  57. ed

    Hi HB – Look forward to seeing your entry. Yes, the 3 minute rule is absolute. We can’t allow anyone to creep over or it becomes a massive grey area and before you know it then we’re getting clips pushing 4 minutes. Other video comps such as the Jib Vid are also this strict, you kinda have to be I’m afraid. If your tune is too long then just cut it, fade it in or fade it out. (By way of example, Baba O’Reilly by The Who, which actually opens the proper Neverland movie, is over 5 minutes long, but their intro is only about 3 mins). Good luck!

  58. HB

    Heh there, awesome idea for the comp to get the creative juices flowing…..

    Quick question…. is the limit of 3 minutes ABSOLUTE? What if we find a perfect track that goes over that length? Does it simply get thrown out of the comp? I already see an entry up there that’s over length and asking the same question….

    Looking forward to finding some time to play with this….

    BTW, I downloaded on my mac, opened the Zip and the .mov file works fine, opening to view right away in quicktime….. but then Macs are prepped for using .mov / quicktime files like that….. thank goodness!

    Cheers all….


  59. ed

    Adam Mann – there is no limit to how many edits you can post for everyone’s enjoyment, but you must make a decision on which one you would like us to judge. Add a tag saying ‘First Choice edit’ or something similar. If you don’t then we will pick one out to judge ourselves, and you wouldn’t want us to make that choice would you? ;)

  60. ed

    Rittenhouse – sorry man, I don’t know why you’re getting that problem but hopefully someone else will. I’ll also ask any PC experts in the office.

  61. AdamMannProductions

    hi all great to hear about a awesome competition like this

    is there a limit to how many different time one can enter as i have a few ideas but cant fit them all in to 3 mins and they wont look right either if all pushed into one edit


  62. rittenhouse

    I can unzip the folder and access the files fine, but when I start to edit the footage (in both Sony Vegas and Windows Movie Maker) my computer falls to the blue screen of death or has an array of other problems. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason why because it’s not the same thing every time. I’ve tried everything I know to get it to work, but nothing has been successful. I’m running windows vista home premium on my HP laptop.

    any possible solutions?

  63. Ian P

    ^ A_G

    I just opened the .ai files with Photoshop elements then save them as a PSD (or whatever you want) You Mac/PC wont let you “Open With” you have to drag them on to the photoshop icon or open photoshop then pull them in.

  64. ed

    Took the words out of my mouth A_G. To the sceptics – no we are not in the habit of posting bogus competitions with dodgy links and then promoting the hell out of them. How would that be in our interests exactly? The file works fine – just check out all the entries in the Your Vids section for proof. A_G may well be right in saying the Absinthe guys used a Mac to create it, in which case follow his advice on opening the zipped folder in Windows. Good luck with your entries.

  65. A_G

    @watching you & @one big con

    The file works fine. I used winzip to unzip them. It appears that the files have been created using a Mac because it contains the .DS_Store files and the thumbnail files, which will be displayed if you have the display the hidden files option on in windows. They can be deleted without a problem.

    Also, you need something to open the .ai files for example Adobe Illustrator.

    Or maybe you guys are trying to discourage others? In that case there is a virus in the zip and if you download it, it will infect your computer and when you have it repaired the guy in the shop will report you to the police when he finds the porn! *wink *wink.

  66. one big con

    Waste of time file doesnt unzip. Windows doesnt recognise it all. All these posts are bullshit

  67. watching you

    Is this bogus???? file seems dodgy

  68. rittenhouse

    I can’t wait, this contest fits me perfectly. I was hoping I would have some sort of chance to become an intern or something to just any film company, and now this contest appears from the makers of my favorite snowboarding movies that I watch day in and day out. This is gonna be a great precursor to the movie I attempt to make of my own season this winter

  69. Anotherstani

    Just want to say my edit is coming along nicely and will be with you guys in the very near future!

  70. irfan

    best of luck to all candidate….
    Here comes Erfaan…

  71. ed

    A_G – Yes it’s only 640×480. That is the best resolution the Absinthe crew were prepared to make public. It works fine for online tho. Don’t see why you can’t use the film for your showreel – just make sure you are clear about where the footage has come from and that it was part of a contest.

  72. ed

    Rob – No idea why your download isn’t working I’m afraid. Seems to work for everyone else. Movie is a .mov (Quicktime) file. Can yo normally open them OK?

  73. ed

    Hi Hayley, music choice is up to you. We can’t encourage the use of copyrighted material, tho we will be securing the rights to the winning film’s tune so we can put it on the DVD. If your movie gets flagged in the meantime (while online) then I guess we will have to take it down. Either way it’s probably best to avoid the likes of The Beatles and Stones!!

  74. A_G

    The resolution of the video is only 640×480.

    Regardless of if I win or not can I use what I create on my showreel?

  75. Hayley

    The rules state you can use one song – do this need to be copyright free?

  76. Rob


    cool comp only the zip file with all your footage on it doesn’t actually have anythiing in it except for a unknown file called .DS_store, is this meant to link you to a site to download the footage? i would like to take part in this competition and obviously others have been able to download it, just seems that i can’t. Could it be a vista related problem?

    thanks for your help

  77. ed

    Hi Erex, output to the highest resolution you have – we’ll need it should you win and your film goes on the DVD. When it comes to uploading your to Mpora.com, the upload engine sizes it automatically. Instructions are on there too – they’re pretty simple. Hope that helps, look forward to seeing your film!

  78. Erex


    This is awesome. Could I trouble y’all for technical specs for final output? Many thanks!

  79. claire

    Ohhhhh yes. This is my DREAM job! Studing film and going to get stuck into this one! :)

  80. Mikey

    Epic comp!! Got a mate studyin film who might be into this. Can I share the credit if he wins? ;)


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