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Best Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

Chosen by the Whitelines Test Team

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If cold hands and freezing fingertips isn’t an unfamiliar thing for you, we’d advise you to invest in a good pair of snowboard mitts as these are more likely to keep your hands warm than a pair of gloves.

Even if a pair of mitts might not be as handy as a pair of gloves, they will keep you warm – mitts keep your fingers together within the fabric and expose less surface area to the cold. Both of these factors reduce the amount of heat lost through evaporation.

As you’d expect from anything snowboard related, there are of course tons of variations to choose from, some better for backcountry and others more suited for park riding.

“Even if a pair of mitts might not be as handy as a pair of gloves, they will keep you warm”

The best snowboard mitts, rated in terms of warmth and shelter, should combine a cosy lining with a good Gore-Tex shell. With a Gore-Tex shell, you can expect an exceptional combination of both waterproofing and breathability, the two most important things when it comes to any sort of snowboard outerwear. Leather and suede outers will do the job too, however, they will need the occasional wax treatment to ensure they won’t start soaking up water.

As we pointed out earlier, mitts do lack in dexterity. Fiddling with your bindings, posting the occasional Instagram story or smoking a cigarette will be immensely easier wearing gloves, as you can leave them on (if you feel like you can sacrifice on the warmth, check out our list of the best snowboard gloves for 2019/20).

What mitts might lack in functionality; they make up for in style. Snowboard mitts are often embellished with some sick graphics, as there is more surface for a nice clean print and fewer seams.

For more advice, check out our video guide on how to choose your gloves and mitts.

Scroll down to view all the best snowboard mitts, or skip to a particular model using the links below

686 Amp Merino Forest Bailey  | Burton GoreTex Warmest | CrabGrab Punch | CrabGrab Cinch | DaKine Jamie Anderson | DaKine Team Baron Elias Elhardt | Drop Winter | Howl Houston | Howl Midweight | POW Gloves Falcon | POW Gloves Tallac x Schoph | Rome Rustler | Transform Gloves Antti Jussila Pro Model | Transform Gloves The Spitt | Transform Gloves x Eivy | WearColour Rider 3M Thinsulate

The Best Snowboard Mitts For Winter 2019-20

686 Amp Merino Forest Bailey Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

PRICE: £55/€70

The Amp Merino Mitt from 686 is designed for the coldest conditions, when you wanna keep your poor little digits from freezing solid. Waterproof and breathable thanks to infiDRY, and backed up with a DWR coating for good measure.

infiniLOFT insulation keeps the heat in, and the adjustable wrist with leash keeps the mitt on. Everwear Grip palms are reinforced for extra strength, and grippy enough to keep hold of a beer.

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    Burton GoreTex Warmest Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £110/€120

    It’s precisely what it says on the tin… It’s Burton’s Warmest Mitt. It’s 550 fill power of responsibly sourced down, backed by DRYRIDE and GoreTex to ensure it stays dry enough to keep its insulation powers.

    Utilising Burton’s revolutionary Living Lining, the fibres in the glove contract with the cold, trapping heat in and open with warmth allowing the heat to escape. It’ll ensure that you’re not overheating when you start to warm up, and you won’t be left with clammy, moist hands.

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    CrabGrab Punch Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £60

    This padded, all-rounder mitt is made to take whatever’s thrown its way. It’s got PrimaLoft Insulation keeping your hands both dry and warm. Considering this specific material was first developed to please the needs of the US Army, who wanted a water-resistant synthetic alternative to goose down, you can trust it to do its job well. Very well.

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    CrabGrab Cinch Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £58

    Whether it’s your traction or your mitts, Crab Grab’s made sure you won’t slip. This family owned business hails from the midst of Oregon, and we’re happy their products are slowly establishing a foothold overseas as well.

    If you’re that guy who lives with the constant struggle of indecisiveness, never knowing whether to choose between an IPA or lager, the Crab Grab Cinch Mitt is what you’ve been longing for. It works both for warmer and colder conditions, and has the perfect size cut to fit over or under your jacket sleeve.

    Thanks to the PrimaLoft insulation this mitt will stay warm. It’s also got Sherpa fleece and micro fuzz in the liner, making them extremely comfortable. Not to worry though, you won’t be sweating piles into your gloves – Crab Grab’s added a waterproof/breathable 15K hipora membrane to them, ensuring that your hands will stay dry. It’s no wonder the Cinch is a favourite amongst the Crab Grab team.

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    DaKine Fleetwood Mitt Jamie Anderson Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £55/€60

    Boss lady Jamie has put her name to the Fleetwood Mitt this year, and we think it looks rad. Although this lil’ palm pleaser isn’t just a pretty face, a polyurethane ‘DKdry’ insert sits inside the glove to keep the rain and snow out. A DWR coating sits on the exterior to ensure the water beads off and doesn’t begin soaking through.

    High loft synthetic insulation runs through the mitt and is housed inside a soft fleece lining. The palm is a softer, grippier material for sticking those tricky grabs and to make sure you don’t drop the ball.

    Removable wrist leashes mean you can say goodbye to that heart dropping moment when you see your favourite mitt fluttering off the side of the chairlift. DaKine have brought a warm, stylish, functional mitten to the table, and best of all, the price is super reasonable.

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    DaKine Team Baron Elias Elhardt Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £85/€100

    A good pair of mitts can be the difference between an awesome day spent on the hill, or hours of desperately trying to warm your hands underneath the hand dryer in the toilet before your mates get bored and leave. The Team Baron mitt from Dakine has everything you’d want in a storm proof layer for your hands.

    To make sure that your hands stay nice and dry a GoreTex insert sits inside the durable, water repellent leather outer. For good measure they’ve added a DWR coating to the outside as well.

    230g of PrimaLoft insulation sits inside the mitt and pairs with a 360g wool lining. This is a mitt for the coldest, rawest conditions, where you want to make sure that you’ve got the very best protection available.

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    Drop Tahoma GTX Snowboard Mitt 2019-2020

    PRICE: $77

    The Tahoma is a high-quality mitt, packed to the fingertips with features and tech, with a snazzy look. The back and palm are made using premium Goatskin leather to ensure it’s a durable and hard-wearing mitten.

    The thumb and index finger are touch screen compatible, because it’s 2019 and if we’re being honest with ourselves we’re all slaves to technology now. There’s a tab just below the palm on either glove, that you can use to adjust the glove by pulling up and down.

    The main job of a mitten is to keep your hands toasty and stop them from getting soggy, so these are filled with Primaloft Eco Gold insulation – which is 90% recycled for bonus planet points. A GoreTex lining guarantees to keep your paws dry and is breathable to stop you from getting too sweaty.

    Micro Suede might sound like a tiny person from Sweden, but in this instance it’s actually a layer on the thumb that you can use to wipe your goggles (or your nose if you’re snotty).

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    Howl Houston Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: €120

    The Houston is one of Howl’s warmest options, it’s filled with Primaloft insulation to keep you nice and toasty even when it’s blowing a gale. A microfleece lining sits inside the mitt to keep your claws comfy all day.

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    Howl Midweight Jed Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £60/€70

    If riders like Will Smith, Jed Anderson, Spencer Schubert and Dillon Ojo (RIP) are shredding around in HOWL products, it’s pretty much given that the guys over at HOWL know how to work their magic.

    The Howl Jed mitt is no exception from the rest of the products. This Midweight glove is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a glove to be worn throughout the year – it’s warm, but not too warm, so it works equally well for those warmer spring sessions.

    Even on the warmest of days you won’t need to worry about your fingers becoming all moist from sweating. Thanks to the insulated shell, hyperloft insulation and breathable insert, these gloves will keep your hands air conditioned, and sweaty hands will become a thing of the past.

    This best-selling unisex mitt comes in five different colours, in any size from XS to XL, and is made to please all the men and women looking for a solid pair of snowboard mitts.

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    POW Gloves Falon Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £60/€65

    Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, POW Gloves have made quite a name for themselves within the glove business. Their solid technology ensures you won’t be in need of a new pair of mitts when the season comes to an end – unless you’ve spent the whole year trying to become the next carving queen.

    Gone are the days of having to dread that your mitts will be soaking wet after a day out and about (especially when spring time arrives). POW Falons feature a waterproof PU palm, and waterproof inserts to go with these gloves, keeping you dry and high (on life) whatever the snow conditions are doing.

    If you’re scared that these things won’t be warm enough to keep your precious little fingers from freezing off, not to worry – POW’s thought about this too by adding a microfleece liner to the mitts.

    The Falcon mitt is part of POW’s Artist Series Collection. This collab is done together with freelance illustrator/full time snowboard nerd Simon Riviere. Check out that owl.

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    POW Gloves Tallac x Schoph Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £65/€75

    The Tallac is a sweet little bit of kit from POW, a super versatile hand sock built to keep you warm and dry, and most importantly looking fly. The outer is a 4-way stretch spandex, with a PU laminate, moving down to a Grade A Leather palm. The leather is designed to be extra grippy, so no need to drop beers or grabs.

    A Hipora insert sits inside as the waterproofing layer and is next to a micro fleece lining to keep it extra comfy. A removable fleece and softshell liner is touch screen enabled so you can keep your hands warm while you’re texting.

    Squeegee wipe on the thumb is great for wiping goggles or snotty noses, and you can be sure you won’t lose these mitts with the shock cord adjusters.

    Legend in the game Schoph did the art work for these mitts, and just like all his work… it’s cool as shit.

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    Rome Rustler Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: €130

    New for 2019/2020, the Rustler Mitt is already rolling with the punches. Coming in two colours, it’s an immediately classic look with the casual look cuff bridging the gap between tech and streetwear.

    It’s super durable with a full goatskin leather palm at the front, and a quilted ripstop fabric along the back of the hand. The leather is also super grippy, so you’re in luck when grabbing a slippy board. For the days when it’s raining sideways, they don’t come with windscreen wipers but you can use the thumb as a portable, personal, goggle wipe.

    A 15k Hypora waterproof insert sits inside the mitten acting as a barrier keeping your hand dry despite the snow and rain. Platinum insulation fills the mitten making ensuring your hands keep toasty. The Hyperloft material is warm yet breathable to stop you getting soggy from the inside out.

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    Transform Gloves Antti Jussila Pro Model Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £73/€83

    Transform have hit the nail on the head (hand?) with the Antti Jussila mitt, creating the perfect marriage of style and function. A mitt to ward off the worst weather conditions, the tough leather outer paired with the Thinsulate lining will keep your digits nice and toasty from Aruba to Alaska.

    When you’ve got a pair of mitts this rad, you’re not going to want to lose them, so they’ve attached some handy (haha) wrist leashes to the extra comfortable stretch cuffs.

    A reinforced palm to make sure it survives those handplants and high fives, the neoprene stretch thumb has a section for wiping your goggles (or your snotty nose). Tha feature’s touchscreen compatible so you can keep up to date with your Tinder swipes, and all that stuff.

    Best of all, they come in a complete size range so your whole crew can rock them – just don’t get mixed up with whose is whose…

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    Transform The Spitt Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £43/€55

    Not your average spring mitt, this little beauty is equipped to handle more than just bluebird party laps in May. A microfleece lining backs up the durable exterior to give you an extra layer of warmth and protection from that wanton mistress Mother Nature.

    A Hyper Grip rubber palm makes sure you’ll never drop another grab, or another beer. You can’t blame a slippery topsheet anymore, no excuses…

    It’s touchscreen compatible so you can upload all your footage to the ‘gram as it happens, without even having to take your mitt off. What a world we live in. You get neoprene stretch knuckles and thumb, so you’ll have full range of motion for fist bumps and thumbs up.

    The Spitt comes in 4 different colourways, so you can mix and match, or have them in rotation to match your beanie. They even have wrist leashes so you’ll never drop them off a chair.

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    Transform x Eivy Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £63/€73

    If these pink mittens covered with puppies and kittens, aren’t melting your heart even to the slightest we’d suggest you’d go and search for your soul in whatever deep and dark black hole it’s been sucked into.

    This Eivy x Transform Gloves collab is definitely one of the most eye-catching mitt collabs of this season. The mitts feature primaloft gold insulation, which gives them the ultimate warmth-to-weight thermal efficiency while also being environmentally conscious (always a plus when someone’s looking out for mother nature). Throw the 15K Hipora Waterproof inserts into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a solid pair of mitts.

    If you’re one to scroll through your phone whilst stuck in the lift, these gloves have touchscreen compatible thumbs so you won’t need to freeze your thumbs off in order to slide into someone’s DMs.

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    WearColour Rider 3M Thinsulate Snowboard Mitts 2019-2020

    PRICE: £55

    If you’re looking for a basic everyday mitt, WearColour’s Rider Mitt is a splendid choice. It might not be the most technically blessed mitt sailing about the slopes but, then again, does a mitt really need to be all about tech? As long as it keeps your hands warm and dry, hey?

    With a 3M Thinsulate Insulation you can be sure you’re getting a thin, light, and warm glove here. Add the Binoic-Finish ECO tech to it (yes, ECO, kudos for that WearColour), and you’ve got yourself a water repellent, nature friendly, mitt. This has everything you need from a mitt.

    The Rider Mitt has a clean, minimalistic, design and is available in four different colour options. It’s also got a removable wrist strap (slightly wider than your average wrist strap), so you can be sure your mitts won’t be falling from the lift and into the great unknown below when you’re not paying attention.

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