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So here we go again with another Whitelines minute by minute (or should that be run by run?) live blog. All the times btw, are local.

Marko Grilc on the way to his win at last night’s burn Style Session. Tonight promises more of the same, albeit with a little more huck, and a little less tweak…

You can follow the live stream on the official Air & Style website here (or why not open another tab and watch it on our homepage?), but we’ll be giving you the inside line on what goes down when, and letting you chat with your fellow UK riders as the action unfolds.

Confirmation of the final result at the 2013 Innsbruck Air and Style:

1. Eric Willet (USA)
2. Sebastien Toutant (CAN)
3. Alek Oestreng (NOR)
4. Mark McMorris (CAN)

Innsbruck, it’s been a pleasure as always. See you next year!

And just like that, the internet gods have paralysed my live stream. Oh well, that was pretty much that. All that remains is for the curly-haired American to climb the podium, insert his finger into the ring of glory and spray his load. Of champagne.

It comes down to this… Seb Toots puts it all on the line with a MAHOOSIVE double rodeo, but unfortunately he can’t quite bring it around, handing the victory to Eric Willet on a silver plate. “Thank you very much”, says Eric. “Now could you pass the pepper?”

Alek Oestreng goes down again, as the vicar said. Front 720 to face plant to exit stage left.

Eric Willet can’t improve on his last score… Mark McMorris abandons the triple cork in favour of a cab 12 indy, but he cocks up on the rail and its not enough! Shock horror, Macca is out.

Last runs people! As it stands, Eric Willet is in the lead, with Toots second, Oestreng third and McMorris (who’d have thunk it?) trailing in fourth. But all that could change in a second. Or rather 2.3 seconds (average airtime doncha know).

“Under pressure, pushing down on me, pushing down on you…” Oh yes. Mark McMorris went for the high-risk triple and once again he fails to put it down. He’s got it all to do in his last run now – this is getting very spicy indeed.

Seb Toots goes for the cab double cork 12, but this time it’s not enough. A tail-heavy landing sees him in go into second place.

Eric Willet stomps a sweet switch backside 1260 and the DJ strikes up the theme from Beverly Hills Cop. Yep, we’re in Austria. He posts 88.3 to take the lead!

“Top end professional snowboarding is like golf,” WL deputy ed. Tristan once said. “It’s all about consistency.” He ain’t wrong. When the pressure’s on, who can hold it together? Not Alek Oestreng it seems – he just bounced down the fairway again.

… and perhaps he hasn’t. Mark McMorris can’t land the triple for a third time, so there’s to be no early lead this time. He’s piling on the heat for his next two jumps, mwa ha haaaaa….

Seb Toots goes for the cab double 1260, practically a safety trick for this machine. 83.3. Solid start. He’s gonna have to hope McMorris hasn’t brought his ‘a’ game to the final though…

Eric Willet responds with a front 10 double cork, taking the lead with 78.0. Still, I got a feeling this thing’s just getting started…

Alek Oestreng kicks things off with a backside 1260 mute, posting a respectable 76. But let’s be honest, that ain’t gonna be enough to win this bad boy.


Wow, Alek Oestreng’s WST profile pic looks like it was taken after he was dragged out of bed and through a hedge backwards… whilst still hammered on tequila.

So to confirm, the line-up for the super final is:

Alek Oestreng
Eric Willet
Seb Toots
Mark McMorris

Alek Oestreng vs Roope Tonteri What’s happened to Roope’s stomping legs? He fails to land once again while Alek Oestreng holds it together (finally) to land a back 10. That’s one out of six tricks landed for this pair, but it’s enough to see Alek through to the super final.

Mark McMorris vs Stale Sandbech McMorris can’t realistically top that huge score of 96.0 – can he? No he can’t. He saves himself for the final with a method air, while Stale accepts it’s a hopeless task and does a straight air of his own. Fair play. McMorris is through – and looking like the man to beat.

Eric Willet vs Seppe Smits Smits keeps his powder dry with a cab 5. Pros call that the straight air cos it’s such a safety trick. Willet only needs to beat 80.0 and pulls a lofty front 10, and despite a hand check on the landing it’s enough – 81.0 sees him squeeze through to the final.

Seb Toots vs Yuki Kadono. Yuki Kadono – best name for a snowboarder ever. Why? Yuki means ‘snow’ in Japanese. Too bad he’s out though. Despite Seb Toots (incidentally, a great name for a stoner) leaving the door ajar with a straight air, Yuki slams again. Seb Toots is the first rider through to the super final.

We’re onto the last run of the semis…

Alek Oestreng vs Roope Tonteri The battle of the bailers continues with… a bail. Oestreng flips his way down the landing once more, posting a whopping score of 7.6. Roope only has to lay down a safe core and… oh dear. He fucks up. This one is gonna be down to the wire.

Mark McMorris vs Stale Sandbech McMorris stomps a near perfect triple cork 1440 and I really can’t improve on the German commentary to describe it: “Take me down to ze Paradise City!” Score? 96.0. Bloody hell, the boy’s on a mission. Stale goes for a back triple of his own but it’s only (only!) good enough for 89.0.

Eric Willet vs Seppe Smits Eric eats a banana and goes for a switch back 900 but it’s not clean; Smits takes it easy with a cab 9 shifty shifty type thingy. Class.

Internet down! Internet down! Damn you German hotel. I’ve missed Seb’s second run – seems he got an 89.0 (triple cork?!); Yuki drops in but can’t stomp his own triple. Toots takes the lead…

Alek Oestreng vs Roope Tonteri
The Scandi pair both cock up their landings on the first run. Forget the scores, this one’s going to be decided later…

Mark McMorris vs Stale Sandbech McMorris – BOOM – triple cork. 88.6 thank you very much. It’s a sign of the times that Stales’ dbl cork 108 mute can only net him in the low 70’s. Has the Canadian got this one in the bag already?

Eric Willet vs Seppe Smits Eric Willet Willet goes from hero to zero in a moment. One second he’s looking stylee, the next he’s eating shit on the landing. Still, he puts a brave face on it in front of the scoreboard babes – in fact their dancing looks more awkward than he does. Seppe Smits drops in and stomps a cab 1260 to take the first run.

Seb Toots vs Yuki Kadono Seb opens up with a solid Cab 1260 double cork to post an 85.0. Yuki responds with a flat cab 12 melon to, ahem ‘pip’ him with an 85.3.

The judges for tonight’s showdown include Devun Walsh and Ingemar Backman. So if the rider’s have a problem with the result, er… best shut the hell up.

The snow’s coming down as the riders drop in for an introduction run. Meanwhile, the live stream is treating us to some Tony Hawk II style graphics of the course.

They’re playing ‘Sail’ in the stadium, the tune from this famous wing suit video, and this even better cat piss take.

We should be back up and running with the semi-finals in about 5 minutes.

“Terje Haakonsen,” says the German commentator. “Die double pumping!” Oo er.

Konichiwa folks! Yep, a jetlagged Ed has dropped in from Japan to find I’ve apparently gone back in time: we’re currently being treated to various 90’s legends hitting the famous jump – or at least, they’re showing footage from last night’s style event. Mike Basich has just pulled a straight air window-wind to arse slide and captured it all on his helmet-mounted GoPro. How the mighty have fallen.

And that’s Sam over and out! Time to get back out there. Editor-in-chief Ed Blomfield is finally back to reality after what looked like an amazing three weeks in Japan and will be taking over for the semis and Super Finals.

Alek Oestreng vs. Mathias Weissenbacher. No joy for either rider in the final run of round three with both riders not able to stick their 1260s. Alek moves into the semis with his second round score.

Gjermund Braaten vs. Roope Tonteri. Gjermund Braaten goes huuuge with a back 12 and moves into the lead. Roope chucks a monstrous cab 1440. This one’s gonna be tight!… And Roope takes it! Hell yeah.

Peetu Piiroinen vs. Stale Sandbech. Big bro is up next and goes absolutely massive with his backside 1080. But are we gonna see another triple attempt fro Stale? HELL YEAH WE ARE! The crowd goes bloody mental as Stale dips once, twice, thrice and rides away clean. Insane stuff on this jump. Stale posts a 93 to trump Peetu. In this case, it was well deserved although we’ll miss not seeing Peetu in the next round.


Eric Willet vs. Niklas Mattson. Neither rider is able to put down their tricks here. Willet goes through with his second round score.

Sebastien Toutant vs. Clemens Schattsneider. Current leader Seb Toots goes massive but isn’t able to hold onto his trick. Local hero Clemens drops in with nothing to loose and everything to gain and goes for a backside TRIPLE 1440! Sadly isn’t quite able to get it around but huge props for even attempting it on this jump. Seb Toots makes it through.

Sven Thorgren vs. Yuki Kadono. Third and final runs of round two just starting now. The micromachine that is Yuki Kadono drops in whipping out a perfect cab 1260 melon followed by a front blunt 270. This kid is sick. Posts his highest score of the round with an 84. The young Norwegian Sven Thorgren is up next – chucks a massive double backside rodeo nosegrab but lands way on the back foot, washing out. Yuki through.

Mathias Weissenbacher vs. Alek Oestreng. Mathias isn’t able to hold onto his sick looking double back rodeo. Alek drops in so fast the cameras keep up and we’re left waiting with baited breath to see if he stomps his trick. Finally the cameras come back on and it turns out he’d bossed a backside 12 to make it through to the next round.

Roope Tonteri vs. Gjermund Braaten. Ok, we’re a little biased here at Whitelines and frickin’ love watching Roope, so we’re stoked when he stomps his cab 12 indy (lots of cab 12s eh?). Gjermund follows with the melon version of the same trick and although lands less cleanly than Roope, pips his score by a single point! Not sure if we agree with that one but as I mentioned, we’re biased…

Mark McMorris vs. Antoine Truchon. Mark steps up and stomps a bolts cab 12 indy vs a switch backside 10 from Antoine. Mark’s was definitely cleaner so he pips Antoine’s score to progress to the semis.

Peetu Piiroinen vs. Stale Sandbech. Braaap! So just sat down with the laptop – it’s bloody freezin’ outside, not to mention wet with all the snow. As I sit down I hear the crowd erupts as Peetu stomps his cab 12. And then Stale drops in and goes for a TRIPLE! We did not see that one coming, especially with the speed issues and considering the jump isn’t as big as a lot of other big air kickers. Mentalist.

And Tristan is outta here – WL’s online editor Dr. Oetiker has just tagged in and is gonna take over from here on in. Enjoy!!

Petja Piiroinen vs. Seppe Smits. Petja goes for it and nearly holds his trick, but lands in a rut. He won’t improve on his first round score there. Seppe, on the other hand seems to have resolved his speed issues and goes massive on a back 10 double with a nose grab. That’s sick! That’s so sick. Nice one Seppe.

Niklas Mattson vs. Eric Willet. Niklas drops in, stomps and gets a good score on the board, but it’s not quite enough. Especially when Willet stomps a switch back 12 double. Boom!

Clemens Schattschneider vs. Seb Toots. Everyone in the crowd wants local boy Clemens to win this. So when he throws down an enormous frontside double rodeo 10 and juuuuust holds onto the landing by the skin of his teeth, the place erupts. Seb Toots unfortunately is just too good, and tops it with a super cool, super clean cab 1260 double cork. In conditions like this, off a kicker like that, that’s a damn impressive trick.

Sven Thorgren vs. Yuki Kadono. And Sven soooo nearly holds onto that double back rodeo, damn, that was close. Yuki, already sitting on a better score from the first run stomps a cab 1260. Doesn’t beat his first round score but he’s stoked anyway, he’s still in the lead.

Second runs of round 2. Things are hotting up here. Well, actually they’re not, the snow’s falling heavier all the time.

Matthias Weissenbacher vs. Aleks Oestreng. Matthias stacks and Aleks stomps, so that’s an easy win for him. He’s got the lead going into the second run of round 2. There are three runs each though, so plenty of chance for things to change.

Roope Tonteri vs. Gjermund Braaten. Roope goes down on his first run, damn, I wasn’t expecting that. But then Gjermund goes down too! An 8.3 vs. an 8.6? That’s gotta be the lowest scoring round of the night so far.

Mark McMorris vs. Antoine Truchon. Mark falls! His first run he goes down. And Truchon stomps his cab 1080 mute, setting up what could be an upset… Interesting that. Still round two to go though.

Peetu Piiroinen vs. Stale Sandbech. Hang on, we’ve only just noticed there’s a second Piiroinen in the field here – Peetu’s not out! Turns out he snuck through as a ‘lucky loser’ despite not winning his heat against Aleks Oestreng. Wahay Peetu! But he falls here and can’t beat Stale, who’s just, well, sick.

Petja Piiroinen vs. Seppe Smits It’s snowing pretty heavily here in Innsbruck right now and that appears to be creating a bit of a speed issue here. Seppe only gets a seven, with no grab. So Petja’s in the lead.

Niklas Mattson vs. Eric Willet. Niklas stacks on his hit, and Eric will take that. Not the most technical trick but it didn’t need to be, he’s in the lead – it’ll be up to Mattson to step it up on the second run.

Clemens Schattschneider vs. Seb Toots. Having taken out the young padawan Max Parrot in the first round, Clemens the local hero is looking to beat the master this time around. Unfortunately he can’t hold onto his double cork (though it’s huge and pretty styley) while Seb gets it done. He’s in the lead for now.

Sven Thorgren vs. Yuki Kadono. Two young guns are up first. Sven goes for a typically unusual trick, a super tweaked 1080 nosegrab. Yep, nosegrab. But he misjudges it badly and stacks hard. Yuki makes no such mistake. This kid is a machine! He’s in the lead for now.

Round Two about to go off here. 16 riders are down to 8 and now shit’s getting real. Here’s the line-up, some interesting pairings here. This is gonna be intense.

Aleks Oestreng vs. Peetu Piiroinen. Wow, what the hell did THAT happen? Peetu was in the lead after one run, but Aleks nicked it off him with a super smooth 12. So Peetu summoned up a Peetu-sized response (ie. enormous) but sailed waaaaaay over the sweet spot and ate shit. Yep, Peetu fell over. That’s not something you see everyday. And that means he’s out. Crazy, but true.

Sven Thorgren vs. Gjermund Braaten. Sven goes for a double back rode-oooooooooh and he stacks there. Can Gjermund beat his first round score though? Yes, yes he can. But only just. His cab 1260 earns him a place in the next round by the smallest of margins. Tough call for the judges there.

Emil Ulstetten vs. Roope Tonteri The Finns face off here, and… the internet cocks up again. Don’t know what Emil tried, but Twitter tells us that Roope’s cab 9 was good enough to beat it. That’s good, Roope’s rad, and we can look forward to seeing more of him tonight.

Matthias Weisenbacher vs. Antoine Truchon. Matthias drops in and throws basically the same trick as last time, a back double 10, but slightly smoother and cleaner. Not sure why he did that, cos Antoine is still in the lead. Just, but still, odd choice. The french canuck stacks on his second run but that doesn’t matter, he’s going through anyway.

Victor de le Rue vs. Mark McMorris. VDLR goes for his double barrel roll again, and I think he stacked that. Yep he did. McMorris has gone through with a run in hand then, but rather than go for a method (or something cool) he takes it up a tech step and goes for a cab 10. And then a back 180 onto the rails. Alright showoff! He’ll be going through there.

Ulrik Badertscher vs. Stale Sandbech. The Norwegian brothers from another mother again do mirror-image tricks except… Stale’s back 10 is double corked, bigger and smoother. He’ll be going through then. Still, that was amusing while it lasted.

Ah, when all else fails, turn to twitter.

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