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Christmas Gift Guide: For The Powder Junkie


Gifts for pow hounds, like Jake Blauvelt here. Photo: Scott Serfas

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Christmas has pretty much exploded over the weekend. There are twelve different varieties of mince pies spilling off the supermarket shelves. Mulled wine is everywhere. Christmas songs are being blasted down the radio, in shops, in bars, in public toilets… That John Lewis with the rabbit and the bear – it was cute, now it’s starting to grate a little.

But before we get all ‘bah humbug!’ about Christmas (we’re only on day two after all), we’ve got to remember Christmas is the season for getting new kit – and buying gear for others. So, to kick off the holiday season, we’re doing a few handy Christmas gift guides to help you along the way.

First up: present ideas for the powder junkie! This stuff is fairly heavy duty (and pricey), but anyone who lives for riding backcountry is likely to love a Jones stick or Dakine backpack. So if you’re itching to ride like Nico Müller or Gigi – or know someone who does – why not fork out a little bit extra for these bits of kit?