Sochi 2014 Essential Guide to Triple Corks


Billy Morgan with a textbook backside triple cork, but what does that mean?! Photo: Ed Blomfield

Watching a present day slopestyle competition can be a bit bewildering; lots of weird terms like hardway (it all looks kinda hard), regular and switch blend into one and the same, and that’s before we even get to the jumps!

When the riders are in the air is when it gets really confusing; spinning and flipping all over the place. The triple cork is definitely the worst offender, dizzying and bewildering to behold, but what is a triple?

‘Triple cork’ is a broad term, it’s used for any trick where a riders head dips below his feet thrice in one air. Easy, but there are many variations, all invented (discovered?) in the last three years or so. With the slopestyle qualifiers kicking off tomorrow,here’s a handy run down of the ones you may see in Sochi.

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