We only posted this kickerstarter campaign for Xavier de le Rue's brand new 'world's first' autonomous drone yesterday but immediately we were informed by another company that in fact they have the 'world's first' autonomous drone. Check it out below:

We don't particularly care who got there first but what we do care about is who has the best bit of kit. Obviously a bit of competition in the market can only be a good thing, but which drone provides the most amount of bang for your hard-earned buck?

Xavier and his Squadrone System squad have raised a mind-boggling amount of money, whilst the AirDog guys have only just hit their target (albeit with a long time left to go).

AirDog Drone

An AirDog drone will be about a thousand bucks minimum whilst a HEXO+ is only $500 for the basic kit. That said, why is the AirDog twice the price? Having looked at the features, there's not a great deal of difference. Both come with a stabilising gimbal, both have an app, both are suitable for GoPro cameras and both have a pretty nifty top speed (though HEXO+ is marginally quicker).

The AirDog can, however, track two 'Airleashes' (the massive chunk of plastic strapped to your wrist), so, for an extra bit of wedge and at the click of a button, your camera can track you and/or your buddy.

Other than that, they both do the same job. Why don't you check out the HEXO+ website and decide for yourself which is best?