Set Up & Maintenance

How To Wax A Snowboard

Keep your base running fast

Regularly waxing your snowboard keeps it running fast, and extends its life too.

You will need:
– Wax
– An iron
– Base cleaner
– A plastic scraper
– A scourer
– A structuring brush
– A cloth for polishing

First, take the base cleaner and spray evenly across the base.

Scrub the base with your scourer, paying extra attention to any grimey areas. Apply more cleaner if you need.

Wipe off any residue with the polishing cloth. The base should be free from old wax and dirt.

Choose an appropriate wax for the conditions you’ll be riding – they are typically available in warm, cold or universal. If the weather is changeable or you’re not sure which to choose, go for universal.

Plug in your iron. Ideally you should use a specialized waxing iron, but you can use an old clothes iron so long as you don’t plan to use it on any more shirts!

Set the temperature dial – it’s best to start on a low setting.

Gently press one corner of the wax to the iron, and wait for it to melt.

As the molten wax begins to run down the iron and drip down onto the board, move the iron smoothly and steadily around the edge of the board, leaving a trail of regular wax spots.

Now fill in the middle of the board, going from side to side in a zig zag pattern.

Next, place the iron gently on the base, allowing the spots beneath to re-melt a little before spreading the wax around in a circular motion.

Continue methodically around the whole board, always keeping the iron moving so as not to let any part of the base get too hot.

Pay particular attention to the edges, which tend to be most dry. Drip on a little more wax if you need.

Once the whole base is evenly covered, switch off your iron and allow the board to cool for at least 10 minutes.

When the wax has thoroughly re-set, grab your plastic scraper.

Hold it width-ways at roughly 45 degrees to the board, so that there is a sharp edge in contact, and begin scraping off the excess wax.

Work mainly in one direction, from the nose to the tail.

Don’t be afraid to take off too much wax. The p-tex base absorbs wax, and the idea is to leave the thinnest possible layer on the surface. Brush off the peelings as you go.

Use the notch in the corner of the scraper to remove wax from your edges.

You may find stubborn areas at the nose and tail are best tackled using the more rigid end of the scraper.

Once you’re done, give the base a light dust with your cloth to remove any remaining crumbs.

Now take your structuring brush and, starting at one edge, firmly stroke the base from nose to tail.

Work your way across until you’ve covered the whole board. Structuring the base like this puts tiny grooves into the wax that help reduce friction.

That’s it – you should now have a much faster snowboard!

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