Ride Rodeo 2018-2019 Snowboard Bindings Review

  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Flex: 4
  • Entry System: Classic
  • Price: £219 / €249

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2019/2020 Ride Rodeo here

Comfort and fit should always be the priorities when considering a pair of binders, but longevity isn’t far behind. A good set should last you multiple seasons, especially if you only ride a couple of weeks a year. In our experience, the Ride Rodeo snowboard bindings have proven themselves to be about as bomb-proof as you can get.

That’s mostly down to the chassis, made of lightweight aluminium that Just. Won’t. Break. Backed by a lifetime warranty, it’ll give you peace of mind as you step things up in the park. There are less expensive binders out there, but you might end up paying more in the long run.

“The dampening properties of the new urethane footbed are undeniable”

Nylon is tough as nails too, but more flexible, so that’s what you’ll find in the highback. It’s got a fairly forgiving flex to it, which is perfect for freestyle riding (although perhaps not the (boosting-high-above-the-pipe-wall kind).

For 2018/19 the ankle strap ratchets have been improved, again with longevity in mind. They’re quick, easy to use, and less likely to chew up your ladders. Granted, that’s one of snowboarding’ more avoidable problems, but every little helps.

Another, more significant upgrade is the new urethane footbed. Ride has always been a big proponent of the skate-wheel material, since first putting it in the sidewalls of its snowboards back in the mid-2000s. Its dampening properties are undeniable; after a long day of burning around the mountain, you can bet your bottom dollar that your feet will be glad it’s there.

“In our experience, the Ride Rodeo bindings have proven themselves to be about as bomb-proof as you can get”

The rest of your leg will be equally stoked, as the footbeds are slightly canted (raised higher on the outside of each foot). Not only does this relieve some of the pressure on your ankle and knee joints, it positions you in a way that makes it easier to pop the board.

Ever-improving tech in a design that has stood the test of time, the Ride Rodeo bindings demand the attention of any freestyle-forward rider.

Tester’s Verdict


“Despite nearly taking my thumb off while adjusting the ‘tool free’ toe strap – and subsequently getting an earful for complaining too much – I had a good time on the Ride Rodeo.

“The flex is responsive enough without being restrictive”

On first impression I thought these might fit a little narrow for my boots, but even with fairly chunky footwear for my size, the fit was great. The flex is responsive enough without being restrictive – sitting in that sweet spot between freestyle and all-mountain that’ll satisfy many different customers – and that single-piece highback gives a nice continuous hold as you roll your weight from nose to tail.

I’m also a big fan of the the basket-like toe cap, which, like the rest of the binder, feels solid but bows enough around your boot to ensure minimal slippage throughout the day.

Barring any dramatic future moves from Ride, these are always going to come across as a no-frills favourite, but that’s what some of the best bindings are; and despite some of their more brutalist design elements, it’s easy to see why the Rodeos are a no-brainer for many.”

Tester’s Verdict

“It’s 2018 now, and snowboarding has been around for ages, so I just expect bindings to work. These did. Nothing fancy, nothing extraneous. I put my boots into them. Did them up. They stayed done up. They didn’t hurt. They were easy to take off. I particularly liked the stretchy toe strap; it felt like it was really locking in my boot.

“I particularly liked the stretchy toe strap; it felt like it was really locking in my boot”

If I could criticise them at all, the forward lean adjustment was a bit fiddly and I didn’t like the look of the highback, but that’s just being really picky. If you want some bindings and have money, then use that money and buy these bindings – you will get bindings that work.”


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