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18 Best Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

The finest mitts for the 2015/16 season, reviewed by the Whitelines Team

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2018/2019 Best Snowboard Mitts here

Once considered the height of uncool (for more on that, read Pingu’s assessment of modern snowboard fashion),  the humble mitt is now found on the hands of the great and the good, from Finnish street rails to Alaskan helicopters.

The main benefit is that by having your fingers together, your hands are more likely to stay warm. The obvious disadvantage is that you lose the dexterity that comes with having free-moving fingers. If you’re not sure what’s more important, you can compromise by going for a ‘trigger mitt’ with free index finger.

Given the larger, uninterrupted surface area, mitts tend to boast some of the more out-there designs and graphics – although some opt to keep things simple, especially if they’re heavy on real leather. There’s all sorts in our top picks for 2015/16 – take a look:

Scroll through the list to your heart’s content, or skip to your favourite brand using the links below.

Bro!Burton | Celtek | DaKine | DCGrenadeHowlLevelOakley | PolerPOW | QuiksilverRoxy

All photographs by Sami Tuoriniemi

Production: Ed Blomfield / Mike Brindley / Andrew Duthie / Sami Tuoriniemi

Bro! Party Shark Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

The boys at Bro! clothing are building on the successes of their Mr Glove-O Mitt this season with a couple of new colourways for you to choose from – and without a doubt, the stand-out number in the line up is this.

The Party Shark depicted on the back of each mitt, is based on the drawings of JJ Coates, and the poor fella has clearly been sending it a bit hard. He’s found himself passed out in the paddling pool with a disembodied arm in his jaws, and a few discarded beers at his feet – a situation we can all relate to no doubt!

The all-rounder mitt that he graces won’t bail on you, however, even when it hits the early hours of the morning. They’ve been built with a 10k/10k Hipora layer, as well as 3M 40g Thinsulate lining in the glove-like internal mitt fingers.

Keep an eye out for the return of the original Mr Glove-O colourway, as well as the RAD-ztec design.

Burton Free Range Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

A teched-up number in a classic leather shell, Burton’s Free Range mitts will give you exactly what the name suggests, complete roaming capabilities without worrying about your digits.

As most of us know, it’s all very well having a fancy outer shell, but the insides of a mitt are of equal importance, so the Big B have implemented quick-drying tech wool on the inside of these. Especially handy if you happen to let snow in when you stop for a break.

The Gnar Guard leather shell is burly, but has been treated to allow it flex and feel for grabs and strapping in, and the thumb is touch screen friendly too. More than you might expect from the classic looking exterior.

Burton Starsha Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

For ladies after a lightweight mitt for the warmer months, the Burton Starsha provides – and it does so in a rad selection of prints to boot. Easily stashable, they’re close to a park-glove design in terms of padding, but still pack the features that’ll keep your hands happy come spring.

Being formed from a (touchscreen capable) leather palm has its obvious benefits, and then a double layered Dryride Ultrashell fabric wicks internal moisture away and stops external wind and water getting in. The microfiber fixed lining also offers breathable warmth so you’re not too chilly when the clouds come in.

Finished with a velcro wrist fastening – the external suede on the wrist will no doubt come in handy for clearing spring slush from your sunnies and/or keeping your facial features bogey-free – hey, we’re not here to judge…

Burton Women’s Warmest Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Like sleeping bags for your hands, the Women’s Warmest mitts are down-filled gifts to ladies with poor circulation (or just chilly hands in general).

With leather palms combined with 2L Durashell, all bases are covered in terms of keeping undesirable cold and damp at bay, then 550 fill power down fills in the gaps to keep you as toasty as you could possibly want.

They’ve also used Dryride Insane Membrane 2.0, which is the heavier duty of two options that allows sweat to wick away, and protects your hands from wind and water; and although all this doesn’t amount to the most low-profile of casings for your hands, they’ve given them an ergonomic fit, and even a touch-screen thumb, meaning you’ll find them surprisingly dexterous.

Celtek Bitten By A Mitten Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Celtek have gone all in with their Pink Floyd collab gear this year, mixing it up with artwork from different albums – presumably to complete the illusion that you’re sitting in your hot-boxed room with the record sleeve itself, and not just hammering Comfortably Numb through your headphones while you sit on the lift.

Thankfully, you won’t be any kind of numb in these things though. The Bitten by a Mitten mitts are certainly on the toasty end of Celtek’s spectrum, with SuperLoft lining in the internal gloves, and StormDry 15k/15k inserts.

Capped off with easily grab-able drawstrings on the wrist and removable leashes – as well as the essential grippy rubberised palms – they won’t let you down when you’re on the run.

Celtek – Bitten By a Womitten Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Cheryl Maas’s custom artwork version of this year’s Bitten By a Womitten is an obvious standout in the line-up, as is often the case with items decorated by lazer-eyed kittens.

Rated right up top in their range for warmth, the mitts have individual fingers inside the body, which combines with SuperLoft insulation to make them some of the toastiest mitts going; and a 15k/15k waterproof and breathable insert create ideal conditions for your hands – topped off with soft Bemberg lining for comfort and a rubberised palm for grab-ability.

Elastic gators and removable leashes keep these attached to your person, as they should be – so your lazer-shooting friends will always be close by.

Celtek Maya Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Another Celtek number for the ladies with a strong artwork allure. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

The Celtek Maya comes in glove and mitten form, and we got sent the version with a heart-warming kitten printed on each fist – so you can give someone the cutest battering in history.

A small step down in warmth from the Bitten by a Womitten, it has a single chamber for your fingers instead of individual cocoons, but will nevertheless cater for most conditions without a liner thanks to the SuperLoft insulation. 15K/15K inserts help make the Maya pretty heavy duty against water and sweaty hands too!

DaKine Fillmore Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Packed in a classic shell, DaKine have doubled up on protection against the elements for their reasonably priced Fillmore mitts.

The outer and palm are both DWR treated, and a DK Dry waterproof insert helps wick moisture away and keep external elements at bay; and the body is insulated with zonal 55g/170g high loft and 300g fleece so warmth isn’t going to be an issue.

The DaKine Fillmore mitts come complete with leather palms and detailing, which should keep this pair going for a long time to come – and if nose-dribble is an issue for you, fear not, they’ve got a panel on the thumb for that too.

DC Sugga Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

High contrast piping on the knuckle helps give the all-rounder DC Sugga mitt a bit of a modern edge. The regular fit mitt is otherwise based on a classic outline with leather palms and an embossed leather DC patch.

A mid-weight design for the ladies, it combines a ripstop nylon outer with leather palms and an Exotek 10k/10k lining – with 150g insulation for warmth.

No-nonsense elasticated cuffs with a leather pull, and adjustable leashes finish these off to make a neat, simple package.

Grenade Kassius Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Brush-ins with the local piste-bully? Don’t you worry, with the Grenade Kassius you can unlock your inner Rocky and throw down a proper challenge.

We’re foreseeing at least a few fisticuffs outside the bar in the early hours with Grenade’s Kassius mitts on the loose, as they almost do too much of a good job of imitating actual boxing gloves.

The full 9mm goat leather exterior features full wrist wrap fastening covering the (backed) decorative laces, then burly 120g insulation pads out the knuckles completing the ring-ready illusion. Finished off with Grenade prints on the palms and bold ‘Grenade’ text on the wrist strap – with wrist leashes and fur lining providing some of the few indicators that these aren’t actually intended for use in a fight.

Howl Joe Sexton Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Your man Joe Sexton could probably put his name against many products and they’d fly off the shelves – but thankfully that’s not his style.

Howl have come through once more with this year’s edition of Joe’s signature mitt – and it’s gone from blue to black – but still features full grain goat leather all over.

Lined with 10k/5k hypora for an extra weatherproof boost, and permaloft insulation for warmth – they’re also packing ‘removable idiot cords’ so you don’t loose them, contrast piping detail on the knuckle, and a custom Joe Sexton patch on the velcro wrist strap – ready for anything.

Level Rexford Sneaker Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Hopefully you’re not thinking about snowboarding on all fours any time soon – but if you were, these would be the mitts to do it in.

Baffle onlookers as you get inverted in the pipe with what appears to be a second pair of feet), or handstand on your board and ride rails – whatever you’ve got planned, these Level Rexford Sneaker mitts are more than just an unusual design.

Crafted in goat leather with additional leather palm reinforcement, and waterproof treatment – they’re toasty as thanks to Primaloft insulation, and are even packing additional flex in the thumb so you’ll be able to get a grip on all sorts of grabs.

Oakley Factory Winter Trigger Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Trigger mitts are a bit less of a novelty to the market these days – and continue to provide an ideal hybrid if you want to retain dexterity while welcoming the warmth of traditional mitts.

These Oakley Factory Winter Trigger mitts feel like a combo between modern snowboard tech and 80s motorbike apparel, making for one rad package. The goatskin exterior makes way for a large Oakley detail and perforated panel at the knuckle and stretch neoprene wrist panels secure the whole thing in place with Velcro straps.

On the tech-side you’ll find Hydrogauge waterproofing, Thinsulate Insulation, touch screen compatible finger pads, and a nose wipe panel on the thumb – if you ask us they seem like the complete package for all but the most cold-blooded shredder.

Oakley Silverado Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Decorated with a Gore-Tex denim-like design, plenty of leather in the palms and details, and a full length, gauntlet wrist closure – we’re not so worried about the Silverado’s capabilities against adverse conditions.

Despite offering heavyweight protection, Oakley have created these mitts with a low-profile design and snug fit – with plenty of extra detailing too. Stretch leather panels on the knuckle help with ease of movement, and reinforcement at the base of the thumb will help stop rips from carrying/grabbing your board, especially if you’re riding with sharper edges. The thumb itself has a pad for using touchscreen devices too, and a soft backing for wiping your goggles clean.

Poler Kulshan Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Poler’s Kulshan mitts are a nifty hybrid – a seemingly simple mitt, with the added bonus of a zip opening along the first finger of each hand, so you’ve got speedy access to your digits without loosing the benefits of mitt warmth along the way. That’s ideal if you frequently find yourself reaching for your phone, or need access to the dials on your camera.

Built in Poler’s mythical ‘Duffaluffagus’ hide (Goat Leather to you and me) and insulated with Thermastuff – they’ve got the goods tech-wise, but certainly have them housed in a bit of a throwback package. So if that’s your thing, you may just have found your next love.

POW XG Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

A low-key design with subtle detailing for riders who like their mitts to look clean but stay effective – Pow’s XG are an insulated nylon pair finished off with a classy crest patch on the knuckle.

Inside the DWR Nylon outer they’ve got 100g Thinsulate insulation and a waterproof Hipora insert, as well as premium micro-fleece lining, making them suitable for most resort conditions. Then, in a bonus-move for riders who struggle with ripped palms, the Rubber-Tex palm material is reinforced with a Kevlar flex zone, which should keep tears at bay. There’s a goggle wipe on the thumb too.

Quiksilver Cross Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Available in a mix of neutral and high-contrast colourways (like the Shocking Orange option here), Quiksilver’s Cross mitts have a bold design, and give the feeling that your hands are well housed to keep heat in.

140g of Polyfill insulation at almost every point in the design instantly gives this feeling – and when you get hold of them you’ll also notice that the PU palm extends to the top of the fingertips to give you a bit of extra guard against abrasion.

Not too much on the fancy tech side with this pair, but coming in with a price point that’s friendly to all, you’re unlikely to end up resenting that too much. Ideal if you’re looking for a spare set, or are less likely to spend heaps of time in the mountains this season.

Roxy Victoria Women’s Snowboard Mitts 2015-2016

Heavy-duty leather palms and detailing decorate the high-end Roxy Victoria mitts to make a package that’ll see you through the season.

The essential features here are the Dry Flight Hipora insert to keep your hands away from external water, and wick away sweat – and 150g 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep you toasty. They also come pre-shaped for comfort, with a leather adjustable wrist strap and an elastic leash to lock everything in place.

The lining is a super-soft brushed tricot, which comes all the way up to the drawstring at the wrist that helps really trap warmth when you need it; and finishing touches like the little leather Roxy embossed logo keep this classy-looking outside too.



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