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Best Snowboard Helmets 2018-2019

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  • Helmets have become increasingly commonplace on the brain boxes of snowboarders young, old, and those in the middle. While in the past they were bulky, heavy things with somewhat of an image problem, the best snowboard helmets of 2018/19 have gotten to the point that they’re so light and comfortable that after a couple of runs it’s easy to forget you’re wearing one.

    The chances of seeing your heroes – be they in the park, the backcountry, or even in the streets – riding with one on is greater nowadays than ever, but fear not, the great helmet debate is still raging on – with a new study! However, if you’ve decided this is the season to get lidded – or your old one has had one knock too many – you can rest safe in the knowledge that there’s a heap of options for you this season.

    “The best snowboard helmets of 2018/19 have gotten to the point that they’re so light and comfortable that after a couple of runs it’s easy to forget you’re wearing one”

    While many helmets fall into the long-used ‘EPS foam wrapped in a shell of hard ABS plastic conforming to safety standards’ category, at the higher price points it’s common to see more technical approaches to diffusing the energy from an impact on your head. In-mould technology is becoming more common, stripping back on weight and bulk, even on lower-priced models, while MIPS (Multi Impact Protection System) has been adopted by several companies to offer better protection to certain kinds of impacts.

    Whatever the tech involved, it won’t help you as much as it should if the helmet doesn’t fit correctly. Trying before you buy and getting the advice of the sales staff would be our suggestion, though most helmets to allow you to adjust the size somewhat for a more tailored fit – either by adding/removing padding, or via a tightening system. The chin strap should be comfortable and easy to use, plus it’s good if there are plenty of vents (some models offer adjustable ones) to keep you from overheating or your goggles getting fogged.

    When it comes to extra features, many helmets will have removable ear flaps (some have the option to include and audio system too) allowing you to adapt to changing temperatures and style preferences. You can rock your goggles over the top or underneath on a lot of models, too. But the most important thing – we’re taking protecting your head as a given – is that they have minimum interference on your riding experience. Check out our guide on how to choose your snowboard helmet, have a gander at some of the best helmets for 2018-2019 below, and get down to your local store to find the one that ticks your boxes best.

    Scroll down to view all the best snowboard helmets, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

    Anon Greta | Anon Highwire | Anon Raider | Giro Emerge | Giro Ledge MIPS | Giro Terra MIPSHead Thea BOA | Head Varius | K2 Stash | Oakley MOD5 | Quiksilver Skylab SRT | Roxy Angie SRT | Roxy Muse | Salomon Brigade Audio

    The Best Snowboard Helmets For Winter 2018-19

    Anon Greta Women’s Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £65/€75

    Certified for multi-season use, Anon’s Greta for women is the kind of thing you should be looking at if you’re in the market for a no-nonsense helmet that will offer you long-lasting protection at an attractive price.

    Made using an injection-moulded ABS shell, the Greta has passive ventilation will keep your head cool when you’re active, and you’ll stay warm when you’re moving not thanks to the fleece liner and removable ear pads.  

    The ear pads feature pouches in which you can stow compatible headphones from an audio system (sold separately) and, as mentioned, can be removed if you don’t want the extra insulation or want to ride with your beanie and goggles underneath the helmet. In the latter case, you’ll also appreciate the removable goggle clip.


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    Anon Highwire Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £85/€99

    This new, lightweight model from Anon offers you a sleek, low-profile fit with a mild brim and a dedicated goggle vent channel to lessen the likelihood of suffering from the dreaded foggles.

    The Highwire’s ABS-injected Endura-Shell construction is designed to be tough and reliable even after multiple knocks, without being noticeably weighty, and you can be sure you’ll get a good, snug fit with Anon’s Auto-Adjust Fit System and the easy-to-use Fidlock Snap helmet buckle.

    Your head will stay at a comfortable temperature thanks to the passive ventilation and the expedition fleece on the liner and ear pads. The latter are also compatible with audio accessories (sold separately) that will have you funnelling in beats with no uncomfortable pressure points.


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    Anon Raider Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £65/€75

    Anon’s Raider helmet is a great choice for riders wanting a long-lasting skate-style lid at a price point that won’t break the bank. Its ABS ‘Endura-Shell’ is designed to be tougher than Chuck Norris, take multiple hits and, though it’s not the ultimate in terms of lightweight construction, it’s by no means a brick either.

    With a fleece lining, removable ear pads and passive ventilation, you can be sure you’ll be comfortable whatever the weather – and that venting also helps to reduce goggle fogging. Of course, the latter should work seamlessly with Anon’s own goggles, but there’s a good chance other brands’ models will function equally well if the fit is good.

    If you prefer to wear your goggles around the outside of your lid, a secure clip will prevent them pinging off at an inopportune moment. On the other hand, if you like to wear the helmet over the top of your beanie and strap then the clip and ear flaps can be removed easily to improve the fit and aesthetics.


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    Giro Emerge MIPS Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £135/€149

    This is the lid of choice for the entire Giro team roster. It’s easy to see why – the combination of classic skate-style aesthetics and cutting-edge safety system is hard to beat.

    Read our full review to see if the Emerge is right for you.

    Selected for The Whitelines 100 – take a closer look at the 2018-2019 Giro Emerge MIPS here


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    Giro Ledge MIPS Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £89/€99

    If you’re a fan of minimalist skate-style helmet that offers dependable protection you should definitely check out Giro’s Ledge MIPS. The ‘MIPS’ stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (which reduces the transfer of energy if you sustain an impact to your head with any degree of rotation), and sits beneath a durable hard shell construction.

    You can shred hard without worrying about overheating thanks to stack ventilation and ‘Super Cool’ vents, which also reduce the chance of goggle fogging. Meanwhile your head’s kept warm and comfortable thanks to the audio-compatible ear pads and liner, and the Auto Lock 2 adjustable fit system keeps the Ledge MIPS stable on your head.

    If you prefer to ride with a beanie and goggles beneath your helmet, fear not: the ear pads, fit system and goggle retainer are easily removed. There’s a bunch of modification you can do with the Ledge MIPS to get it right for your head, plus of course it is designed to be seamlessly compatible with Giro’s own goggles.


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    Giro Terra MIPS Women’s Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £149/€169

    This ultra-lightweight women’s helmet achieves its sleek looks through Giro’s new Passive Aggressive Venting system – a minimalist yet powerful design that automatically manages the flow of air whether you’re riding, hiking or chilling.

    Featuring an in-mould construction with MIPS for reducing the effects of rotational impacts, the new Terra has a slight brim (with stack vents to reduce goggle fogging, and also as the airflow entry port of the Passive Aggressive Venting) and lines making it seamlessly compatible with Giro’s range of goggles. The brand’s In-Form 2 fit system allows you to dial in tightness specific to your head, even on the fly.

    You also get ear pads and a goggle retainer (both of which are removable should you want to rock a beanie and goggles underneath), so if you’re a girl after a helmet that will tick a lot of boxes, the Terra Mips could be just the ticket.


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    Head Thea BOA Women’s Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £89/€99

    The women’s Thea Boa is a helmet for serious riding – across the whole mountain – that offers great protection with an urban-inspired look.

    And it will do the job comfortably too: Thermal Ventilation, a Beanie Liner and a neck gaiter keep your head the right temperature and feeling cosy no matter what the conditions or your level of activity.

    Boa 360 fit means you can dial in the perfect size for you, allowing riders to evenly adjust the helmet’s fit to all shapes of head via the Boa dial. Head’s hardshell technology offers the protection you need – they use the same tech on their race helmets – and it’s worth noting that the ear pads, and neck gaiter can be easily removed should you prefer a more skate-like aesthetic, or for when it’s time to clean them.


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    Head Varius Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £89/€99

    Head’s Varius helmet uses science to achieve a moisture-free climate for both helmet and goggles. Their adjustable venting draws moisture and heat away from your head using the Venturi Effect, making sure you get the most optimum helmet climate. Head’s Active Bottom Edge allows air to be draw straight from the goggles through the helmet, again helping you stay fog-free.

    It’s solid in the protection stakes, too: the impact-absorbing EPS layer is in-moulded to the hard polycarbonate outer layer to make a single piece that gives certified protection with significantly reduced weight.

    In terms of fit and comfort, the Varius is on point. A soft microfleece beanie liner adapts to your head shape, keeps you warm and avoids pressure points, while there are also mesh zones moulded in to allow heat and moisture to escape. Head’s 3D fit allows for precise horizontal and vertical adjustment to the shape of your head. There’s also a neck gaiter and ear pads for boosting warmth and comfort further, both of which can be removed if needed.


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    K2 Stash Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: €129

    Using in-mould construction (where an impact-absorbing EPS liner is fused directly to a tough polycarbonate shell), the Stash is one of those helmets that’s so light and comfortable that you’ll quickly forget is even there.

    The liner wraps the whole head to keep your melon both warm and comfy, but it can easily be popped out to give you minimal padding for warm days or if you want to ride with a beanie. The fit is able to be fine-tuned via the 360 K2Dialled system, whereby an intricate web design gives 360 degrees of even pressure distribution that you dial in to fit your head’s dimensions.

    This helmet has a Passive Channel ventilation to channel in cool air while you’re riding, and also features a magnetic goggle retention clip that easily flips up over the goggle strap for a solid hold, and that you won’t need to fumble around for.


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    Oakley MOD5 Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £159/€199

    Snowboarders who demand the highest levels of performance and adjustability from their helmets would do well to to have a long look at Oakely’s MOD5 helmet.

    The MOD5 features Oakley’s MBS (Modular Brim System), which allows you to select different brims to get the best goggle-to-helmet fit – the brim’s integrated venting allows unobstructed airflow, channelling hot air from the goggle through both it and the helmet for reduced fogging. There are also adjustable vents elsewhere on the helmet to manage your heat, whatever the conditions.

    A Boa fit system will let you get the helmet as snug as you need it, and the comfort liner, ear pads and goggle strap retainer are all removable should you prefer to ride with a beanie beneath. This helmet features hybrid shell construction for the perfect mix of increased protection and weight saving.


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    Quiksilver Skylab SRT Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £99

    The Skylab’s been part of Quiksilver’s protection division for some years, and this year’s model adds SRT technology to further safeguard your brainbox.

    SRT (Shock Response Technology) involves a liner that uses a flexible layer of composite which moves with you in the case of an angled impact, thus diffusing and reducing shock to the brain. The Skylab SRT is lightweight and sleek thanks to the in-mould construction, and passive front and top vents ensure your temperature is well-regulated. Inside the helmet Quik have used mesh and sherpa fleece for ultra comfort through long days on the hill.

    The thermoformed ear pads are super cushy and house the easy-to-adjust fit system, but if you want to rock it more skate-style these are easily removable. The ‘Fidlock’ buckle is magnetic, meaning putting the Skylab SRT on and off is a cinch with your gloves on, and it has a chin pad covered in deluxe sherpa fleece for added comfort.


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    Roxy Angie SRT Women’s Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £99

    This season Roxy introduce SRT – Shock Response Technology – to their high end Angie helmet: a layer of flexible composite that moves with you in the case of an angled impact, thus diffusing the energy and reducing shock to the brain.

    Beyond SRT, all the features you’d expect from a high end helmet are present. The super light double shell is in-moulded to the EPS foam for minimal weight and bulk, and this is punctured by top and back passive vents with internal channels in the EPS to maximise airflow. Inside, in addition to the SRT mesh, you have a sherpa fleece lining for ultra comfort and warmth, which is extended onto the thermo-formed ear pads – these are also removable.

    The chin strap has sherpa fleece on it as well, and is easy to use thanks to Roxy’s Fidlock buckle system. You can also fine-tune the fit with via system they’ve built into the neck gaiter. The Angie is finished off with a subtle brim, and comes in several different colours.


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    Roxy Muse Women’s Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £65

    The Muse might not tout the weight-saving of in-mould construction, but it’s by no means a heavyweight. Plus using the less expensive ABS shell/EPS foam combo means it’s a more affordable option for women looking to give their head some protection.

    Your temperature is regulated by passive front and top vents, which increase airflow to whip out heat and moisture when you’re pushing it, while a mesh and sherpa fleece lining gives you warmth and comfort when you need it.

    The thermo-formed ear pads are soft and removable, plus you can micro-adjust the helmet’s size using the Fit system integrated into the neck gaiter.


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    Salomon Brigade Audio Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

    PRICE: £99

    Salomon’s Brigade Audio helmet is aimed squarely at riders wanting to protect their noggin in a way that will fit right in with the park and pipe crowd, and who want to have tunes piped comfortably effortlessly into their earholes.

    The helmet’s injected ABS shell has airflow ventilation to regulate your temperature and now features the brand’s Custom Dial adjustment system to get an even more personalised fit. As well as the protection it will offer your head, it also has a wired audio system enabling you to jack straight into the ear pads.

    The Brigade Audio also features a comfortable chin strap and the option to remove the lining when you need to wash it.


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