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Dakine 2020 Snowboard Highlights

Our Favourite Products from the Dakine 2020 Line Up

Dakine’s done a hell of a job when it comes to building up their snowboard team – Louif Paradis, Elias Elhardt, Kazu Kokubo, and Jamie Anderson to name a few. They’ve got a broad set of different skills amongst their riders and, if you’ve paid any attention, you’ll know there’s shit loads of Dakine sponsored films dropping this winter – with ‘Blindspot.’ being one of their latest.

If you’ve had a look through this year’s Buyer’s Guide you might have come across a few DaKine products. It’s not that we weren’t big fans of this Oregon based brand before, it’s just that as we’ve seen more and more Dakine sponsored movies dropping we thought now was a good time to take a deep dive into their products.

“It’s not that we weren’t big fans of this Oregon based brand before, it’s just that as we’ve seen more and more Dakine sponsored movies dropping we thought now was a good time to take a deep dive into their products”

Below, we’ve listed our top 10 Favourite Products from the Dakine 2020 collection.

Scroll down to view all our favourites, or skip to a particular model using the links below

Team Baron Mitt and Poacher Pack by Elias Elhardt  | Team Excursion GT Glove and Mission 25L by Kazu Kokubo | Team Heli Pro 20L and Fleetwood Mitt by Jamie Anderson | Stoneham Jacket | Stoneham Pants | Team Continental GT Mitt and Team Mission Pro 32L by Louif Paradis | High Roller Snowboard Bag | Split Roller Bag | Mission Pro 25L Backpack | Low Roller Snowboard Bag | Boot Pack DLX

Dakine Team Baron Elias Elhardt Snowboard Mitt

PRICE: £85/€100

One of last year’s most interesting snowboarding films, CONTRADDICTION, got us even more stoked (if possible) on Elias Elhardt. Basically, if Dakine presents us with anything embellished with his name… we’re sold.

Not only do we get to nest our hands in one of our favourite rider’s mitts, but we do so knowing that the Dakine Team Baron mitts will give us a run for our money. Making sure our hands stay nice and dry, a GoreTex insert sits inside the durable, water repellent leather outer. For good measure, Dakine have added a DWR coating to the outside as well.

230g of PrimaLoft insulation sits inside the mitt and together with a 360g wool lining these mitts are made to handle the colder conditions. Gone are the days of desperately trying to warm up your hands beneath the nasty-looking hand dryer in the toilet (we’ll forever remain thankful for that).


Dakine Poacher Elias Elhardt Backpack

PRICE: £155

As with so many things in life, when it comes to buying backpacks we’re often driven by the external appearance of things. Until, that is, the moment we’re faced with the harsh reality that this outer beauty is in fact often misleading. Happy to report that’s not the case here though, this is a product that looks good and does the job too.

The Dakine Team Poacher is not just appealing to the naked eye, there is actually so much more to this backpack. First of all, it is the perfect size to take with you on some casual park laps, short backcountry missions, or simply for casual use.

Dakine’s also placed a shovel/probe specific pocket at the front, so you’ll be able to access these in no time, which can be crucial when faced with situations where every second count. You’ll also be able to walk handsfree, as the bag has a vertical snowboard carry and ‘A-Frame’ for splitboards.

Preventing the bag from taking any external hits, the outer fabric is made out of a tough 500 denier ripstop fabric. Seldom are we faced with something so pretty yet so versatile.


Dakine Team Excursion Kazu Kokubo Snowboard Glove

PRICE: £85/€100

If you’re more of a glove kind of guy, the Dakine Team Excursion Kazy Kokubo Gloves are a fine choice if you’re looking to keep your hands dry and warm throughout this season and many more to follow.

Made for Kazu Kokubo himself, one of the gnarliest riders out there, you’d expect these gloves to last through the deepest and darkest conditions known to man. The palm is made out of goat leather, one of the most durable materials on the planet. Adding to their durability, is the GoreTex membrane, making the gloves waterproof and breathable too.

These gloves are made to keep you warm and dry, no matter what’s thrown at you. They’re insulated with Primaloft Gold, which has 55% recycled polyester (mother nature plus points). Adding to the warmth here, there’s a 360g fill of wool inside the glove that’ll prevent your fingers from freezing off.


Dakine Mission 25L Kazu Kokubo Backpack

PRICE: £75/€85

The products in the Dakine Kazu series have got quite an eye-catching appearance to them this season. With that lime green bit at the base, as well as the lime green straps across its middle, this backpack will definitely be easier to spot than your mate’s black-as-night pack.

Named after the backcountry baron Kazu, this product has got everything you need for tackling those steep and deep turns you might come face to face with. The front pocket is specially made to hold your shovel and probe, while the main compartment can fit anything from extra layers to multiple sandwiches. There’s also a sleek hip strap that will help to take the strain off your back when you’re hiking for those freshies.

The Dakine Mission Pack has also got a padded laptop sleeve, something that will come in handy on those down days.


Dakine Heli Pro 20L Jamie Anderson Backpack

PRICE: £90/€100
Jamie Anderson’s Heli Pro Backpack is specifically made for the ladies; hence the fit being slightly shorter in the back, wider in the hips and narrower in the shoulders. This thing is made to please the slightly smaller-built riders out there, and to give you maximum comfort throughout the day.

The Heli Pro Backpack is one of the most recognised backpacks in snowboarding, and there’s a good reason why it’s still one of the most popular choices out there. You can store your goggles safely in the fleece-lined goggle pocket and on the front of the bag you’ll find a helmet buckle loop. You’ll also be able to attach your board horizontally to the back of the bag, making it easier to carry if you’re faced with some hiking. Dakine’s also added a hydration sleeve that leads out of the top of the bag (stay hydrated people).

A 20L size fits everything you’d need for a day trip, and won’t look ridiculously empty if you’ve only packed a water bottle and a sandwich to fuel you through a couple of hours of riding. Away from the ‘snow friendly features’ this bag has, it also fits a 15” laptop so you can use it off the mountain too.


Dakine Fleetwood Jamie Anderson Snowboard Mitt

PRICE: £55/€60

Anything with Jamie Anderson’s seal of approval is good enough for us. With a simple and appealing design, the Dakine Fleetwood Mitt sits at the top of our list of female mitts.

Adding to its all-round awesomeness is the polyurethane ‘DKdry’ insert that sits inside the glove to keep the wet elements at bay. The external DWR coating adds to the gloves’ water repellency, meaning your palms are sure to stay happy and dry.

Dakine’s also made sure you’ll be able to tweak in those sweet little grabs by adding a soft grippy material on the palm, while the smooth fleece lining is there to keep your hands comfy throughout the whole day.


Dakine Team Continental GT Louif Paradis Snowboard Mitt

PRICE: £120

These Louif Paradis signature mitts are a safe choice, especially if you’re about to tackle some cold weather (they’re warm af). Thanks to the inserts, which are made out of GoreTex, your palms and fingers will still be able to ‘breathe’ when its warmer out – meaning your hands won’t have a problem with overheating. Adding to the gloves’ comfort, are the removable fleece liners. The leather palms, meanwhile, add durability to the mix.


Dakine Team Mission Pro 32L Louif Paradis Backpack

PRICE: £125

This backpack is made to meet the requirements of the riders that are no strangers to long days spent spot hunting and filming. Not only can you fit anything you want in here, from a camera to multiple bags of crisps, the different compartments also allow you to keep things organised (you won’t lose your shit when you can’t find those spare batteries you shoved into the pack before leaving the house in the morning).

Inspired by Louif’s award-winning film project, the Team Mission Pro is designed with a Beacon Lighthouse graphic. The fleece-lined goggle pocket will also keep your eyewear from scratching in case you’ve left the goggle case at home. Making this thing even more convenient are the side and hip belt pockets, where you can stash your valuables.

An insulated hydro sleeve has also been placed in the shoulder strap, making the backpack hydration-ready if needed. You’ve also got a rescue whistle, which may come in handy if things take a turn for the worse.


Dakine Stoneham Jacket

PRICE: £200.00
Waterproofing: 15,000mm
Breathability: 15,000g

Named after Stoneham, Louif Paradis‘ home resort in Quebec, you’d only expect the best here. This premium performance jacket is inspired by a vintage mountaineering-look. Not only does it look great, it’s also a perfect place to nest when the temperatures drop below zero. The jacket is also designed with layering in mind, so if you’re set to tackle some serious minus degrees you’ll be able to comfortably fit some extra layers underneath.


Dakine Stoneham Pants

PRICE: £160.00
Waterproofing: 15,000mm
Breathability: 15,000g

As you’d come to expect from any product named after Louif’s home resort in Quebec, the Stoneham pants are a fine example of durability meets versatility. The fully taped seams make sure to keep the elements out, while the inner leg vents and brushed lining makes it easy to regulate your temperature. They’re also made to fit a layer or two underneath, which is critical if you’re faced with the stinging cold temperatures that Quebec can occasionally serve up.


Watch Louif giving us a lowdown on the Stoneham Jacket and Pants in the video below.

Click here to watch the full Dakine film with Louif wearing the Stoneham outfit, Blindspot.

Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag

PRICE: £170

We all have a story when it comes to traveling avec a snowboard bag – and sadly, it’s usually one of a less pleasant nature. Finding a good snowboard bag isn’t easy and, even if you treat the bag in that delicate way that anything holding your precious snowboard should be treated, a large majority of airport workers could literally not give a flying fuck about taking care of your brand-new board.

Luckily, Dakine’s High Roller is made to last even the toughest of treatment, hence its 360 degrees padded board protection. This is Dakine’s most versatile and functional snowboard bag.

Not only can you fit your boots and outerwear into it, but it can also hold more than two boards (one with bindings mounted), while the durable urethane wheels won’t give up on you anytime in the foreseeable future. Win-win.

We chose The Dakine High Roller as our favourite snowboard bag of the year, take a look at the full review here.


Dakine Split Roller Bag

PRICE 85L: £150 (varies by fabric)
PRICE 110L: £160 (varies by fabric)

When it comes to bags, Dakine’s always been ahead of the curve. Whether you’re looking for a backpack, boardbag or luggage piece, these guys always provide quality products. An idea that’s underlined by their iconic Split Roller travel bag.

We’ve all been there – last-minute emergency packing. Whether it’s due to a hefty night out prior to an early flight or some other reason entirely, shoving all of your stuff into a bag in a rush can be a nightmare – especially when you realise that your passport is somewhere in the midst of all that mayhem.

The Split Roller is divided into a top and bottom compartment, which makes storing your passport in a sensible place so much easier. It’s also got interior see-through mesh dividers, making it easier for the naked eye to spot the essentials (no need to go roaming through the whole bag in full-on panic mode).

This longterm favourite comes with wheels, a collapsible brace, and in two different sizes.


Dakine Mission Pro 25L Backpack

PRICE: £100.00

This is a full-featured backpack made for backcountry missions. The 25L might not be big enough for longer trips, but it’ll fit everything you could think of packing for day trips.

Dakine’s Team Mission is designed to be ultra-streamlined and as lightweight as possible. It has also got a vertical snowboard carry, making hiking and walking through town easier as you won’t need to carry your board under one arm.

The main pocket is big enough to house your skins, layers, and snacks, whilst the front pocket is dedicated to holding your shovel and probe. Having these essential safety items close to hand can save precious seconds when they matter most. On top of this, there’s also a fleece-lined pocket to store your goggles or sunnies – keeping them safe and scratch-free.

If you’re looking for a plus one to bring with you on your backcountry bender, the Dakine Mission Pro 25L will definitely have your back when you need it most.


Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag

PRICE: £90.00

Dakine’s Low Roller has probably the best quality-price ratio we’ve seen in a long while. This bag comes at a ridiculously low price considering how much it has to offer you and your beloved board.

Like its bulkier brother, the Low Roller too has 360-degree padded board protection – meaning your board will be kept safe and warm. You’ll also be able to fit two boards in this thing, with a pair of bindings mounted to one of them, and there’s a removable boot bag to protect your boots too. In addition to that, you’ll easily be able to chuck your snowboard outfit inside it too.

For many who are looking to buy a new bag, a proper pair of wheels on it is more or less a deal-breaker. Dakine offers a limited lifetime warranty on both the Low and High Roller bags (just like with most of their products). Something that should reassure you if you’re worried that it’ll break after only one season in use.

The Low Roller isn’t as spacious as the High Roller, but if you’re looking for a smaller version to take out on a shorter trip… the Low Roller will happily oblige.


Dakine Boot Pack DLX

PRICE: £65/€80

The Dakine 55L Boot Pack DLX is an essential piece of luggage you might not have known you were missing until you get your hands on one. Gone are the days of trying to shove your boots into your everyday backpack, only to rip the zipper and curse the day you started snowboarding.

Dakine’s also made sure that we won’t be pulling on a pair of wet boots at the start of the day, as they’ve lined the boot compartment with a tarp to avoid seepage and leakage.

This lifesaver of a bag isn’t only made to fit your boots, the padded pocket on the top can also fit your helmet and goggles while the insulated cooler pocket at the front will keep your beverage of choice from overheating. The two side pockets will also come in handy since you can never have enough pockets on a backpack.


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