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Best Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

Chosen by the Whitelines Test Team

UPDATE: Check out our reviews of the Best Snowboard Socks for 2020/2021 by clicking here.

A sock’s a sock, right? WRONG. If you’re still cutting about in your dads old long jump socks, then chances are you’ve suffered with cold/painful/soggy feet whilst you’ve been snowboarding. And we don’t even have to ask, we already know they stink to high heaven.

For such a small piece of kit, a shite pair of socks can really throw a spanner in the works with your day riding. Are you constantly having to stop and pull your socks up because they’ve wormed their way down your boot and the heel is now bunched up like it’s trying to make love to your toes? Then you’d probably benefit from a sock with dedicated compression zones, to ensure it stays where it’s meant to stay all day long.

“For such a small piece of kit, a shite pair of socks can really throw a spanner in the works with your day riding”

Does the mere thought of the swamp foot you’ve been battling since April bring you to tears? Then you might want to look for a sock that can wick moisture from your skin. With a fast dry material as well, you’re able wear the same pair for a few days, and just give them a rinse in the sink. (Don’t shudder, it’s called packing fast and light).

Did that hectic toeside traverse leave your shins red raw? A sock with padding in specific areas can save you from nasty shin bang and uncomfortable hot spots down your lower leg. However, removing padding in other areas will increase breathability, and leave your feet feeling so fresh so clean. The list goes on, and while each brand does things slightly differently, they all bring the same vague idea to the table: Keep your feet happy, and they’ll keep you happy.

These things can seem arbitrary on their own, but when you pull on a good sock, it makes your hair stand on end and your nipples start to tingle. Socks are one of the most important parts of your get-up, and while wearing a specific pair of socks probably won’t make you go pro, they will make you a lot more comfortable. So, we’ve put some of the best to the test, and compiled this handy list of the top snowboard socks for winter 2019/2020…

Scroll down to view all the best snowboard socks, or skip to a particular brand using the links below

Burton Performance LTW Men’s and Women’s | Darn Tough Vermont Socks Men’s and Women’s | Mons Royale Tech Cushion | Smartwool Bryan Iguchi Men’s and Women’s | Smartwool x Vans | Stance Louif Paradis | Stance Mount Analog Women’s | Stance Sage Kotsenburg

The Best Snowboard Socks For Winter 2019-20

Burton Performance LTW Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

PRICE: £20/€23

Burton literally kit out riders head to toe, and their socks – like the rest of their swag – are built to give riders of all styles, abilities and genders the best time possible on the mountain. Designed firmly with the female foot and lower leg in mind, these women’s Performance Plus UL socks, unsurprisingly given the name, are all about giving you the best ride.

With the legendary natural insulation of Merino wool and its quick-drying, odor-resistant properties enhanced with a Polypropylene reinforced footbed, you can be sure these will keep ticking without kicking out the ming. These are anatomically articulated, with compression areas are engineered to help muscles recover faster, plus the toe seams are designed to be chafe-free for rubless ripping.

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    Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £30/€35

    Is there anything worse than a soggy foot? Ok, there’s probably a few things but it still sucks, these socks from Darn Tough use a fast wicking material to pull moisture away from the skin and to ensure that they dry fast. Keeping the sock drier for longer discourages the nasty swamp foot that some seasonaires inexplicably rock with pride.

    Merino Wool is pretty much the perfect material for making socks, considering the beating you unknowingly put them through each day on the hill. It’s tough without being coarse and because it’s so breathable it can manage odours better than most.

    These badboys are guaranteed for life, so put them through the ringer as much as you please, but they’re Darn Tough.

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    Darn Tough Vermont Women’s Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £30/€35

    These pretty little ditty’s from Darn Tough aim to tackle all the annoying problems a pair of socks can throw your way. They’ve added padding through the sock, but only to the places that you’ll actually be needing it. By strategically padding down the shin and underfoot, they’ve reduced the weight and overall bulkiness of the sock, while still ensuring it’s super comfortable.

    True Seamless construction stops those pesky stitches rubbing against your tootsies while you’re shredding and keeps everything feeling smooth. The performance fit makes sure you don’t end up with your sock halfway down your boot after one run, everything will stay exactly where it’s supposed to.

    66% merino wool content repels odour and bacteria, keeping you fresher for longer. The breathability is second to none and keeps you cool when you need it and warmer when you want it. Best of all they’re guaranteed for life.

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    Mons Royale Tech Cushion Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £30/€35

    Stanky feet are not the one, so to help you out the Tech Cushion sock is primarily merino wool, which is notorious for not absorbing odours, so you can ride (and breathe) in peace.

    A light cushion runs down the shin to maximise the comfort, and you’ll find a slightly heavier padding in the body of the sock. They’ll work to wick the moisture away from your skin as you begin to sweat so you won’t get all soggy.

    Breathable mesh panels get some airflow through your feet and a seamless toe box avoids rubs.

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    Smartwool PHD Mediuim x Bryan Iguchi Men’s Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £27

    If you’re looking to expand your Bryan Iguchi collection Smartwool’s gone and paid the legend himself a tribute – the outcome’s a Smartwool x Bryan Iguchi sock collab.

    There’s no question about it – if Bryan Iguchi is a fan of these socks, we are too. Not only do they have the rad design done by Mr Iguchi himself, but they are also ridiculously comfortable on the feet and warmer than freshly baked bread.

    Smartwool’s got a 4 Degree Elite Fit System on their PhD line, which basically provides the sock a performance-oriented fit and flex zones at the ankle joints. The socks have also got a venting system, so once you’re done shredding and ready to strip your boots off, your feet won’t smell like they’ve just taken a long bath in a pond of sweat.

    These merino wool wonders come in both men’s and women’s sizes, so despite your gender, or feet size, the Smartwool x Bryan Iguchi socks will keep you warm on and off the mountain.

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    Smartwool PHD Mediuim x Bryan Iguchi Women’s Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £27

    If you fancy reading the whole review on the Smartwool Bryan Iguchi socks scroll up a bit – even though the design might be gender specific the socks themselves are very much alike in all the other departments.

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    Smartwool Light Elite x Vans Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £28

    Smartwool’s gone all in on their collabs – you can find their medium snowboard sock with a graphic designed by Bryan Iguchi whilst if you’re looking for a lighter sock, the Light Elite one comes in a collab done together with none other than Vans.

    The light elite cushioning underneath the foot makes these a slightly bulkier option for you to take with you on your snowboard trip. Smartwool’s indestructawool tech ensures that you won’t need to buy a new pair after only one season – they are extremely durable and comfortable. And not to worry if you find these things too comfortable to take off after a long day on the slopes, they’ve got a venting system that prevents your feet from smelling like a petrol station toilet.

    All of Smartwool’s PhD socks are built for performance. You’ll get a performance oriented fit, and thanks to the flex zone at the ankle joint, you are free to turn your ankle in any way you please without the sock trying to stop you.

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    Stance Louif Paradis Lizard Lou Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £19

    Louis-Felix Paradis does it all. Drom competing in X Games Real Snow to winning Rider of The Year Awards, he’s a talented gent who demands the highest quality from his equipment. With that in mind, it’s cool to see sock aficionados Stance hooking him up with his very own pro model foot glove. It’s made mostly of Merino Wool, to absorb and eliminate odours and to regulate temperature. It’s also highly breathable to keep your foot from pruning up inside it, and will wick the sweat from your skin effectively.

    These socks have been ergonomically designed to offer support and protection where you need it, and to strip cushioning away where it’s unnecessary (to save weight). An over the calf fit ensures you won’t get calf rub at the top of your boots, and the reinforced heel and toe will stand the test of time.

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    Stance Mount Analog Women’s Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £20

    This low profile sock from Stance is the perfect fit for those who are wanting to pair comfort with performance. The compression differs throughout the body of the socks, to offer enhanced blood flow through your leg – a sock ain’t just a sock anymore. This is science.

    The blend of materials maximises warmth, breathability and stretch. Merino Wool is a natural insulator, but also has breathability way beyond most other fibres. It’s also naturally antimicrobial so it won’t hold the stink that you’re bound to be producing as you’re riding hard and fast.

    The ‘Toe Box Oven’ offers a warmer experience around the front of your feet, which is where most people find they get cold as they’re out on the hill. They also have engineered arch support under each foot, which is specific to the left and right foot respectively. These aren’t just a sock, they’re an experience.

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    Stance Sage Kotsenburg Snowboard Socks 2019-2020

    PRICE: £19

    ocks are one of the most overlooked parts of a snowboarding set up, but they’re one of the most important things to get right. Sticking on a groady old sock will just lead to problems in the long run. These badboys are Sage Kotsenburg approved- so you know they’re pretty damn good.

    They’re an over the calf fit, so they’ll poke out the top of your boot and eliminate any rub you might get. They’re padded in specific areas to increase comfort, like the shin for example, which can take a beating after a long day riding.

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