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TRUSTED | Dakine’s Pro Line

A deep dive into Dakine's Pro Line with Elias Elhardt, Jamie Anderson, Kazu Kokubo and Louif Paradis

As a professional snowboarder, designing your own line together with one of your favourite brands must surely be right up there with the other highlights of your career.

“Each line does not only speak for the riders’ visual preferences but it also reflects them as riders”

Dakine, of course, is known for working closely with its team riders – whether that’s on jaw-dropping edits or banging products. This year, the brand’s gone that extra mile again; introducing us to ‘TRUSTED’, their latest proline. Together with four of the team riders, Elias Elhardt, Jamie Anderson, Kazu Kokubo and Louif Paradis, Dakine’s put together a sick set up of products; vouched for by the riders themselves.

Each line not only speaks for the riders’ visual preferences but also reflects them as riders. All four have got very different approaches to snowboarding and thus a differing criteria when it comes to choosing the right products. We got to chat with some of the team members themselves, to get the low-down on their thoughts and inspiration behind their line.

TRUSTED by Elias Elhardt

Whether it’s hitting big kicker lines or cruising through powder fields, Elias does it with immense style and a massive smile on his face. All that positive energy he embodies is translated into his effortless riding. Elias’s unique surf-like style finds a way to spark light in the darkest of souls out there, with last year’s successful film ‘Contraddiction’ being a fine example of what the man is capable of.

Elias and Dakine go way back, and according to the man himself, the reason he’s stayed on the team is because Dakine “are truly passionate for their sport and the products they make”.

“I like products that don’t add unnecessary extras but just do the essential features and those as good as possible. When it comes to the Dakine Products I get to ride, I feel like they’re fulfilling that wish.” – Elias Elhardt.

The Baron Gore-Tex Mitt and Team Poacher 22L Backpack are made for “riding the backcountry and playing around with natural terrain”, which is what Elias would describe his own riding like.

“I love those baron mitts because they’re the best for rough backcountry conditions. Whether it’s super wet or cold I’ve never been freezing in them.”

The GoreTex inserts in the Baron mitts sit inside the durable, water repellent leather outer. According to Dakine, these mitts are made for the coldest and rawest conditions, something Elias himself can vouch for: “I love those baron mitts because they’re the best for rough backcountry conditions. Whether it’s super wet or cold I’ve never been freezing in them.”

When it comes to riding the backcountry, you’ll want to have a proper backpack where you can store everything from your Avi kit to an extra layer. The Team Poacher has a pocket dedicated to storing your shovel and probe, allowing quick and easy access to them if faced with a situation where every second count. As a plus, the pack isn’t awkwardly big either, “it’s slim and fits close to your body so you don’t feel it much when riding. Meanwhile, it’s got enough space to fit all the essentials like avalanche gear, provisions and some spare gear” (Elias).

TRUSTED by Jamie Anderson

While the rest of us were emptying our parents’ liquor cabinets and thinking Chamillionaires “Ridin’ Dirty” was the best tune ever created, Jamie Anderson was busy taking home X Games bronze – at the age of 15. To this date, she’s the youngest female medallist in the competition and after her X Games bronze in 2006, she’s taken home more medals than we’ve got fingers to count on.

Not only does this lady excel in slopestyle, but Jamie’s also a keen backcountry rider, “It’s essential to have quality gear in the backcountry and my pack was a game-changer this season while filming and going on missions in the backcountry”. For years, she’s also been busy creating public awareness around environmental consciousness, another reason why she’s so keen to ride for a brand whose products aren’t built for only one season.

“To know these products will last for a really really long time is huge because I’m a big fan of sustainability and supporting products that are high quality and built to last! – Jamie Anderson.

Both the Fleetwood Mitts and the Heli Pro 20L backpack follow the same visual design as Jamie’s pro model board, “I got a lot of freedom in designing the products, which was awesome! I had a flower of life theme going with my pro model board and I carried that over to my line with Dakine”.

“The Fleetwood Mitt isn’t just a sight for the sore eye, it’s also incredibly durable”

The Fleetwood Mitt isn’t just a sight for sore eyes, it’s also incredibly durable. A polyurethane ‘DKdry’ insert sits inside the mitt to keep the wet snow out, while the exterior DWR coating ensures that the water beads off instead of soaking through. As for the Heli Pro 20L Backpack, it’s got a women’s specific fit which is slightly shorter in the back, wider in the hips and narrower in the shoulders. Not only does it fit like a glove, but it’s also blessed with multiple other details, as the hydration sleeve leading out the top of the bag.

“I love the colourway/ design, and most importantly the high-quality function of the pack and mitten” – Jamie Anderson.

TRUSTED by Kazu Kokubo

Kazu Kokubo needs little to no introduction. This Japanese wild child ventures out in the deepest and darkest corners of the earth, dropping down from the gnarliest cliffs mother nature ever had the pleasure to create.

Hailing from the Japanese snow haven of Hokkaido, Kazu’s no stranger to nipple deep snow. And if you’re born and bred in what many of us would consider as ‘the’ powder destination, you probably know a thing or two of what kind of gear you’ll need when heading out.

“If there’s any discomfort in wearing them, it’s hard for me to get my mind set to enjoy riding, so they both need to become a part of my body and be reliable so that I can focus on riding” – Kazu Kokubo.

Living up to the needs of this backcountry fiend, Kazu’s ‘TRUSTED’ line is aimed at a similar sort of rider (well, as similar to Kazu as you’re ever hoping to be).

The Team Excursion Glove has just the right amount of extra length you’d want from a glove when shredding the deep. They keep the snow out as well as they keep your fingers warm. Inside the glove, you’ll find a 360g fill of wool, while the outer is a mix of softshell and rugged leather. With the palm made out of goat leather, these things aren’t lacking in durability either.

“When spending hours chasing the best lines and occasionally taking a tumble in the deep, knowing your backpack won’t let any of that snow in makes you feel notably calmer.”

When spending hours chasing the best lines and occasionally taking a tumble in the knee-deep snow, knowing your backpack won’t let any of that snow in makes you feel notably calmer. Dakine’s Team Mission 25L Kazu Kokubo backpack is designed to be ultra-streamlined and as lightweight as possible, making it the perfect extension to your body without adding too much extra weight. At only an arm’s reach, the front pocket is specifically made to hold your shovel and probe while the main pocket can easily fit both your skins and snacks.

TRUSTED by Louif Paradis

Only a select few can hit rails as good as this Canadian. Louif’s known to have an incredibly good eye when it comes to finding unique streets spots and, in addition to spotting them, he rides them smooth as butter too.

Over recent years, this jib king has begun to spend more time exploring the backcountry and we’ve had the pleasure to follow his progression as a rider. For someone who’s been part of the Dakine team for “seven years, maybe more” it’s been crucial that Louif has found that he can place his career in the hands of people and products he can trust.

“Functionality, durability and looks are the three most important things to me, and Dakine does check all those boxes. They have all the resources to make it all very well.” – Louif Paradis.

A relationship that started with Louif just hitting the brand up to see if he could get some mitts, snowballed into him now being “all covered in quality”.

‘TRUSTED’ by Louif Paradis includes the Continental Gore-Tex Mitt and the Team Mission Pro 32L Backpack. Louif’s played a big part in the designing process, as the brand gave him all the freedom he wanted to gather inspiration for it, “I chose to go with tough water-resistant fabric”. Together with Alex, the well-trusted designer he works with, he’s created a pair of warm AF mitts and a backpack to suit the need of street riders.

“The Dakine Team Continental Gore-Tex Mitts are exactly what you’d expect from someone who’s spent most of their time riding in Quebec – these things are made to keep to cold out”

The Dakine Team Continental Gore-Tex Mitts are exactly what you’d expect from someone who’s spent most of their time riding in Quebec – these things are made to keep the cold out. However, when things start to heat up, you can always ease up on the layers and get rid of the removable fleece liners. As for the backpack, it aims to please the crowd.

Although, the ones who might truly appreciate the details of the pack, are the ones who are no strangers to long days of spot hunting combined with hours of trying to get ‘the’ shot – you can easily fit everything from cameras to crisps in the different compartments of the pack.

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