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Flow Team Snowboard 2010/11 Review

  • Price: £350
  • Sizes: 150, 153, 157, 159
  • Width: Normal
  • Gender:
  • Rockers?:

They say: The team is your board of choice.
We say: This mid-range board actually packs a lot of tech in, especially given the price. A rocker-camber combo and a medium flex mean it’ll handle most things, and a high grade sintered base means it’s pretty quick too.
Tester says: Felt a bit fat round the waist for proper euro-carving, but so sick in the park.

About Flow

  • Building boards since: 2002
  • HQ: San Clemente, CA, USA
  • History lesson: Back in 1992, when board design was still finding its feet and some freestyle riders – well, Damien Sanders – still rocked hard boots, Werner Jettmar, a product design specialist, was given a task – design a better way of fixing feet to a snowboard than the standard strap-in biding. When he eventually came back with his answer – the Flow binding – his backers decided to start a brand around the invention. A few years later, that brand started building boards.
  • Ridden by: The kind of juvenile pipe jock who’ll bust 15-foot out with a floaty method, snake you in the queue and then try and steal your girlfriend on the T-bar. She’ll be impressed until she sees him trying his luck with a fake ID at the bar.