I Can’t Believe That Butter!

The Best Snowboard Butter Tricks Of All Time

Jake Blauvelt can spread butter like the mountains are one big slice of toast. Photo: Tim Peare

The humble butter, where every snowboarder cuts their very first freestyle teeth (unless you’re Coonman that is).

Everyone has their own styles, signatures and preferences, just like a method – and best of all, everyone loves them. They turn the blandest pistes into playgrounds and give you about the best possible feeling when you nail one in powder. Never given it a go? Here’s a few variations you can try out the next time you hit the hill.

With such an infinite variety on offer, it was hard to pin down the best of the best, but after many deliberations and debates between us at WL headquarters here’s our pick of the best butters ever caught on film.

Got a favourite butter? Let us know in the comments below


However you feel about the Yawgoons‘ new school rail devilry, you have to admit they’re pretty damn good snowboarders.

Technique is pivotal if you want to be anything above average when it comes to riding, but who wants to learn how to carve good when you can go hit rails, right? Fortunately, the Yawgoons have made carving cool again, incorporating them into butters and jibs.

This back three out of the toeside turn is right at the start of YAWGOONS 11 – we recommend you watch the whole episode, because this is one awesome way to ride.


Whilst skateboarders may hate on him, we love Mike Rav; the happiest, jibbiest and bendiest snowboarder of the now. He calls this one ‘the scorpion bowl’. Amazing what you can do with a board isn’t it?


The big-booter butterer, Jussi Oksanen re-defined what people thought possible on kickers in his Afterbang part back in 2003. There are just so many to choose from, so again we advise checking out the whole thing, but we’re particularly fond of this double butter into huck-and-hope.

One of your favourite snowboarder’s favourite parts from their favourite movie – you can’t go wrong with Jussi.


Some may argue that Nicolas Müller is the king of the butter. He’s had so many caught on film in different movies over the years, but this quick GoPro clip caught in Tahoe has to be our favourite.

Not only is it rad watching him keep so much speed over the flat Northstar powder field, but the way he boosts off the tiniest of rollers and holds his board at the 180 mark into the butter has to be one of the most sublime things we’ve seen on a snowboard.

Check out the original video clip here.


Scott Stevens in Think Thank’s Thanks Brain has to be one of the greatest video parts of all time. There’s so much creativity packed into just over four minutes it has literally blown the minds of some people watching it for the first time.

But of course in amongst all the madcap combos Sleepy is sure to get a few butters in, our favourite being the one on the manny pad above – skateboarders would call that kind of maneuvre a backside nosebluntslide, but for Scott he’s less worried about precise names and more about how the hell he can hold that position without catching an edge.

A sick bit from one of our favourite parts ever; how can anyone watch this without getting stoked to ride?!


Terje Haakonsen, The Cat, Tezza – call him what you will but no list of buttery riders would be complete without him. His legendary parts in the Totally Board series always included at least one, but the all time has to be this one spliced into his ‘Best of TB’ part has to take the biscuit.

We’re gonna call it a nollie backside 2520 butter – seven complete helicopter spins. Somehow he could pull it off and make it look good whilst simultaneously slamming the ‘lympic spin-to-win mindset. That’s why he’s Tezza.


This part from Absinthe’s Neverland is Travis Rice at his very best: simple, balls to the wall, ‘Muuurican shred god. Regardless of all his ultracam ventures, deep down he’s still a humble Jackson’s Hole shredneck, and this part is the proof, a classic.

It’s not the actual butters he does that are so great here, but how stylish he makes them even as celebratory tricks. In the same way that skateboarder Geoff Rowley almost never rolls away from a huge stair-set or street rail without popping a few flip tricks afterwards, Travis is never set to anything but all out extreme mode, buttering and jibbing anything in sight.

We’ve highlighted one in particular, but there’s plenty more throughout the full part including some amazing straightlined presses at the 3.50 mark. Right after the infamous ‘Luke Skywalker on a horse’ moment. We love you, Travis.


This young Norwegian seems determined to shake up snowboarding harder than anyone since Shaun White.

Not only is he impressing on the competitive circuit and landing quad cork 1800s, he’s invented more flatground tricks than most riders will ever do in a lifetime. Oh, and he’s still only 17…

This particular gem comes from his 2016 season edit – and no, we can’t get our head around it either.

Got a favourite butter that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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