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Halldor Helgason double roof gap - is this the craziest snowboard trick of all time?

Halldor Helgason double roof gap - is this the craziest snowboard trick of all time?

If you’ve already downloaded the new Nike team movie Never Not, then you’ll have been blown away by the likes of Gigi Rüf, Nicolas Müller and Jed Anderson sending it from the streets to the backcountry. But one rider, and one trick in particular, stands out: Icelandic hellraiser Halldor Helgason boosts an insane backflip over a roof gap in his homeland, before spinning a 360 over a second gap. He’s on the edge of control, and better yet he does it in a neck brace following an earlier slam!

Apparently Halldor had been planning this moment for three years, and the final footage – shot from two angles including a remote controlled helicopter above him – is sweet reward. Check out this behind-the-scenes video (below) from Nike giving the full story behind the trick, but if you just want to enjoy/share the money shot then we’ve provided an edited version above.

All of which begs the question: is this actually the craziest trick/stunt ever performed on a snowboard? What are your all time favourite video moments? Let us know in the comments below and our favourite suggestion will win a WL tee.

  1. Clovis

    +1 on Blair’s comment. Quoting:
    “The fact you can watch a snowboard film in 2013 and still finish it thinking ‘OMG that backflip!’”
    What’s so big & special about this trick is it’s style, creativity and cojones – and isn’t that what defines snowboarding?
    The thing is, after watching the whole movie that’s the one scene that stands out. All the rest was just “as good as expected”.

  2. Jeff Aitchison.

    Helluva trick, definitely pushing snowboarding boundaries and stepping it up for other riders. Not to mention how big are his cajones?

  3. Blair Bainton

    The fact you can watch a snowboard film in 2013 and still finish it thinking ‘OMG that backflip!’ is more than enough proof he’s the best there is out there. He can ride back country as good as Rice, park as good as Horgmo and street better than any of the new young pretenders.

  4. Oskar Matvere

    Definitely not the craziest trick, but just like with his double cork in street, he does stuff that you don’t expect at all

  5. Joab Matthews

    Scotty Vine’s one foot double backflip! I am not for all that one foot stuff but oh gawdd its mental!

  6. marcus

    bode merril’s 720 one foot thingy from ‘hungry’, i swear to god it looks like something out of ssx…

  7. Pete Evans

    Made me nauseous just watching it.
    All that concrete, tarmac and asphalt to smash into, from height and at speed.

  8. Joab Matthews

    Crazy Icelandic, Neck brace and all!!!

  9. Alexis Le Forestier

    Is HE the craziest snowboarder ever ?
    I mean, he’s innovating, inventing tricks, hell of a jibber, hell of a big-air rider, brand owner, his 2012 part was already crazy, he’s cool… oh yeah, and getting wasted all the time (even on contests ahah).
    Perfect score at big air in 2012 (i guess), triple backflip crash in aspen last year, and now doing backflips on the concrete when wearing a neckbrace…
    The fact I like the most is that behind this loozy stylen hides a huge technicity… Keep it up Halldor !
    (* and stay alive !)

  10. Chris

    Travis Rice, heli drop into to front 540 to straight line fakie. The kind of move that tells the rest of the snowboarding world who is boss. He must have trouble sitting down with bollocks that big.

  11. Andy

    Travis rice’s ender in TAOF. Switch back dub cork 1080, on a massive booter in the backcountry using a gnarly steep line as an in run.

  12. David Brighton

    Halldor holds the title for both the craziest, both in urban. Don’t forget his Dub 10 off the roof a couple years back


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