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Airblaster – August Full Movie

Yahoo! Here’s one from the vaults: Airblaster – purveyors of snowboarding fun – have released their 2008 movie ‘August’ online, for free, just above this line!

It’s a classic, filmed and edited over the month of – you guessed it – August, it covers all the best of summer shred times on the Mt Hood glacier.

It features tons of riders, including: Jed Anderson, Nick Dirks, TJ Schneider, Ben Lynch, Sebi Mueller, Forrest Shearer, Jonas Michilot and of course Travis Parker, the man behind the pterodactyls.

Showing you can shred whatever the weather, be it rain or shine, pow or slush, winter or summer, there’s no excuse to get hyped for riding after watching this. Go blitz a dome, dryslope, glacier or skate park near you and have yourselves a gooood time.