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Travis Rice

Travis Rice

Travis Rice isn’t just pushing the limits of snowboarding, he’s rewriting the rule book and redefining the sport. Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Travis spent his early years out on the mountain with his father who worked for ski patrol.

This mountain experience rubbed off on young Travis who is now considered one of the best all round snowboarders ever. He’s won over thirty competition titles in over 12 years of competition experience. Travis literally jumped into the limelight in 2001 when he was stomping backside rodeos over a 100 foot booter at superpark. This brought the attention of the snowboard world and the rest, as they say, is history.

His part in his first ever Absinthe film is legendary, and he continues to rock the video world with films such as That’s it That’s All and The Art of Flight. Two films which took snowboard cinematography to a whole new level. Once you’ve won everything and made not one but two genre defining films you’d think you’d want to take a bit of time off. Not Travis, who went on to host his own competition; the Red Bull Super Natural.

Travis and co took to the mountains of Baldface Lodge in the summer to build features that would turn into a snowboarders heaven in the winter. The combination of natural terrain and park style jumps with powder landings made Super Natural one of the most progressive snowboarding events ever. Oh and then Travis only went and won it.

It was then followed up with Ultra Natural the year after and the competition is easily becoming one of the most prestigious events on the snowboarder calendar. It’s this ability to take things to the next level that make Travis Rice a true snowboarding legend.


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