Shaun White vs. Mark McMorris – what Shaun White is really thinking…

Ever wondered what was really going on inside Shaun White’s head when he lost to Mark McMorris in the slopestyle finals over the weekend? While we doubt that Shaun’s actual internal voice has a distinctively Aussie twang to it, this brilliant voiceover that includes a fair bit of self-critiquing, motivation and talk of a certain ‘little mongrel’, might just give you some idea. If only Kier Dillon’s commentary was this inspired…

In all seriousness though it was only really a matter of time before somebody latched onto the whole Shaun White vs Mark McMorris hype that ESPN have been stirring up so feverishly and polished it up into an internet gem wasn’t it?

This gave us a proper good laugh, you might enjoy it too.

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