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1 Justin Fronius

1 Justin Fronius

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Justin Fronius. He’s been around for a few years but he just won the ‘best newcomer’ award at The Reels film festival in Annecy, France last week. Although the edit above is a park one, in the streets is where he shines. His trademark is his casual stance, which you can see as he rides out.

This doesn’t change on even the kinkiest rails or the biggest drops to flat; to see for yourself you’re gonna have to download the latest VideoGrass movie The Last Ones from iTunes. Justin spends the whole of his ender part floating over the gnarliest features. Just unbelievable.

  1. bubs

    Tyler Lynch got dope style too

  2. Michael French

    Christy Prior is a Bowss! She should have definitely got a shout in my opinion

  3. tristan

    @Nick, you’re right Christy has got sick style, but is it as groundbreaking as Desiree’s or the guys here? Not sure… For my money Corinne Pasella is a better bet if we’re taking jibbing.

  4. Nick T

    Thought Christy Prior should have gotten a shout! Sick style.

  5. Andrew

    Maybe it’s just my age showing, but none of these even come close to the style of the older names. JP just made it all look effortless!

    1. Samuel F McMahon

      JP still kills it too, have you seen the new Jibberish flick he just put out? He’s the father of modern jibbing for sure, but fathers have got to have kids right?


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