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Salomon Snowboards

Like European neighbours Nidecker, it took the best part of 60 years for Salomon to start developing a snowboard line, but as our Irish neighbours say: ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

With Daniel Frank and Michelle Tagart as their original R&D riders, Salomon got off to a flying start with their tech sandwiched snowboards and simple graphics. With a big European presence, riders like David Benedeck were snapped up by the new brand with a little…je ne sais quoi.

These days Salomon have a tight team stretching across the 7 continents (well 5) and have a smorgasbord of different riders. Rail technicians like Jed Anderson, LNP, Bode Merrill and Chris Grenier all lead the charge with a Salomon strapped to their feet. Riders like Brage Richenburg, Jamie Nicholls and Jenny Jones are the spearhead of the competition side of things for Salomon.

A long time supporter of Robot Food films, Salomon are jointly responsible for the epic releases alongsinde Mr Benedek.. Releases like Afterbang, Lame, In Short and the iconic 91 Words For Snow wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Salomon.

Salomon also run alongside sister clothing brand Bonfire and have been owned by the Amer Sports group since 2005. Before that, the Adidas group had owned Salomon. Now we all know how Adidas got those boots going eh?!


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